Sometimes Life Imitates Art Ch. 01

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***Special thanks to K Ex and Jayne for the edit job. It’s always appreciated. ***

It is amazing what a little bit of porn can do for you. Yes, there are the short term benefits everyone knows about but there are also the long term changes it can make. Pornography has changed my life. Let me explain.

My wife Pam and I have been married for twenty-one years but have been together for twenty-four and have two beautiful kids. Nate is eighteen years old and Megan is twenty. Like all married couples, our sex life got pretty rusty and vanilla. You have to expect it. Seeing the same exact person ALL THE TIME can be tiresome. Please don’t get me wrong, I love my wife and think she is the most beautiful creature in the world, but it’s always just the same. Also sex seemed to take a back seat to everything else in life. We were down to once a month if we were lucky.

A friend of mine had lent me a porn tape about a year ago. It was the usual recipe of couple, threesome, lesbian, and then group. I thought I could pull it out every once in a while for a little self relief when I could find the time. Everything was great for about a month. Then I got stupid. After leaving work a little early on a Tuesday, I dug the tape out of it’s hiding place and using the VCR in our bedroom I enjoyed myself for a half hour. As I finished our daughter arrived home. No, she didn’t come barging in but I did forget the damn tape! I didn’t realize it until that Friday night.

As my wife and I were slipping into bed she asked if I would like to watch TV for a while. Sure, we weren’t going to do anything on a Friday night anyway. It took me a couple of seconds to realize what I was watching after she turned everything on. It was my porn tape!! It turns out that my wife found it the next day in the VCR. She tapes one of those damn afternoon soap operas and I hadn’t changed tapes back. She had certainly gotten a surprise.

As I started to stammer excuses and apologies, she placed her finger to my lips and told me to be quiet. What she did next floored me. She snuggled up to me and started to play with my flaccid cock through my pajamas as she watched the screen. She explained to me that when she first found it she was stunned, then mad, and then turned on. She had watched the whole thing. After a few scenes we ended up fucking like teenagers. And it didn’t stop there. It got to be a ritual that when the kids would go out with their friends on weekends we would go to bed early to watch porn. After watching the original tape several times I started to venture out to one of ‘those’ stores to rent new ones. My wife finally started to join me as well and we became aficionados of pornography.

Our sex life went through a renaissance. Because we were exposed to so many different scenarios and types of sex in the movies, we experimented grup sex – a lot. It turns out that my wife and I can be very adventurous. Anal, food, light B/D, toys; they were all great. We also got to know each other’s fantasies. It’s hard to hide the fact that you become incredibly wet watching a woman being gang banged by five guys or a hard-on watching a male bi scene. We just didn’t know what our limits were because I guess we had been pretty naive.

Things were great but this was not the big change that I alluded to earlier. That was yet to come and I had no idea.

My wife and I eventually ran into a problem because we didn’t keep up with the times. We only had a VHS player in our bedroom. There was a DVD player in the great room attached to the big screen TV but not in our room. We had been going to the video store for the last eight or nine months and had been like kids in a candy store. Now we were running out of things to watch because the store wasn’t ordering video cassettes any more and hadn’t been for a while.

Late one Saturday afternoon, we hit the store and split up to search the shelves. I couldn’t find anything that I liked (which wasn’t much) or hadn’t already watched. After sixteen minutes of searching, my wife tapped me on the shoulder and handed me a tape. “Taboo II? That’s an incest flick.”

My wife replied “Yes, but it’s only actors. They aren’t really related. We’ll watch a couple of sex scenes between actors and then you can fuck my brains out. What’s the big deal?” As there wasn’t anything else to watch I figure why not.

Later that night, after the kids had left for their Saturday night activities, my wife asked me to get some wine while she got ready in the bedroom. With vino and glasses in hand, I grabbed the movie out of my briefcase and headed up stairs.

My wife was leaning against the en-suite doorway wearing a new full body-stocking and high heels. Another benefit of watching porn with my wife is that Pam knows that I have a fetish for lingerie, especially nylons. She glided across the room and gave me a deep kiss, her tongue probing my mouth.

“Wow, what’s the occasion?”

“I have a great husband and I feel very horny tonight. What better way to insure that I receive what I need than to put on some lingerie. Now pour me some wine, put the tape in the VCR and get naked.”

Who was I to complain? I jumped to do my wife’s bidding.

After everything was set, I climbed up on the bed beside my wife who proceeded to wrap me around her body. By the time I hit play on the remote my wife’s ass was snuggled against my crotch, our legs were intertwined and my arm was draped over her, cupping her breast.

The movie started out tame enough. One of the main characters, ‘the son’, ended up sleeping with a friend’s mom and latina fuck tour porno another woman. Through it all they discussed the fact that the friend’s mom had fucked her son which blew him away. It was a hot scene and I started to stiffen. When Pam felt me poking into her backside she pushed back commenting “See, I told you it’s just people fucking and you’d like it.”

