Susan and Daddy Ch. 01

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Susan gazed out the car window, her mood improving as each mile brought her closer to her home.

“Daddy, thank you so much for picking me up at the airport.” She turned to smile at her father.

“No problem sweetie, it’s too far to walk.”

“All the same daddy, it was nice of you to drive all the way to pick me up.”

Susan went back to gazing out the window, enjoying the familiar scenery.

“So, Susan, why did you decide to move back home? I thought you really liked Boston.”

“Well daddy, I did like Boston, but my job kind of sucked, I could see it would take me years to get any advancement. The guys in the Boston area were no fun either, if you even talked nice to them, they got the idea you wanted to have sex with them. The girls were awful too, cold and cliquey, if you were not in their circle of friends, they would hardly talk to you. They were the same to the guys, just cold and mean.

“Speaking of girls and guys, have you dated anybody since mom was killed?”

Carl’s grip on the wheel tightened slightly, “No sweetie, your mother was really special, and I just can’t seem to find anyone with that same special quality.”

Susan began to laugh so hard, she was shaking in her seat.

“What’s so funny Susan, I miss your mother terribly.”

Susan wiped a tear from her eye, “I miss mom too, dad, especially our talks in the morning, we’d chat about almost everything.”

“Well sweetie, now that you are home again, we can have morning chats too.”

“I know we can daddy, but it won’t be the same, I mean, I can’t ask you advice about guys, and stuff like that.”

“Sure you can, Susan, I know lots of the guys that still live locally, I can tell you might be a good match for you, and who is a loser.”

“Daddy, sure, but, umm… never mind.”

“Never mind what, Susan?”

“Daddy, I’m not interested in dating the local guys, all of the guys I liked, and used to date, moved away. Besides, that’s not the kind of stuff mom and I used to talk about.”

“So what did you talk about sweetie?”

“Well, school, college, jobs, sex, that kind of stuff.”

“Ahhhhh, ummm, OK, sweetie, I guess we could talk about that kind of stuff too.” Carl reddened a little, thinking of talking about sex with his beautiful daughter.

Susan laughed some more, “Sure daddy, we can talk about sex, but you can’t help me the way mom did. I mean, you can’t really give me any advice about sucking a guy’s cock, can you?”

Carl almost drove off the road, “SUSAN! Such language from my little girl!”

“I’m not a little girl, daddy, I’m twenty three, and quite good at sucking cock, not as good as mom, but I’m pretty good.”

This bombshell caused Carl to swerve halfway across the road, turning beet red in the face, he recovered control of the car, and pulled off into an almost empty parking lot. He put the car in park, and leaned back and closed his eyes.

“Sweetie, do you have any more of these little bombs to drop on me? If so, do it now, or I might just drive off the road from the next one.”

Susan leaned over and patted her dad’s arm, “I just might daddy, and maybe we should just sit here and chat for a while.”

Carl turned to look at his daughter, taking a deep breath, he said, “OK, but remember, your poor old dad is forty three, don’t be giving me a heart attack.”

Susan leaned back, and looked at her dad, still a nice looking guy for forty three, in good shape from working construction all his life, he had a better build than most men 20 years younger.

“Daddy, I had a dream about mom a month ago, she came to me and told me you were lonely, and I was lonely too, and I should come home and keep you company. She also told me lots of stuff about you two, some of it I knew, some was new.”

“What do you mean some of it you knew? What did you know?”

Susan smiled, trying to suppress a giggle, “Well, I know how much you loved it when mom gave you a blowjob on Tuesday nights, and in this dream she just told me how much she loved doing it.”

“SUSAN! That’s private stuff, bu-bu, how do you know about Tuesday nights?”

“Well daddy, you know how there is a crack in your ceiling, right over your side of the bed? Well, there is a hole in my bedroom floor, right over that crack. I used to pull my bedside rug back and lie on the floor and watch mom blow you on Tuesday nights.”

Carl sat speechless, his mouth hanging open.

