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As you break the plane of the door the change of temperature between the steamy bathroom and the air conditioned room hits you and you shudder slightly. You didn’t realized how hot the shower was until the chill of the room hit you. Shuddering again you use the towel in your hands to dry the last drops of water off of your skin and can’t help but smile a little noticing the goose bumps that were beginning to rise on your skin.

Making your way over to the wall, you check the thermostat but decide to leave it where it is. You would most likely only be chilly for a few moments before your body became acclimated. Either that or you’d just curl up under the blankets. Either possibility was likely to happen; though the king-size bed was definitely calling your name.

Dropping the towel on the floor you lay back on the bed, scooting up so you’re completely propped up by the multiple feather pillows. Closing your eyes you relax, feeling your body sink into the plush, pillow-top bed. The best thing about these kinds of uppity hotels were the beds. You loved having a big squishy bed all to yourself. You would curl up with the many pillows and just get lost in the comfort. It was like relaxing in a cloud.

As you relax into the bed you bend your knees up slightly and roll your hips out to relax the pressure on the joints. Taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly you feel all of the muscles relax as your legs fall open completely. This makes you feel really open, naked, sprawled out on the bed but it feels good. You’re alone, so the only eyes that can see you are your own. You feel safe and completely uninhibited.

With your eyes still closed you reach a hand up and trail your fingers over your face, gently tracing every feature. The stress lines in your forehead are gone for the moment and the skin feels smooth. Trailing your fingers down over your cheek you feel the stubble growing in. You haven’t shaved yet. You actually like slight scratchy feeling that comes with letting it go for a day or two. As you trail the same fingers gently over your lips they part slightly, letting out a soft breath. Your tongue slips out just slightly as you let your fingers linger.

Taking a deep breath and letting it out quickly your fingers leave your face and trail their way down your neck. casino siteleri Tipping your head back you shudder just slightly as you trace the outline of your adams apple. Raising your other arm, you tuck your hand behind your head, fingers threading into your wet hair. Relaxing again you continue your explorations, trailing your fingers down over your chest. Detouring slightly to the right you find a nipple and roughly rub a couple fingers over it, eliciting a soft gasp. They were more sensitive than you thought they would be, which definitely wasn’t a bad thing. Letting your fingers circle for a moment you rub again, this time pinching slightly. You gasp softly again and lick your lips. Letting your eyes slip open you trail the fingers to the other side and repeat the motions, rubbing then pinching just slightly. As you become more daring you began to tug, just slightly, soft gasps escaping your mouth each time.

You remember talking with someone once about nipple piercings and at the time thought it was nothing but pain and couldn’t possibly feel good. But as you tugged slightly at your own you couldn’t help but think of how it might feel to have that cold metal to tug on. The thought makes you shudder slightly and you mentally tuck it away for another day.

Abandoning that motion for the moment you trail your fingers further south. A small smile forming on your lips as you trace the outline of your abs. You worked hard for this body and you were very proud of it. You work your way across then down, stopping when your fingers dip into the crease of your hip. Taking a deep breath you let it out very slowly, your eyes focusing on the ceiling. You mentally debate continuing for a moment but it isn’t much of a decision. Closing your eyes again you relax further, your fingers trailing the crease before making their way down the inside of your thigh.

The light touches cause you to shudder and you let out a soft moan. You had never taken your time like this before and part of you was getting impatient but that part lost out to the wonderful feeling that was slowly taking over your whole body. This time you were going to worship your own body, taking your time to appreciate every inch.

Trailing your fingers back up the outside of your thigh you pull your left hand back out canlı casino from behind your head. Switching hands you rest your right hand on your stomach and continue the explorations with the fingers of your left hand. Starting again at the crease of your hip you trail the fingers down the inside of your thigh then back up the outside. Resting both hands on your stomach you take a deep breath, holding it in before letting it out slowly.

Opening your eyes you chuckle slightly realizing that you’re nervous. Which, in all reality is quite funny because this is nothing new. You’ve touched yourself before. You’ve almost doubled your life span since the first time you did. But this was different. This was more intimate. You feel so open and vulnerable. No one knows you as well as you do yourself, inside and out. But at the same time you are your own worst critic and nothing is scarier than facing your own imperfections. But this isn’t about that, this is about enjoying yourself. Nothing more. Nothing less.

You close your eyes and slowly rub both hands back and forth over your abdomen, relaxing again, chasing the butterflies out of your stomach. Keeping your left hand there you gently trail your right hand down. As your fingers touch the soft hair your hips involuntarily rock upward. You smile to yourself reveling in how turned on you are and how good it feels. Continuing the movement you trail your fingers very slowly along your length. You try to hold it in but a shuddery moan escapes your lips and your eyes fall open again.

Licking your lips you do it again, this time slower, teasing that much more. A low groan gets stuck in your throat and comes out more of a gasp. Shuddering you pull your hand away and concentrate on your breathing. Its as if your skin is twice as sensitive as normal. Every nerve in your body seems to be on edge. Resting your hand on your thigh you breathe deeply, slowing your heart rate. You don’t want to rush this.

Slowly moving your hand back you trail your fingers down your length, taking a moment to circle the head, reveling in the sounds coming from your own mouth. Your hips rock up again, this time more insistent. Goose bumps rise all over your skin as you trail your fingers back up, barely touching. You lick your lips again, your breathing becoming kaçak casino more shallow. Smiling to yourself you close your hand around the base of your erection, staying right there for a long moment. Your eyes slip closed and you groan low in your throat as you slowly move your hand from base to tip then back down. You continue to lick at your lips and your left hand begins to make lazy movements across your stomach, mirroring the slow stroking of your right hand.

Your movements become more insistent and you have to remind yourself that you want this to last. You whimper and force yourself to slow down, loosening your grip slightly. Your hips continue to rock up and you press your left hand against your abdomen trying to still the movements. The pressure causes you to groan and you’re almost startled by how needy your own voice is. If it were possible to be any more turned on you were at that moment.

Closing your eyes you give in. There’s only one thing in the world right now that you want and you want to give it to yourself. Tightening your grip you begin to stroke in long, deliberate movements. Releasing the pressure of your left hand you let your hips rock up in opposite motion of your right. You lean your head back and allow all of the sounds to escape your mouth, not holding back. Every gasp and groan just adds that much more to the sensations.

As you keep your right hand moving your left hand trails its way up your abdomen to your chest. Your fingers once again find one of your nipples and you begin to roll it between your fingers. Sucking your lower lip into your mouth you pull at the nipple and the sensation causes your hips to jerk up and your back to arch. There is no holding back at this point and you get completely lost in the amazing feelings overtaking your body. You squeeze your eyes tightly shut as lightning explodes behind your eyes and your ears are filled with your groan as you let go. Your whole body tenses up in release and that moment seems to last forever.

You gasp slightly as you’re slowly brought back to reality, your whole body going limp as you relax into the bed. Slowly opening your eyes you remind yourself how to breathe as your heart pounds in your ears. You lick again at your lips which have gone dry and you can’t help but smile. Taking a deep, shuddery breath you relax again, your eyes slipping shut. You’ll move in a minute to clean up but all you want to do right now is revel in how wonderful you feel and how much, at this moment, you’re happy to be you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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