Sex Worker College – Pippa’s Story

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My name is Philippa, I have always preferred to be called Pippa and it is now my work name as a Sex Worker; not a prostitute. Why did I become a sex worker, as a newbie to sales my Sales Manager, to keep his job and bonuses, gave me a sales opportunity to manage; a good career opportunity he called it. Then arranged for me to have sex with his clients as part of his sales process; this is my story.

What qualifications did I have for this job? I was twenty two then now twenty three, five foot nine, long blond hair, toned slim figure; I did gymnastics as a hobby. And, like everyone else, enthusiastically trying to get something better in life.

What did I get out of it; yes I did get good money “as a sales commission” and I was successful; the company we both worked for more than doubled in size and was sold off for its enhanced order book. We were then all made redundant.

My first client, whom I had sex with, was called Angus, he was a perfect gentleman, and was also the first person I ever had sex with. We are still very good friends, when I need advice he is my confidant and mentor. After being made redundant he invited me to visit him at his apartment in the South of France. I was their once before just after he retired.

It took me three days to drive the 1,400 miles from Glasgow to Saint-Tropez where he lives; I wanted to drive, last time I flew to Nice. Stopped off at two hotels enroute that Angus recommended; why did I go to see him. I wanted to make up my mind as to what I would do after being made redundant, and come back with a nice South of France, all over tan. I suppose he is the father figure I never had.

After I arrived at his large apartment, we sat out on his balcony watching the sun setting. He said the sun setting is like being made redundant as the day ends. However in the morning it will rise again and start over; this is what you have to do. Only question is what do you want to do; get it right or wrong you can always start over again and again, you can do this as many times as you like. What do you want to do?

I didn’t want to go back to a never ending office job; at least not just now. I liked the buzz sales gave me. Angus said was it that; or the forbidden fruit, foreplay and sex, that you got the Buzz from. Although I needed to think about it; I knew from within, that was what I wanted to do at this point in my life. He said I saw that in you on our first night, you lit up as I help you remove your dress.

I know some people that can help you, if that’s what you want; tell you what sleep on it tonight. You have had a tiring three days driving here; why not have an early night. I went into the bedroom, undressed and stood naked looking into the mirrored cupboards. At that point I made up my mind.

I went out to Angus, naked, took his arm and led him to our bedroom, like he did to me on our first night. He said nothing, smiled and came with me. This time I undressed him until we both stood there naked, we both were visibly aroused by this time. I lay down and he joined me.

As we both lay there together, I moved over and kissed him French style; it was so sensual, as our tongues touched and rubbed together. We were both getting more aroused by it; I put my hand on his thigh and slowly massaged it and then the inside of his leg. Then I started to stroke his hardness and to feel his wetness form. He also caressed me with the back of his fingers and I could feel my wetness forming too; I said; I think it’s time and opened my legs in invitation.

He moved over me, I could feel him as he entered me gently and I let out a quite moan of contentment; he missed my G-spot first time, he slowly withdrew and re-entered and as I helped guide him, he touched my G-spot; my and his wetness now were making it easier and more comfortable. We were both enjoying it as he ungulate back and forth, my body was moving in harmony with his, and I would squeeze and hold him back as he withdrew. I could feel he was enjoying it too. I don’t know how long we kept this up, I was starting to climax, I held back as he continued with his unhurried undulating rhythm, I could feel myself starting to cum, as so did he. We both enjoyed the moment.

By this time we were both wet, with the Saint-Tropez heat and exhaustion, we lay there embracing each other. We pulled up the sheet together, as we liked to do, to hide our nakedness; we held each other tenderly until we fell asleep together. We awoke in the morning embracing each other, we could feel each other’s arousal, without saying anything; we did it all over again.

We arose from our bed as the morning sun reached us. We showered together, rather than get dressed we went onto the balcony naked, sat and had our breakfast there. Angus made a few calls to friends; as he outlined what I wanted to do; become a sex worker; I was getting excited and contented about the prospect. We were going to see one of his friends at eleven to discuss options.

