A Working Girl’s Dream

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She was running late, and had to get the guard to let her into the office building. “Sorry Fred had a flat tire.” she said as she pull her stuff behind her. “No problem Miss Thomas, Boss man is the only other one here did tonight, and it doesn’t look like he’s going to leave the office till after midnight again.” the guard said. She went from one floor to the next, cleaning and making sure the plants were watered. When she got to the top floor, she clean all the offices and save the Boss’s for last. Knocking on the door she waited for him to answer.

After 10 minutes of waiting she open the door and step in. Walking over to the plants she bent down to check the soil, it needed water. She was pouring water into the soil when she heard a door opening. “What the hell are you doing in here?” he yells. Dropping the pot of water she scream. Before she could stand and turn around he had her on her back and his hand was on her throat. “What are you doing in my office?” he said in a threading voice. “I work…..” was all she could say.

The door slam open. “Mr. Stevens, what is going on here, let her up before you kill her.” the guard told him. “What is she doing in my office? he ask. “She works here as the cleaning lady you fool.” the guard said. She watch as Mr. Stevens walked away. Fred came up to her, helping her to her feet. “It’s okay Miss. he didn’t mean anything, he just got back from being out of the country for the past year. I’m sure you’ve read all about it in the papers.” he tells her quietly. Taking a step she cried out, and would have fallen if he hadn’t caught her. Looking into his eyes she saw a vulnerable, a fear of something. He help her to the couch sitting her down, then she watch him turn and walk away. “Are you alright Missy? Let me check your ankle.” Fred said. He walk back to the couch. “Don’t worry I wont hurt her any more Fred you can go back to your station, oh would you call the Doctor for Miss Thomas please.” he told Fred. Bending down to look at her ankle. He lifted it and place it on the pillow he place there. “I’m fine Mr. Stevens, really all I need is to get to my car and go home. I’ll be good as new after resting my foot.” she told him.

She startled him when she lay her hand on his arm, he back away and dump the contents of the table onto her lap. Swearing he went back to his desk and sat down. “I’m sorry again Miss Thomas, I’ll just stay over here so I don’t put anything else on you.” he told her. “Mr. Stevens the Doc’s here.” Fred said as he brought a man into the room. “Thanks for coming Tom, she’s on the couch with maybe a broken ankle.” Mr. Stevens said. The Doc came over to her and everyone else left the room. “Now let’s see what the problem is young lady.” Doc said. Looking over her ankle, he told her that he felt it was just a bad sprang, and she would have to be off it for at least two weeks. “But Doctor, I can’t, I have to work.” she casino siteleri said. “Sorry Miss Thomas no work till the swelling and burses go away. And that will take at least two weeks. Doc gave her a shot for the pain, leaving the room to talk to the men in the outer room. She was feeling dozy and fell asleep on the couch.

“She asleep right now, but she will have to watch so she wont get on her feet. She’s been pushing herself to hard for to long her body is run down and don’t be surprise if she gets a fever. She’s out of work for two weeks and she isn’t happy about it JD, Fred how’s the wife?” Doc ask as he walk with Fred out the door. Walking back into the room he went over and sat by her side, watching her sleep. His hand touch her face, and her eyes open, smiling she close them again, but not before she took his hand and put it between her tit’s. He didn’t know what to do, but leave it there for now. A knock came at the door. Taking his hand away, “uuuuhhh” she moan.

He got up and went to the door. “Sorry to bother you, but what do you want me to do about her car Sir?” Fred ask. Getting the keys. “Lock it up and put the keys in your office and let everyone know not to touch the car.” he told him. He went back to his work and about an hour later he finish, putting everything away he then went back to her. Picking her up in his arms he carried her thru the door that lead into his private apartment. He carried her into his room and lay her down on his bed. Sitting next to her, brushing her hair away from her face. “MMMMMM,” she moan and she stretch, making her tit’s push out toward him. Opening her eyes she saw him sitting there.

“Hi, How long have I’ve been out of it?” she ask. “MMMMMMM, about three hours now.” he told her. She tried to sit up. “No stay there please I don’t want you to get hurt any more.” he told her. “I’m hungry.” she told him. “Stay in bed, and I’ll get something for you to eat.” he said. Before he left the room she told him she wanted him to eat with her. Nodding his head he left the room. 10 minutes later he was back. He told her what dinner would be and she told him it sound great. “What is your first name? I don’t want to keep calling you Mr. Stevens unless you want me to.” she ask. “It’s JD, or you can call me James.” he said. “Thank you JD, Is there enough time for me to get a shower?” she ask. “Doc said no, but If you don’t mind me helping you we can do it after dinner in 20 minutes.” he said. “I’ve never had a man give me a bath before, but I can’t seem to move without your help so Yes please.” she told him. “Okay after dinner we’ll get you that bath.” he told her.

Eating dinner in silent, they finish quickly. “Come on before you fall asleep here at the table.” he said helping her to her feet. Picking her up he carried into his room again. “Can you undress your self or would you like some help?” he ask. “I can do it.” she canlı casino told him. “Okay. I’ll go get the bath water ready.” he told her. Sitting there it took her almost 15 minutes to undress. “Okay I’m ready.” she called out to him. Walking back into the room he stop. She was so beautiful, he thought. His eyes travel her body, started with her long brown hair, down to her large, round, firm breasts, flat stomach, Oh man she had some very long, slender legs. He knew they would feel wonderful wrap around him.

