Son’s Rise Ch. 05

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Donna slept for a long time that night. In her dreams, she re-lived the gang-bang. Somehow the phantasmal caresses, gropes and kisses seemed even more real than the ones she had experienced that very afternoon.

When she woke up the next morning, her son Josh was standing over her. He was completely naked and his cock was rock hard and inches from her face. He was red faced, as if he were about to cry at any moment.

Donna smiled innocently. “Good morning honey. What’s up?”

“I just played the dvd you gave me last night in the TV downstairs. I thought you were just giving me some more mature porn, but you should come and take a look at it. It’s very interesting.”

“Oh,” Donna said, yawning. “Don’t worry. I’ve seen it.”

“Mom… How… could you? Is Derek really your master now?”

Donna laughed out loud. “Are you kidding? Of course not. But it was fun watching him pretend to control me. He really thinks he’s a big boy now!”

Josh cringed. “Mom, what do you mean?”

Donna propped her head up with elbow. Her long hair was wild and unkempt from slumber.

“I mean that I wanted to fuck Derek’s friends. They showed me a really good time in fact and most of them were virgins anyway so its not like I caught anything right? They were just boys being boys. Besides, that hard cock of yours must mean you’re a little turned on by me getting turned out.” She smiled sweetly

“I can’t believe it mom…”

“Can’t believe what? That your mommy is a submissive little cockslut?” Donna smirked.

Josh swallowed. “Don’t say that mom…”

“Just how much of the video did you see?” Donna asked.

“About the first five minutes,” Josh said, “You know, saying ‘hello’ to the guys and…”

“And sucking their dicks?”

Josh couldn’t find the words. “Y..Yes…”

“Say it honey.”

“Um… you were sucking their d…dicks.”

“Honey, would it be better if I came down and watched the movie with you?”

Josh nodded.

Donna reached for her robe, but Josh asked her to stay naked. She could tell he was still very mad at her. He groped her bottom as they walked down the stairs.

When they came into the living room, the image o f Donna with Luke’s thick black chocolate cock half-way down her throat was paused on screen.

Josh sat down at the far end of the couch as Donna crawled up beside him, curling into a ball. Josh groaned as Donna put his cock in her mouth. He pressed play on the dvd remote. The image came to life.

The audio was low quality, but voices could still be heard cheering Donna on as she took Luke’s cock deeper and deeper.

Donna continued to suck her son’s throbbing dick, while keeping her eye on the video. It was hard to believe that it was her on screen being fucked by all of those guys.

Donna had forgotten she had done some of the acts being played out on the television. She didn’t remember getting penetrated in her ass and pussy at the same time, but her bum had been pretty numb at that point so it wasn’t difficult for her to imagine she hadn’t noticed.

Just as the dvd got to the part where Donna was giving out rimjobs, Josh gave up. “Sorry mom, this isn’t helping.”

“Why?” Donna asked, “Because I licked out a young black guy’s asshole?”

“No. Because you’re loving it too much!”

Donna grinned. “Maybe I am.”

Donna realized they were getting nowhere. She didn’t know what to do. She turned off the TV.

“I don’t want you to watch anymore of this.” Donna said to her son finally. His cock was still frozen solid. “It’s not appropriate and it’s upsetting you.”

“Mom!” Josh protested.

“Well, what do you want me to do to make up for it? I just sucked your cock for 40 minutes!”

Josh thought about it. “I.. I want to fuck someone else too mom.”

Donna was surprised. “What?”

“Not just you and Joan… But someone my age.”

Donna was intrigued. “Do you have someone in mind? A girlfriend?”

“No mom. I… I want you to get me an escort..”

Donna knew someone at work who occasionally hired an escort, but she wasn’t sure if it was a good idea. “Aren’t you afraid of STDs?” She asked Josh.

“I don’t mean a crackwhore mom. I mean like a pretty Asian girl from an agency. Some of my friends at college use them and I know a couple of girls who work there too. I have a number, but you need a credit card to make an appointment and mine got taken away in the economic downturn.”

“For God’s sakes don’t mention the recession in this house again.” Donna said. “So how old do you want this girl to be? This escort?”


Donna sighed. “Would that make it even?”

Josh’s eyes lit up. “Totally mom!”

Donna told Josh to get the number and she placed the call. The receptionist who answered , booked her a two hour appointment for the price of one, because Monday afternoon’s weren’t busy for them and they were a first time client. The receptionist said they would send over a Chinese 19 year old taboo heat porno named ‘Li’ for 2pm that afternoon..

