Betrayed Pt. 01

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This story mainly follows the main character Samuel. This part doesn’t have much sex, just a little here and there. This is my first story and comments and ratings are appreciated.

I realise now that this story has a close resemblance to the plot of one of soul71’s work. I do not want to or intend to copy his work. I assure everyone that the following chapters would be very different than what soul71 has submitted. This story is not building the way his work does.


Sitting on a park bench alone, Samuel Matthew sipped on his third coffee of the day. He was under stress from school work and more importantly, his family. It was his 19th birthday and except a few half assed birthday wishes from a few of his classmates, his day was uneventful. His family was supposed to come to the BBQ place an hour ago. Must have forgotten since last week, he thought to himself. He had known for several years now that his family didn’t treat him like they should. Well, most of his family didn’t.

His father, Brendan was always cold and distant to him. His mother, Brooke and his eldest sister, Amber (24) were more like roommates than family. Amber did talk to him occasionally though. They were close throughout their childhood; she gradually grew distant from her since she hit 16. The change in his mother happened around the same time.

The only person in the family that really cared about him was his other sister, Jesse (21). She was always good to him and helped him as much as she could. They both had a special bond and both were each other’s best friends. Both were introverts but always felt good when were with each other. As far as he knew, they both got the same treatment from the other members. Or so he thought till last year.

But he wasn’t a total loser. He had the highest grades in the entire area. He had already received full ride offers from many universities all over the country, some with compensation for living too. But he had already decided on going to the local college just like his sisters, to stay close to his family. He decided that it would be better for him.

Even though his family did well financially, he always felt that his parents preferred his sisters over him. So, he started working part time at a law firm as a computer help. He mostly worked out software issues in computers and was thus earning his own money so that he didn’t need to depend on his family for whatever he needed. He also had put up enough money to pay for his college as his father had refused to do so. He was a computer worm and has started learning coding since his 12th birthday when his grandmother had gifted him a computer. But despite the way they treated him, he still loved his family.

He also had a girlfriend Cassidy (21) who he had been dating for the past two years. Cassidy was his first girlfriend; he didn’t know what she saw in him.

She was 5’10”, just a couple of inches less than his 6′ frame. He was skinny and had nothing what you could call a hot body. He was handsome though and his curly blond hair was a great match to his green eyes. But he was nothing compared to what a hot girl Cassidy was. She was curvy and though had a slightly larger frame, he looked amazing. Her 32D breasts and thick thighs had guys drooling over her. She had sharp features, beautiful black eyes and an ass to die for. Even though she had a little fat on her belly, it didn’t matter as her big boobs and fat ass more than made up for it. She was way out of league for Sam. He met her at Amber’s birthday party. She was in Amber’s class and they knew each other. She gave him his number and things just clicked between them. He loved her and the relationship seemed serious though they never get intimate in any way. She wanted to stay ‘pure’ till they marry. He didn’t care though. He didn’t want her for sex. He was happy to just hang around with her and talk about things. Overall, he thought his life was okay. Only if he knew what fate had in the bag for him.


He started towards his home. Walking towards the front door, he heard faint sounds coming from inside his home. Being the optimist he was; he immediately thought that his parents had thrown him a surprise party. Little did he know that the scene present in his hall would change him for all his life?

As he stepped inside, he realized that the faint sounds were moans. “Weird” he thought. He slowly started towards the hall a

nd what he saw shocked him to the core.

His girlfriend, Cassidy was bouncing on his father’s dick while Amber was riding his face. His Uncle Mike and his grandfather Jacob were DPing his mother and his Uncle Jay was getting a blowjob from his sister Jesse. He was shocked. He couldn’t believe that his family would do this kind of shameful acts instead of celebrating his birthday. A sudden cry from his girlfriend brought him out of the daze he was in. Both of his father’s brothers and their father was there and they were all enjoying it very much.

“Yes, Brendan, casino oyna give me that fat cock. Oh God, you fill me up so well! I missed all of your cocks. We need to this more often” Cassidy cried.

“Oh Daddy, lick my pussy.” Amber moaned.

He then heard his uncle say, “Why don’t you fuck that boy when we’re not here?”