“Daddy, I used to love it when you threw your head back as you exploded in mom’s mouth, you were only like 2 feet away from me. I would be illegal bahis lying on my floor, rubbing my pussy as mom sucked you, and after a while I could time it just right, so I had an orgasm just when you did. When you looked up at me like that, it was like we were cumming together.”

Carl was flabbergasted by this revelation, “Susan, that’s just so, so, not nice, watching other people’s private lives like that. What did mom say when you told her this?”

“Well, I didn’t actually tell her, see when she came to me in this dream, she already knew. I told her lots of stuff before, like how I gave Dean Howell a blowjob after the junior prom when I was 15. I told her how I did it, and she gave me some pointers, so I got lots better after that.”

“Susan, seeing someone in your dream is not really seeing them, you just put your thoughts..”

“NO daddy, mom told me stuff I couldn’t know, like how you liked it when she didn’t use her hands, just her lips and tongue, and how your left testicle hangs lower than your right one does. You also have a freckle on the inside of your right thigh, way up high, where no one can see it.”

Carl’s mouth hung open again, totally confused by this information.

“Daddy, mom said it was alright, I should come home and take care of you. She said all the women you dated were such prudes, that Mary-Beth actually slapped you when you tried to discuss oral sex with her. Daddy, I love you, I think you are the most wonderful man I ever met. I love to suck cock daddy, and so many of the guys I met couldn’t care less, they just want to get laid. Daddy, mom asked me to move back here, live with you, and suck your cock like she used to.”

Susan leaned forward and placed her hand on her father’s knee. “Daddy, no more bombs today, let’s just go home, OK?”

Carl shook his head, put his car back in gear, and pulled out onto the road. He drove extra carefully the rest of the way home, expecting another startling revelation any second, but Susan just gazed out the window, and kept her silence.

Arriving home, Carl carried Susan’s large case and Susan took the small one upstairs to her old bedroom. Tossing the bag onto the bed Carl tried unsuccessfully to NOT look at the small rug next to the bed. Susan caught him glancing away, and poked a finger in his tummy.

“Yes Daddy, right under that rug, I used to watch you and mom. Right now though, I’m hungry, let’s see what you have in the refrigerator, that I can cook up for lunch. Right after lunch though, Daddy, I need to suck your cock almost as badly as you need me to.”

“Susan, this little joke of yours is going too far, it’s not right for a child to have sex with her father.”

“Daddy, I’m not a child, and it’s perfectly okay for me to take care of your needs and for you to take care of mine, mom told me how good you were at eating pussy.”

Susan made her way to the kitchen, as her flabbergasted father followed her. She opened the refrigerator and started pulling out food to make lunch.

“Daddy, I was seventeen before I figured out your Sunday morning routine with mom, I was up early one Sunday, and heard her moan, I pulled back the rug, and it was hard to see, but I could tell you were between mom’s legs, licking her pussy, and she was moaning in pleasure, softly, but she was enjoying it. She told me how much she loved it, and how you would just keep on going until she couldn’t stand anymore. Every time a guy went down on me, as soon as it started feeling really good, he would stop, and stick his dick in me. While I really like getting laid, it never seems to satisfy me, and I’d just end up pleasuring myself afterwards. Most of the guys would feel inadequate, and I’d never hear from them again.”

Carl and Susan had a quick lunch, after Susan cleaned up; she grabbed her daddy’s hand, and led them to his room. Turning to face him, she grabbed his t-shirt, and pulled it off over his head in one quick move. She ran her hands over his chest, and pinched his nipples quickly.

“Mom told me you really like this too.” She leaned down, and gripped his nipple in her teeth, and gave him a little nip. Placing one hand on his manhood, she could tell he was already aroused. Stepping back, she pulled her shirt off, and quickly released her bra, letting her full, firm breasts free. She took her daddy’s hands, and placed them on her breasts.

Carl opened his mouth to speak, she covered it with one hand, and told him, “Don’t talk daddy, just let your feelings go.”