Donna thanked the receptionist and hung up the phone. She turned to Josh. “Your date will be here at 2pm.”

Josh gave his naked mother a big hug. “Don’t say I didn’t do anything for you.” she told him.

“You’re the best mom!”

Donna went upstairs and took a shower before throwing on an old summer dress. She loved how soft the cotton felt against her skin. The dress seemed tighter against her large boobs then it did last year.

She wondered if her boobs were growing.

She skipped putting on a bra and panties. She wanted to be comfortable today and let some air at her overused holes.

She then went back downstairs to check her email in the den and found a new message from her husband David:

Dear Donna,

Good news!

I finally closed the West Coast deal and will be home Tuesday night.

I can’t wait to see you and Josh! I have a surprise for you I think you’ll really love!

Your husband,


That was the most contact she had received from her husband in three weeks.

Donna shook her head.

Just because he was in a different time zone was no excuse for not phoning at least once a week. Was their marriage in such shambles that a lousy six line email was the best he could do? Not even full sentences, either!

The doorbell rang. Donna heard Josh answering it.

“Mom!” He yelled out from the landing. “It’s Joan.”

Donna closed her email without even bothering to reply. She could do that later. As for the surprise, he usually got a paid Florida vacation from the company as part of the closing bonus. Yay, thought Donna, another lame Florida vacation.

Donna walked into the hallway to greet Joan.

“What’s going on Joan? I thought you weren’t supposed to come back until tonight?”

“My sister’s baby got sick, so I figured I’d come back this morning and it’s a good thing I did! What happened yesterday?”

Donna sure as hell had made a mess of everything now. She tried to play it off innocently, but she knew Derek had a big mouth and probably told his mom what had happened.

“Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about. Derek showed me the dvd.”

“That punk!” Donna snapped.

“He said that it was going to happen to me next. I told him to find another place to live.”

“Really? You weren’t even curious about what it would be like?”

“Donna, this was about son swapping, not getting turned into the neighborhood bicycle. I can’t believe Derek did that to you! He was definitely not raised like that. Ever since his father died, he’s been having some pretty strange ideas about sex.”

“It doesn’t seem to get in the way of his getting laid. I heard that he’s dating someone now.”

Joan smirked. “If you have to know, when he was off stealing some of my booze from the living room cabinet, he left her alone in his bedroom. She decided to check her email on his computer and guess what she found?”

“Uh-oh.” Donna laughed.

“Uh-oh is right. He still had the files for his little motion picture saved on the desktop. I guess they were called ‘slut1’, ‘slut2’ whatever, so she opened them up curious and ran out the house about five seconds later.”

“I guess it wasn’t meant to be.” Donna chuckled.

“Where is Derek today?”

“He’s grounded. I told him he wasn’t allowed any privileges today and he has to come and apologize to you.”

“Really, Joan. That’s too much. I did enjoy it after all.”

“I don’t want him to get the impression that women do that sort of thing on command.”

Donna nodded.

There was another ring at the door. Donna answered it and found a cute, round faced Chinese girl in a pink tube dress and white summer jacket standing on the porch in heels. She couldn’t have been taller than 5’2.

“I’m Li!” The girl said, in impeccable English. “Is Josh home?”

“He’s right up in his bedroom honey. You can go right up.”

“Thanks!” Li said and went to find Josh upstairs, passing Joan on her way to the staircase. They smiled nicely at one another.

“Who’s that?” Joan asked.

“That’s Li. She’s from an escort agency. Josh wasn’t too happy about the gang bang either, so to make it up for him I got him some pussy his own age.”

“That’s nice of you. By the way, I made Derek destroy the copies of the dvds he made and delete all the files. I even made him re-format his system to make sure everything is lost. He was pissed because now he has to re-install everything, but I told him that would be a good thing to do today, considering he isn’t allowed to leave the house. I guess you’ve got the only copy now.”

“I gave it to Josh, but I’ll get it back today. I wouldn’t mind keeping it as a souvenir. I really had fun that night but I wouldn’t want it floating around.”

“The boys didn’t hold back did they?”

Donna smiled. teach that bitch porno “No, they were all competitive, trying to see who could fuck me the hardest, who could get their cocks the furthest down my throat. It was so adorable.”

Donna led Joan to the kitchen for a glass of red wine.

