Stories with Cousin Kate Ch. 01

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Dolly Little

Adam’s parents had decided that they needed some time together, so they had set off on a two week cruise around the Atlantic Ocean. Adam did not know or care exactly where they were going. He was just unhappy that they would not allow him, a college sophomore to be, to stay home alone for two weeks and have the house to himself. They thought he would throw constant parties and destroy the place. Really he would have thrown small parties high on booze and “loose” girls he knew from his high school days.

Instead of having the place to himself he was sent to stay at his Aunt and Uncle’s house in the secluded tow of Eastport. There was never anything to do in Eastport because almost nobody lived there. The town’s population was hardly over 1000 people. His aunt and uncle were nice, but they would mostly just leave him alone anyways. The majority of their day was spent at work in some town 25 miles from Eastport, so he would be alone just without access to booze or his friends from home. No one ever visited him while he was stuck in Eastport.

The only person who he would be spending much time with would be his cousin Kate. Kate was nice and could be fun to hang out with, but Adam was not really excited. He would not deny that Kate was pretty, but it had long been a family rumor that she had officially become a lesbian while at college. Adam was interested at the thought of hearing what her college life was like, but did not believe that her tales would be that detailed when talking to her cousin.

On Monday morning Adam was dropped off at the train station and awaited the 4 hour ride it would take to reach Eastport where his Uncle Jake was supposed to pick him up. Adam got on the train, put his IPOD on shuffle, and fell asleep.

He was awoken as the train stopped abruptly as the conductor announced that they had reached Eastport. The train only had four other people on it when Adam got off, and he had no trouble spotting Uncle Jake when he got off the train. Uncle Jake was the only person waiting at the stop. They said hello and chatted briefly about college and how Adam’s parents were doing on the way to the car. The ride to the house was a good twenty minutes as they had to travel down several winding back roads on the way. When they reached the house Uncle Jack helped Adam unload his things and told him that he had to go to work. Since he was getting in so late he would not be home till at least midnight. There was illegal bahis food in the fridge is Adam got hungry. His room would be down in the basement to the left.

Adam said goodbye to his uncle and headed in the house to unpack his things and get settled in. His room was not bad. It had a dresser for his clothes, a large closest, and two beds. He was not sure why he had two beds in his new room, but figured he would enjoy switching back and forth. He also liked that in the isolation of his room he would at least be able to jerk-off. He did not expect there to be much else to do. The thought turned him on slightly, but just as he started to rub himself through his pants he heard the door open and jumped slightly.

The sight that greeted him when he turned around was amazing. Kate, apparently just out of the shower, stood before him in nothing but a towel. She looked better than he could remember. Kate was about 5’6 with long brown hair, stunning blue eyes, small yet perky tits, and an ass to die for.

“Umm…hi,” Adam managed to stammer.

“Why are you in my room?” asked Kate.

“Uncle Jack told me I was staying down here, I guess that explains the two beds,” was Adam’s reply.

“Well excuse me while I get dressed,” Kate said as she dropped her towel to reveal a lacy pair of bra and panties. Adam stood in stunned silence as Kate turned to get clothes out the closest and he realized she was wearing a thong. He could not help the instant erection in his shorts at the sight of his cousin’s beautiful ass. Kate said nothing more as she quickly slipped into a cut-off shirt and a skimpy pair of shorts. Adam finally managed to speak as she turned back to him after getting dressed. “It’s good to see you again Kate.”

“You too, sorry I was surprised to see you in my room. I didn’t expect you to be here for another hour.”

“Don’t worry about it, it’s just nice to know that I’m not gonna be left alone down here.”

“By the looks of it when I came in you seemed like you might enjoy some alone time.”

“What? I was just unpacking some stuff.”

“You really look like you could use the time now,” Kate said nodding towards Adam’s obvious erection.

“Umm, sorry, I just…well you were practically naked in front of me.”

“Don’t worry it’s natural, just don’t start stealing my panties or anything.”

“I won’t.”

“Good, so how is life in the real world?”

