Scarlett’s Dorm Ch. 03

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Still worked up from the finger fucking I had received in the elevator I slid out of bed to place my newly purchased books on their shelf. In the bottom of a bag I found my torn and frayed hot pink thong I had been tightly wearing under my skirt this afternoon, or at least until Courtland got his hands on it. It was soaked through with my wetness and landed with a playful slap in the bottom of my aluminum trash can as I ventured again into my underwear drawer.

Now that Courtland was holding my hot pink push-up bra for ransom I needed another bra as well. With a slight nostalgic smile I slipped on a pair of my Hello Kitty boy shorts and bra. I had had these for the longest time, the boy shorts were a tight black spandex material with a white Hello Kitty logo angled across my left ass cheek, the bra was equally as cute, all black with another white Hello Kitty logo on the left cup. I undressed completely and modeled the pair in the mirror. My ass was still its tight cute little self since high school but the bra needed to be shifted a bit to support my bigger breasts. Once I was satisfied that my big tits were properly supported I put on my tight busty black tank top and inspected my smooth pale cleavage once again in the mirror. Groping my cleavage playfully in the mirror and giving my flat stomach a pat, I walked over and slipped on my short black frilly skirt. After that I reapplied my eye shadow and put on a pair of my mid-calf leather boots and left my dorm room, with the intention of getting my pushup bra back.

Taking the elevator down, I made my way slowly down the hall to room 218. Many of the guys on this floor were now moved in and the majority of the room doors were propped open. Taking in quick glances of a few I found most of the room filed with a handful of guys in a half circle around a television watching sports or playing video games. Arriving at Courtland’s, however, I found the door closed. With a quick knock I waited patiently outside the door slightly aroused at my little predicament. Courtland opened the door slightly and with a sly grin he welcomed me into his dorm room, closing the door behind me.

“Suppose you want that bra of yours back, don’t you?” he asked with the bra in his hand.

“Yeah that would be nice,” I answered leaning back against the door, looking up at him through the fringe of my hair.

“Well what do I get out of this deal?” he asked, swinging the bra slightly back and forth on his index finger.

“The satisfaction of reuniting a cute girl with one of her cute missing bras,” I said. Scanning me up and down, he thought to himself quietly.

“Tempting as that sounds, I was thinking more along the lines of some physical satisfaction, seeing how I gave you some in the elevator.”

“Oh is that right?” I asked innocently.

“Yeah that’s right and seeing how I have your bra and got a nice feel of those tits, I only think its fair that my dick gets a good feel of ’em too,” he said with a devious smile, a little more serious than before. My eyes locked with bostancı escort his as I listen, before mine wondered off thoughtfully to the ceiling.

“So you want to tit fuck me then?” I asked.

“That’s right,” he answered.

“Then I get my bra back?” I asked, my eyes once again meeting his glance.

“Certainly,” he said lightly, very much satisfied with my apparent interest in the idea. After a slight pause I began to slowly grope my breasts in front of him, once again looking up at the ceiling, biting my lower lip as I thought about it.

“Okay,” I answered, as I let my hands drop to my sides and then slide them between my ass and the door, “how do you want to do it?”

“Up to you,” he said with an indifferent shrug and wide smile.

“Take a seat,” I said. Slowly he turned around and pulled out his chair from his desk. Once I saw that he was settled in I hopped on his lap and we began to kiss slowly, my legs straddled his waist, raising my skirt up around my hips as we leaned in, making out in such a fit of lust that I had to stop and catch my breath before he again slid his tongue into my mouth, which I licked against roughly.

After a few minutes I was well in the mood and I dropped to my knees, peeling off my tight black tank top and setting it on the floor. As I did this I heard the unmistakable sound of a zipper as Courtland tugged down his jeans and boxers. His stiffened cock sprang lose from the leg of his boxers. He relaxed his hips with his cock fully erect. It was a good size, about seven inches long and nice and thick, certainly enough to give my chest a good fucking and end with a mess. Looking up at him between his separated legs I gave a sly smile as I unclasped my bra and let it fall to my side. My nipples harden against the cooler second floor air as my pale breasts were again on full display for Courtland.

“You have any baby oil?” I asked. Courtland fixated on my full breasts was slow to answer but finally responded that he had none.

“So you’ve done this before, eh?” he teased.

“Every chance I get,” I teased back as I pushed his hard cock between my breast and gave it a good squeeze. Courtland gave a slight groan of approval, raising his hips up slightly to pump his cock deep in between my plump tits. I massaged his throbbing cock with my soft breasts, bobbing my body up and down against his cock. Courtland slouched in his chair and thrust his hips with the motion of my body exploiting every inch of my cleavage. I looked up at him through the fringe of my hair, breathing slightly heavier I bit the corner of my lip and looked down at his cock head popping through the top of my breasts before I plunged his cock back down again. The more I watched his cock against my breasts the more I wanted to slide it in my mouth and suck on it. Resisting the urge I continue to pump my breasts up and down but in short quicker strokes, working his cock out away from my body and completely surrounding it with my soft pale cleavage.