“What are we going to do when the boys go back to university?” Donna asked, sipping her Pinot Noir.

“I’ll probably start dating again.” Joan said. “It’s so messed up, because ever since my husband died, I find myself still talking about him in the present tense. As if, he’s around, waiting for me when I get home. I guess I’m ready to stop those instincts and move on and start dating again. I feel I have to. I don’t want to be alone and I love sex. Josh really helped me understand that.”

“You’ve been good for him too. I notice he has a lot more confidence around women now.”

“Speaking of Josh, do you want to go check on him?”

Donna tipped back the last mouthful of wine and made up an emperor’s tray of brie cheese, melba toast, green grapes, a few pieces of cured salmon, olives and a small bowl of cashews. Joan poured out two glasses of wine.

Donna carried the tray upstairs, while Joan brought the glasses. Donna knocked on Josh’s door with the corner of the tray.

“Come in!” Josh called. The women entered with their gifts.

Inside, Donna and Joan saw Li on all fours on the bed. Josh was fucking her hard from behind. Li groaned as she looked over and saw the two women. At first she was afraid they were going to be angry, but she continued fucking the penis inside her

Donna put the tray of food down on the bedside table and Joan placed the wine glasses on the tray.

“Thought you might get hungry sweetie.” Donna said, as she watched beads of sweat come down her son’s forehead.

“Thanks Mom!” Josh said.

Donna gently spread Li’s bumcheeks. “Look at how brown her anus is honey. Even browner than mine.”

“Umm… Ma’am…” Li spoke up. “If you and your friend want to play too, that’s extra.”

“We’re just checking up on our boy.” Donna said. “Just make sure you give him a nice ride and come see me to get paid after ok?”

Li winked playfully.

“How do you like his cock?” Donna asked.

“Very big.” Li answered.

The TV in Josh’s room was playing the notorious DVD. It had been skipped to the middle, right when the guys decided to give Donna a bukakke special. They were all formed in a semi-circle around her, each taking their turns to shoot on her nose or forehead until her face was semi-coated in goo.

Joan’s watched Josh’s butt pushing in and out as he fucked Li and it was too much for her to resist. Joan got on the bed and parted Josh’s bumcheeks, “Sorry Derek had your mom gang-banged…” Joan leaned in and licked his sphincter shamelessly with her tongue just as he heard her son brag he made Donna do.

The stimulation was extreme, forcing Josh to fuck Li harder, until she started squealing. Donna was transfixed on her own video image as she watched cock after cock desecrate her motherly face with their cum loads.

“Mom, can I fuck Li without a condom? It costs $100.00 more.”

“No honey.”

Josh licked his thumb and put it in Li’s asshole. “I can fuck her ass though, right mom?”

“Of course honey. That was part of the deal..”

“You’re the best mom!” Josh said, switching his cock to Li’s asshole. Donna was amazed that Li could take it up her ass so easily without lube. She was definitely a professional. Donna watched Li’s brown hole stretch out as her son steadily fucked it.

The foursome became so engaged they didn’t notice the sound of a car engine pulling into the driveway, or the front door of the house being unlocked. They were so mesmerized in their lusts that only when Donna’s husband, David reached his son’s room did the quartet notice his presence.

Josh saw him first. “Dad?” He screamed, trying to pull the bed sheets up over him and Li.

David stood in shock at the sight of them all. “What… What the FUCK is going on here?” he gasped.

“Honey!” Donna said. “I thought you were coming home Tuesday.”

“I… I wanted to surprise you.” David replied. “I got a big bonus from the close. Sure I had to spend two months in California and two months in Boston and everywhere in between, but I made enough… and, and…” David paused, as if only now realizing the obscene tableau of living perversity before him. It another moment before he realized it his wife being defiled on the television screen. She was loving every minute of it.

“And… And… I just wanted you to know that I got you the Jaguar you always wanted.”

Donna gasped. “Are you serious?” Donna ran to the window and opened the curtains, looking down from the second floor she saw the shiny silver Jaguar XJ parked in the driveway.”

“It’s beautiful!”

“You really like it?” David asked.

Donna stood there, overwhelmed team skeet porno by the gesture. She felt tears in her eyes. “David, that’s the nicest thing you’ve ever done for me.”

David smiled, “That’s nice honey. Take a good FUCKING look at it because it’s the last you’ll ever see of that car or me!”

“Honey, please! You don’t understand!” Donna pleaded.