His hands began to gently squeeze his daughter’s bosom almost of their own accord, then illegal bahis siteleri began to gently roll her nipples between thumb and forefinger, as they quickly hardened under his touch.

Susan moaned softly, “Daddy, that feels so good, please don’t stop.” Then she reached to his belt, unhooked it, and let his pants fall to the floor. His shorts were tented from his erection, she caressed it softly, and then gave it firm squeeze, Carl moaned, and all his resistance faded away. He leaned down to nuzzle Susan’s neck, realizing she smelled just like her mother. As he nibbled her neck, she slid his shorts down, freeing his manhood to stand clear. She stepped back, and slid off her jeans and panties in one motion, kicking them clear of her bare feet, she stood naked before her father. He gazed at her in wonder, the likeness of his wife on their wedding night standing before him.

Susan sat on the bed, and puller him close, his engorged manhood just inches from her face. She looked up at her daddy, and told him, “I’ve wanted to do this for so long, daddy.” She lightly kissed just the tip, then, placing her lips upon him, let her mouth open, and slide down his shaft. Carl moaned with pleasure, at the feel of lips on him again, after so long. Susan heard the moan, and knew that it was good. She began to slowly stroke her lips on him, swirling her tongue around his velvety head, not touching him anywhere else. She would move a little, and then stop for a bit, knowing it had been a long time for him. When she stopped, she could feel each beat of his heart by the cock throbbing in her mouth. She remembered how much she enjoyed orally pleasuring a man, having complete control over the pace of the action.

Carl was completely lost in the sensations his daughter was causing, it had been so long since anyone had pleasured him this way, he was beyond caring who was sucking his cock, just that someone was, and doing it wonderfully. He knew he couldn’t last, but somehow, he was, the slow movement of Susan’s lips and tongue, and her frequent pauses keeping him from exploding.

Susan wanted to suck her daddy’s cock for hours, but she knew he had gone for a long time, so she cut out the pauses, and just slurped her daddy’s manhood, licking it, and suckling it. She felt him begin to tremble, and knew he was getting close. All those years of watching him explode in her mother’s mouth, combined with the knowledge her dead mother had passed to her, she knew exactly how to give him the pleasure he most needed. Susan felt her daddy’s cock begin to swell in her mouth, and she switched to just slow steady strokes, to let him hold on for as long as possible.

Carl felt himself getting closer, his daughter’s lips on his cock driving him to a level of pleasure he hadn’t experienced in years. His seed began to boil as Susan continued slowly stroking her lips on him. His arousal and his pleasure fought for supremacy, he was holding on for as long as he could before releasing his orgasm.

Susan felt her daddy shaking as he held on, his hips arching toward her a bit as if to drive his hard cock deep into her throat, she eased back, she wanted to taste him, not have his manly goodness shoot straight down her throat. Suddenly, she felt him pulsing, and his cock began to pump hot seed into her mouth. She began gulping it down, enjoying the taste and texture with each pulse and swallow. He kept coming in her mouth, and she kept swallowing it down, knowing he had been such a long time without this pleasure.

Finally, her daddy began to slow his strident pumping, and Susan could really enjoy the taste, she always liked the taste better at the end of a man’s orgasm, she found it much sweeter than the beginning. It was easier also, to savor it as the pace slowed down. Susan kept on gently sucking her daddy’s cock, as it began to dwindle, and he began to jump a little as each suckle sent a bolt of sensation through his body. As he shrunk, Susan slid deeper on him, until he was small enough to fit completely in her mouth.

After it seemed he had finished emptying himself into her gulping mouth, she ran a hand up his softening organ squeezing it firmly, one small drop of his come appeared at the tip, and she licked it off greedily.

Susan sat back and looked up at her father, his breathing still ragged, and his body trembling slightly. She moved to the center of the bed, lay her head in the pillow, and spread her legs wide and invitation.

“Daddy,” she spoke softly, “sucking cock makes me so horny, and I really need you to eat my pussy now.”