After we arrived at her house and were met by Annett and one of her staff, Helene, kartal escort bayan also blond and very French in her flowing movements. We went into a plush room, the purpose of which was obvious. Annett and Angus sat in a corner and I was asked to strip sexually for Helene, no music, nothing. I did my best slow and seductive striptease. Helene then stripped for me, I was very aroused by it as was Helene; each time she touched me, intimately and sexually I could feel what can only be described as sexual electric shocks. Annett said that is what you will learn to do today.

My next assessment I was to have actual lesbian sex with Helene while Angus and Annett watched. Helene was very athletic about it, her flowing movement and sensual touching, I tried to follow her lead but couldn’t. Before long I had a very visible organism. Three times as I tried to have Helena have an orgasm, I came; each time more forceful than the one before. By this time I was very happy but exhausted.

Annett said this is what you will also learn later this week. How to control your, and in particular, your client’s organism’s; it’s your client that is to be sexually satisfied and exhausted, not you. Otherwise they will want you to pay them, not them pay you. Next week we will show you how to find and control your client’s behaviour and expectations. Remember you will probably have more female than male clients. I thought of Karan and her expectation being more demanding than Angus’s or Chuck’s or anybody else’s ever were. I had a lot to learn.

The next two weeks were the most exhausting and demanding that I ever had. I spent most of the first week, naked with Helena and Annett. Between having sex with each other and as a group, there was role playing too and learning erotic and sensual striptease of each other and pole dancing. Pole dancing gives you a fluidity of body movement, wither you are standing or lying, or somewhere in between. Other than the nights, I spent with either Helena or Annett, or both. I went back and practiced, home study, with Angus; he was exhausted as I was by the end of the week. At least we had the weekend off.

At the weekend Angus took me to a very large naturalist beach, we were joined by Annett and Helena. At first I was very self-conscious about walking around in a crowd naked and being incidentally photographed. After about an hour and fending off two propositions I became very relaxed walking about naked, also managed to get a no tan line, all over sun tan too.

The second week I learnt various sex positions and how to position clients without them knowing it; the pole dancing gave me the fluidity of movement I needed. Annett also had me take a medical, which I passed. I was told that I would have to get these medicals on a regular basis; I hadn’t thought of that. My passing out tests were arranged I was to meet two of Annett’s clients, one male one female and one only spoke French; I didn’t.

My first was a female called Jacqui; she was heterosexual and wanted to have a same sex experience but only spoke French. Annett said we get quite a lot of requests like this particularly from business women, who don’t want sex that is competitive. I was to go to her apartment in a nearby town.

When I arrived there she came to the door and greeted me the French way of face kissing, it was rather nice way of getting to know a stranger. Jacqui was about my height and build with short jet black hair but very nervous, for some reason I wasn’t. I was relaxed and in control. Rather than delay things and let Jacqui loose her nerve, I said “bedroom” she pointed. I took her by the hand and she led the way.

In the bedroom, the bed sheets had already been turned down for us. I started by taking off my top slowly and seductively, I had no bra on; I helped Jacqui slowly and seductively take her top off too. I leaned over to her and kissed her breasts one at a time and then her mouth, our tongues touched; I could feel that she was very responsive.

As we kissed I put my thumbs inside the elasticated band on her pink shorts, slid them down until my thumbs hooked inside her pants. As I started to slide them both further down, she did the same to my short white tennis type skirt and my matching pants. We both slid each other’s down until they were loose enough for us to step out off; which we did together.

We then stood there naked embracing and rubbing each other intimately. I could feel Jacqui start to get wet; I then started to let myself go until I could feel my wetness form too. I said its “time” she understood and we moved to the bed still embracing and seductively rubbing each other.

I guided Jacqui onto the bed on her back; we lay down together and I started to caress her intimately, my index finger, then fingers entered her. She was quite relaxed about it her wetness and the cream that I had discreetly put on my fingers allowed a comfortable entry. I touched her G-spot first time; Helena’s tutoring had been good. Jacqui flinched as I touched; she moaned in satisfaction, escort maltepe I couldn’t understand what she said. It was later translated for me as more, more please. Each time Jacqui showed signs of climax I eased and let her recover, I did this several times. When she did climax it was quite forceful; the look on her face said she was ecstatic about her experience. She laid back her head on the pillow and said fantastic, fantastic.