“What, the FUCK is to understand? I come home after six weeks of SOLID WORK work to find my adult son fucking some Asian WHORE in the asshole in front of his mother as my neighbor’s wife sucks his ass, while everybody sits around watching a home made porn of you pulling a FACIAL TRAIN on the graduating class of 2007!”

“2008, dad.” Josh said.

“Shut up! What am I going to tell the folks at the LDS? For fuck’s sake Donna!”

“Honey, please relax.” Donna said. “It’ll be Ok.”

David screamed out in rage and starting punching holes in the plaster wall.


After smashing eight good fist sized holes in the wall, David picked up a lamp and threw it into a full length wall mirror hanging beside the closet. The glass burst apart.

Finally, David stormed out of the room and went downstairs, slamming the front door loudly as he left the house. Everyone jumped as they heard the squealing of tires as David pulled out of the driveway.

“I think he took that pretty well.” Josh said, his dick still in Li’s pussy.

“Don’t worry about him. He’ll cool down.” Donna said. “Just keep fucking your little slut, ok Honey? Everything will work out”

“Thank mom.” Josh said, returning to Li’s pussy as Donna and Joan left the room.

“I think I better go home.” Joan said, walking downstairs towards the front landing.

“No. Please stay. I’m sure David will come to his senses.”

“I guess it might have been a little bit of a surprise, coming home to that.”

“The surprise,” Donna answered, “is that he even came home at all.”

Joan left and Donna went back upstairs. She found the Li and Josh sitting on the bed. Josh was tickling Li’s pussy with his toe as he ate an olive from the tray Donna had brought him.

“I’ve never seen a mother watch his son fuck before. I actually came a little.” Li smiled at Donna.”You’re a pretty cool mom.”

Josh smiled. “She doesn’t just watch. She also plays.”

Donna grinned and brought her mouth to Josh’s cock, sucking and teasing it while looking at Li.

Li couldn’t help but finger her tiny shaved pussy in response.

Donna took her mouth off of her son’s cock and offered the still hard rod to Li. Li took it in her mouth and soon they were taking turns sucking it. Josh was in heaven as their tongues worked over his cock.

Li looked at the clock and saw time was up. She jumped out of the bed and put on her clothes.

“Running off so soon?” Donna smiled.

“Sorry to rush,” Li said, “I’ve got another date in an hour. I’m in big trouble if I’m late.”

Donna went to her purse and wrote Li a check for $250.00 plus a big tip.

“Thanks for coming Li.” Josh said.

Li waved goodbye. “Call me anytime!” She said. letting herself out.

“I guess it’s just you and me now.” Donna said, smiling at her boy.

“Mmm…” Josh groaned as Donna straddled him. She sank down on top of him, feeling his cock enter her pussy. Josh grabbed her flapping tits as she bounced on his cock.

She felt an orgasm rising and started to squeal. “That’s it honey, fuck, that’s great.”

Then she felt sperm shoot inside her, two volleys, and knew that he was done. They were both sweating as they embraced.

“All better now baby?”

“Yes mom.” Josh grinned.

“By the way honey, Joan told me she made Derek get rid of all the videos he had of me. There’s no more copies out there.”

“Thank God, mom! Can I keep the one copy?”

Donna stroked his dick as they spoke. “Why?”


“Because you secretly liked seeing me like that, didn’t you?”

Josh was to shy to answer. “Mom.” He asked instead, “Do you think Dad’s going to come home?”

“What if he doesn’t?”

Josh didn’t answer and they fell asleep in each others arms.


Two hours later, the phone on Josh’s bedside table rang, waking them both up.

Donna picked it up. “Hello,” the voice on the other line. “Is this Mrs. Donna Trenton?”

“Yes, it is. May I ask who’s calling?”

“This is the Hammerville Sheriff’s Department. I’m Capt. John Morley. I have some terrible news. Your husband was involved in high speed traffic accident and he was killed about thirty minutes ago. He lost control on the highway and his car collided with another vehicle.”

Donna started to shake. “No…”

“I’m afraid so ma’am. Could you come down and identify the body? Unfortunately, you’ll have to identify his body. His head was completely crushed in the accident.”

Donna wanted to vomit.

“Your husband has never had a speeding ticket in his life ma’am.” The officer continued. “Any idea why he was driving so fast?”

“None.” She answered.


The funeral was held a week later. The turnout was strong. Donna and her son both praised David during the eulogy and everyone was saddened by the sudden loss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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