Carl gazed down at canlı bahis siteleri his beautiful daughter, the shakiness from a long delayed orgasm was gradually leaving him, but he was not sure if he was ready for this next step. Susan held out her hand to him, he took her hand in his and let her guide him into the bed. His eyes were drawn to his daughter’s pussy; she had a fuller, softer bush then her mother. Unlike other young ladies her age, Susan had never shaved her pubic hair; the sight of it drew Carl like a bee to a flower. Unable to resist, he positioned himself between her soft thighs, wrapped his arms around them, and applied a slight outward pressure. As he watched, her pussy opened, like a beautiful pink flower with nectar on every soft petal. As he gazed longingly at his daughters beautiful pussy, its sweet scent wafted to his nose.

Unable to resist any longer, Carl dipped his head down, and took his first taste of his daughter. So unlike her mother, and yet so similar, his tongue nestled between her folds, tasting her nectar, and drifting upward to swirl about her love bud, already fully engorged. Susan moaned when her daddy’s tongue hit her swollen bud, and her legs eased even wider, to allow him full access to her succulent pussy. Carl’s tongue operated on its own accord, teasing, and pleasing his daughter, loving her rock hard bud, sending thrills throughout her young body.

Susan let herself completely relax, as soon as her daddy began orally pleasuring her she knew she was in the presence of an expert who could do things to her that no one had ever done before; his tongue swirling slowly on her, not rushing, just slowly bringing her arousal to a higher and higher state. Susan was moaning, completely lost in the magic that her father was working on her pussy with his talented tongue.

Carl spent much time arousing his daughter; he had never been sure if he would rather orally pleasure a woman, or be orally pleasured himself. Susan had just given him oral pleasure that he had not experienced in years. He was still trying to separate his daughter from the sex, but the taste of her pussy had driven all familial thoughts from his mind.

Susan began to arch her back, as her father’s tongue brought her closer and closer to a long-awaited orgasm. When the tension grew too great to bear Susan felt a great release and rotated her hips so her pussy was against her father’s mouth. Carl felt his daughter’s pussy clenching and clenching against his lips, each clench squeezing a bit of her succulent juices into his mouth, as he sucked on her, drawing out more and more of her sweet juices.

Susan rested her hand lightly upon her father’s head and said, “Too sensitive daddy, wait.”

After several minutes, Susan rolled her hips back down, to present her hard bud to her father. He began to lick her again, this time her arousal moving much faster than before, Susan moaning more loudly this time, quite quickly approached release again, and clamping her daddy’s head between her thighs, began pulsing her succulent juices into his mouth. Again, Carl sucked upon his daughter, drawing out each delicious drop.

Six more times, Carl brought Susan to her peak, and Susan enjoyed her pleasure each time. Susan, finally satiated, gently pressed her daddy’s head back and told him, “Please, no more.”

Susan and her father cuddled together naked each occasionally lightly caressing the other enjoying the sensations following long awaited sexual release.


“Yes, Susan.”

“Mom told me more stuff daddy.”

Carl held his head in his hands, “Susan, not another bomb?”

Susan cuddled next to her father, and tickled the hairs in his chest. “Daddy, do you remember when you and mom got married? And before you did, you had a big fight, and mom left for a while?”

“Susan, we never discussed this, how do you know about it?”

“Daddy, mom told me. She also told me that during those couple weeks she went to her old boyfriend, Dick Hammett. She told me she had sex with him, she also told me something that she never told you daddy. Do you remember when she came back how quick she wanted to get married?”


“Daddy, when mom came to me and talked to me, she told me she was late when the two of you got married. She never told you this, she didn’t want you to know, and she didn’t want it to affect your life together. Daddy, you will always be the only father that I’ve ever had, but Dick Hammett is my biological father.”

“WHAT!!! Susan, do you mean to tell me that that you were not my daughter?”

“Daddy, no, as far as I’m concerned, you are my daddy, you always will be my daddy, but you are so much more to me. Daddy, just because you raised me as your daughter can’t stop us from pleasuring each other. Please?”

…To be continued…

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