Lauren Makes the Grade

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“Mmf, mmm, MMMM” Lauren squealed, her hips bucking wildly as she came to climax. Both of her hands were working at her pleasure. In her right hand was her vibrator, in her pussy, buzzing. Her moans were muffled because in her left hand was a second dildo which she hand in her mouth. Large and appropriately shaped, Lauren loved practicing her blowjob technique on it. She’d had some free time after class and found herself on her bed, both alone and horny. Naturally then, she soon found herself naked on the bed, rubbing and tweaking the nipples of her large, perky breasts. And not long after that, her hand had slid down between her legs, her fingers sliding into her wet pussy, exploring herself as she began to moan.

I need to be quieter, she thought, and quickly found the solution. She dove underneath her bed to the set of drawers and brought the dildos out. The vibrator she’d named Ryan, for Ryan Gosling. The larger dildo was Chris, for Chris Hemsworth. Soon she was on her back again, sucking Chris and fucking Ryan. Thinking of the two of them double-teaming her like that made her even hornier. It wasn’t long before she felt her first orgasm building up. Soon, two more followed. Once the third abated, she pulled Chris out of her mouth and Ryan out of her body and let them drop to the ground, unable to handle a fourth in such a short time. She lay there panting, her chest heaving, her body slicked and glistening with sweat.

If she’d had her way, she could just lie there for a while in her post-climax bliss, maybe work in a few more rounds after a bit. But she heard a familiar ding from her phone. Rolling over to her side, she picked it up. It was a reminder: Tutoring Session, the screen read. She sighed. In an hour, she had to be at the library to meet with Tom, her math tutor. Lauren didn’t want to get up, but she was failing her math class. Tom might be her only hope for passing. Stupid university, she thought, sliding off the bed, why do I need to take math anyway? I’m a nursing major, for God’s sakes. She grabbed her towel, flip flops, and caddy before heading off to the shower. Under the stream of hot water, soaping herself up, she had to strongly resist the urge to rub another one out. No time, sadly, she thought. But she took a long while anyway, luxuriating in the warm of the soapy water running over her.

Finally, she stepped out and walked back to her room. She toweled her dirty-blonde hair dry the best she could, then tied it back into a ponytail. Looking through her closet, she settled on a pair of tight jeans and a white V-neck t-shirt, her pink lace bra faintly visible underneath. Finally, she pulled on a red leather jacket. Putting on a quick, fresh coat of lip gloss, she smiled at the mirror, grabbed her purse, and walked out to meet Tom.

Their meeting was set for 10:30, the only time that worked for both of them. Lauren walked into the library. The tallest building on campus, they were set to meet on the sixth floor. No one ever went there, so they managed to work in quiet. She took the elevator up there and walked past the shelves to a table at the corner. Tom was sitting there, the only person on the floor. Like almost every day, he was wearing khakis and a university crew sweater. He was tall and slender, with caramel skin, close-cropped hair and a pleasant face that broke into a smile when he saw her coming. “Hi,” he said, as she sat down, “How you doing?”

“I’m good, how are you?” she answered with a returned smile, taking off her jacket and sitting down next to him. “Except this math homework is really hard. I’m gonna fail this class.”

“No, c’mon, I’ll help you understand this. It’s what I’m here for,” Tom said reassuringly. He opened her textbook to the first problem. “Ah, so you just have to take the antiderivative of this function.”

“But I don’t know what that means!” Lauren cried out, then narrowed her eyes, annoyed as Tom shushed her. “Oh, come on, no one’s hear. No one could hear us anyway.” She folded her arms across her chest, “There’s no way I’m gonna learn how to do this!”

“Sure there is,” Tom answered in a soothing voice, “Here’s how you take an antiderivative…” and he began to write down on a piece of paper. They continued to work for about half an hour. Lauren had made some progress, but still felt frustrated and overwhelmed. There was no way they were going to finish the assignment in the remaining half hour.

“Okay,” Lauren said, “I figured out the antiderivative, but what about the fundamental theorem? And these distance problems? This assignment is due tomorrow and I’m totally fucked!” She felt frustrated and overwhelmed, with a headache coming on. “Tom, can’t you please just do this assignment for me?” She pouted, sticking her lip, and her chest, out.

“Lauren, we talked about this,” Tom answered with an edge in his voice, “I’m not going to do your homework for you. Stop asking.”

“Come on, I’ll pay extra,” Lauren let a pleading tone creep into her voice as she begged him, “I really need to get this assignment turned in. You know that there’s no way I’m gonna be able to do this.”

“Pay me extra? If you get caught, we’re both gonna get into serious trouble. canlı bahis We might get expelled. There isn’t enough money for it to be worth that. Now, c’mon, we’ve got a half hour left. I bet we can get a lot more done.”

