It’s a Daily Thing

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Since I was very young I have always been horny. I started masturbating when I was so young that nothing came out but I still knew that it felt good and that there was some kind of need for that feeling. When the cum first came I was a bit shocked, but it wasn’t more than a few days before I was back at it and getting more and more out.

What strikes me now is how much wrong information there was about it. Of course I was told not to do it. So it became just a secret thing. Years passed and getting married and divorced didn’t change the drive, the need for cumming from that special touch. And what touches! Squeezing, pressing, oiling, greasing and rapid or slow stroking. All of those came and went and came again. Each day for sure and some days two or more times. And then in my middle age the most important thing happened. I tasted the cum. Wow! That was the greatest taste of all. And each day I would cum and swallow and lay there spent and full and dizzy from orgasm. But then it wasn’t enough. I began to read about other guys who were talking about sucking each other. There were places to see it all on the computer and I watched and got erect and came and swallowed and listened to the men sharing this with each other. I began to chat with some about it.

I had photos of my cock online and some liked it. I sure liked theirs. I had fantasies casino oyna all the time about licking big cocks and feeling the veins and the beautiful heads. the glans I found out. I wanted to feel one in my mouth. And so I asked someone and they were too far away. So I kept asking and looking and finally I found out about a place in my city where men went in their cars to sit and look at the view but more to take out their cocks and let other guys pass by and make contact and go off and get off together. I was so nervous but I had to try it.

One weekend morning I went to the parking lot and drove around and sure enough, there were several guys in their cars just sitting there. I was shaking with desire for that first cock. I got out of my car and began to walk up to the edge of the lot and a door opened near me. I paused and looked over and there on the seat was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. He was about my age and he was a bit heavier, but I am kind of thin. He had his pants open and sitting on his lap was a fat cock on top of a fat sack of balls. He was squeezing this mass from below and his tongue ran over his lips. I was immediately in love. I put my hand on my pants and felt the thickness of my own cock straining as I lusted for his beauty. I walked over to his car and he motioned me to the door so I got in.

There wasn’t canlı casino need for introductions, that had already gone way beyond whatever words could do. I wasn’t sure what the proper thing to do was but I thought that he would let me know if I did something wrong so I just leaned over and began to lick on the head of that cock. It was salty at the tip, his precum was already on it as he wanted it to be. Salty but also sweet and incredibly slippery. Just as mine was when I licked it, but his different somehow. His own brand, I thought but mostly my mind was on the piss slit and licking it. I was moaning. Amazing, I was the one moaning, I wanted that cock so much. He squeezed under his nuts and the cock enlarged into my mouth. I was in heaven. I put my arms around his bottom as I licked and kissed his cock on the head and along the shaft with veins bulging that I could feel on my tongue. I licked his nuts and separated them as I felt the stubble of his scrotum and then I went back to the cock head and licked the glans all around feeling the small bumps on it and getting a reward of a bit more precum which I played with for a moment but swallowed because it make my own cock leak. I could feel how hard I was but I didn’t care because I just wanted to suck that big fatty all day.

I was also smelling his pubic hair deeply as I it made me tongue kaçak casino the bottom on his shaft and feel the urethra as my tongue went back and forth and I pushed the head of his cock farther back into my mouth. Then I started to suck. I sucked hard and he moaned this time. The head grew larger, more precum slipping out my mind fantasized that he would piss and I would drink his urine. I was feeling a love so deep in my chest that I had never felt before. He kept the pressure up on the base of his cock and balls and I kept sucking up and down the shaft for some minutes and then he began to breathe more roughly and I knew that he was really getting turned on. I was ready for anything, I was in love with this cock and wanted him to fertilize me like a virgin whore, I was feeling his whole manhood all the way to mine. Then he started to cum.

My heart was racing and my mind was only filled with one thing, his beautiful fat cock and I swallowed like a man who hadn’t had water in weeks. Cool clear mountain water never tasted as good to any parched man, his jizz was cords of thick semen with juice from his nuts lubricating and coating my throat as I fed on him and hugged him as tightly as my muscles could. He started to press on me with his hands as he let all of the force of his lust blast cum into me. I kept on sucking and he tapered on the volume but his clenching continued and his cock leaked the thinner sweeter part of his semen with what I hoped would be some piss to finish. I can’t remember how I got out of the car. I wonder if he’ll be there the next time I go?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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