Beyond Boundaries

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Beyond Boundaries is an exclusive club, of sorts, for couples who want to push their own sexual boundaries. This is a story of what happened at a recent private party we attended at another couple’s home.

As it turned out, we only knew one other person at the party. Liz was there with her lesbian lover, Robin. When we first saw them that evening, Liz was demonstrating all of the various uses for the party’s host’s love swing. We know Liz from a more professional setting and we were a little unprepared for our first image to be of her dangling completely naked with several other couples watching. The small crowd was so nonchalant; it was as though they were watching a cooking demonstration. What was cooking was Liz’s pussy as Robin went to town fucking her with an oversized dildo.

My wife, Carrie, and I had come to the party ready to play. She was wearing thigh-high black latex boots. Her red corset let her beautiful tits spill out over the top and was tied up in the back with a long white lace. When she wanted to really start playing, she would wear a red leather hood, which covered everything above the bridge of her nose and back of her head. She would tie her hair back into a ponytail, which slipped into an exaggerated red leather ponytail in the back of the mask. I loved it because it was great for controlling Carrie’s mouth over my cock. Instead of receiving a blow job, I would use that leather ponytail to fuck her mouth.

After we saw everyone at the party, Carrie headed upstairs to one of the play rooms. I told her I would be right up once I found Liz and Robin to let them know where we’d gone…just in case they wanted to join us.

It wasn’t long before I made my way upstairs to find Carrie in one of the bedrooms. She was kneeling, bent over an oversized footrest. With her knees on the carpet, she was lying on her stomach sucking Danger’s cock. I don’t remember Danger’s real name – Dan, Dana, or something like that. We’d seen him at previous Beyond Boundaries parties. Carrie had now put her mask on and looked incredibly sexy in her leather corset. Her blonde hair was hidden under her leather half face mask. Her milky white skin and beautiful breasts were moving in unison with the back-and-forth of her head swallowing his cock. It was a powerfully sexy image.

I sat there soaking up the view for just a minute when Liz came into the room. Liz wasted no time positioning herself ankara escort bayan behind Carrie’s ass. Liz is exceedingly comfortable with her own body, although it’s no match for Carrie’s. She was wearing nothing but a short, thick strap-on dildo cock around her waist and her usual body piercings. I could tell that Liz was eager to fuck my wife. She licked Carrie’s pussy just enough to be sure she could slide her strap-on cock easily into her pussy. Liz fucked her doggie-style while Carrie continued to suck Danger’s cock. Carrie’s tits swayed back and forth with each thrust. It looked as though Liz was enjoying the strap-on as much as Carrie.

It was a luscious sight and I wanted some. I slipped on a lubricated condom and kneeled behind Liz. I once overheard Liz talk about how much she liked getting fucked in the ass… hard. I took this opportunity to fuck her ass as hard and fast as I could. Her ass was so tight around my dick. Trust me, I thought only of my own pleasure as I grabbed her waist and fucked her from behind.

It didn’t take me long to explode in violent satisfaction. The timing was perfect, actually, because Carrie began to rollover onto her back immediately after I came. I could see her wet pussy lips waiting, slightly open, and hungry for cock; real or plastic, it didn’t matter. Her heaping breasts, spilling out above her corset, looked delicious. Her nipples were erect and waiting to be pinched.

Now on her back, Carrie began swallowing Danger’s balls while stroking his cock with her free hand. His eyes were closed in anticipation of ecstasy. With Carrie now face up, Liz quickly returned to fucking Carrie’s pussy. The short, stout strap-on was welcomed by her wet pussy. Liz rubbed Carrie’s clit in rhythm with her own thrusting. Carrie’s orgasmic twitches told Liz how much she loved it. The sweat was starting to show as both of their bodies glistened.

Liz’s girlfriend, Robin, made her way into the room as Danger finally began to cum. He came so hard he shot his load all the way past Carrie and onto Liz, covering Liz’s stomach and tits. His relief was a long time in coming.

Robin began sucking Liz’s strap-on as Liz rubbed Danger’s cum into her skin and Carrie caught her breath. I guess Robin enjoyed the taste of my wife’s juices on that strap-on because she quickly turned her attention to Carrie’s nearly dripping wet pussy. Robin was licking my wife’s pussy ankara bayan escort with amazing enthusiasm. Robin licked deep into her pussy getting Carrie’s juices all over her face. Then she sucked her outer pussy lips and then jumped right onto her clit, pumping her face furiously, all before easily sliding her fingers deep inside her hot pussy.