Lauren pouted, but then looked over at him, “Hey, I’m sure we could work something out.” She scooted closer to him and placed a hand on his thigh. “Anyway, who said I was talking about money.” She leaned forward to kiss his neck gently, holding him towards her with her other hand on his shoulder.

“Whoa, what are you doing?” Tom asked nervously, trying to move away. But Lauren kept a firm hand on his leg, still kissing his neck. She pulled away, but her hand stayed still, firm on his shoulder.

“Oh, I’ve seen you looking at me,” she answered with a smile, “I know how much you want me.”

“Well, yeah, of course,” Tom answered, shifting uncomfortably. Lauren guessed that there was a growing bulge in his khakis and smirked to herself. “But this isn’t… I mean, we’re in the library!”

“No one ever comes to this floor,” Lauren answered in a soothing voice, the hand on his thigh moving to his crotch to feel. I was right, she thought with self-satisfaction. He grew against her flat palm, but tried to shift away from her. “Let me do something for you… quid pro quo, right?”

“Well…” Lauren could hear that Tom’s hesitation was failing. She almost had him. She grabbed his hand and moved it to her chest. His fingers automatically closed around it. His other hand moving up, he started groping and squeezing her 36DDs. “I guess a trade wouldn’t be the worst idea in the world…”

“Good boy,” Lauren answered with a little smirk. She unbuttoned his khakis and slid the zipper down. He looked as if he were about to burst out of his briefs. Let’s let him out to play, she thought. She reached in and pulled out his cock. It looked about average length, but surprisingly thick. “Oooo” she cooed over it, taking it into her hand. She wrapped her fingers around the shaft and began to stroke it gently.

“Oh my God,” Tom moaned, closing his eyes. He kept on hand on her chest, squeezing and groping. Lauren began to stroke it a bit faster. “That feels good.”

“Touch whatever you want, baby,” Lauren answered. Tom slipped his hand down the front of her V-neck, past the bra, to squeeze her breast. His fingers wrapped around her nipple to squeeze and pinch it. Lauren let out a little gasp of pleasure. She jerked Tom off faster in response. Her other hand dove back into his briefs to pull out his balls. She took them into her hand, squeezing and fondling. Hmmm, feels like he’s got a big load built up there.

The position between the two of them became a little awkward. Lauren stood up. “Turn your chair this way,” she told him, Tom complying. Lauren got down on her knees in front of him, tugging his pants and underwear down to his ankles. “Better!” she answered with a bright smile. “Now let me get a little more comfortable.” She pulled off her shirt, then reached back and unclipped her bra, letting it fall to the ground.

“I’ve wanted to see those forever,” Tom blurted out, before blushing furiously. He’s so cute when he blushes, Lauren thought, giggling to herself.

“I think you’ve tried once or twice,” Lauren answered with a wink as Tom blushed even more. She grabbed her purse and pulled out a bottle of lotion. She squirted it into her hand, a copious amount before grabbing his cock again. This time, she really began to pump at it, her hand making a wet sound as she jacked up and down. Tom moaned softly in a tone that threatened to get louder. “Shh, shh, shh, baby,” Lauren hushed him. She reached for his balls again, playing with them in one hand as the other one worked up and down, up and down. She could feel him getting closer. His eyes were shut tight again, lost in the rhythm. Lauren knew what would send him over the edge.

She leaned forward and wrapped her large breasts around his cock. Tom’s eyes popped open. “Oh, my God,” he breathed, shoving his hips up and down for a second. Lauren smiled and began to bounce up and down. Tom let out a long sigh, desperate not to moan out loud again. Lauren worked faster, titfucking him harder. She knew that Tom wasn’t going to last much longer. She was right. After a minute, Tom, with a sputtering gasp, started to cum. Several thick ropes of pearly white jism shot from his cock upwards, splashing Lauren’s chin and neck, pooling onto her tits. Finally, Tom, stopped. With a languid sigh, “That felt incredible. Thank you so much.”

Lauren pulled her boobs off his cock before leaning down and taking the head into his mouth, sucking out any last bit of cum. “Mmm, I’m glad you enjoyed it, baby,” she answered with a smile. She looked down at her tits. “Look at the mess you made. Bad boy.” She scooped up a bit of cum from her breast and played it with for a second before licking it off her fingers.

Tom blushed again, his face flushing a furious scarlet. “Oh, sorry!” He pulled off his sweater and handed it to Jenny. “Here you go. Um, why don’t you clean yourself up?”

Lauren smirked and wiped the cum stains off. “Thanks,” she said with a laugh, “I’ll wash this bahis siteleri and give it to you when you come over to my room next week.”

