Steve , Kit Ch. 01

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Chapter 01: The Wrestling Match

1967 may have been the Summer of Love, but you would have known it in our East Texas town, where the Bible ruled and life was still stuck in the mid-1950s.

A month away from college, I still would have been a virgin if not for one really hot night, just after my cousin Kit and I had just turned 18, when we had to sleep over at our grandmother’s house. My parents, her parents, and another aunt and uncle had all gone away together for a week (it wasn’t until years later that I found out what those weekends were really about; mid-1950’s Bible Belt my ass!). Several younger cousins were left in the care of another relative, who was younger and more suited to their wildness.

There was no air conditioning. Long after Gran went to sleep, Kit and I were in the basement (where it was marginally cooler, being underground), trying to watch television (consisting of two of the three networks and one UHS station we could almost sort of see if we fooled with the antenna).

“I wish I could sleep down here,” Kit finally said.

“So sleep down here,” I said offhandedly.

“I don’t think so. My clothes are soaked through with sweat.”

“That’s charming,” I said. “So go upstairs, change, grab your pillow, and come down here and sleep. What’s stopping you?”

“Um… I didn’t pack anything.”

“What do you mean?”

“Are you dense, or are you just trying to embarrass me?” she asked. I’m glad she gave me another option, but yeah, I was that dense. “When it’s this hot,” she said, “I don’t wear anything to bed.”

And then as hot as it was, I flushed even warmer as I turned beet red. And maybe a little aroused. Red because it was embarrassing to hear my cousin tell me this, and aroused because… well, for the first time I was picturing my cousin naked.

My discomfort seemed to cure her of her own embarrassment. She leaned toward me and said, as if telling me a secret, “Just my panties. But they don’t cover very much.” And saying that she pulled down the waistband of her shorts just an inch or so, just enough to let me see the very top of her red panties.

And yes, that half inch of panties was the most underwear I’d ever seen on a girl. Well, 1950’s East Texas, right?

Seeing I was flustered, she said “I’d better get to bed” and walked off.

Just like her, I thought: always wants to leave feeling she’s “won.”

Kit and I were inseparable when we were younger — we all lived down the block from Gran then, in this town even smaller than the one-horse town her family and mine had later moved to — and there were really no other kids around.

Even after the move, though, we were really close: she was what we called a tomboy back then, and very competitive. This went on until one day when we were both 11 and we were wrestling on her back lawn, and I had my first-ever boner. I was embarrassed as hell, and I knew she’d felt it too. I ran back to my house without saying a word, and of course that was the end of our wrestling matches. In fact, things were kind of awkward between us for the next few months, and by the time we felt okay with one another again, she was pure “girl,” if you know what I mean.

I went up to my room, took off my shirt, and grabbed the pajamas from my backpack. Then I decided I’d sleep in just my briefs as well. I’d never done that before, but that’s how weirdly competitive Kit and I could be: even though she’d never see me, if she was going to sleep like that, I was going to sleep like that.

Of course, she also could have just been messing with me. So shirtless, but still wearing my pants, I walked across the hall and knocked on her door.

“Steve?” she called out to me.

“Yeah. You were just kidding about sleeping that way, right?”

“What? Why would I do that?”

“Showing canlı bahis off, like usual.”

“That’s stupid. Goodnight.”

Then I had what I thought was a stoke of genius: “Prove it,” I said. I’d win either way: if she was wearing her nightgown, as I’d suspected, I’d catch her in a lie. If she wasn’t, maybe I’d get to see something.

“Are you crazy? I’m not going to let you see me like this.”

“I knew it,” I said. “Goodnight.”

“Wait,” she called out. “What are you wearing to bed?”

“Just my underwear,” I said. “Like you said you were.”

“You’re standing out there in your underwear?”

“No, but that’s what I’ll be sleeping in.”

“Okay, you come in here in your underwear, and I’ll prove it to you.”

She’d turned the tables on me: I walk in my underwear, she’s sitting on the bed in her nightgown, and she’ll be laughing at me for days. “Nice try,” I said.

“Okay,” she said, “you come in here the way you are, but once I prove to you I’m telling the truth, you have to strip down. No excuses.”

“Fair enough,” I said.

I opened the door, and saw Kit lying on the bed, on her front, facing the foot of the bed and the door, with a blanket pulled up to her neck. “This doesn’t prove much,” I said.