I started to rub Carrie’s tits while kissing her forcefully. Carrie briefly smiled before throwing her head back in ecstasy. I looked down to see that Robin was still feverishly sucking Carrie’s clit while Liz had taken up position behind Robin and was preparing to fuck Robin’s pussy from behind with the same strap-on. This was a human chain of sex with Liz fucking Robin from behind, Robin eating out Carrie, while I grabbed Carrie’s great tits.

Carrie couldn’t keep kissing me as she began to shutter with the start of an incredible orgasm. Her breasts shook beneath my hands. I reached up to her neck and pinned her down with one hand. With my other hand, I grabbed her tits and sucked her nipples. I was so turned on and ready for my turn to be inside her.

Liz and Robin rolled over one another onto the floor. Liz began fucking Robin with her now well-used strap-on. Those two kissed like teenagers as Liz slowly pumped Robin’s pussy. Robin was free to concentrate on the fat strap-on being thrust forcefully inside her. She began to grind herself against Liz and before long it wasn’t clear who was fucking the other harder.

Meanwhile, I pulled Carrie on top of me as I rested my back atop the oversized footrest. We were kissing and grinding our bodies against one another. Our tongues explored each other’s mouths. I kissed, licked, and later bit her neck and collar bone. In between our kisses, I saw that Danger had returned; this time with a purple dildo in his hand.

Lost in our passion, I don’t think Carrie realized that it was not my cock sliding into her dripping wet pussy. Danger skillfully slid the lifelike dildo into and out of her pussy. I could feel Carrie begin to push herself against it in time with his manual thrusting. It wasn’t long before I was ready to explode again with anticipation. I pushed my cock into Carrie’s pussy while Danger held the dildo inside her. She was so tight! Tighter than Liz’s tiny asshole moment before. Carrie was so excited about having her pussy stretched by two cocks at the same time. She moaned louder ankara escort bayanlar than I had ever heard before. It was then that she first told me to fuck her in the ass.

It was incredible feeling Carrie’s pussy filled with two cocks – even if one was plastic. Again, Carrie said, “Fuck my ass.” This time she said it more as a demand than a request. I reached my hands around her, grabbed her ass cheeks, and pulled her ass open in preparation for my cock. Pulling out of Carrie’s tighter-than-ever pussy was difficult simply because it felt so good and we both loved it so much.

Carrie gave forth a satisfied, “Yes, oh yes.”

It was at that moment that I feel Danger’s hips against my hands. He was pushing his own cock into my wife’s asshole. He beat me to it and I had helped him do it! I was slowing fucking Carrie while the dildo was still tightly trapped inside her pussy. At the same time, Danger was sliding his cock in and out of her ass. She was now filled with three cocks at the same time and she loved it!

I thought Carrie’s pussy was tight with both my dick and that purple dildo crammed inside. But, her pussy felt even tighter with Danger’s cock fully inserted in her ass. Oh my God! This slut was my wife! She loved it. It wasn’t long before our fucking was in sync, as he would pull out as I pushed my cock into her pussy. The back and forth continued until Danger stayed deep inside her tight ass. I’ve been there before – exploding with waves of an orgasm, pumping cum deep inside my wife’s ass. That’s what he was doing right then as I continued to fuck her pussy as hard as I could. I felt him pull out of Carrie’s ass as she began screaming, “Oh my God! I’m cumming!” She was louder than I’ve ever heard her before.

Her orgasm was more than enough to push me over the edge again. It felt like I filled her pussy with gallons of cum. My balls tightened so much that they hurt. Carrie collapsed on top of me in complete exhaustion. I felt cum dripping out of my wife and onto my balls. When it occurred to me that I didn’t know if that was my cum or Danger’s. I realized that my wife was truly an incredible slut.

A few minutes later, we kissed softly and caught our breath. I looked up to find that we were now in the room alone. We gathered ourselves and headed back downstairs to join the rest of the party. We sat down to drink a bottle of water and watch the Japanese rope bondage show being held in the living room. Carrie leaned over and whispered that she was still dripping cum.

It was time to go home. We had a private date to keep to with just each other that night. But, we will be back to another Beyond Boundaries party again soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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