“Next week?” Tom asked, surprised and uncomprehending.

“Yeah, silly,” Lauren answered with a little giggle, “We can get more comfortable there for our… study session.” She leaned forward and gave his cock head a little kiss before pulling on her bra and t-shirt. “Thanks, boo!” she said with a perky smile, getting up and giving him his money. Pulling on her jacket, she headed out, happy to have her math homework taken care of.


The next few weeks went smoothly. Lauren kept her standing arrangement with Tom, and turned in homework assignments for A’s in return. Her grade was going up, and she was no longer worried about failing the class. Finally, it seemed, she could breathe easy about calculus.

And then the test came. In retrospect, Lauren should have realized that she was screwed. No handjob could get Tom to take it for her. It was multiple choice, and Lauren only knew the answer to a couple of those questions. She let out a deep sigh when she got the test back. 38%. See me! was angrily written in red across the top of the test.

Lauren couldn’t believe she’d been so dumb. There was no way she could pass the class now. As everyone filed out, she went up to see Professor Atkins. “P-professor?” she asked meekly. She felt a lump forming in her throat. Her heart was pumping in her chest.

Atkins looked up. He was about early-40s, with brown hair going gray and a body that, while starting to soften a bit, was still trim and lean. “Yes, Lauren,” he said in his deep voice, “I was really surprised to see your test score. You’ve been turning in such fantastic assignments really. We need to set up a meeting to talk about your grades and see what we can do.” He sounded genuinely concerned for Lauren’s grade, which Lauren found promising.

Lauren nodded enthusiastically. “Yes, please, let’s do that.” They set a meeting for the next day and Lauren walked out, her mind already working. Let’s see what we can do? I’ll show him what we can do. I’ll show him what I can do. A smile played across her face. It was time to raid her closet.

When she got back to her room, she threw down her bag and started looking through her clothes. Finally, after a lot of deliberation, she picked out her outfit. Bought on a combination of a dare and a possible Halloween outfit, she hadn’t worn it yet. No time like the present.

Her roommate, Katie, walked up behind her. “Ooh, that’s sexy,” she purred, “Got something planned?” Lauren turned around to look at her. Katie was a good 3 or 4 inches shorter than her, with a tight body, red hair cascading to her shoulders, smallish breasts, but an ass that Lauren was always jealous of. And Lauren was pretty proud of hers. The two of them were in awe of each other’s looks, their bodies, their sexuality.

“Oh, definitely,” Lauren answered with a smile, “And it’s perfect. I’ve been a very, very bad girl.” Katie smirked as she looked the outfit up and down.


The next day, Lauren decided to skip her classes. This was more important. After showering, she applied her makeup: eyeliner, mascara, and a coat of bold red lipstick. She got her outfit out and ready. A plaid miniskirt that barely covered her ass, a white button down shirt that was just a little bit see-through, and a pair of midnight black stiletto heels. Lauren loved the Catholic school gone wrong look. After picking out a red-lace bra, she decided to skip the panties and stockings, and got dressed. For the finishing touch, she tied the ends of the shirt under her breasts, accentuating them and showing off a section of her toned stomach. Katie watched her get dressed. As Lauren finished, she walked up. “Damn girl,” she said, sliding her hands up Lauren’s sides, letting them settle on her breasts, giving them a squeeze. “You look even better than I thought.”

She’s getting frisky, Lauren thought. They’d have to have one of their playdates again soon. But for now, she slapped Katie’s hand. “Don’t distract me!” she protested, “I need to do well here.” She shrugged on her trench coat and tied the belt nice and tight against her body. With a quick turn, she gave Katie a kiss. “Maybe later,” she whispered.

Heading out, Lauren walked over to the math building. Even in the trench coat, she attracted more than a few stares. She smiled to herself, feeling sexy and loving it. Making it to Atkins’ office, she knocked. “Come in!” she heard his voice called. Lauren slipped in and shut the door behind her, clicking the lock in place. The room was medium sized, with two bookshelves and a desk. Lauren took a seat at the chair across the desk from Atkins.

“Hi, Professor Atkins,” she started, “Thank you for meeting with me about this test.” With a smile, she shrugged off her trench coat.

“Wow,” Atkins blurted out, blushing a little, “Um, I’m happy to do so, but I’m not sure that this is entirely… appropriate.” He was deliberately avoiding looking directly at Lauren.

“Really? Because I think it is appropriate, Professor,” Lauren answered sweetly, “Aren’t we going to be talking bahis şirketleri about what we could do to save my grade? I can’t fail this class.” She widened her eyes, going for the scared schoolgirl look. “I might get kicked out of the university!”

