A Governess for Two 20-Somethings Ch. 04

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This story does refer to earlier episodes in which bodily functions were featured, so if that bothers you, please proceed no further. Unlike the previous chapters, this one would benefit from your having read the earlier ones, or Ch. 3 at the least.


Later that evening Dianne stopped by her brother’s room to reflect on the amazing occurrence at dinner.

“Can we chat for a moment about tonight?” she said smiling at Jason as she walked into his room.

“Sure, Sis,” Jason responded, “it was pretty cool, I have to admit.”

“Yes,” Dianne answered, “Miss High-and-Mighty Mom really looked ridiculous with her panties down and bent over the table for the cane. Those puffy and mottled cheeks—showing her age for once, too!”

“I actually felt sorry for her,” Jason replied, “because clearly she felt silly and you understand that this only happened because she wanted it. Gracie wouldn’t dare to do all that without being allowed by Madame.”

“You’re right, Jason,” Dianne concluded, sorry she hadn’t thought about that and it did temper her general dislike of their governess.

“Jason, I’ll put it to you, though, and you decide if you want to tell me,” Dianne grinned. “I have this feeling that you’ve already tried to get into her pants.”

“Well,” Jason said hesitantly, “normally I would tell you that it is none of your business, but in light of all we’ve seen, yes, I tried and I did.” He smiled contentedly.

“You have to tell me what happened,” Dianne complained.

“Oh, o.k.,” Jason responded, lightly, “but you can’t say anything to her or Mom or anyone, o.k.?”

“O.k.,” Dianne agreed, “now shoot.”

“Will we be alone?” Jason asked.

“Yes,” Dianne confided, “Grace went in to see Mom and then left for the weekend. Mom is already asleep, I think.”

“She took me to her room that first day and spanked me,” Jason said. “After what you went through, I figured I’d try to cooperate but it was hard—if you get my drift.” He grinned.

“Afterwards, I could tell she was probably horny and she saw I was erect,” Jason continued.

This was definitely making Dianne wet and Jason saw her face was getting colored.

“Some time you’ll have to tell me about your sex life in return, Sis,” Jason laughed.

“I will, don’t worry, such as it isn’t!” Dianne managed to saw in a low tone. Jason took his sister’s modesty as a distraction on her part because he found her more than attractive. Dianne clearly took care of herself and had both an engaging face and curvaceous frame. Jason himself worked out often and was well-toned.

“So, guess what, the governess, all high and mighty with us in front of Mom, slips off her little lacy panties and I see her gash up her skirt,” Jason related.

“Omigod,” Dianne exclaimed, “she really is a slut.”

“Well,” Jason answered, “I can’t say for sure but she took my friend down here around the shaft and let his top slip into her hot little hole, my dear, but no further, on pain of some severe punishment.”

“So my darling brother has had his way with the governess already?” Dianne queried.

“Wouldn’t exactly say that,” Jason smiled in response, “after all, I was doing just what she said.”

“Stay with me for a while, will you?” Dianne asked plaintively. “Frank is away and I need to feel a man next to me tonight.”

“How about we spend a few hours like that?” Jason asked. “Now you don’t want to do the nasty together, Sis—or do you? It’s a major step for us, even though we haven’t exactly been enemies.”

“Take off your shirt and trousers and I’ll get down to bra and pants,” Dianne said, as she began to unbutton her blouse and skirt.

“Nice undies, Sis,” Jason said, as Dianne disclosed istanbul escort her matching pale blue lingerie set.

“You look quite fine, too,” Dianne said as he stood now in his tee and boxers.

At her invitation, Jason slipped into her wide bed next to his older sister.

They immediately fell into each other’s arms, the 6-3 brother and 5-7 sister finding that they fit together quite nicely.

Dianne was getting even wetter as her well-toned brother held her just tightly enough so her breasts were pressed against his strong chest. She moved her hands so she could slide his boxers down and feel his engorged member right up against her panties.

Jason was extra stimulated by feeling his sister remove his underpants. He responded by carefully placing his thumbs in the waistband of her panties and slipping those right down her smooth legs. Now his tool was nestled in her bush and he felt the warmth emanating from her seeping sex.

“Jason, after what we’ve been enduring here, I need this badly,” Dianne said in a small voice. “I do enjoy being with Frank but time will tell if this becomes a long-term relationship.”