Taking a deep breath, he walks over to her and helps her to her feet. Walking into the bathroom, he helps her into the tub. “Easy Miss…” he said. “Hannah, please call me Hannah.” she said. “Okay, Hannah take it easy. Just lay back and I’ll wash you. You know I use to do this for my little sister, when she was little. We use to make a game of it every night.” he said. “Where is she now? Your sister I mean.” she ask him. “She’s gone.” he said. ” Hold still and tilt your head back so I can pour some water on your head.” he said. Closing her eyes she felt the water rush over her head. “MMMMMM, feels so good.” she said. He lather up her hair, washing it.

Pouring the water again to rinse her hair. Taking the wash rag he was wash her back up to her shoulders, down her arms, then to her tit’s, and the rest of her body. Helping her to stand he turn the shower on to rinse her off. Wrapping her in a big towel, and helping her back to bed. “Do you have a brush to brush my hair?” she ask him. Grabbing his brush he got behind her and told her to sit still and he would brush her hair for her. She rested her hands on his legs, while he brush her hair. “Can you braid hair JD?” she ask him. He told her he could and in less than 10 minutes he had her braided and giving her a pill the Doctor left for her. “I have nothing for you to sleep in I’m sorry.” he told her. “It’s okay, I don’t wear anything to bed.” she said as she fell asleep.

An hour later he check on her again. Still asleep he pick up her clothes and got her sizes, went back down to his office to call a friend who owns the store across the street. “Yes Dave, you heard right. Send it over and send me the bill. Okay and Thanks.” he said and hung up the phone. For the next hour he pace the floor. [knock, knock] “Sir this package just came for you.” Fred said. Opening the door. “Thanks Fred.” he said. He went in and check on her again, laying down next to her. Sometime later she woke him up with her moaning, pulling her into his arms she calm down and went back to sleep.

When they open they’re eyes in the morning, they were facing each other. “Good morning!” they said together. ” I’m cold JD.” she told him. He reach down and grab the blanket on the foot of the bed, pulling it up to cover her. That’s when he notice she was shaking, touching her, she felt hot, very hot she was running a fever. “Hannah, wait a kaçak casino minute.” he whisper’s. Getting up he took off his clothes, and lay back down next to her. Pulling her closer, he held her shaking body till the chills left and she went into a calm sleep by then his cock was hard and throbbing. When he tried to get up and leave the bed she held onto him, so he couldn’t go.

She woke up, and turn to see that he was still asleep next to her. He was moaning, groaning, and thrashing around. When she touch him he grab her and threw her off the bed. Her scream woke him up. Sitting up in bed he looks around the room, seeing her on the floor. “What, How did you get down there?” he said. “You threw me when I touch you.” she told him. “Oh God, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to, are you hurt?, Oh God, I thought it was over with.” he said, getting up and pacing the room. She watch as he walk around the room. He came over and help her back into bed. “I sorry Hannah, I really am.” he said. Touching his arm, “I know you are JD, I’m just sorry something happen to make you not want to be touch.” she said.

“It’s nothing, …………….., they kept me in a lock small room, and they kept jabbing me with anything they could, after 8 months I escape, and spent the last three months recovering.” he told her. He touch her forehead and it felt cool. “Come back to bed JD, we both need sleep.” she told him. “Hannah if I get back in that bed with you again, it wont be to sleep, if you can’t understand that, try this. I’ve been without a lady in over a year, and laying next to you gets me hard and throbbing.” he told her. She reach around him and took his hand and place it on her thigh. Then she reach around him again, stroking his leg near where his hard cock was. “HANNAH,GOD LADY YOU DON’T FIGHT FAIR.” he said groaning. “MMMMMMM, I haven’t been with anyone. But I would love being with you James.” she whispers in his ear, as she licks and kisses his neck.

Turning he took her mouth in his, as he press her into the mattress. Hands his and hers went every where, exploring each others bodies. He kiss his way to her tit’s, taking a nipple in his mouth. Sucking gentle, then a little harder, while his hand squeezes her tit. Her hands caress his body, touching him everywhere. His shoulders were warm, smooth. Down to his hairy chest, following the hair down between his legs.

Holding his balls she squeezing them and rolling them around her hand. Her other hand found his hard cock and she stroke him, slow and gentle. “OH BABY, YES, GOD, YES.” he groan. She pull away from his hands and mouth, moving down she left kisses along her way. As held his cock she lick his balls, licking her way up his cock till she had him in her mouth. Sucking his cock deep into her throat. “OH HANNAH, SUCK ME, AAAAAAGGGHHHH!!!” he cried out. Pulling her up to him, he move her under him and he push his cock into her wet hot pussy. Didn’t;t stop till he yelled his was cumming.

Laying on his back. “Hannah I’m sorry I didn’t wait for you.” he said. “James we have all night and every any night for as long as you want.” she told him. He pull her on top of him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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