The next couple of scenes were hot! Again ‘the son’ was featured fucking his girlfriend and recruited her to help him seduce his sister. Considering the topic of the movie, of course she agreed and the next shot was of them convincing his sister to do it.

As it played out my wife untangled herself from me and grabbed her wine glass. With her other hand she ran her fingers along the shaft of my now hard meat. “Obviously the subject matter doesn’t bother you. Look at how hard you’ve gotten.”

She settled back down beside me while still fondling my cock. I ran my hands all over her body as we continued to watch. By the time the guy had finished fucking his sister, my fingers had ventured down between my wife’s legs. She was SOAKED. Through the hole in the body stocking, I started to alternately rub Pam’s clit and slide into her opening.

Up on the screen the son and daughter were sneaking around the house after everyone else was asleep and started at it again. Watching his large cock slide in and out of his sister’s pussy really turned me on. As the siblings were in mid stroke, my wife startled me by pausing the movie. The TV showed a close-up of his cock half buried in her body. Before I could ask her what she was doing, she rolled tight up against me and continued to stroke me.

She whispered seductively in my ear “I told you that you would like it Jim. Look at them being bad. They aren’t supposed to do that.” Both that comment and her squeezing my penis caused me to grunt in pleasure.

“Have you ever thought of being bad Jim? Have you ever thought of being with someone you weren’t supposed too?”

I was a little stunned. “Of course not!”

“Never Jim? I thought every man at some point in his adolescence dreamed of his mother. I have a secret. Girls think about their daddies too.”

This caused me to turn and crank my neck so that I could look down into my wife’s face. She was looking up at me with lust written all over her face and a mischievous twinkle in her eye. “You seem surprised.” She shifted around a little and nestled into the side of my neck again so she could nuzzle my ear. She knew that every time she did that it drove me insane. “Every little girl at some point starts to think of her daddy that way when they are lying in bed alone.” After a pause she added “And some don’t stop.”

My head spun. My wife had just told me that she still fantasizes about lezbiyen porno her father! I had to make sure. In a quiet voice to match hers I asked “You still do?”

“Uh huh. Every once in a while when I have some time to myself.” My hard-on got stiffer. “It’s only natural. Daddy was the first real ‘man’ that I knew and felt safe with so he was my first real fantasy.”

Pam rolled over on top of me in one fluid motion and slid me into her opening. She was so wet that she sank down onto me with no resistance until I was fully inside her.

“It was one of my favorite fantasies for so long it’s just hard to stop; besides, it’s bad. And you know how I like to be bad now. Tell me Jim, have you thought of being bad?”

She felt my cock twitch and that’s what gave me away. Her eyes flashed in recognition. How in the hell else was I going to admit that I had fantasies like that. Watching and talking about mainstream porn was one thing, but incest?

She ground her crotch down on to mine and started gyrating in slow circles. “Tell me Jim. Tell me that you’ve thought about being bad.”

“Yes” I mumbled.

This caused Pam to groan and push her pubic bone hard onto mine, mashing her clit.

“Tell me Jim. I told you about daddy. Tell me who.” This was said with a little bit of urgency. Pam was becoming very hot and was working her way up to an orgasm.

I hesitated for a minute trying to work up the courage to admit to one of my darkest fantasies. “My mom.”

She looked down at me with an evil and lustful smile. “I knew it. You liked thinking about fucking your mommy didn’t you? Did you cum inside of her? Did you make her feel good in your fantasies?”

Her movements had sped up as she fucked me. Her muscles contracted and relaxed around my shaft.

“Yes. God, yes.”

She moved her arms and laid down on me fully, her breasts were mashed onto my chest and her hips were going a hundred mines an hour on my crotch. “Bad… boy….unnhhggg. Jimmy’s such…..a bbbbaaaddd boyyyyy.”

I grabbed her hips and thrust upward as hard as I could. I was about to have a huge orgasm, as was my wife. Just before she came she again put her lips up to my ear and in a panting whisper she haltingly told me to look at the screen. As she started her long orgasm she groaned “I wonder if Nate and Megan have done that……oooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

Pam started to convulse on top of me. My eyes were riveted to the TV screen of a boy’s cock half embedded inside a girl’s cunt. The thought of my son Nate and daughter Megan doing the exact same thing was more than enough to drive me over the brink. I bellowed like a bull and flooded my wife’s cavern with jism. It felt as though someone had reached deep within me and was ripping the seed from the pit of my being. I hadn’t cum like that in a long, long time.

As we both came back down to earth my wife kissed and nuzzled my neck, telling me how much she loved me. It was her way of letting me know that everything was all right and no judgments were to be made. Within fifteen minutes we were both in the deepest sleep we had had in ages.

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