Sister Sarah Ch. 04

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It had been a while since my sister, Sarah, and I had seen each other, much less made love. I took another job, so I don’t get to see her near as much as I did previously. I really miss those instant message chats that we had, that almost always turned sexual or erotic in some way. We are both leading very busy lives now, so our time together has been extremely limited. I have missed her dearly, and not just sexually. I miss her company. Not having her there always has been painful. I love her. I have missed her companionship, and just hearing her voice. Yes, I also miss seeing her beautiful naked body whenever I want, and getting the most amazing blow jobs from her. My sister sucking my dick has been the topic of many dreams I have used to jerk off, just to get some sense of relief. I would much rather cum in my sister’s pussy, or in her mouth or ass, but the way things have been of late, her sweet holes haven’t been an option.

Sarah called me the other day, maybe 2 weeks ago. She said she missed me, and our time together. A plan soon developed for us to meet and have dinner together. I was going to take her out for a night on the town, and get reacquainted with her. She was coming to my house to leave her car, and we were going out from there.

“What time should I be there? What should I wear,” asked Sarah.

“Let’s meet here at 7, and I would prefer you come naked, but since we’re going out, just dress casual. Nothing too fancy. I just want to see you.”

“You want me to come naked? You must have missed seeing me naked. What would you do if I did show up that way, I mean completely undressed?”

“Oh Sarah, the things I would do to you! The better question might be what would I NOT do to you. Sweetheart, if you showed up here naked, it’s likely I would fuck you in the driveway, where everyone could see. Do you remember when we fucked in your driveway that night? The time I pissed inside your ass?”

“Yesss…” Sarah replied, clearly remembering that night.

“Like that, but here, this time. I would kiss your body all over, never taking my hands off of you. I would suck your nipples, and slip my fingers into your pussy, while you stand exposed in my front yard. I’d make you spread your legs, and get down on my knees, and eat your sweet pussy. I can imagine you caressing your breasts while I dip my tongue inside of you, tasting you, drinking you…”

“Mmmm… What else?”

“I would fuck you, Sarah. I would fuck my sister from behind. I would turn you around, reach around you to grab your tits, and slide my hard dick inside you.”

“You’d fuck me where we might be seen by anyone? You like taking risks now, don’t you?”

“Well, truth be told, I haven’t taken any risks with anyone but you. I have stroked myself outside in the open until I came on the ground, though. The neighbor lady saw me once, but she just smiled and walked away. I kept pulling until I came.”

“Were you thinking of me?”

“Of course I was! I came so hard thinking about you being there with me.”

“I want you to cum on me next time. The next time you jerk off, I want to be on my knees in front of you in your yard, and I want you to cum all over me.”

“Sarah, I would love to coat your tits with cum.”

“Good! Then it’s a date!”

We finished making plans for her to come over for our real date, and hung up. It was so good to hear her voice again. Just hearing her gave me a huge boner. Something about her voice does that to me. I did not jerk off, though. I hoped that when I saw her tomorrow, I would get some relief then.

The next day, I was home relaxing, naked in my living room. About 6:30, there was a knock at my door. It was a buzz-kill, because I just wanted to chill until my sister showed up. Hesitantly, I went to answer the door. I was still naked, but didn’t care. I wanted whoever was there to go away. I opened the door, and there stood Sarah. There stood Sarah completely naked, in all her glory, not a care in the world. I was tempted to whisk her away inside, but since she clearly didn’t care who saw her, I didn’t either. I immediately went full hard-on.

“What the hell, Sarah?” I asked, shocked a bit.

“But you said…” her voice trailing off, feigning rejection.

I went to her, and embraced her in the most erotic kiss I could remember. Brother and sister, naked, kissing as lovers, in front of everyone who cared to look. I ran my hands over her bare body, down to her sweet round ass. I pulled her cheeks apart, and dragged my fingers across her exposed hole. My hard cock ground into her tummy as I played with her most delicate parts. Sarah ground her rock-hard nipples into my chest as we made out, sliding her naked body up and down mine. My cock slipped between her legs, and was met with abundant juices that flowed from her horny pussy. I wanted to enter her so badly, but the angle was all wrong, so I just enjoyed her hot juices flowing over my dick, coating it thoroughly.

