Master of Massages

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A trip of a lifetime coming to an end and just hours left to BANGkok. Lying by the hotel pool my mind began to wander… Could I find the elusive massage experience so many of my male friends spoke of? Google was for sending me across city and suggested more evening activities than a lunch time treat. Back in my bedroom on the edge of China Town, I lay on the bed staring up at the mirrored ceiling yearning for a release. I jumped up, pulled on the tightest pair of denim shorts and packed the last of my case. I’d just go back for another Thai massage at the same shop as yesterday, next to Hua Lamphong MRT. Removing my flip flops and pushing the door open I was met by 2 guys, both who I recognised from the day before. “Oil massssage, oil masssssage” they purred as one smiled cheekily – I knew exactly what I’d been googling earlier but did not expect to find it here! Walking past the curtained booths with yoga esque massage taking place I was guided up a steep teak staircase and through a labyrinth of rooms. My heart started to flutter, what was I doing, where was I being taken? My sensible self was wresting with my slutty canlı bahis self. You might get murdered, no one in the world knows you are here. You might get an experience of a lifetime…

Shown into a dark screened off room I was asked to shower as he prepared the massage couch. Ever so liberating and ever so naughty as the warm water sprayed over my body as he pretended to remain professional but there were sly glances that i caught each time. I was handed a fluffy towel without any eye contact, now confused, I patted myself down and slipped on a black g string for modesty – just in case I was wrong…

I was now face down and could only sense movement, similar to a blindfold but had I chosen to look I could’ve. I was playing the game! I heard the twist of a bottle, I could sense him moving closer. The warmth of the lemongrass oil hit the nape of my neck, and it was slowly drizzled the length of my back, finally trickling between my cheeks. More movement. As I lay in suspense my breath quickened, I could feel my nipples harden against the soft sheet. My thoughts travelling south as I could feel that yearning bahis siteleri between my legs. Climbing on to the couch he straddled me. Strong hands placed on both shoulders, slowly caressing my skin and covering me completely in oil. The pressure getting stronger, at the same I could feel his hardness against the curve of my lower back. Working his hands down to my hips he toyed with the g string, fingers trailing round and under, moving more suggestively. “Off, ok?”… “Yes!”

Standing by my left side i was now completely naked. He worked his magic on my calf, and up the length of my hamstring, hands sliding down to my inner thigh. He was teasing me, leaving my imagination to run wild as the same was repeated on my other leg.

Asked to turn over, I was now fully exposed and our eyes locked on each other as we both smiled. A universal understanding of more please. My nipples hardened in both excitement and the cool air con. He stood at the head of the couch and cupped me in each hand, a gentle kneading and simultaneous nipple play. My washboard like stomach exposed as his hands moved in long stokes up and bahis şirketleri down the length of my torso. My body was on fire, excitement mixed with wonder, was I dreaming all this? His hands were now between my legs, prised ever so slightly apart, he was working deep in to my groin. The pads of his fingers now trailing my lips, a very unique massage technique, using my lips to massage my fully exposed clit. It was building and building, he was good, he was making me cum without even touching me directly. My body jolted, the room darkened even more, he bend over me and sucked each nipple and left each with a kiss. WOW!

Asked to sit up he sat crossed legged behind me, kneading my strong shoulders, he spoke of my fitness and love of boxing and… would I meet him tonight at 8pm to watch a Muay Thai fight!

Out the corner of my eye i caught a glimpse of my g-string hanging from a hook, a quick photo taken as a reminder of the whole experience. He watched the whole time as I slid my underwear on, zipped up my tight denim shorts and vest soaking in the oil. No time for a repeat of the earlier shower experience.

I was going to be late for my flight home!

Running back to the hotel, I had time for a quick shower before grabbing my case and heading for the airport! A huge smile on my face for the 16 hour journey!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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