A Toy Built for Two

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This is a sort of sequel to an earlier story I titled “Slopestyle”. You don’t absolutely have to read that story to understand this one but it will be more enjoyable if you do.


In that story I wrote about how I had met a super cutie named Kyle while out snowboarding and how we ended up having an amazing time fucking one another’s brains out in the woods alongside the hills. He was one of the hottest guys I’ve ever had the pleasure of hooking up with and it was an experience I could never forget. It also lead to another first for me in the world of gay sex.

Before parting that night we exchanged phone numbers and I couldn’t wait to see him again. He was just so yummy and had the sexiest little ass in the world, as well as an absolutely gorgeous cock. Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait too long because about a week later he called me up and asked if I was up for meeting up at the same resort to do some more riding together. I agreed without the slightest hesitation and we set it up to go out in two days time.

Unfortunately, when the day came it was extremely cold out. I looked at the temp and it said it was only five degrees above zero (Fahrenheit), and the wind chill had to be somewhere below zero. I don’t mind riding in the cold, but that was really pushing it. I was pretty bummed knowing there was no way there would be any repeats of the fun we had last time with those temperatures.

I wasn’t even sure if Kyle would still want to go out for that matter, so I sent him a text to find out.

“Sure, let’s give it a try anyway. I really want to get together again.” was his response, and I was relieved. I was going to get some of that sweet dick either way, and my own did a little happy dance in my pants.

It was a little past six o’clock when I got to the resort and headed down to the chalet. When I got to the area with the lockers and benches set up for changing Kyle was already there getting his gear on. He waved me over and I sat on the bench across from him and proceeded to get ready.

“Hope you brought some warm shit.” Kyle joked.

“I sure as hell did.” I replied, “I’ll be lucky if I can get my coat on with all the layers I have going. I even grabbed my face-mask.”

“So did I. I even put on two pairs of socks!” he said and pointed out one of his feet.

“I should have thought of that.” I laughed and Kyle reached in his bag and pulled out an extra pair of his.

“Use these.” he said, tossing them to me.

We finished getting ready and went out. After getting our boards and strapping in we went down to the chair lift and I thought the temperature wasn’t really all that bad. There was barely another single person there so there was no wait and we were soon heading up the hill.

“This isn’t so bad.” I said.

“Yeah not really.” Kyle said back and we spent the rest of the ride up the hill chatting about what we had been doing over the last week. Strangely neither of even mentioned what had happened the last time we were there together.

When we got to the top and got off the lift it was a whole other story. The wind was quite a bit stronger at the top and the cold cut right to the heart of you like jumping into cold water.

“Holy shit!” I exclaimed as I strapped in my other foot and pulled my face-mask up.

Kyle did the same and just nodded at me before launching himself down the slope.

The cold was almost breathtaking as we went down and when we were back on the chairlift going up again, I thought I might freeze to death.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Asked Kyle.

“Is that thought ‘Fuck This!!’?” I answered pulling my mask down just long enough to get the words out.

“Yep.” he replied and then added, “You want to go get a drink at the bar?”

“Mmm Hmm.” I mumbled back in agreement.

“Good, this is fucking ridiculous!” laughed Kyle, pulling up his face-mask.

We bombed down the hill at full speed and went straight for the bar after ditching our boards.

“What’ll have?” asked the sole bartender and Kyle said, “Something warm!”

“I got just the thing.” she smiled and began mixing up our drinks.

I offered to pay when she was finished and Kyle suggested that we grab a booth. We took one that was on the far side of the bar which was nice for privacy, though the place wasn’t exactly what you would call packed.

I’m not entirely sure what those drinks were made from, but they tasted like hot apple cider and packed one heck of a kick. We both agreed how good they were and finished them rather quickly while complaining about how insanely cold it was out.

Kyle said he would get the next round and after coming back with the same two cocktails, we took our time a little more with them. We sat chatting about this and that until I finally had to break the ice, as the saying goes.

“So, this hasn’t been nearly as much fun as last time has it?” I asked.

“No, it certainly hasn’t.” he answered with a big grin. “That last time was something else.”