“I don’t fuck boys. I just fuck men with big manly cocks.” Cassidy blurted out.

“So why don’t you dump his sorry ass?” Sam’s father asked from beneath Amber.

“I won’t. He’s like the nerdiest guy I have ever seen and I know he’ll make it big. I need that money. That sad loser thinks that I’m virgin and saving it for the wedding. That brain of his works like a five year olds when it comes to interacting with real humans. ” Cassidy’s giggle that followed this statement tore into Sam’s heart like a dagger.

“He’s such a pathetic guy.” His grandfather said. A collective laughter from all as heard except his sister and mother, their mouth being occupied otherwise.

They changed positions so that Cassidy was now giving both his uncles a blowjob at the same time. She took both of them in her mouth at the same time and rubbed the tips of their penises together until they came in her mouth.

Meanwhile, Brendan finished dumping his load inside Amber at the same time as his grandfather Jacob finished inside his mother Brooke. They both went and straddled Jesse’s face and released the cum into her mouth before she started licking and sucking their cunts. He saw Cassidy trying to get his father and grandfather hard again by blowing both of them again. It took a good 10 minutes before they were hard again.

“Now use both my holes me Mr. Matthew and Mr. Matthew.” He heard Cassidy say before giggling and within moments, he saw his father and grandfather sliding their dicks into her pussy and ass.

His uncles were now fucking his sister and mother in doggy style. Both of the ladies were facing each other and started making out. Jesse sat there looking away.

“What if he found some other girl who’s willing to bang him for his money and he leaves you for her?” he heard his mother say.

“He won’t. Nobody will touch him. Plus I have him under control. He thinks I love him. And I also have his father’s cock in my ass which ensures that he wouldn’t let Sam leave me if he wants in my ass again. Mr. Matthew got that loser to sign over all his rights and money to himself.” She said between moans.

They all laughed, except Jesse. Words like loser, sad guy, pathetic were heard.

“Maybe I would bring him here some day. He could jerk off his little cock while watching real men fuck me properly. Maybe if he is good, I would let him eat your cum out of my cunt.” Cassidy said with a laugh.

Sam flinched. He didn’t have much experience but he knew that he was not small. In fact, he thought that he was bigger than any of those people in that room.

“I bet he would love that, wouldn’t he?” he heard his Uncle Mike say. Sam couldn’t take it anymore. He started to leave.

All of them said ‘Yes’. Again, Jesse was silent. He noted that she had her shorts on and didn’t seem to be interested. But he didn’t even notice it.

As their moans and grunts filled the room, he was in turmoil. He couldn’t bear to hear or see this debauchery anymore. He ran from the spot and as fast as he could. He closed the front door behind him but doubted that they could hear him over their own sounds of pleasure. He ran and ran without looking back. His mind was going thousand miles an hour. He didn’t know what to do. Everything was crashing around him.

Why did they do that kind of thing? Did Cassidy, in fact, never love me? Did my family not care so little about me that they decided to stay home and fuck each other instead of celebrating with him? Did his aunts know about their husbands’ action? Did his grandmother know?

He had so many questions but no answers. But one thing was clear; he wanted to do nothing with them anymore. He lost Cassidy and Jesse, the two people who pretended like they care about him, though he was a lot more hurt by Jesse. He eventually came to a stop in the wooded area of the park where he was sure he was alone. He sat on the hard ground, looking up at the clear sky on the cold night; his mind a mess. His heart was broken. He even threw up twice. Then a tsunami of emotions hit him. Anger, disgust, hate, hurt but most of all, humiliation. His girlfriend had openly made fun of him and all the guys laughed and join in. Even his mother laughed and Amber giggled too. Jesse was the only person who didn’t have a smile on her face. He tried to collect himself and was somewhat successful but the tears never stopped falling from his eyes.

He thought what he would do. He knew he couldn’t run away, as long as he was in total control of his father. He knew he needed his parents’ permission to be accepted to a college too. He wasn’t going to destroy his own career over what they did. Neither did he want to be anywhere fucking near them. canlı casino He didn’t know what to do. He was taking one year off for his computer course and relaxation before he went to college.

