Slutty Ondra’s Sex Log Ch. 01

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Keep score along with her as Ondra, a 28 year old slut in denial, graphically catalogs every ounce of semen and every drop of vaginal fluid from her sexual exploits in her remarkably descriptive sex chronicles. She discloses everything to her readers, from photographic details about past and present fucks to her own quirky personal hygiene and grooming habits.

Some women are repulsed by the idea of sucking a man’s cock. Not this woman. It’s one of the first things I’m prepared to do when I like a guy. At twenty-eight years old and single, I meet men that I find attractive all the time, many of whom become sexual partners.

I’d say that counting vacations, business trips (although I just quit my job to go back to college full time) and mere random encounters, I’m good for hooking up with about ten to twelve guys a year, meaning that just about once a month I end up with a dick in my mouth that’s never been there before.

Over all I think that’s a good thing.

Nevertheless, as much as she might enjoy a mouthful of cock, every woman also has a mouthful of questions before she gives head to a guy for the first time. Questions like:

What is this guy’s cum going to taste like?

How much of it will there be?

How long is it going to take him to cum?

Just how much effort is this going to require on my part?

Just a few days ago, I once again found myself with the same set of inquiries, as I was about to be intimate with someone new. As I prepared to give him oral sex, it struck me that men have no clue what really goes through a woman’s mind when she’s sucking a new guy’s dick for the first time, that is until now!

The dick in question belonged to a nineteen year old guy in one of my classes. I knew that I was sexually attracted to him, but I didn’t realize just how much until I caught myself memorizing the license plate number on his car. I had plenty of time to memorize the number because that afternoon I had agreed to follow him back to his dorm after an off-campus observation assignment.

We had been flirting with each other a little in the past, but this course was a real pressure cooker, so we didn’t really have much time to talk during class. We were able to get to know each other a bit more during the observation and he asked me if I wanted to come back to his dorm room for a drink. After being bored to tears for two hours, I figured I needed a stiff one and agreed to follow him back to the university.

Although I was a full time student, at twenty-eight years old and the owner of a townhouse, I was not about to live on campus, so I had still not set foot in any of the dorms. I felt a little self-conscious about going to this guy’s room.

As I drove behind him, I tried to assess just how “okay” I was with doing this. I mean, a couple of months ago a guy invited me to follow him home from a bar and as I drove behind him, my pussy was wet with the anticipation of impending sex. That time, however, I already had a few drinks in me and the guy was my age.

I’d love to say that I was experiencing the same vaginal wetness this time, but this guy was just nineteen, so all I felt was nervousness. I gave myself a wry smile as I looked at my reflection in the rear view mirror.

After we were in his room for a while, he made me a vodka drink and asked if he could give me a hug. I thought that was sweet. I put my arms around his neck as he reached down and wrapped his around my waist. Soon we were making out and I began to feel like this guy was more my peer than just some nineteen year old kid.

By now I was expecting him to be grabbing me all over, but so far he had only groped my tits for a couple of obligatory moments. As I pressed up against him, it was difficult to tell if he had a hard on through the puffy coat that I was wearing, so I sat down on his bed and started to unzip his pants. I felt the same eagerness I usually feel when I’m about to see a guy’s cock for the first time.

Luckily, up to this point in my life my sexual partners’ penis sizes have been perfectly acceptable. None of them have been too small to satisfy me and one was actually rather large. Sex with the large guy was always dominated by doubt. My doubt in the ability of the particular bodily orifice that he was impaling at that moment to accommodate his huge size. Yes, this chick definitely prefers a nice, run of the mill, average-sized dick.

I could see that this college guy’s cock met my size requirements as I slid his pants down and scooted forward on the bed to take him into my mouth. At that point I wasn’t even sure if he was looking at this as a prelude to us having intercourse, or if he just expected me to suck him off to completion and leave.

But, what I did know was that he still had his shoes on, his pants were still around his ankles and I hadn’t even taken off my coat. By now most guys would be trying to open my blouse and take my tits out of my bra at the very least. He wasn’t doing any of that, so it was beginning to look like our first time together would pendik escort merely consist of him getting his rocks off courtesy of my mouth.