He then lowered his head closer güvenilir bahis to me and quietly said, “That was so hot being outside in the open and taking turns on each other like that. I couldn’t get it out of my head for days. I’ve actually jerked off a couple of times to it since then.”

That gave me a little tingle in my crotch and he looked so adorable that I wanted to kiss him right there. I looked up and saw that nobody was paying the slightest attention to use and said “To hell with it!” and planted a wet one right on his sexy lips.

He instantly pulled back and blushed.

“Sorry,” I said, “I couldn’t help myself. You’re just so damn cute.”

“No, don’t be sorry.” he implored, “I’ve been wanting to do that since I first saw you tonight.”

“Good!” I said, and then there was a bit of a silence as we took sips from our drinks.

I finally broke it by saying that there was no way I was up for going out riding again and Kyle completely agreed with me.

“Well, what do you want to do?” I asked.

“I got an idea.”

“What’s that?”

“Why don’t we finish these up and head back to my place?”

I thought about for a second. He lived in a town about thirty minutes from the resort and my place was much closer, but I figured “Why not go to his place?” and boy! Am I glad I did.

“Sounds good to me.” I said and got another tingle in my pants.

We slammed down what we had left of our drinks and got our stuff together before going out to the parking lot.

“Just follow me.” said Kyle as he got in his car.

I knew Kyle’s home pretty well. It was the biggest town near me and I had been there countless times. I own an aquarium and there was a great pet store there that had a massive selection of freshwater fish and everything else you needed for one. Right across the street from there it also had the only sex shop in the area which I visited every time I needed fish supplies, picking up lube and any toys I thought looked like fun.

I got so excited driving I could hardly sit still. I kept envisioning Kyles scrumptious penis and perfect little bottom and I couldn’t wait to get to his place and play with them. We drove into the main part of town and he eventually pulled over and parked right in front of the pet store.

I wasn’t sure if he lived in that area or not, but as he began to get out of his car I did the same.

“I got another idea on the way here. Come on.” he said with a big smile and started walking towards the sex shop.

“I thought it would be fun to get something to play with.” said Kyle holding the door open for me. I knew at that point I was in for one wild night.

We went inside and began to look around. It wasn’t the biggest sex store in the world and though they usually had a pretty good selection of toys, especially anal ones, after about five minutes of shopping neither of had found anything that really caught our attention.

We then spotted the same thing at the same time. It was a double headed dildo, and I knew we had found what we were looking for.

“What do think about that?” I asked, pointing to it.

“That could be fun. I never actually tried one of those before.” Answered Kyle flashing that unbelievable smile at me.

“Neither have I. I guess that settles it then.” I said back and grabbed the thing.

I told Kyle that I would pay for it and we walked up to the counter. The only employee was some hippie looking chick with dreadlocks who was watching a small TV and looking bored out of her mind. I have to admit that I felt a little weird given that fact that I had never bought a sex toy with another guy before, but the girl just rang us up and said, “Have a nice night.” while barely taking her eyes of whatever it was she was watching.

We finally got to Kyle’s apartment and went inside. It was one of those typical complex kind of things, but he owned some rather nice furniture, and had it decorated nicely, making the whole place very warm and cozy.

I had just shut the door behind me when Kyle grabbed me and gave me a huge wet french kiss.

“There, that’s better.” he said letting me go. “Now, I don’t know about you, but I need to shed all this gear off.”

It was already getting hot in there with all that stuff on so I agreed and we were soon down to just a T-shirt and our long-johns. I then pulled him to me and kissed him again and couldn’t help but give his tight little behind a big squeeze.

“Grab a spot on the couch and I’ll get us some wine.” he said after our quick little make-out.

I took a seat and opened our new toy while Kyle got us our drinks. It was purple, not to thick, and about a foot long. I wiggled it back and forth and couldn’t wait to try it.

“That looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun.” said Kyle as he came over and I giggled and nodded in agreement.

I set the dildo down on the coffee table as he sat down to my right and handed me a large full glass of red.

“Hope you like pinot noir .”

“Love it.”

We sat slightly facing each other türkçe bahis and sipped our wine and talked. He was just so damn hot, and I was getting more turned on by the second. When I got about half way down my glass I couldn’t take any more and moved in closer to him. I set my glass down and said, “Mind if I dig in there a little?” motioning to his crotch.