“Sis, I’m with you,” Jason responded, choosing his words with care. “I’ve always felt good about being your brother and this will relieve some, shall we say, tension that this governess thing has given me.”

“Maybe we can even get our own place soon,” Dianne suggested. “That would certainly solve the immediate issue of that woman being in charge of us mostly to humiliate us.”

She felt her brother’s experienced fingers softly move down from her tender nipples to her belly and then into her bush. She hankered to feel those digits in her steaming sex and now she did. She began to buck right on the fingers inside her opening.

Then she whispered, “Put it in…now…I’m really ready.”

Jason assumed she was on the pill and decided it was still better to ask and she squeezed his chest as she nodded and murmured in the affirmative.

Dianne rolled onto her back and spread her legs wide enough for her brother to clamber on her, supporting himself on his arms and gently insinuate his eight-incher smoothly into her warm, tight love canal. He caressed her now-pointy nipples and kissed her on the mouth and the nipples.

Loving the feeling of being filled by her brother’s sizeable penis, Dianne enjoyed the motions as he began to thrust in and out of her pussy. They both were rapidly approaching the high point of ecstasy in their coitus. Soon she was further stimulated as Jason’s hands crept beneath her bottom to explore the anal ring and then to propel a finger into her back passage.

Dianne returned the stimulation by forcing herself to slip a finger into his hairy crack and press it far enough to reach his prostate.

Now both were on the edge of orgasm and a few more moments of anal stimulating did the trick as Jason exploded into Dianne’s vagina and she felt her inner core go into rapture and grasp his moving member tightly as if her cunt had a mind of its own.

It was a wonderful moment for both of them and it lasted longer than their normal sexual events because they both sensed this was something very special. First, they needed it after being so humiliated in their own home by a stranger hired by their mother. Second, they had been excited beyond their imagination by seeing the governess actually take their mother over her lap for a spanking and then a caning. Third, it gradually dawned on both that they had crossed a boundary in engaging in brother-sister sex for the first time.

“Were you as embarrassed as I was” Dianne asked in post-coital cuddling conversation, “when avcılar escort she made us expel the enemas in front of her?”

“I tried to depersonalize it,” Jason answered slowly. “I decided she was a bit of a sickie so if she was going to embarrass us with such obvious perverted behavior, I could just do it and let her enjoy seeing that shitty mess come out of me.”

Dianne grinned. “I was atrociously shamed by it,” she said. “I guess I’m still sort of girly about anyone even seeing me take a dump much less expel an enema.” She thought to herself that maybe it was better that Grace had observed her expelling the enema rather than see Dianne produce a long smelly bowel movement.

“Now tell me what I’m curious about, bro,” Dianne continued her questioning. “What was it like seeing the governess in flagrante and being inside her?”

“First of all, Sis,” Jason replied with a wide smile, “I won’t claim to have fucked her. She is somewhat weird in that she just wanted the head of my cock inside her hole. It can’t be because she doesn’t want to get knocked up, because you know that that could happen with my friend down here even touching her vaginal opening.

“So she just put her hand around my cock below the head and slipped that inside her gash,” Jason went on. “No thrusting, no what we would call fucking, Sis. Oh, she has a sweet little landing strip, same color as her hair on her head, down in front. And although you didn’t ask, I didn’t get near her little asshole.”

“Thanks for the briefing, darling,” Dianne gushed. “You really are a sweetie and I’m so sorry if I’ve been mean to you now or earlier.”

“Sis, you are one wonderful woman and a hell of a lay too, if I may be asked by anyone, which I won’t be,” he chuckled.

“You know Mom is out cold way way down the hall,” he added, “so would you like to get up on all fours and we could go for it again, either rear entry or if you like, anal, Sis.”

Dianne now grinned her assent and clambered around to get up on her knees and elbows, pointing her prominent bottom out as a target.

“You can gently do me back there,” she again whispered, “I’m not …exactly a virgin there either at this advanced age.”

“Since you had that enema,” Jason mumbled, “I’m going to go without Mr. Condom this time and I hope it means as much to you as to me.”

Smiling to himself that this day was ending a whole lot better than he had had any right to expect, Jason smoothly lubed his cock, inserted some lube into Dianne’s rear opening with his finger, and then gently introduced his member ever so slowly into her anus.