I wasn’t crazy about the fact that he seemed to take my role in this encounter as a foregone conclusion, but he had been a perfect gentleman up to that point. So, unable to deny that I was enjoying the experience, I began to bob my head back and forth more quickly so that his dick was sliding in and out of my mouth in longer strokes and at a faster pace. I also increased the tightness of my lips around his cock, as I thought he might appreciate a little more friction.

I know that sometimes men have a difficult time climaxing from just a blowjob and they have to finish themselves by jerking off at the end. I experienced that with the big-dicked guy that I dated. He was so girthy that I couldn’t keep his cock in my mouth for more than a couple of minutes at a time without my jaws getting tired. I could never maintain a rhythm long enough to make him cum. He would usually just end up jacking his load all over my face or tits at the end. But, other than that one exception, I’ve found that I’m pretty good at making a guy cum when I’m giving him head.

My new friend’s dick was fully hard by now and I finally had some moisture building between my legs. For a second I almost stopped blowing him to ask him what he thought about us giving my mouth a rest and getting that dick of his inside my pussy. But I hadn’t been sucking him for that long, and he was finally beginning to assert himself a little more by grabbing my head with both hands and aggressively shoving my mouth onto his cock.

Having my head thrown around like that was making me feel a bit like a rag doll and I gagged a couple of times as he forced the head of his cock down my throat. His dick was just a little bit beyond the length that I could comfortably swallow to the balls and I felt tears begin to run down my cheeks as I struggled.

In the past, my ability to deep throat a guy’s cock has always been hit or miss. That guy I followed home from the bar a couple of months ago is a perfect example. That night, I spent quite a while giving him head before we fucked and I was repeatedly sliding his entire cock into my mouth all the way down to his balls. He shaved his pubic area, so he had a lot of stubble on his stomach right above his dick. I was swallowing him so deeply that my nose kept squashing up against that stubble and getting all itchy. It was actually pretty funny. I probably could have even handled a guy whose dick was a couple of inches longer that night. But when we had sex the next morning, (same guy, same cock) I had trouble deep throating him without gagging. I was having that same difficulty now.

It was getting hot in the dorm room and I needed to take off my coat, so I pulled my mouth off of my college guy’s cock for the first time in several minutes. As I pushed away from him, there was a band of thick, stringy saliva from the back of my throat bridging from my mouth to the head of his dick. It finally snapped and was hanging from my chin as I slipped my arms out of my coat. After I got my blouse unbuttoned, he reached down and stretched the lacy material aside as one breast and then the other popped out of my bra.

I really don’t spend a lot of time agonizing over whether or not people would consider me a slut, but whenever I find myself in a certain stage of undress, I always seem to feel like one. I’m referring to having my bare breasts slinging around outside of my bra while I’m still wearing it. It just seems that whenever my tits are in that state, it’s always a situation where I’m fucking and running, or I’m GETTING fucked and the guy’s running, or where the sex is one sided (kind of like THIS situation!).

But my slutty feelings really hearken back to something that happened to me in high school. I was fooling around with someone else’s boyfriend in my car. We didn’t have sex, but he did undo my shirt and pull my breasts out of my bra. After we finished, I buttoned my blouse, dropped the guy off at his house and drove home. Although my blouse was buttoned up, I never pulled my bra up, so my breasts were still out and were bouncing and jiggling around during the whole ride home. I had decided not to bother putting myself back together completely until I got to my house.

I pulled into the driveway and turned off the engine. While still in my car, I unbuttoned my blouse, pushed my tits back into my bra and buttoned up again. What I didn’t realize was that my mom had been watching from the second floor window and had seen me do this!

When I walked into the house I got questions like, “Why were you fixing yourself like that?” and “What are you up to missy?” My mom didn’t really press the issue any more that day, but I’m sure she knew that my tits didn’t just jump out of my bra on their own. She became a lot more strict with me after that. Her strictness did make me calm down a little, but I still couldn’t manage to make it to graduation a virgin!

I still maltepe escort wasn’t sure how far this encounter with my college guy would go, but I remembered that I was the older, more experienced one. As I took his dick back into my mouth, I decided to just blow him like I would blow any other guy.