With that the subject was illegal bahis siteleri dropped and Adam was able to slowly relax himself as they caught up on life over the last few years since they had seen each other. Adam enjoyed talking to Kate; she was very open with her life and was just easy to talk to despite not seeing each other for years.

They went upstairs to enjoy a lunch of leftover pizza. Adam could not help staring at Kate’s chest every time she leaned forward. Her chest was not huge but still peaked out in the loose shirt. Kate smiled when she caught him looking. She had not been interested in men for years, but she always liked it when an attractive man checked her out. She decided that it was time to have a little fun with Adam. Whenever she really wanted to tease a guy or get him going she would talk about some of her experiences at college.

“So I guess you’ve heard the rumor that I became a lesbian at college.”

“Well, yeah, the whole family has heard it. Is it true?”

“Yes and no.”

“How’s it both?…Oh, I think I get it.”

“I don’t think I’m a lesbian, but certain things have happened at school while I was drunk.”

“Like what?”

“Do you really wanna hear my drunken stories from school?”


Kate smiled, knowing that Adam was now butter in her hands. “Well I it started the 1st long weekend freshmen year. I was at a small party with my roommate Sarah. It was the 1st time I got to really drink, and I don’t Sarah was much more experienced than me. I tried to stay with her, but I was quickly on the verge of completely blacking out when she asked if I wanted to go back to the room and just hang out.

“I said yes because I didn’t want to get anymore drunk and end up fucking some guy I hardly knew. When we got back to the room Sarah helped me take off my clothes because I slept in my underwear only. She told me that I had a beautiful body and smiled at me. I thanked her and smiled back. Before I could say anything else, she leaned in and kissed me gently on the lips. Something about the kiss was special, I felt electric and a wave a pleasure rushed over my body and when it went through my pussy it was incredible.

“I instinctively leaned forward to kiss her again, this time with passion. She pushed me onto my bed and her hands roamed my body. She massaged my butt and as she went down my leg she grazed my pussy, it felt so good I almost came canlı bahis siteleri right there. She continued to kiss me as she moved down my body to suck on my nipples. I reached up to pull of her shirt and groped at her body.

“I had no experience with another woman so I did what she did to me. She kissed down my navel and asked me if I had ever been eaten by another woman. When I told her no she told me that I was going to love it. She really knew what she was doing. She gently fingered me while she flicked her tongue over my clit. I was so turned on already that I felt like I was going to come instantly. She removed her finger from me and started an all-out attack on my cunt with her tongue. Probing me with her experienced tongue. I could not hold back any longer and my body exploded with an orgasm. I came all over her face and it was so powerful I passed out.”

Adam sat at the table starring at Kate in stunned silence. He did not know what to do as all he could think about was his now aching erection. He was happy he had not come in his seat while listening to Kate talk about getting eaten out by her roommate Sarah. Kate took Adam’s stunned silence as approval of her story.

“So you in the mood for a cold shower?”

“You have no idea.”

“I guess you have two choices: take that cold shower or run off to the bathroom and jerk-off.”

“I don’t think the cold shower is a real option. It won’t help much.”

“Well the deal is if you want to hear more of my story you won’t jerk-off. I need to go to the store for some fruit. I’ll be back in an hour or so, and if you’re good I’ll tell you more when I come back.”

“How will you even know anyways?”

Kate walked over to Adam and leaned in close to him. Without saying a word she reached down and grabbed Adam’s cock. He jumped back from the shock. “I’ll know,” was all she said as she turned and headed out the door.

Adam did not know what to do; he was so horny that it took an extraordinary effort to stop from furiously jerking off in the kitchen. He wanted to hear more of Kate’s story, but it would be near impossible to clear his head. He tried think of baseball, but every thought when back to his cousin cumming all over her roommates face. The only thing he could think of doing to help was to find out what Sarah looked like.

He headed back downstairs to the room he would be sharing with Kate to search for a picture of her roommate. He did not know what he would do when he found the picture or how he would know if it was Sarah. A part of him hoped Sarah was ugly so that he would be less aroused, but if she was hot it would be a great mental picture when Kate resumed her story.

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