Courtland moaned again, looking ümraniye escort bayan down at me, his hip thrusts were losing some of their rhythm with my motions and I could tell he was getting close to blasting his cum everywhere. Just then a knock came at the door, loud and hard. I jumped slightly back in fright from the sound. Courtland instinctively pushed in the chair slightly and threw a blanket across his lap. I now found myself below his desk, still on my knees as Courtland’s door swung wide open.

“Hey you coming over to watch the game?” the voice called to him.

“Yeah I’ll be there in a few minutes,” responded Courtland.

“What you looking at over there?” the voice asked, “you look like my fucking Grandma with the blanket like that.”

“I was just looking at some videos that my buddy posted,” lied the slightly exasperated Courtland.

As they talked I tried to get comfortable in my tight quarters which I now had to share with a hard cock in my face. I situated myself under the blanket and tried to wait patiently as the conversation rolled on between a much hurried Courtland and his drawn out visitor. His cock stayed rigid and was getting to be too much for me in those circumstances so without delay I began to suck hard up and down his cock. Taken a bit by surprise Courtland’s leg twitched as he paused in his conversations at the distinct feeling of my wet mouth bobbing up and down his cock. Courtland made his efforts increasingly hasty with his friend in attempts to get him to leave and before long he was successful and his friend left the room.

Ripping the blanket from his lap he looked down at me, catching me with nearly all his cock in my mouth, I held it there and looked up at him slowly. My eyes batted innocently at him as his cock continued to stuff my little mouth. Slowly drawing his cock out of my mouth, a thick mixture of spit and drool spilt down my chin and on to my breasts.

“Holy shit,” Courtland stammered.

“Lock your door,” I said breathlessly.

Courtland quickly rose and made his way to the door locking the deadbolt and the chain lock to prevent another interruption. I began to slide out from underneath his desk only to have my hands taken from the floor and dragged across the width of his room to the foot of his couch where he rolled me onto my back, pushing my head upright against the couch. He quickly straddled my waist and plopped his hard cock down between my breasts. Obediently I squeezed my breasts together, interlocking my fingers between them to make it nice and tight against his cock. He began to thrust his hips hard, pressing his groin firmly into the underside of my breasts which each violent stroke. With my head upright I found myself staring down the tip of his cock as it pressed out between the top of my breasts.

The feel was amazing and at such a vigorous pace I let out a long low moan as my chest was pounded by his throbbing cock. With each thrust his cock would pop out the top of my saliva slicked breasts and very near to kartal escort my face as I watched the sexual pressure begin to build in his face. He was now breathing heavier and adjusting his pace to longer thrusts. I held my breasts firmly and watched in kinky delight as the first oozes of pre-cum exited the tip of his cock. Letting out another moan of satisfaction I arched my back slightly, giving him an even better aim at my face. He took me up on my offer and adjusted his hips to meet my chest at this new angle that left my face exposed to every squirt or dribble that his cock could muster. Leaning forward he placed both of his hands on the couch cushion above me and after letting out a satisfied grunt he began to ejaculate on my face.

The first warm squirt landed on my right cheek, followed by another short shot across my lips, which were slightly open from my own moan. The taste of his cum began to enter my mouth and caused me to take a lick of my upper lip. Courtland appeared to be attempting to ration his hot cum all over my face but all at once he burst, letting out long gushes of cum around and in my mouth and both of my cheeks with forcible shots roping across my eyelids and forehead. With my back arched the last dribbles of cum splattered on the upper parts of my cheeks.

The excess cum from my forehead was now dripping into my hairline near my temples while the cum from my cheeks ran its hot and sticky path into my hair flattened under my neck. His cock continued to pulse in front of my face with the remaining amount of cum gathering at its tip. Leaning forward I pressed the underside of his cock head firmly against my outstretched tongue, milking the remaining cum into my mouth. Once satisfied that I had the rest of it I swallowed it along with the amount that he had shot into my mouth.

Courtland leaned back exhausted, admiring his work with a quick smile. I took a few deep breathes before I began to slowly run my index finger across my face, catching with it the cum that was in every attempt soaking into my hair. From here I placed the length of my finger against my cheek and dragged its way slowly to my mouth, collecting all of the cum that lay there, letting it fall into my slightly opened mouth. I repeated this process slowly over both of my cheeks, scooping in thick lines of sticky cum until I felt it running down the back of my throat and tongue. I took a deep swallow before removing the rest of his cum from my face onto my hand which I licked repeatedly, nice and slow in front of a drained Courtland who looked on in satisfaction.

“Looks like you really enjoy the stuff,” Courtland commented, making his way over to his pants and boxers to dress himself. I slowly got up from the floor once I was satisfied that I had cleaned up best I could.

“Well I haven’t had dinner yet,” I said with an innocent pout. Shaking his head and with a slight laugh Courtland tossed my push-up across the room to me. I slipped it on and slid the one I had worn there into my purse. Once fully dressed and after a quick goodbye I made my way for the door.

“Well if you stay long enough I’m sure we can give you a nice five course meal down here,” he responded.

“Sounds like fun,” I responded in a sing song voice as I left Courtland and made my way back to my dorm room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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