He also remembered that his father had made him sign an agreement that gave him Sam’s custody and control over his bank accounts and legal decisions. He cursed himself for being so stupid to sign that document. He thought that below the hard exterior of his father, he must have loved him. Now he had realized that he made him sign that agreement on his 18th birthday not to protect him but to get control over him and his money.

Not only that, he knew he needed college to get a good job and not be like Amber, who barely passed and had nothing in her foreseeable future.

He had thought a lot. He wanted to be free from them. He also wanted to hurt them for betraying him. He thought of what he could do but nothing came to mind. Telling his aunts and grandmother would only destroy them and rip the family apart. He didn’t want them to suffer. He knew he couldn’t go to the police to report anything as he had no proof and his father was best friends with the commissioner too. He couldn’t figure out a way out of this.

He was a mess of emotions and thoughts when his phone rang out from his pocket. ‘Fuck you’ he thought and ignored his mother’s incoming call. Few minutes later, it rang again. He ignored. He wanted to throw the phone into the rock but decided otherwise. He knew it he bought it with his own money and didn’t want to waste it. So, he finally picked up.

“What the fuck do you want??” he spat into his phone.

“Well, hello to you too, little brother!” his sister said cheerfully.

“Why did you call me?” Sam asked.

“Mom wants to know where you are. It’s late and is very cold outside” she asked a little surprised by his brother’s anger.

“Tell her that’s it’s none of her business where I am and she doesn’t need to pretend to give a damn” he said into his phone.

Amber was definitely surprised on hearing him shouting. It wasn’t like him. He was a sweet person. Yet she didn’t give it much thought, still gleeful from the excellent fucking she received from the four cocks in the hall of her house.

“Sam, why aren’t you home? It’s very late. This isn’t like you.” he heard his mother say after she snatched the phone from her daughter’s hands.

“Why do you care?” Sam said plainly.

“Because I’m worried about you, baby. It’s near midnight. It’s very cold outside” Brooke said.

“Don’t care. I’ll come when I want to.”

“Samuel Matthew, you will come home right now.” Brooke said feeling her anger rising.

“Jesus, shut up. I’m coming. Don’t get your panties in a twist”

Brooke was shocked by the change in Sam’s demeanor. He talked rudely to anyone in the family.

“What happened , baby? Why are you talking like that?” she asked.

‘Hmph’ was all he said before hanging up and starting towards his house. It wasn’t the warm, loving home for him anymore. To him, it was a cold place he hated.


He entered his house a little after 20 minutes after hanging up. He saw his mother and Amber standing in the kitchen talking and decided to retreat to comfort of his own bed, probably the only place his incestuous family hasn’t fucked one another.

“Hello, tiny. Where have you been this late?” Amber asked. Tiny was Sam’s nickname because of his overweight body and nonexistent muscles. He was exactly 6′ tall but all the fat that covered his body made him look smaller than he actually was.

“Yeah, Baby. Where were you?” Brooke asked her son as she leaned in to hug him as she usually did. She was surprised when he stepped away from her. He was always the one who always greeted her like this. But this was not like the sweet boy she knew.

“It’s none of your business. Don’t pretend to care about me.” Sam said coldly. He wanted nothing to do with them.

The sight of them fucking was etched in his mind. He had never seen any girl naked in real life and he couldn’t help but notice that his mother and sisters had fine bodies. As he later came to know, his mother Brooke had huge 32EE sized natural cans with big brown nipples and a plump ass. Amber looked a lot like her mother too. She had 30DD sized breasts with pink buds and a meaty fat ass to go with it. Jesse on the other hand was not like her mother. She had much less curves on her body and her 28C sized boobs weren’t anywhere near her other family breasts. But she liked it that way. They were still pretty big for her lean frame and her inverted nipples looked cute to her too. She also had a cute bubble butt which was to die for.

Sam remembered that his sister Jesse was the only person in that disgusting orgy who was wearing shorts.

“Samuel!! What is this behavior? You don’t talk to your mother in this way.” His mother growled.