Atkins sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose, “Obviously, I don’t want anyone kicked out of the university. But, Lauren, 38%! What can I do about this? There is literally no way you could pass the class now.” He looked genuinely upset about this. But now, he could barely avert his eyes from Lauren and her body in that outfit.

Smirking, Lauren climbed up onto his desk, despite Atkins’ protestations. She got on her hands and knees, her prominent cleavage at eye level for Atkins. He coughed, blushed, but couldn’t quite bring himself to look away. “Are you sure?” Lauren asked coyly, “I thought maybe we could work something out. I’m a very hard worker, and I’m sure that I can think of a few things I can do to make you feel… generous.” She bit her lip and thrust out her chest a little bit more.

“Well… what are you thinking?” Atkins asked. Now reel him in, Lauren thought to herself. She slid to the edge of the desk and opened her legs just enough for Atkins to see that she wasn’t wearing panties. His widened eyes got her turned on. She was starting to become visibly wet at his attention. And, she could see, he was starting to get hard at the sight. She got off the desk and sat down on his lap, playing with his tie.

“I’m a people pleaser,” she answered with a smile, “Maybe I could… please you, and you could take another look at my grades in return. Maybe find a way to reevaluate my test grade, add some extra credit…” She giggled girlishly as she felt his hard-on grow a bit more against her, as Atkins tried to shift it away from her.

“Wow, that’s um… that’s really not allowed,” Atkins started, but his voice betrayed his hesitation, “But… I guess I could make an exception to the rules just this once. Why don’t you show me how you can please me?” That’s what I wanted to hear, Lauren thought to herself, satisfied with her success.

She untied the ends of the shirt and unbuttoned it, pulling it off. “You like these?” she asked, playing with her bra, jiggling the cups of her bobos. Atkins nodded vigorously. “You want to see them?” she answered with a smile. Again, Atkins nodded, seemingly unable to speak. Lauren pulled down the cups of her bra, her breasts and nipples exposed to him. Atkins’ eyes widened and Lauren grabbed his head, shoving it into her chest.

Atkins took the hit, nuzzling deep into her boobs, letting out muffled moans. Lauren sighed, contented, as he began to kiss, suck, and gently bite her nipples. “Mmm, mmmf,” he moaned as licked and sucked on her breasts. Lauren matched him with high pitched little gasps. He knew what he was doing. She reached down and unbuckled his belt, unzipping his fly. Reaching in, she pulled out his cock. With widened eyes, she started to play with it, stroking it until it was rock hard and full length. Like Tom’s, it was nice and thick, and on the longer side, with a slight upward curve. I should have seduced him earlier.

“You need to fuck me now,” Lauren said, pulling his head away. Atkins gave another silent nod and slid his pants and boxers to his ankles from beneath her. Lauren hitched up her skirt and, holding herself up, slowly impaled herself on his cock. “Oh, my God,” she breathed. She started to work up and down, feeling more of his cock penetrate her with each movement. She was getting wetter by the moment, loving the feel of him inside of her.

“Oh, you’re so tight,” Atkins moaned. He grabbed her ass and started to bounce her up and down faster on his dick. Soon, all of his length was going into her with each thrust. “I’ve fantasized about this forever,” he grunted, giving her a spank. Lauren squealed in pleasure and bounced back against him faster. She reached back and unclasped her bra, throwing it to the ground as her breasts fell free. Atkins turned his attention back to them, pulling one into his mouth, sucking and biting the nipple again. Loving the sensation of his tongue against her tit, Lauren fucked him faster. She slid all the way down, the entirety of his shaft inside her, then stayed there. She worked her hips in circles, grinding against his crotch with high pitched moans, despite Atkins’ shushes.

They continued to fuck furiously, Atkins driving into her with skilled practice, Lauren’s tits bouncing in his face, her pleasure mounting. She knew that she was going to cum, and as her orgasm built, she worked faster and faster, urging him to fuck her harder and harder. “Faster, professor, faster!” she moaned into his ear, biting the lobe. Atkins grabbed her ass and pumped into her faster until finally, Lauren exploded on him. “Oh! Oh! Oh my fucking god!” she moaned into his ear as wave after wave of intense pleasure rolled over her and she soaked his cock. When it subsided, she relaxed, still impaled on his cock. “I want to taste it,” she moaned and slid off his cock. She got down on her knees in front of him, in the same position as the library handjob with Tom. Atkins kicked off his pants and unbuttoned his shirt, pulling it off. Lauren smiled and slid his soaked cock into her mouth. Mmm, my pussy tastes good, she thought. Bobbing her head up and down, she licked up all of her juices, cleaning it off his cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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