Losing Control

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She arrived at our one room B&B around nine a.m., she was expected at noon. Lynn had stayed we us twice before when she visits her son at the local college. She was an easy person to talk to and we had quickly developed a friendly rapport with her. She is a thirty-six-year-old who stands about 5′-5″, black hair in a cute pixy cut. Her husband who stayed here on one past visit must tower over her at about 6′-1″. She is athletic and loves to jog and cycle, so you can imagine her nice trim figure. I’d guess her to have a nice full B-cup, which compliments the rest of her body perfectly.

My wife had left for an early staff meeting at work over an hour and a half ago. I had an open morning so I stayed in bed catching up on missed newspapers. It has been a while since we had sex and with her rushing off early I had to fore go some wake-up love making that my body was in need of. I lay there trying to read while my body kept telling me that it wanted some release.

I was suddenly brought back to reality by the doorbell ringing. Confused as to whom it could be so early, I jumped out of bed and grabbed my robe, tying it as I quickly headed to the door. To my surprise, it was Lynn. She apologized for the early arrival and disturbing me. Her morning had freed up and she decided to jump in the car and get here early so that she could do her morning jog along the ocean, which was a treat to herself when she visited. She had already done her jogging and was hoping to be able to check-in early to shower and change before heading to the college.

There she stood before me, the wrong image for a guy in my present condition. Her skin tuzla escort glowing from the run, her black stretch shorts and waist length tee shirt, both damp and clinging to her body. Any red-blooded male knows what that vision of a fit female body does to him and it was definitely happening to me too. The visual stimulation was causing my body to react.

I tried to pull myself together and said that the early arrival was no problem. I told her I just had a few things to do to finish prepping the room, but she could come on in. As we went to bring her bags in from her car I cautiously took in this vision of her body behind the damp thin material. When she bent into the trunk of her car, I watched as the weave of her shorts stretched to the max allowing me to easily see her bare bottom; she wore no panties. I felt my robe would hide my stiffening member from her as we went back inside.

It was not until I noticed her face getting red and her breathing get deeper, and her more frequent glances toward my crotch that I realized that something was wrong. I dared not look directly, but glanced sideways into a glass door as we talked and saw that my growing erecting had found the opening of my robe. We were not ten feet apart chatting as we both unintentionally enticed each other. My heart is pounding not sure how to react, so I acted as if I was unaware and kept chatting and moving about the room. She keeps sneaking glances when she can, which just excites me even more and I feel my cock rise hard and high. Her excitement is further betrayed by the erection of her nipples, which she notices and tries to hide by crossing her arms.

She tuzla escort bayan acts uneasy but at the same time very curious, turning away but then turning back for another look. I just keep talking as if I have no idea of what she is seeing. She is visibly loosing control of her body’s reactions and knows she should break away. But then finds herself uncontrollably drawn back. Her unsteady curiosity heightens my arousal further.

“You look unsteady from your run, sit down it the chair.”

Weakly she says, “no I’m fine.”

“No you’re not, now sit.” She seems to have no will power and walks to a chair and sits. As we continue talking I slowly move toward her, with each closing step her eyes grow wider as she stares at my approaching member. I stop two feet away with my erection bobbing right in front of her face and her eyes riveted on it. Her chest is rapidly rising and falling as her eyes flitter up to me and back to my cock as if trying to discreetly clue me in. But I’m not about to let her off the hook. Looking down at her my stare focuses on my erection and then her mound directly beyond, tightly wrapped in the black material. Her hand goes to her lap in a move of modesty as our eyes connect. I continue talking and asking her questions. Her voice is weak and shaky when she tries to answer. She has obviously lost composure. I am standing directly in front of her; she can’t get out of the chair without knocking me over.

“You must have had a hot run, your t-shirt is soaked.” She looks down at her nipples poking at the material and can only shake her head yes. “It’s obvious that you are chilled we need to get escort tuzla you out of those wet clothes, raise your arms.” She looks at me with pleading eyes and does as she told. I reach down and lift her shirt up and off. She sits there frozen looking up at me with arms raised. “There now you’ll be fine,” I say as I take her wrists in my hands and draw them around my waist bringing her face against my member. Softly I say, “you look hungry, its time for you to eat.” For moment nothing happens, then I feel her tongue on my hot skin, “that’s a good girl, show me how hungry you really are.” She says nothing as she slowly picks up the pace and I see tears roll down her cheek.

My hands gently play in her hair as she hungrily obeys me. I slip my hands down her smooth back and hook under her arms and raise her up. As she stands my cock slides out of her mouth and down between her breasts. Her nipple rake up against my stomach and chest.

She stands with her arms at her side, head hung down and silent. I lift her head and look into her eyes as I move down and kiss her lips. My tongue gently but firmly plies her lips apart enters her mouth. Her tongue finds mine and we dance tip to tip. Then my tongue recedes and I kiss my way down to her nipples as she deeply inhales. My hands on her hips, my thumbs hook her shorts and I pull downward. She gasps as she watches my fixed gaze upon her mound as the material slowly lowers inch by inch revealing her to me. I lift her feet from her shorts and raise one foot into the chair.

She looks down as my head approaches toward her. The first thing she feels is the tip of my tongue entering her downy hair and then once again gently but firmly plies her lips apart. She can’t hold back as she puts her hands on the back of my head and draws me firmly against her, driving my tongue deep within. She is now all mine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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