“How else am I supposed to talk to a failure of a parent?” Sam said equally kaçak casino loud. His head turning left as he felt the sting on his cheek from his mother’s slap.


Samuel just smirked and started moving towards his room.

“Sam, come back here apologize and tell me where you’ve been or you can forget dinner today.” He heard his mother shout behind him.

“Don’t need anything from you. Shut up and leave me alone” Sam said offhandedly knowing that he can eat some of the canned food he has in his room.

“What happened to that boy?” Brendan asked his wife hearing everything from the den.

“No idea.”

“Should I go talk to him?” Brendan asked.

“I doubt he will tell you anything. He seems in an awful mood” Amber said after her father slapped her ass while kissing her mother.

“Okay” Brendan said, not really caring about his youngest child. He was an accidental pregnancy and was just a hindrance for his ‘fun’. But he wasn’t about to throw him out or let him move out seeing how he gave all his money in his control and he also had a bright future. He decided that letting him stay was nothing in front of the returns he will get.


“Don’t worry mom, I’ll go talk to him after dinner”. Amber told her mother. She wanted to give him his space. He loved him a lot and didn’t want to hurt him.


As soon as he opened his door, he felt a pair of breasts on his back and arms on his chest. He turned around to realize that it was Jesse who had hugged him.

“Happy birthday Sammy!” Jesse almost shouted. Only she was allowed to call him Sammy. Rest all were met with harsh looks and bitter words.

Sam felt happy that she did not forget his birthday and was almost about to laugh and hug his sister when he saw her face and remembered what he saw a few hours ago.

He uttered ‘Thank You’ as best he could without letting his hate for everyone pour into his words.

“I got you a gift!” Jesse said handing him the latest computer processor that he had wanted very badly for months now. But his father didn’t allow him to buy it.

It wasn’t unusual for her to hang out with him in his room while they did their own things. They were very close and knew everything about each other. She had seen him looking at this processor and decided to buy it for him.

She was really taken aback when Sam coldly said “I don’t want this. You can return it. I can pay you if you lose value while returning”.

“But-but, I know you wanted it.”

“Not from you.”

“What happened to you, Sammy? Di-did I do something?” she asked stepping into his room and closing the door behind her. She knew him better than anyone in the world and this behavior was not at all normal.

Sam just huffed “Why are you here?”

“I’m just hanging out here with you. Something wrong with that?” she said worried why her brother was acting this awfully. He always let her stay with him. In fact, she spent more time in his room than her own. She even slept in his room on the empty bunk of the bunk bed several times.

“Yeah. I wanna be alone. And I would like to ask you to stop hanging around me or my room.”


“Get out” he said holding the door open for her. He wanted so desperately to just hold her in his arms and comfort her when he saw her tearing up but the images from few hours ago were still fresh in his mind.

“What happ-“

She couldn’t even finish the question when Sam closed the door in her face. She felt hot tears streaming down her face as she started crying in front of his door.

“Heyy. What happened? Why are you crying?” Amber asked, taking her younger sister in her arms as she sobbed.

“What did I do? I got him a gift and he didn’t even take it. He…doesn’t even want… want to be around me anymore. He’s being so cold.” She said between sobs. She was really hurt by his behavior as she loved him more than anything. She had decided to make her move to seduce him today on his birthday but that seemed impossible now. Something was bothering him and she didn’t like the idea of her being the cause of it.

“Shhh. Do not take this seriously. He is just upset about something. He’ll be normal soon. I’ll talk to him later.” She encouraged her sister.

Sam decided he needed a smoke and the warmth of his bed. He wasn’t a smoker. He still had 2 out the 10 cigarette pack he bought over a year ago. He smoked only when stressed and what had happened today really qualified as stressful.


“Sam, dinner is ready. You can have some.” Brooke shouted in the direction of his room. She felt a little guilty about the way she treated her son. He was a mistake but that didn’t mean that she didn’t love him, she did. He was her son after all. He was always a good kid and got good grades. Despite that, she never could bond with him properly and thought that he didn’t care too. She was content that he didn’t snoop around; stayed in his room with his computer so she could have her ‘fun’ with her family members when the girls were at school and he wasn’t.

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