Initiation into the Mile High Club

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We are strangers sharing the back row of first class. You have the window, I the aisle. As the rest of the plane boards, we have our drinks.

I’m having red wine and …. What do you drink? We exchange names and pleasantries. During this ritual we both recognize a base physical attraction. We escalate from playful banter to flirtation.

Both of us in a high state of anticipation. We both recognize the strong physical attraction and wonder how far we will go before we reach our destination. We escalate conversation from playful banter to flirtation. We are ready to take off and the stewardess clears our drinks. Our conversation turns towards the exploration of possibilities while on the plane. I feel a tingling of anticipation of where this could lead. You stare hotly into my eyes with a look that holds promise of good things to cum.

We are in the air and we have more drinks delivered. This time, when you reach for your drink, you deliberately brush my breast. I gasp in a state of heighten sexual arousal. And you know I’m yours for the taking.

You set down your drink and fully palm my breast, big ass porno squeezing firmly, in the open to anyone who happens to look over. My head and eyes role back.

In a flash of rational thinking, do I say stop, hell no. I cover myself with a blanket.

You continue your assault on my breasts, reaching into my bodice, releasing each mound for your fondling pleasure. I’m nothing but putty in the seat.

Then your second hand moves to my thigh and begins a painstakingly slow movement up the inside of my leg. My eyes fling open to find you staring into them. I am mesmerized by their intensity. You lean forward and kiss me sensually. Almost of their own accord, my hands gravitate toward your cock. I tentatively stoke you thru your pants and am excited by what I find.

At that moment, you insert your finger into my hot, wet vagina. My muscles draw you in deeper, not wanting to loose that precious finger. Only your mouth on mine keeps the moan from reaching the other passengers.

Oh my god. I’m on fire. This is the hottest experience of my life. You have stolen my mind. All big tits porno I can think of is how to get that cock in my mouth. You pull me over to you. Tucked into the corner you continue to ravish my pussy. You are gently pounding me with two fingers now, and I’m sure all of first class can smell the lust rolling off of me.

At this angle, I can unzip your pants and expose the object of my craving. Under the cover of the thin blanket, I pump your meat in my hand, up, down, up, down. On the ascent I nearly release the head of your prick completely, but not quite, as I descend down to the base of your cock, my fist slaps into the top of your balls. I repeat, and all the while you are bringing me closer to orgasm. You can tell I’m getting close, you release my nipple, which you have been pinching and pulling, driving me insane and put your finger in my mouth. I suck it as though it is your cock. Your hand and finger in my mouth effectively muffles my moaning pants. Suddenly, I’m coming, you put your entire hand over my mouth to keep me from crying out, all the while you continue to bury your fingers blacked porno deep into my recesses. I feel my juices puddle on the seat under me. Gasping for breath, I’m barely aware of the guy across from us getting up, with a raging hard-on heading to the restroom. This is what I’ve been waiting for, I immediately lower my mouth onto your prick and begin to suck like someone dying of thirst trying to get to the last drop of water in the bottle. My hands fondle your balls, I feel them get heavier in my hand. When they begin to tighten, I know you are close. While stroking your balls with my thumb and forefinger, my pinkie inches its way towards your anus and makes slow circles around your tight sphincter, it is your turn to let out a quiet moan. One of your hands moves to the back of my head and I know you are about to feed me. At that moment, my pinkie enters you, and you respond by spurting your jism into my mouth, wave after wave of pleasure. I swallow every drop, we can’t let any get on your pants.

We put ourselves back together, then I just cuddle in the crook of your arm. A couple minutes later, the guy across from us returns to his seat. He adjusts himself, gives us a knowing smile and is seated.

As the plane lands, you turn to me and ask me where I’m staying, I tell you the Embassy Suites. You smile and say “So am I, want to share a cab”

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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