“Be my guest.” he replied and put his glass down as well.

I slide my left hand down past the elastic strap of his long-johns. My fingers brushed his pubic hair and then found his warm, semi-soft, circumcised cock. I began kissing on the side of his neck while tugging his prick and he was quickly erect in my hand.

Kyle turned and kissed me deeply and then stuck his hand down my long-johns and started to stroke my already hard boner. I managed to get his waistband down a little, freeing his splendid tool, and it looked even hotter then I remembered.

We kissed and jerked each other off for a while and and when I saw a small drop of pre-cum ooze out of Kyle’s hole I used a finger to slowly rub it all-around the tip of his head.

“Mmm, that feels good.” he whispered.

My mouth began to water at the sight of his sweet, juicy dick and I decided that it was time to have a taste of it, so I got up off the couch and got on my knees in front of him. I then pulled his long-johns completely off and got in-between his spread legs.

I started by first taking hold of his hard tool and rubbing it. I began to gently lick his sexy shaved balls while stroking his hot dick and then slowly made my way up his stiff shaft, kissing and licking, until I got to the head and wrapped my lips around it.

I sucked him hard, twirling my tongue around his head as I took him in and out of my wet mouth, occasionally taking his glistening meat out to lick and stroke it. His hot cock was so tasty. I caressed every bit of it with my lips and tongue and would then put it back in and try and take him as deep as I could down my throat.

“Fuck, you’re good at that!” Kyle moaned.

I continued to blow him for a bit longer and then made my way back down to his nuts and then to his taint, which resulted in more sounds of pleasure from Kyle. I then lifted his legs up and went for his exquisite tight little hole.

Kyle groaned even louder as I buried my face in his crack and rimmed his sweet butt. It was so delicious as I lapped all-around his hot hole and then directly on it. His delicate ring opened slightly as I gently licked at it and then drove my tongue in deep.

I had forgotten how intoxicating his sent was and it made me crazy as I rimmed him and rimmed him, and when I eventually had to stop and come up for air I felt engulfed by Kyles musk. It was all I could smell and it made me want even more, but as I was about to go back down, Kyle stopped me and said it was now my turn.

I agreed, though a bit reluctantly, and gave his cock another quick lick for good measure.

Kyle sat up and took off his shirt as I got to my feet and did the same. He then yanked my long-johns down to my knees in one quick motion, springing my hard tool to attention.

He started by first kissing my throbbing prick all over, up an down, and then rubbed it all over his cute face.

“God, I love your cock.” he said softly and then spanked his outstretched tongue with it.

My knees buckled a little as he took me into his silky mouth and began to really blow me.

“And it loves you.” I moaned blissfully.

He placed his hands on my sides and I started to thrust my hips, slowly fucking his open mouth. Our rhythm picked up in pace quickly and I was soon ramming away on him.

Back and forth I plowed until Kyle at last stopped me and pulled me forward. He then deep-throated me like I had never experienced before. He took the entire length of my rod down and got to the point where his nose was touching my soft dark bush.

“Oh my lord…” I grunted, almost dumbfounded at what I seeing and loving every second of it.

Kyle kept that hold for a few seconds and then finally pulled back. My cock was dripping with saliva and he just looked up at me with a smile and started to stroke me.

“Boy, are you talented.” I laughed as he continued to fondle me.

“Well, thank you.” he said and went back to giving me head.

He ended up deep-throating me that way a couple more times and it felt amazing. It got to the point, though, that I knew if he kept it up much longer I would bust a nut, so I decided to take the initiative and made him stop.

“I’m gonna cum if you keep going like that.” I whispered.

“Let me see that ass then.” said Kyle between kisses on my aching penis.

I slipped off my long-johns completely, turned around, and pulled my cheeks wide apart giving him a full view of my spread ass.

“You mean like this?” I asked and swiped a finger across my butthole.

“Mmm Hmm…” Kyle groaned.

I figured I would give him a little show so I stuck a finger in my mouth to get it wet and began to rub my button with it. I then güvenilir bahis siteleri eased it it a little and started to finger-fuck myself.

“Damn that’s hot…” Kyle growled as he played with his hard dick.

