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Many years ago my wife and I had a friend. I’ll call him “Mark.”

Mark’s marriage fell apart and as his divorce was shaking-out he was over at our house a lot. He practically lived with us for several months. His wife had been a real piece of work. A total bitch. My wife and I had never liked her. Not surprisingly their divorce got ugly quickly and real expensive. So my wife and I had great sympathy for Mark.

My wife is a nudist. She isn’t overt, she doesn’t flaunt herself or do it for attention. She’s just comfortable being naked or mostly naked. At home in and around our yard, she’ll often wear a sarong or sometimes just a t-shirt or a tank top, but that’s it … besides flip-flops or Birkenstocks. No underwear, etc. She almost never wears a bra at home.

All that is to say Mark frequently saw my wife in various stages of undress. At first, it caused a degree of consternation and awkwardness, but after a while it became normal. I’ve grown used to it over the years, but Mark was getting pretty excited and not all that subtle. I knew he was “accidentally” finding her naked, watching out for her, etc. I knew he was beating-off in the bathroom and I began to worry that Mark would make a pass. I tried talking to my wife about maybe reigning it in a bit. She wasn’t oblivious, she knew. She’d cover up when she found he was around, not make a big deal of it, but she knew. She was like: “Fuck it. This is my house. This is how I live.” But that didn’t calm my fears much.

Mark’s wife had been a prude, so Mark had a lot of sexual frustration pent-up. I worried Mark would do something – act on his impulses. My wife said, “If he makes a move I’ll either shut him down or feel bad and fuck him.”

So okay, I stopped worrying.

One Friday night we’re all sitting in the hot tub drinking and smoking dope. We were all naked and sorta fucked-up, but Mark was still in a funk. He’d had a rough week. His wife’s lawyer was sticking it to him and he was really down. He was telling us these stories – these “we never” stories. “We never did this … We never did that … She wouldn’t do this … She wouldn’t do that … etc.” And it was some depressing shit.

I couldn’t imagine being with a woman who wouldn’t suck dick. Not even as a special gift, like for a birthday or anniversary present.

“She was especially uptight about her ass, man. “ Mark said, “Like, she hated me smacking her ass. She wouldn’t fuck doggie-style and her asshole was totally Off Limits.”

So obviously they’d never done anal … and by this point in his maudlin monologue my wife is outraged at what an uptight bitch Mark’s ex is. She shot me a look and I understood what it meant. My heart started to beat faster and my prick started to get hard.

My wife asked him, “So you’ve never had anal sex?”

“No,” Mark said.

“Would you like to?”

“Well … yeah,” He said, “But that’s not likely gonna happen anytime soon.” And then he fell back into his funk.

My wife looked at me and smirked. canlı kaçak bahis I don’t know what Mark was thinking or if he was thinking at all. Maybe he was so far down in his funk he didn’t pick-up on the fact my wife was suggesting something. Maybe he did & chose to ignore it, fearing he’d embarrass himself if he’d misunderstood. But he dropped it and didn’t pursue the matter further.
After a while, we got out of the hot tub and went inside. My wife followed Mark into the family room. I moved into the kitchen and got a beer from the fridge and lingered there – watching. Mark flopped down on the sofa with the towel around his waist. My wife stood in the middle of the family room stark naked and unselfconsciously toweled her hair dry.

My wife is a lot of woman. Hearty Midwestern stock. Farm country. Her ancestors from Scandinavia or Denmark or someplace where there were Vikings once. She’s big – leaning towards fat, but in a powerful way, not an obese way. She’s nearly six foot tall and almost two hundred pounds. She looks like I imagine a shield-maiden woulda looked, or a farmer’s wife who could fling hay bales into the loft, or like an athlete who could throw the shot-put downfield. She’s got big tits, a fat ass, and thick thighs. And when she’s stark naked standing in front of you it’s a lot to take in. Mark was openly staring.

My wife said, “So Mark … you want to?”

“Want to what?”

“Want to do me in the butt?”

Mark stammered, “Wh … what?”

My wife dropped her towel, put her hands on her hips, looked down at Mark and said, “Do you want … to fuck me … in the ass?”

Mark turned so red he was almost purple, got flustered and started blustering. He was glancing at me, looking at my wife and at the floor and was very clearly surprised and nervous, not knowing what to do or say … but he wasn’t getting-up and leaving, and he wasn’t saying: “No.”

My wife moved over to him, leaned over and undid his towel. She smiled down at his prick, which was semi-hard. Then she said to him, “I’ll have anal sex with you, Mark. Right now. If you want.”

Mark was breathing hard.

“It bugs me your wife was such a prudish cunt. I feel bad for you.”

She reached into the drawer in the end table beside the couch. She took out a tub of lube and stood up. She unscrewed the top and scooped out a big glob, closed the lid and set it on the coffee table. Then she used her lubed hand to pull on Mark’s penis, smearing the lube over his hard-on.

As she lubed Mark’s prick she started talking about anal sex, describing what was going to happen – but in practical matters … like how it was going to work. She was basically telling him what she wanted and how she would position herself. What she expected from him, etc. It wasn’t seductive or sexy, it was all very “matter of fact.”

“But,” My wife said, “If you don’t wanna, we don’t havta.”

Mark said, “Okay. Let’s do it.”

She smirked and then straddled his legs, facing him, knees on the couch canlı bahis cushions, beside his hips. He looked up at her. She lowered herself towards his lap – big tits all up in his face. He slid his hands up her thighs to her hips.