We lay their embracing each other as she recovered. She wanted to try that on me, I showed her how to discreetly apply the cream, and she was amazed how easy it was to do. I felt her index finger enter me followed by the cream on the other finger; I was a bit dry by then. I could feel her miss my G-spot, by now I knew where it was; I guided her until she could feel it, then she repeatedly touched it ever so gently. I could feel my climax start but held it back by moving a little, I did this about three times, as Jacqui was showing signs of tiredness I let go. Jacqui was very pleased that she had made me climax.

By now we were both getting tired and lay there together touching until we both recovered. We left the bed, stepped over our discarded clothes, and headed for the shower together. It wasn’t over as we seductively and intimately washed each other. We dried each other seductively then headed out to her balcony, holding hands, to dry our hair naturally in the sun and gentle breeze. We sat there naked until both our bodies and hairs were dry; we tried to communicate in broken French and English. I understood fantastic and thankyou; as we stood up she kissed my hand and said fantastic. Jacqui helped me getting dressed; she put on a see through wrap and looked fantastic in it. I then discreetly left.

I returned to Annett’s apartment, Helena was waiting there too. As I walked in Annett said Jacqui phoned her, and expressed her thanks for sending me to help her rediscover herself. Her life will change for ever as a result of my guidance.

It was then that Annett told me; Jacqui has just finished a relationship with a long term boyfriend; who was playing around. She was a Director in her father’s company who was a discreet long standing client of Annett. He had said that he thought his daughter may be gay, from what she said about a girl she was going out with as a friend and companion, and the way she was acting.

He did not care, it was her life; he just wanted her to be happy. Annett offered my services to see if that’s what she wanted. Annett said I think the answer is yes; her friend has agreed to move in with her tomorrow.

Annett said I have a second client for you the day after tomorrow, but tonight go home to Angus. He is looking forward to taking you for a congratulation meal at the Casino in Monaco; where they filmed all the James Bond films. We had a fantastic night together we ate and drank too much; we stayed in a hotel that night, across the road from the Casino. We travelled back to Saint-Tropez the next day. I couldn’t wait so I phoned Annett to see who I was to entertain the next day.

It was a Russian friend of Annett who was an oligarch billionaire and was living for the summer on his yacht, which today was in a Saint-Tropez marina berth. I was to go down and see him tomorrow at ten. He had found having wife’s and girlfriends too expensive and relied on Annett finding him a suitable companion, when the need took him.

I arrived at his yacht, not a sailboat, but a hundred meter cruise ship, complete with helicopter and a crew of forty; including the inevitable personal security that a person of his standing required.

When I arrived a security person said hello Pippa; Mr Sergey is waiting for you, please follow me. Sergey, as he insisted that he be called by all his staff, was sitting in a very plush and comfortable lounge area, under a sun canopy. All he had on, very blue short swim shorts, his body was very muscular and very tanned. He invited me to sit by him, I felt over dressed in my pink shorts and top.

As we talked with the usual pleasantries, his staff seemed to discreetly evaporate away. He said do you not feel overdressed in that beautiful outfit; I said yes but I needed it to drive down here. You have now arrived, let me help you take it off; I said yes that would be nice. For someone so muscular he was very gentle as he removed all my clothes, I equally gently helped him remove his shorts. We both sat there naked looking at each other.

He stood up and said come with me; we went into his stateroom with a ten foot diameter water bed. He turned to me then lifted me on to it effortlessly and laid me down on it gently. He asked me if I have ever had sex on a water bed before, I said no, I will show you. As he joined me on the bed, it changed shape and I rolled over to him.

As he came to me I could see that he was very aroused. Almost instantly he was over me and I could feel him try to enter me without any foreplay or intimacy. Suddenly he had entered me, but very, very gently, I could pendik escort feel him slide slowly inside me, it was very arousing and sensual to experience. I don’t know what I expected but it wasn’t this. He then started to withdraw then re-enter at a very slow pace, I could feel being wet in anticipation of his next withdrawal and lunge.