She reached behind herself and pulled the blanket down to just below her shoulder blades. “Proof enough? Obviously I can’t be wearing anything on top. Now for your part of the deal.”

She’d beaten me. I could see maybe a little bit of the sides of her breasts, less than I could see when she wears a bikini, and now I had to strip down. Obviously, no girl had ever seen me in my underwear before.

I turned my back to her, and slid my shorts down my legs. I’d never promised to face her, after all: she could see my butt covered by my underwear — which couldn’t have been too interesting because remember, guys’ swimsuits were a lot tighter back in the 60s — but couldn’t see my very embarrassing boner.

“Hmm,” she said, which was as close as she ever came to admitting defeat. “If you turn around, I can make it worth your while.”

“Oh?” It would take quite an offer for me to let her see me like this.

“You can pull off my blanket.” Okay, that was a pretty good one.

“How do I know you’ll really let me?”

“Steve, I’m telling you you can. How could I stop you? You’re a wimp, obviously, and I’m sure I can still pin you any time I want, but I obviously can’t fight you for the blanket. I pretty much have to stay flat on the bed on my front, right?”

“Okay,” I said, “that sounds fair.”

“But,” she said, “you have to face me as you walk over here, no hiding yourself with your hands, no running.”

“It’s a deal,” I said, turning to face her.

Her eyes seemed to widen a bit as she stared at my boner. Of course I felt embarrassed; but I had to take her reaction as a compliment, right?

“I caused that, huh?” she said. Man, I thought, she even wants to steal the credit for that.

Well, she was responsible for it, but still…

I decided instead of arguing with her, to try freaking her out. “Yeah,” I said. “And in just a couple of seconds, you’re going to be responsible for a much bigger one.”

“I can’t wait,” she said.

Standing by her feet, I took the end of the blanket in my hand and yanked it off of her.

And there she was, as I’d never expected to see her, wearing nothing but what looked to me to be very small panties. Even her bare back seemed very sexy to me, and of course the sides of her breasts were visible as well. “Yeah,” I said, “you should see me now.”

“Then get over here where I can see you.”

“Not part of the deal,” I said. “Why don’t you sit up?”

“You know I can’t move,” she said sullenly, pressing her chest even more firmly into the mattress.

I stepped closer bahis siteleri to the middle of the bed, and ran my finger along her bare back.

“Hey!” she said.

“You can’t move?” I repeated. “Not even if I… tickle you?”

“Steve, no!”

I put my finger on her back again and traced a line to the side of her ribcage. She twitched. “You can stop me if you want,” I said. “I’m just a wimp, remember.”

“Don’t you dare…”

I brought the fingers of both hands to her sides, and began to tickle her. She tried to hold still, but finally found it hard to catch her breath and she started bucking up and down. Then she turned around and threw herself at me. I caught just a brief view of her naked breasts — and was distracted by them — as she lunged at me, throwing us both to the floor, my back taking the full impact. “Are you okay?” Kit asked, seeing I was a bit dazed, and I pulled myself to my feet, bracing myself against the side of the bed.

No sooner was I fully upright than she pushed me down on the bed again, her bare breasts swaying in front of me as she pinned me to the bed. I was much bigger than she was, but she knew what she was doing. And the mattress was making it difficult for me to get any leverage. And her breasts were making it hard for me to concentrate.

If she was even thinking about the fact that she was almost naked in front of me, she was more concerned about beating me.

Through my underwear, my cock was rubbing against the back of her panties.

Finally I broke her hold, pushed her over onto her back. And now, I realized, my cock was pressing hard against where I supposed her pussy must be.

I thrust my cock hard against her, more out of instinct than design, and she gasped softly and stopped really struggling. It was more squirming now.

She spread her legs and I moved myself between them, dry-humping her for all I was worth. “Steve, we shouldn’t be doing this,” she said between moans.

“I know,” I said, pushing myself into her as if trying to force my cock through both my underwear and her panties.

There was no pretense by now: we wanted to really fuck. But we had no birth control, and in East Texas in 1967 abortion obviously wasn’t an option — and neither was a baby — so we made do.

And finally, when I couldn’t hold back any more, I ground my crotch frantically against hers, we both groaned into one another’s chests, and I came hard, soaking both my underwear and her panties. When she felt the stickiness against her own body, she pulled out from under me and, and a little shyly, stripped off her panties. She didn’t want my cum anywhere near her pussy, and I didn’t blame her.