I turned her around slowly, kissing my brazzers porno way down to her breasts, the her shoulders, and to her back. I continued to kiss her shoulders, and reached around her to caress her tits. I lightly pulled her nipples as my cock nestled in between her ass cheeks. Crouching a bit, I pressed my dripping penis against her asshole, and pushed gently. Sarah moaned, and said yes, encouraging me to push further. I did not. I slid one hand down to her pussy, never leaving her breasts alone.

“Please, J.” Sarah begged. “Please push more.”

I just groaned, and kept ravishing her body with my hands, my dick still applying pressure to her hole.

“Put it in me, please. It’s been so long, J. I need this. I want you so bad,” she trailed off.

Slowly, as if time was barely moving, I pushed harder. Sarah leaned forward more, allowing me to be in better alignment with her ass. I pushed more. Sarah bent over more. She now had her hands on her knees, her amazing tits pointing at the ground. I rubbed her back, and watched as the head of my cock penetrated her butt. A slow centimeter at a time, I eased myself into her steaming depth. Once my head popped through, Sarah let out a deep breath, and started breathing harder as I continued to press myself into her delicate ass.

“Fuck me, J. That feels so good. Please put it all the way in. Please fuck me. Please?”

In a single smooth motion, I pushed forward, and buried myself in her butt. It was so erotic, seeing my cock deep in my sister’s ass. We were exposed. Sarah, with one hand on her knee, and the other on her breasts, taking my penis up her ass. The reality of it almost made me cum right then and there.

Slowly, I started fucking her beautiful derrière. Her dripping pussy soaked my balls every time I bottomed out inside of her. My sister moaned with desire as I fucked her ass. She was truly lost in bliss with my cock buried in her backside. I watched my dick slip effortlessly in and out of her tight ass, and the sight of it brought me to the edge of no return.

“Sarah, I’m going to cum!”

True to her word, she spun around, and hit her knees. She smiled up at me as I stroked my sticky penis, and I came load after load all over her tits and face. My sister had my cum dripping off of her still hard nipples, down onto her pussy.

It was still plenty daylight outside, and I had just fucked my sister’s ass outside. No one came by, but I can’t say if any of the neighbors we watching from their windows. This new exhibitionist thing is becoming more and more appealing, and I can’t wait to do it more.

“So…should we get dressed and ready to go?” I asked Sarah.

“I didn’t bring any clothes…” Sarah replied. “I thought maybe we could just order pizza or something, and spend time together here. Is that ok?”

Of course, I said it was, as I thought about my gorgeous sister driving to my house naked. What a vision! My naked sister…lover…out there driving naked!

“I’m not really in the mood for pizza, though. How about sushi? We can use Grub Hub, and get some sushi delivered.”

“Oh man, that sounds amazing!”

“Let’s get your sweet ass inside, then, my love.”

“What did you just call me?” Sarah asked, clearly taken aback by my new pet name for her.

“My love. Sarah, I love you. You know that, but you’re more than my sister and the girl I fuck sometimes. You are my true love.”

Tears welled up in her eyes, as Sarah got to her feet and wrapped her arms around me. My cum mashed between us, making both of us sticky. She kissed me, and returned the name, calling me her brother, her lover. Pulling away and smiling up at me, she noticed the strings of cum connecting my chest to her breasts.

“We should get cleaned up. I’m hungry!”

“I have something you can eat.”

“Haha, no offense, J, but I really need to eat food. I’ll have you for desert,” she said, winking at me, and starting towards the door.

“I’m going to hold you to that,” I said, following her inside.

Sarah went to the shower while I took out my phone to order sushi. Satisfied that I had ordered enough for us, I put my phone away, and went to join Sarah in the shower. There, I found her still licking my cum off of her body while she rubbed her pussy. I had not yet seen my sister masturbate, but it was an amazing sight. She saw me watching, and noticed my again erect penis, and invited me to join her. I stepped inside, and replaced her fingers with my own in her pussy. Sarah leaned back against the wall, and spread her legs, allowing me better and deeper access to her steamy wet pussy. I stuck two fingers inside her, causing her head to go back and her eyes to close, as the water cascaded over her body. I leaned in and captured her left nipple in my mouth, and sucked gently while fingering her. Her hand came up to hold the back of my head as I sucked her nipple. I looked up at her. She looked so gorgeous, standing there with wet hair, and eyes closed castingcouch-x porno in erotic bliss. I had to stop, though. I pulled my fingers out of her sopping slit, and rose to kiss her.