I know that most men like it when I use both my hands and my mouth on their cock at the same time, so I tried this on my nineteen year old. I formed a tight ring with my thumb and index fingers, and kept that hand flush to my mouth as I slid both mouth and hand together along the length of his shaft. Saliva leaked from my mouth, keeping his dick lubricated as I bobbed my head back and forth.

My drool is usually all over the place by the time I’m done giving head and things were no different with this guy. I stopped sucking for a second just to admire his hard dick and noticed that my spit had run all the way down to his balls and was dripping onto the floor. I buried my face between his legs and spent some time licking and sucking on those balls while my hand kept busy on his cock.

If he were lying down I probably would have been licking this guy’s asshole by now. I did this for the first time to a guy I worked with a couple of years ago. He was getting transferred and I ended up back at his place after a bunch of us took him out for a going away dinner.

I was blowing him on his sofa when he hiked his legs up in the air and said, “Lick my asshole.” I figured I could at least try it once, so I did. I saw him on a trip a few months later and that would only be my second time doing it, even though I had been with other men in the meantime. These days I’m more willing to lick a guy’s asshole as part of oral sex and I certainly would have tried it with my college guy if he wasn’t standing up.

I probably wasn’t exactly the picture of loveliness at this point in my adventure with him. Here I was, a twenty-eight year old woman sitting at the edge of some guy’s bed in a college dorm room with my blouse undone, tits flung out and hanging over my bra, mascara-stained tears running down my face, drool dripping from my chin and gagging out loud as someone I barely knew shoved his cock down my throat. Okay, put that way it doesn’t sound so good, but I really was enjoying myself so far. REALLY! Besides, I hadn’t been this sexually attracted to someone in months, so it was great to be able to act on that attraction.

There was still one thing I needed to figure out, though:

What was I going to do with this guy’s dick when he started to shoot his load?

As much as I enjoy giving head, I DO NOT handle the taste of bitter semen very well! So, not knowing what my taste buds were in for, I knew that I had to come up with an avoidance plan before this guy started to cum.

I could bail out and just give him a handjob to make him cum. That way I could maneuver his cock to shoot all of its contents onto my face and I wouldn’t have to taste it. But I didn’t want any of it to miss, and land in my hair or on my clothes, so I ruled out that option.

Having him jerk his own cock off onto my face didn’t seem like a good alternative either, because a girl can never trust a guy’s aim in those situations. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told a guy, “Yeah baby, cum on my face!”, only to have them cum on my shoulder, on my sleeve, in the cuff of my pant leg… You get the picture.

I feel like telling guys, “Dude, what about me kneeling at your feet with my mouth wide open and hair pulled away from my face don’t you understand? You have my ENTIRE FACE on which to deposit your cum! You can even get it in my eyes -I don’t care! Just keep it out of my hair and off of my clothes!”

And yet I always seem to find myself lying to my dry cleaner the next day as he tries to get me to tell him what kind of a stain it is, so that he can figure out how to remove it. I think he has a suspicion, though. I mean, even the sloppiest eaters don’t spill food on themselves THAT often. I was tempted to ask this college guy if I could wear one of his ski caps while he came, or maybe a SKI MASK would’ve been better!

No, the only way I could keep this guy’s cum off of my clothes and out of my hair was to swallow it all. Luckily, because I’ve had my share of one night stands, I already had plenty of practice at keeping a blowjob with an unfamiliar guy from ending badly.

When I swallow cum from a guy I’ve just met, I prefer to have it shoot out at about the midway point in my mouth. That way, if there’s a lot of it, there’s enough room left in the back of my mouth to allow me to swallow it at my own pace without choking. Also, if it turns out to be bitter, it will shoot out far enough down my throat that I don’t have to taste it all.

This guy had been on the receiving end of my “A-game” blowjob skills for quite a while now with no sign of an orgasm. I knew that if I had any chance of making him climax, I would need to keep using both my mouth and my hands on his cock while continuing to keep his kartal escort shaft wet with my saliva.

It took a while, but after several minutes of me mouth fucking him with a rhythm that would rival any metronome and after what seemed like a gallon of drool, I could sense that he was finally getting close to cumming.