“You like this hole?” I asked as I played with myself.

“Very much.” answered Kyle watching intently.

“You should come and take a little taste of it then.” I said seductively and bent over a little, inviting him in.

Kyle didn’t say a word and simply shoved his face hard into my keister.

I spread my buns apart as far as I could and gyrated up and down as Kyle licked my stretched asshole with his hot slick tongue.

“That feels so fucking good!” I cooed with each flick and poke of it.

There are few things in life I enjoy more then the feeling of having a man’s face buried in my ass and I was in total heaven as Kyle’s slippery tongue probed my hole. I reached around and grabbed his head and pulled it against me, squishing his entire face into my crack. Kyle stuck his tongue in my hole deep and I ground hard on it trying to take as much of it in as I could.

Kyle continued rimming me for a while until, out of the corner of my eye, I caught our new toy sitting on the coffee table. I had almost forgot about it. I was thoroughly enjoying myself as Kyle ate my backdoor but finally thought it was a good time to give it a whirl.

“Why don’t we try out our new friend?” I asked.

“Good idea!” said Kyle extracting his face from my backside.

He stood up and we locked lips again and made out. I could smell my scent all over him as well as his own and it almost sent me into a frenzy.

I finally separated from him and asked, “Got any lube?”

“Sure, just a sec.” he answered and went into his bedroom.

I pushed the table out of the way while he went for it and when he came back with a medium sized bottle of lubricant I took it and told him to get on the floor in the doggy position.

After he got down on the floor I got on my knees behind him. His pert little ass was to tantalizing to not take one more quick taste from so I gave it a few more licks and a couple good playful spanks before grabbing the lube and telling him what a naughty boy he was.

I squirted a good amount onto his ass and worked it in with my fingers. I then lubed up one side of the double-headed dildo and asked him if he was ready for it.

“Oh yeah!” he replied and moved down onto his elbows, bringing his perfect tush even higher.

First, I rubbed the tip of it back and forth against his pucker and then gently pushed it in.

“That feels awesome…” He groaned as I worked it in further and further.

I got a good length of the toy up his ass and started to slowly fuck him with it. It looked so hot in his tight hole as I worked it in and out and my cock got so hard I thought it was going to burst.

It was now my turn, so I lubed up my ass and my end of the dildo with my fingers and turned around, getting on all fours. I then eased it up into me and let go of it.

We sat still for a moment and then both began to rock backwards and forwards. It was a little awkward at first but we soon got into unison with our movements and it felt amazing. I’ve had plenty of toys up my ass before but this was something else. The thought that someone else was on the other end of it, enjoying the same sensations, is almost beyond compare.

We started to pick up our momentum and before long were pounding away. It got to the point where our butt cheeks were slamming together and we were both grunting and gasping in ecstasy as they slapped against each other.

“Oh fuck, this feels good.” I bemoaned as we ground into each other, our asses filled with that wonderful toy, but I eventually had to stop and catch my breath.

“Lets flip around.” suggested Kyle, gasping for air.

I pulled my end out and Kyle turned around keeping his still inside of him with his hand. He sat down and leaned back on his hands as I got as close to him as possible. I crossed my legs over his and sort of hovered there, and then got the dildo back up my wet ass before sitting down, leaning back on my hands as well.

This was just as good. We gyrated together taking more and more of the dong into our asses as we did, and the fact that I could see both of our hard cocks bouncing around made it even more exciting and sexy.

I managed to get even more of the dildo inside of me and got close enough to Kyle that our butts were touching again. This gave me the golden opportunity to reach down and play with with his heavenly tool, and I took it.

Kyle returned the favor, stroking mine, and we then each took our own dicks and began to rub them together.

I absolutely love a good sword fight. The feeling of cock on cock is fantastic and sharing a dildo up our asses made it even more so.

That soon gave way to me stoking our stiff pricks together at the same time.

“Wow, that’s good.” groaned Kyle as I tugged on them simultaneously, up and down.

We continued to grind together as I jerked our shafts and were both in a complete sate of ecstasy. Before long, though, I was overwhelmed with the desire to have Kyle’s hard tool inside of me. My whole body began to burn for the feeling of real flesh and blood.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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