“Why did you stop?”

“The food will be here soon. We don’t want to miss it. Besides, we have all night, right?”

She agreed, but had a puppy dog look on her face, as I had not yet let her cum.

“Patience, my love,” I told her, making her smile at me with her sexy green eyes.

I washed her quickly, and shut the water off. As I handed her a towel, she asked what she was going to wear.

“You’re dressed perfectly for me, sweetheart.”

“You’re so good to me,” Sarah replied with a beaming smile.

She wrapped the towel around her hair, and proudly pranced out into the living room, still completely naked. I joined her there, finding her now carelessly flipping through channels on the TV.

“A drink for my lover?” I asked.

“Please! I’ll have sex on the beach, please.”

“Ha! That would be awesome, wouldn’t it?”

“J, you can have sex anywhere you want to with me.”

Considering all of the places we could have sex, I went to make us some drinks. We had already fucked in a car, in her driveway, in a conference room at work, in my front yard…how many other places could we make love? The possibilities are endless, I thought, and I get to explore all of them with my sister! The thought made my cock grow again, and it bobbed in Sarah’s face as I handed her the drink. She grabbed my penis, and pulled me to her. She dipped it in her drink, then took me into her mouth. She sucked the booze off my dick, and teased me with her tongue. It was brief, though. She wasn’t there to blow me. She just wanted to tease me, which drives me completely nuts for her. She dipped me again, and just licked it off this time. If it was possible to grow harder, I surely did, watching her grin, and lick alcohol off of my dick. All too soon, the doorbell rang.

“Ooh, I’ll get it!” Sarah said, putting her drink down and jumping up from the couch.

“This should be good,” I thought to myself.

Seeing the look of surprise on my face, Sarah said, “what?”

“Nothing!” I replied. “Go ahead!”

She dropped her towel, and headed to the door. The sway of her ass was intense as I watched her walk away. Needless to say, the delivery guy was taken by surprise when she swung the door open wide. His jaw dropped when he looked past her, and saw my boner standing proud. She took the food from the delivery guy, and said, “honey, pay the man,” and walked away to start digging into the food. I got my wallet and paid the man, leaving him a healthy tip. His mouth was still agape as I closed the door, and went to join Sarah.

“That. Was. Amazing!” Sarah said. “It felt so free to purposely let someone else see me naked!”

“That was crazy,” I replied, “but sexy as hell. Hey, before you dig in, let’s eat on the back patio.”

Smiling at me, she took the bags, and headed outside to the glass table. She sat down, and I walked to the seat across from her. There was just something about being able to see her nakedness though the table as she sat there. It was incredibly sexy. We ate in tense silence. I was enamored, thinking about how much I missed my sister, and how I never wanted her to leave. Eventually, we started talking about our lives, and what all has occurred since we last spoke. I think she was more talkative now that she had eaten. She must have really been hungry. We chatted about my job, her job, and other things, like what the rest of the family was up to.

“Hey J,” Sarah inquired. “Can I stay here with you tonight? It’s Friday, and we don’t have to work tomorrow, so can I just stay with you?”

“Baby girl, it doesn’t matter what day it is, you can always stay with me any time you want.”

She got up, and came around to hug me from behind. Her breasts pressed into my back as she leaned down to kiss my cheek and thank me.

“I love you, big brother,” Sarah said. She reached down and grasped my boner, and whispered in my ear, “I want you to make love to me under the stars tonight.”

She left her lips close to my ear, and slowly stroked my aching member with her clenched fist. I could hear her breathing. I could feel it in my ear. She slowly let go of me, leaving me bobbing free in the air. She started clearing the table, and taking things back in the house. She asked if I’d like another drink, and I told her I would have a beer this time. While she was away, I moved to a more comfortable chair, and awaited her return. Soon, she came back carrying two beers, and sat on my lap, trapping my cock between my stomach and her ass. I was nestled neatly between her cheeks. She lay back against my chest, resting her head on my shoulder. I brought my free hand up to cup her breasts, and tease her nipples. After a short time, Sarah lifted her ass up, and pushed my cock down so it stuck out in front of her. Resuming clips4sale porno her position laying against me, she reached between her legs, and played with my cock and her pussy at the same time. She coated me in her abundant juices. I could feel her wetness running down between my legs. I kissed her shoulder, and set my beer down next to me. I took hers, and set it next to mine. One hand joined hers between her legs, while her free hand joined mine on her tits. As we played together with her pussy, she started subtle humping motions against me. Her breathing increased as she humped against our hands. My fingers slid back inside of her moist folds, as her wet hand wrapped around my dick. We masturbated each other as the sun set before us. When I added a finger, she stopped stroking me, and just squeezed my cock. I pulsed in her hand as I felt her body tense up. She drew in a sharp breath, and held it as an orgasm rocked her body. She raised up off of my lap a bit as she was rocked with orgasmic bliss. Finally on full release, she settled back down, pulling me up between her pussy lips.