She reached behind herself awkwardly and took hold of his erection. She arched her back, wriggled her hips a bit, got his prick into position and lowered herself more. She hesitated.

“Ready?” She said. She inhaled and, exhaling slowly, she lowered herself down onto him. She took her time. She winced once. Tensing. She breathed in deep, wriggled her hips to readjust and, exhaling again, she resumed sitting back onto Mark’s cock.

Mark’s mouth opened slightly as his erection sank up my wife’s ass. He blinked slowly and sighed.

My wife settled herself lower, then lower still, until her fat butt cheeks were resting heavily on his thighs. She smiled contentedly and said, “There we go, Mark. You’re in my ass.”

She looked at him. He looked at her. She was calm, not at all stressed. She settled herself, mashing her fat ass down.

Mark squirmed and fumbled. They both were struggling to get comfortable. Mark rubbed his hands up and down my wife’s sides. He felt her breasts, pulled gently on her nipples. My wife was patient, let him explore her body. Feel her. When they were settled my wife reached down to rub her clitoris gently. She said, “God … you’re hard.” She looked over to me, “It’s like I’m sitting on a corncob.”

I smiled.

She grinned at me raunchily and then, taking hold of the back of Mark’s neck, she squeezed her butt cheeks hard and rocked her hips in tight, slow circle that made Mark groan loudly.

She looked back to Mark laughing, “You like that?”

He didn’t answer. He just opened his eyes and looked at her. His expression was dazed. He slid his hand up to her breasts and rubbed a thumb across one of her erect nipples.

She smiled down at him and cupped her breasts, lifting them. She leaned forward, presenting her big tits to Mark. He leaned forward and sucked a nipple into his mouth greedily. Pinching the other gently.

As Mark slobbered over her nipple I moved from the kitchen to the easy chair by the sofa. My wife looked at me and reached back to spread her butt cheeks so I could see his dick up her ass. Mark was moving beneath her – slowly rocking his hips so that his prick slid in and out of her ass.

My wife slouched, mashing her ass against Mark’s prick and squeezed her breasts together with her biceps. She placed her hands on Mark’s chest. She moaned softly and theatrically into his face while she pinched one of his nipples. She’d started moving now. Gently. Small movements of her hips, rocking forward and back. Grinding down against him.

Mark leaned his head back and closed his eyes. He groaned as she clenched her butt-cheeks and started to rock her hips a little more forcefully. Little more aggressively.

“Fuck,” Mark said.

My wife smiled amusedly into his face.

“Wait,” kaçak bahis Mark said.

“Wait?” My wife asked.

“Just…” He squirmed, looking at her. “I don’t want to cum yet.”

“Oh? Are you close?” My wife said, smirking. She then slowed her gyrations and focused her movements.

Mark was staring at my wife intensely, his jaw clenched. He was panting. “I’m going to cum.” He said abruptly and grimaced. He looked surprised. He leaned forward and gripped her butt cheeks. He thrust into her urgently a few more times, then stopped – tensing. He groaned, long and loudly. A big release. Huge. All that tension, all that nervousness, all that sexual excitement that’d been building over the months he’d been with us released. Poured from him. He shook twice and then shivered for a long moment, before he sagged limped against my wife.

My wife’s heavy breasts jiggled as he came. She waited, watching his face – smiling. Amused.

When he sat up and opened his eyes to look at her he was panting.

“You okay?” My wife asked him, laughing.

“Yeah.” He gasped. His eyes flicked to me, then away. “Yeah.” He said again, quietly.

“You just came in my ass.” My wife said.

“Yeah.” He said a third time.

She leaned forward, took his face in her hands and gave him a sisterly kiss on the mouth. She smiled and asked, “Did you enjoy that?”

He looked sheepish but didn’t say anything.

My wife sat on him calmly, his dick still up her ass. She said, “Hmmm?” She brushed his hair back, “Your first time. Felt like you enjoyed it.”

“It was … great.” He said.

She smiled, “It was great.” She kissed him again a little more tenderly. “Thank you, Mark.” She lifted herself off his limp cock. It flopped against his abdomen with a wet splat. She got up slowly and a little unsteadily. She backed up, turned and winked at me. She picked up my beer from the coffee table and took a sip looking back at Mark.

Mark seemed suddenly uncomfortable. He was avoiding her gaze and mine. He shifted, then covered himself with his towel – wiping vigorously at his penis.

My wife stood there and finished my beer. Completely unselfconscious – watching him. She looked at me, “He do okay?”

I said, “He did great.”

“I thought so too.” She belched. She smiled at me. Hand on her hip.

A trickle of lube and cum ran down her inner thigh.

“Oop,” She said lifting her ankle with her knee cocked to the side, looking down at the jizz running down her leg. “I’m leaking. Musta been a big nut. I gotta go to the bathroom.” She said, and the empty bottle down.

He said, “Um … thanks.”

“Sure thing.” As she passed she paused to kiss me casually & pat my shoulder, then she went upstairs.

Things with me & Mark downstairs got super awkward. I mean SUPER awkward. He ran outta there like I’d pulled a gun on him. I don’t know where he went. He just left. He barely stopped to put on his shorts.

I went upstairs after he’d gone. My wife was laying on her stomach on our bed, flipping through a magazine. She was still naked.

“He leave?” She asked me.

“Yeah,” I said.

“He okay to drive?”

“Probably not.”

She shrugged. “Oh, well.”

“That was awesome,” I said.

She sniffed. “He doesn’t have a very big dick and I knew it’d be quick.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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