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I’m lying on my bed naked. My body heat is rising because I’m thinking of you.

Imagining that my hands are your hands, I run my hands over my breasts and tweak my nipples. I close my eyes, as I run my hands down my body. I feel myself getting wet as I trace my outer lips with my fingers.

I take one hand and I spread open my outer lips. Then, I take the index finger on my other hand, and I dip it into my pussy. Once the finger is covered with juices, I bring it up to my clit and begin to rub it nice and slow.

Mmmm, thoughts of you swirl around in my head, as I rub and pinch on my little clit….I can feel my juices dripping down onto the bed.

All of a sudden, I can feel my orgasm starting to rise in the pit of my stomach….I start to twitch and convulse and thrash around on my bed…as I cum over and over again.

Exhausted from my multiple orgasms, I lay back and close my eyes for a few seconds.

When I open my eyes, I see you standing there in the doorway of my room. You look at me and you smile. You bursa escort peel off your clothes, and walk over to the bed and sit down next to where I am laying. You stroke my hair and my face, and tell me how beautiful I am. Then you plant the longest, most passionate kiss on my lips.

You take your hands,and you start to stroke and play with my breasts. You position yourself on top of me, and you kiss my face, my lips, my neck,all the way down to between my breasts. You then, push my breasts together and begin sucking and lick on them at the same time. I run my hands through your hair, and beg you to go lower.

You lick and kiss your way down to my stomach. I’m doing everything I can to contain my excitement. You nibble and play with my tummy for a while, until I beg and plead with you to go lower.

You take your time licking and kissing my outer lips. You open them up and gently run your tongue over my still erect clit

I gasp with pleasure and I thrust my hips up to meet your amazing tongue my juices are dripping out bursa escort bayan and you’re lapping them up like a good boy.

I grab the back of your head, and I shove your face into my pussy as I start to cum over and over You’re darting your tongue in and out of my sopping wet pussy as I shake and convulse under you

I beg you to fuck me I tell you that I need you so bad and that I wanna feel your hot, massive cock inside of me.

You lift yourself up and put my feet on your shoulders, you don’t enter my pussy right away. You know you’ve made me crazy and you wanna keep it going for a few seconds You take the head of your cock, and rub it over my clit and I start to thrust a little for you.

Then, you gently ease your magnificent cock, into might tight wet pussy I grab your ass trying to get all of you in, but you manage to slow me down, and ease your cock in inch by inch.

You moan as you feel how tight and wet and warm I am, and adjust to the feeling of your cock being wrapped so tightly in my little pussy. escort bursa

I can feel you in me so deep, the head of your cock pushing against my cervix.

I hold onto your ass we ease into a perfect steady pace.

You look down and you watch my body as I’m moving with you, and I flex my pussy muscles around your cock.

The pace increases and our breath becomes heavy and uneven we’re starting to fuck really good and hard by now I’m screaming your name and you’re begging me to come on your cock.

My pussy starts to twitch around you and milk you of your cum.

You’re thrusting so deep and hard I’m beginning to become delirious from the pleasure of it all…..I moan and writhe underneath you and you kiss me so good and hard.

You can feel my pussy juices as they drip out over your cock I start to cum really hard and beg you to cum with me as I can feel your cum rising from the stem of your cock.


I feel you shoot your hot load into me I feel it drip out of my pussy…onto the bed, mixing with my juices.

We both lay there completely mesmerized, with you still inside of me. You have your head on my shoulder…and as your fall asleep I stroke your hair and tell you how amazing you are.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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