Riverside Woods

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I’d been with my boyfriend George for a year when we went for that walk through the riverside woods. It was a beautiful, sunny day when we set out in our t-shirts and shorts. As we were walking through the gathering of trees I could feel the sun peeking through and heating my back through my t-shirt. George looked so handsome walking beside me; tall, muscular with his mop of dark hair, tanned skin and piercing dark chocolate eyes. He really dwarfed me, petite; blonde, green eyes.

We came across a very old redwood tree. It was enormous and must have been hundreds of years old. It had fungi growing at the bottom of it. We stopped so George could take some pictures on his SLR camera. While we were standing there, admiring the beautiful tree, dark clouds congregated above our heads and the heavens opened. It started raining heavily. I shrieked like a baby and ran to the trunk of the tree, wrapping my arms around it and sheltering under its branches. George laughed at me.

“Come on Lydia, it’s just a little rain!” He grinned at me.

“No!” I moaned, giggling at my own cowardice, “it’s absolutely tipping it down! Come over here and keep me company!”

He sighed, and with a smile, he walked over. He stood under the branches with me, and I had my back to him. I felt him kiss the top of my head. The rain was pitter-pattering loudly around us now. I slowly turned around and smiled at him. I gazed longingly into his eyes, and then he kissed me, slowly and gently on the lips. Suddenly, I felt a jolt of pleasure shoot through my body. We weren’t really the type of couple escort sincan that was partial to Public Displays of Affection. However, an image was in my head for a split second.

George and I having sex outside. Nah, I thought. He wasn’t the type. He’d never suggested it to me. I wasn’t going to suggest it to him. I was a shy and retiring kind of girlfriend. I just continued gazing longingly and meaningfully into his beautiful eyes, hoping, somehow, that he was thinking the same thing.

He took my right hand in his, slowly brought it up to his lips and kissed it lingeringly. My heart started to beat fast with desire. His tongue slid out of his mouth and he circled the palm of my hand with it. I let out a soft moan. I pulled him close to me and suddenly we were kissing hard and passionately against the tree. I couldn’t believe my luck. I pushed my hands up his t-shirt and felt his nipples and began rubbing them and pinching them. There was no holding me back. I was wet inside. I brought my right leg up and wrapped it around his as our tongues met, twisting and turning around each other. He pulled himself away and I wondered what he was doing. He grabbed my hands and pulled me away from the tree into the rain. I looked at him with my eyebrows raised for a second, wondering what was going on. He gave me a hard stare.

“I want to have sex with you here, now, in the rain.” I wasn’t sure about this.

“What if we’re discovered?” I frowned.

“I don’t care. I want you.” He said, he was breathing heavily. Suddenly my clit started throbbing. This idea ankara escort was really turning me on and my inhibitions melted away from me. I wanted him bad.

I got close to him and started passionately kissing him. I then unzipped his trousers and brought my head down to where my hands were. I looked up at him and his eyes were wide. The rain was pouring on us. I slowly brought out his hard, wide penis and squeezed it with my right hand. It had droplets of pre-cum at the end. I licked them off hungrily as I rubbed my hand up and down his member. I licked him from his shaft to his helmet and then started sucking ferociously. He let out a loud moan and I couldn’t care less about the noise. I just wanted to make him cum and slowly swallow the delicious juices. But it wasn’t to be, for he brought his left hand down onto my damp hair and gently pulled it so I would pull away. He knelt down to be level with me and began kissing me again. He put his weight onto me so I laid down. He then put his hand down my shorts and down my underwear and I could feel his fingers rubbing my inner labia. Because I was so wet, his fingers slipped quickly inside me. I spread my legs right out and moaned, and moaned and moaned as his two large, male fingers pushed in and out of my vagina. He pulled my shorts down and knickers down with his other hand and brought his face to my pussy, took his fingers out and began licking it all over. He tasted my hairs, my inner thighs, my lips, my clitoris and the inside of my hole as my juices leaked out into his mouth.

I couldn’t handle it anymore. I wanted etimesgut escort bayan to take him inside me. Every last inch. I pulled his head away and I frowned at him.

“Fuck me.” I simply said. He let out a growl pulled my shorts and knickers off, clambered on top of me, grabbed his cock which was still hard and very slowly and gently eased it inside. I felt every millimetre of it as it stretched me and caused my juice to flow around inside me and cover it. I looked carefully into his eyes as I raised my legs so my feet were in the air, wide apart. All of a sudden, he pulled back and started fucking me. I could feel his cock push in, and out, very quickly. Each thrust gave me a little pleasure inside me. Each thrust made me moan, and made him moan a second later. Our moans turned into shouts. His cock hit my G-spot and in that instant I orgasmically exploded, letting out a final scream. He was thrusting very fast and continued to hit that same spot, causing me to have little orgasms, until, at last, he came. He let out three high-pitched groans, and then collapsed on me with his dick still inside. I wrapped my arms around him as the rain continued to fall around us.

In spite of the rain, I managed to feel his sweat in the groove of his back as he panted, struggling to catch his breath. I felt his penis throb in me. He gently pulled himself up and rolled off me. His juices that I had wanted to taste were now flowing steadily out of my body.

He smiled at me, and then I smiled at him.

We then scurried around quickly, looking for the clothes we’d discarded, making sure no-one could see us. The clouds drifted apart, and then the sun came out, and there was a beautiful rainbow.

A little later, we walked home, certain that we would continue this new outdoor-sport we’d discovered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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