I don’t know how long he kept this up but seemed to be for ever; I was pacing him by holding back my urge to climax but holding him back as he withdrew. I could feel him twinge and slow each time he held back his climaxing. We were both competing with one another as to who could hold back the longest; and we both loved it. His breathing became more strained as did mine; this added to the experience, I could feel that he could no longer comfortably hold back, so I climaxed first, he climaxed almost instantly after it.

Between us it was very wet and very messy, with the Saint-Tropez heat adding to it, Sergey did not believe in air conditioning, after working in the oil fields in Russia in the winter. Warm was good, we both lay there perspiring, he suddenly stood up and scooped me out of the bed with his big hands and said. Best sex I have ever had, we will do it again, but not now, we will rest and have coffee first. We both went onto the open deck area where I had first met him. As we sat down, both naked, two of his staff came out and served us coffee and cake; then discreetly left.

About an hour or so later, Sergey said lets go and have sex again and see if you can beat me this time. We returned to his stateroom which had been re-prepared for our return. Instantly he scooped me up, placed me back on the bed and joined me there in one flowing movement. We started as before and repeated what we had done including the final chase to the grand end climax. Sergey won. And he was over the moon about it. As we lay back recovering I could hear movement on deck and machinery start up. Sergey said regretfully I must go, demanding business. I will send my private jet to get you and we can have another rematch I will let Annett know when. I quickly showered and got dressed and went ashore, I watched his private yacht, ship, leave the marina, he came out onto the bridge wing and waved me good bye. As I did to him; I am looking forward to the rematch and the flight on a private jet.

I returned to Annett’s apartment, Helena was waiting there as before. As I walked in Annette said Sergey had phoned her and expressed his thanks for sending me, as a challenge, and asked me to arrange a rematch for him next month. Both Annett and Helena looked at me and said that is a first. I think you have passed both your examinations with flying colours. Annett produced a bottle of Champaign, which we all drank. I had to get a taxi home to Angus’s apartment that night.

Annett wanted me to come and see her tomorrow about what I could do next; Angus came along too for moral support. Anette explained that she and her brother both ran exclusive Escort agencies, Annett out of Saint-Tropez whose clients were mainly women looking for women and her brother Thomas; whose nickname was ‘the Admiral’ after he bought a 65 foot sailing yacht. He was based in Plymouth and whose clients were mainly gay men, although both would supply either sex preference.

Annett handed me two envelope’s, when I looked in them, they were full of Euro’s, I didn’t know how much, but a lot, as the notes were off high denomination. And that’s for you from Jacqui and Sergey. What I would like you to do is join us as one of our full time Escorts.

Basically we take half the fee and you the other half for ‘consultancy work’ assisting in closing of deals. Any additional services you may agree to provide we split 50\50; all this is done on a trust basis. In turn we find you clients, organise travel and accommodation, which the client reimburses, and arrange for any other special requirements the client may require. We also have an arrangement with Anna in Stockholm, who has a company that provides similar services as us. In addition her brother Bjorn, an international expert in taxation, looks after all our tax and investment portfolios. You need to do this not to fall fowl of the regulatory and legal authorities.

You can of course run your own portfolio of clients which I think you would do very well at; entirely your choice. What we do is guarantee you a minimum earning of one hundred thousand a year, the way business is just now, more likely twice or three times that. Are you interested in joining us? My answer was yes I would. Annett said good; I will video conference in my brother Thomas in Plymouth who wants to speak to you.

The ‘Admiral’ appeared on a large screen in Annett’s conference room. He had a booming, entheaustic but soft voice. Glad to hear you will be joining us Pippa; my team here will handle your UK work assignments; Annett elsewhere. I already have three clients for you and working on a fourth. I believe you will be driving back from Saint-Tropez in two days’ time, can you change your route and come and see me. Annett will give you the details of where I am and change your ferry ticket to Saint-Malo to Plymouth. And I have already made arrangements to take over the lease arrangements for your sports car, Horris. I said thanks I really like this car.

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