“Make love to me, J. Make love to me right out here on the patio. I want to come with you when you come inside my pussy. God, J, I want you to come in my pussy.”

We stood up, and I went to lay on the patio couch. My penis was still soaked with her juices, and I could see it glimmering in the moonlight. Sarah climbed atop me, and immediately sat down on my dick. Her hot, wet pussy slid right over me, swallowing me within her depths. Slowly, she rode me. Sarah lowered her tits to my mouth, and let me suckle her nipples, and lick every inch of her amazing breasts. We weren’t fucking. We were making love. I slid a hand between us, and stuck a finger inside of her pussy along with my cock. I was able to tickle her clit while she rode me, driving her crazy. She came hard, quivering on my penis. I could feel her clench around me as she rode the wave.

Sarah got up and lay down beside me. We were sort of spooning, her head on my left arm. I reached around her to play with her luscious breasts. I kissed her neck and shoulders as I snaked my hand down between her legs. She scooted her ass back closer to me, trapping my cock between her legs. With my fingers on her pussy lips, her new position had me well out in the open, and I pushed my cock up between her lips, not penetrating, but teasing. I gently moved back and forth, and let my stiff wood glide across her exposed clit. Her breathing increased once again, as she rocked to meet my movements, masturbating herself on my penis. She grew wetter and wetter, and I felt her juices coating her thighs and my rod. I finally pressed up on my cock, and let it enter her again, and made slow love to her. My sister raised her leg up, and rested it on my thigh as I pumped myself into her. Bringing my hand back up to her tits, I coated them with the juices from her pussy. I rubbed the slippery juice across her nipples, and pulled and released them repeatedly. Sarah was beginning to get louder, almost screaming as I penetrated her. I started grunting as I pumped into my sisters hot cunt, getting closer and closer to the edge.

“Yes, yes, YES!” Sarah screamed. “Cum inside me, J. Fill my pussy! I want my brother’s cum deep inside me.”

Eager to oblige, I pumped harder and faster into her moist folds. I felt her whole body tense up, and I knew she was gripped by orgasm. She held her breath as she rode wave after wave of pleasure. I scooted a little lower behind her, so I could get deeper inside of her. As soon as I rammed myself deeper in her pussy, she came again. I pushed in as hard and as far as I could, and emptied burst after burst of hot cum deep inside my sister’s pussy. Cumming with my sister was the most amazing feeling ever. Lying on the ground in my back yard, brother and sister as naked as the day they were born. I had just dumped loaded of semen inside of her. I started slow humping motions again, pushing my cum back up inside of her, not letting any escape. Once Sarah started breathing again, she strained to turn her head to kiss me full on the lips. She sucked on my tongue as we both came down from our amazing cum together.

“J, you’re still hard. I can feel you inside me,” Sarah said, as I continued to caress her amazing body.

“You do it to me, sweetheart. I mean…look at your gorgeous self!”

My still hard cock slipped out of her hot pussy as she turned to face me.

“You really think I’m gorgeous?”

“I do, my love.”

Sarah rolled closer to me, and pressed her lips to mine again. We embraced in a passionate kiss, me wrapping my arms around her and pulling her close.

She broke our kiss, looked into my eyes, and softly spoke, “I have my brother’s cum in my pussy.”

I just grinned at her, and kissed here again.

“I love you, J,” Sarah told me. “And I love the things you do to me with your big penis. I want you to come all over me next time, ok?”

“Any place in particular?” I asked her.

“All over me. I want to feel your cum on my ass and pussy, and I want to rub it into my tits,” she replied. “Also, I want your cum in my mouth. I want to taste you before we go to bed tonight.”

“I can do that,” I told her. “It’s getting late. Should we go in?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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