In preparation to swallow his load, I grabbed on to his waist as tightly as I could with both hands. His cock would only have the benefit of my mouth from now on and the friction that my lips provided his dick was going to have to be enough for him. That was my only way to make sure that the head of his cock would stay at exactly the right depth in my mouth. Clamping on to him like that would put me in control and allow me to swallow his load on MY terms.

Thankfully, he announced the moment that he started to cum so I didn’t have to guess. While he was climaxing, I had my own moment of truth going on. I had to keep my lips wrapped with sufficient tightness around his cock while continuing the pumping rhythm with my mouth throughout his entire orgasm. Guys hate it if you stop sucking before they’re completely done shooting their load.

Also, as I was drinking down his semen, I needed to somehow coordinate my breathing with my swallowing in order to avoid coughing right in the middle of the whole thing. Pretty tricky stuff considering that I had no idea how many actual spurts of cum he was going to shoot into my mouth.

Although I haven’t been with many men that were good for more than about five or six shots of cum, last year I had a few dates with a guy that could pump out more than ten spurts of jizz when he came. And they were the long, thick, ropey kind that come out with a lot of force. However, the first time we were intimate, I didn’t have to deal with swallowing anything.

He pulled out after we had been fucking me missionary style and shot his load onto my stomach. We probably had sex less than ten times and when he came he usually wouldn’t bother to pull his dick out of whichever hole it was in at the time. That means that he mostly came in my vagina, although he did fuck me in the ass a couple of times. On the few occasions that he came on my face, I didn’t have a problem with the taste of it.

As it turned out, I did not with my new guy either! Yes, I did taste some of his jizz as I was swallowing it and it tasted completely fine – no problem. The volume wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle either. And if I had to guess I’d say that he was about a six shooter.

Blowjob complete, I parsed my lips as the head of his dick exited my mouth so that I could catch any cum that was still dribbling out of the tip. He suddenly pulled on my hair so that my head jerked back. I initially thought that he wanted to see my face, but he really just wanted to shove his cock back into my mouth one more time and squeeze some additional cum onto my tongue. After he cleaned away any remaining traces of semen from his dick by rubbing the tip of it against my cheek, he pulled up his pants and sat down next to me on the bed.

That was probably the most humiliating moment of the whole encounter for me. I mean, think about it. In the relatively short time that I was in his dorm room, I had gone from this guy asking for permission to give me a hug to him using my face to wipe the cum off of his dick so that his boxers wouldn’t get soiled when he pulled up his pants.

Isn’t it interesting that men are such slobs with everything else in their lives, but as soon as there’s an extra drop of cum left after we’ve been on our knees blowing them for an hour, all of a sudden they become meticulous and it’s perfectly okay to use our faces as toilet paper to clean their dicks off?

He stayed silent as he watched me hurriedly maneuver each breast back into its respective bra cup and then button up my blouse. I grabbed a tissue out of my purse and did the best I could to wipe off my runny mascara and tidy up my face a bit before I put on my coat, gave him a hug and left.

Once in my car, I could still feel the thickness of his semen on my tongue, which went away as soon as I took my first few sips of water. During the drive home, I repeatedly scrunched my mouth up to my nose so that I could smell my upper lip. It smelled like a combination of the guy’s sweaty balls, his semen and my own dried saliva. Unlike earlier, this time I would not be giving myself the same wry smile in my rear view mirror.

When I got home that night, I walked in the door so horny from my encounter that I didn’t even shower right away. I just spent the better part of the next two hours fucking myself with one of my dildos and buzzing my clit with a vibrator. I haven’t spent that much time masturbating in months, but I was turned on from the tease of sucking that guy’s cock and needed to make myself cum over and over again until all of the energy from my frustration was completely dissipated.

Well, it’s anyone’s guess what’ll happen with this guy in the future. I don’t think I’ll end up “dating” him, because at twenty-eight I don’t see myself hanging out with him and his nineteen year old buddies at keg parties. But, based on the workout that I gave my dildo when I got home, I think its pretty safe to say that I WOULD fuck him if given the opportunity.

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