Dianne squirmed, more from the strangeness of something going into that hole that was meant for excretion than from any real pain. As Jason began to move in and out of her, she began to warm to this particular sexual congress.

It was another orgasm for Dianne as her charming brother pumped his cock in and out of her delightfully clean back passage. Jason too felt the stirrings as his ability to shoot again rose to the point where after a good second round he could let his jets refire.

They rolled on their backs and lay contentedly in the commodious bed, unafraid of any consequences should their mother awaken and appear.

So it was no surprise when Samantha did saunter into the bedroom where her two 20-something children lay in bed alongside one another. She smiled as they waited to see if they were to be castigated yet again. “I’m glad to see that you two are on such good terms,” she slyly observed to diminish the obvious tension in the room.

“Well, MaMa,” Jason began, “we’re trying to relax after our hired hand apparently took you in hand as well as us.”

Samantha şirinevler escort then surprised them both by grinning and allowing that she was beginning to feel that subjecting them to the governess was not something she intended to continue.

Both their faces brightened at this news as Dianne asked, “You mean when you took it on your heinie, Ma, that was when you realized that enough was enough?”

“Actually, sweetie,” Samantha responded, “I found that letting her discipline me in such a humiliating way took the sting out of my own problems earlier today. But I’m starting to think that you two are far more mature than I may have felt earlier, so we don’t really need her any more so I will give her her notice when she returns.”

Then, much to their surprise she smiled broadly and asked if she might join them. Then Samantha had a second thought.

“You know, my dears,” she grinned, “my bed is a lot larger than this one. Throw a towel around yourselves and join me,” she said rather grandly as she pranced out the door.

Soon, two amazed 20-somethings joined their mother in her large bed. Samantha had stripped to her bra and panties and was lying atop the covers.

Jason decided to make the first move and he gently lay beside his mother and reached for her bra hooks.

Samantha smiled and reached behind her back and unhooked her bra herself, releasing her pleasantly-sized 34Bs. Jason responded by taking each nipple in turn into his mouth and flicking his tongue on them until they grew hard and pointy.

Dianne had climbed into bed on the other side of Samantha and she put her fingers in the waistbands of Samantha’s smooth black hicut panties and slipped those down her mother’s glistening legs and off. Now the daughter insinuated those fingers between her mother’s legs and softly caressed Samantha’s outer lips and let the fingertips graze the very tip of her clit.

Soon, Samantha’s gratification was upon her. Jason had stimulated her orbs in front and Dianne was ministering to her pussy with her talented fingers. Finally Samantha lay back, spread her legs, and beckoned Jason with her finger to clamber atop her. It took no coaxing for her well-built son to assume the missionary position and slowly slide his cock—all of it this time—into his mother’s seeping, needy cunt.

Dianne satisfied herself by playing with Jason’s anal opening until he called her off for fear of it causing him to come inside Samantha before either he or she were ready. Jason tried to placate both of them by reaching over to stimulate his sister’s still sopping pussy, and she gratefully cooperated by moving closer so he could keep at that while attending to fucking his mother.

It didn’t take long for the horny Samantha to be close to a round of orgasming—she exploded while Jason pumped her with his strong prong until she gave out with total sexual exhaustion. Dianne realized she could revive her brother’s libido by now taking his wilting cock into her mouth and licking off the combined juices from Samantha’s vagina and her brother’s cum.

“Mom,” Dianne gleamed, “have you ever had it up your ass?”

Samantha frowned as if this were something totally unknown to her, which it sort of wasn’t.

With that, Dianne licked her brother’s organ until it again regained firmness and positioned herself on all fours so that Jason could aim his tool right at her back chute. He did feel some resistance as his cock pressed into the small tight opening but gradually as he eased himself in, he again succeeded in getting his whole organ inside this hole.

It took longer for him to cum inside his sister’s ass but inevitably his youthful energy restored his capability and she felt the lovely spurts inside her poop chute.

As they came down from this last trip to ecstasy, Dianne looked at Samantha and Jason, only to smile happily as she slowly observed, “Now we finally are one happy family again. Let’s always remember that perhaps we needed something like what Mom did to bring us back together—in every way—like this.”

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