I would have loved to have a closer look at her pussy — the first one I’d ever seen, obviously — but she quickly crawled under her blanket and told me we’d better get to bed.


I really had no idea what to expect the following day: would things be weird between us? We hadn’t actually had sex after all — just wrestled around, the way we used to.

(Well, except for the part where we were basically naked, and we both came)

The whole morning, Kit never mentioned what had happened; but she didn’t seem to go out of her way to ignore me, either, so that was good. We spent most of the day doing major chores around the house, the sort of things Gran couldn’t do on her own anymore and really couldn’t afford to hire somebody for. We figured it was only right, since she was taking us in for the week. I spent most of the day repairing the picket fence, while Kit cleaned up the house and then drove into town to buy the white paint I’d need for the fence the following day.

When she was carrying the cans over to the shed near where I was working, I noticed she’d tied her shirt under her breasts, like Ellie Mae; but I’d never seen a shirt tied bahis şirketleri that high, high enough to expose the very bottoms of her breasts, even on television.

I imagined this was for my benefit since if she’d gone to town like that, she’d have caused heart attacks at the paint store. “I want a rematch tonight,” she told me.

“A what?”

“Last night’s wrestling. I want a chance to get even,” she said, then walked back to the house.


Weeks later (or so it seemed), it was nighttime: dishes were done, we were downstairs watching snowy television again, and by 10:30 we were certain Gran was asleep.

Not that sitting in front of the TV didn’t have its charms: Kit was wearing the same button-down shirt she’d tied under her breasts earlier (though of course she wore it more traditionally once she got back to the house), and every commercial break or so she’d undone a button.

By 10, the shirt was completely open and as we cuddled on the couch, I had one hand resting on her bare breast. At 10:30, she lifted my hand off, re-buttoned her shirt, and started upstairs, saying “Time to wrestle.”

I followed her to her room and as soon as the door was shut behind us, we stripped off our clothing until we were down to our underwear again. She grinned and got into a wrestler’s crouch. I lunged at her and pushed her onto the bed, and we wrestled around for a bit, sometimes me on top and sometimes her. How we managed not to fall off the bed, I’ll never know.

The pretense that we were just wrestling, flimsy at best, faded as she ground her hard nipples against my chest and I ground my cock against her pussy.

I moved my hands down her back, reached her panties, and slipped my his hand underneath them, grabbing her bare ass, and pulling our two bodies even tighter together. “Oh… fuck…” Kit groaned as I pressed against her pussy.

She slipped her hands under my briefs now, and as she shoved her hands further down to grab the bottom of my ass, she accidentally pushed down my briefs, just a little at a time, until my hard cock sprung free.

“Sorry,” I said at the same time Kit said “That’s so hot.”

I continued to thrust against her, and now my naked cock was alternating between poking against Kit’s pussy through her panties (pink today) and sliding between her pussy lips. The crotch of her panties wasn’t very wide, wisps of hair were escaping on either side, and we were both aware of how close my cock was to her bare pussy.

And then suddenly she pulled her panties to the side.

I was too surprised to stop what I was going: I continued pushing my cock against her pussy, and two or three times the shaft slid between her wet pussy lips, and then with the next thrust I pushed straight into her warm, virgin pussy.

“Oh God!” she shrieked.

I froze in place, and then a few long seconds later pulled out. “I’m sorry,” I said quickly. “I didn’t mean –“

She grabbed her discarded shorts, and reached into a pocket. “No, it was incredible. It’s just that…” she handed him a condom. “I got hold of some of these when I was in town.”

Not believing my luck, I pulled off my briefs, and managed to work the condom onto my cock.

Kit pulled off her panties, spread her legs, and a few seconds later gasped as my cock slid easily into her tight, wet pussy. “Oh God,” she groaned. “You’re fucking me. You’re really fucking me.”

“I’m really fucking you.” It felt so good, pumping my cock in and out of my cousin’s pussy. I wished the moment could last forever — but I’d jerked off enough to recognize the feeling in my balls. “Kit, I’m sorry, not going to last much –“

“It’s okay, I already came like a million times. I want to feel you cum in me.”

My cock twitched as I came over and over again, in the condom. It was such a strange feeling, the cum pooling up against the head of my cock.

But as wonderful as this was, I couldn’t forget how it felt to have my bare cock in my cousin’s hot, wet pussy — and I vowed that some day soon, I’d cum deep inside her.

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