Sweet Sister Ch. 01

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Big Boobs

“Oh godddd, yessssss, fuck me Dave, fuckkkkk!” Wendy cried out as she thrust her hips up and down on my cock, encouraging me to push my hips up to meet her thrusts as I lay on my back on her bed.

My hands rested firmly at the tops of her hips, holding her, balancing her as she pounded her pussy deeper onto me. I let a hand slide back, across the firm, smooth flesh of her ass, pulling her ass cheek open, and my finger teasing at her asshole.

“Oooohhhhh, yessssss!” She jerked her hips and my finger pressed into her tight ass. She wailed in ecstasy. Then we heard a car door slam.

She sat still on me, my cock buried to the hilt in her pussy, my finger to the second knuckle in her ass, both of us breathing heavy, and heard a car door and then the door from the garage to the house. Then we heard voices.

“Shit!” Wendy whispered, “My sister is home.” We both held perfectly still for a minute as we heard someone enter the house. This was the only drawback to Wendy living with her sister; the constant traffic and that traffic being her older sister. I moved my hips, my cock head pressing deeper into her and she let out another low moan then gave me a dirty look. I grinned mischievously.

Wendy’s Sister Shelli had been going through a divorce and was looking for some company, not to mention the financial assistance a roommate brought. So, when Wendy had a blow up with Eileen, her last roommate, Shelli had willingly invited her younger sister to live in her house. The only condition she set was that Wendy and I were to be discrete in any sexual activities. Here we were, about to blow that promise out of the water.

There was the sound of people moving around in the other end of the house, in the kitchen. Some muffled conversation and then what sounded like the T.V.

I smiled realizing that as long as we were somewhat quiet the other sounds would mask those of our sex. I jerked my hips up causing Wendy to moan again. She playfully slapped at me to stop, which of course, I did not. I wiggled my finger in her ass and she moaned again, pressing herself harder onto my cock.

She decided to give up fighting and began fucking me in earnest, letting my finger slide in and out of her ass as she fucked me, driving herself into successive orgasms. As her second one canlı bahis subsided she climbed off my cock, my finger falling from her tight ass as well. She grasped my cock at the base and devoured it, sucking it into her mouth hungrily. I could hold back no longer. Cum shot from my cock and as was her wont, Wendy clamped her lips tightly around my shaft, sucking and swallowing my hot fluid as it flowed into her mouth, moaning as I groaned my own pleasure.

Ten minutes later we lay together, naked, falling asleep in each others arms. “I love you Dave,” Wendy murmured into my neck. “You are the best lover babe.”

“Mmmm, you too Wendy. No one makes me feel the way you do.” I replied.

Wendy snuggled tighter against me and we fell asleep, not realizing I would eat my last words the very next morning.


The sun streamed into Wendy’s room and across my eyes. I lifted my hand to cover my eyes from the brightness. I tossed the covers off my naked body and sat up, rubbing my head.

I peeked over at the clock and saw the red digital numbers flash 9:08 back at me. I sat still and could hear the quiet of the house. Everyone was gone. Wendy had left for work three hours ago and Shelli was no doubt off running errands or working herself. I decided to get my day started as I had a lunch appointment with a potential client. I would need to run by my place to pick up my materials for that meeting.

I opened Wendy’s door and leaned out into the hallway. Silence. I took two steps to the right and one more across the hall and I was in the bathroom. It was time to get cleaned up.

Twenty five minutes later I was showered, shaved and looking great. I wrapped a towel around my waist and opened the bathroom door, taking a step into the hallway and directly into Shelli’s path. I was not expecting her to be there and I was actually startled for a second. She laughed.

“Scared you huh?” Her smile was broad, her green eyes sparkling in amusement.

“As a matter of fact you did.” I laughed too. “Hey Shell. No work today?” I had noticed the workout clothes she was wearing, or more appropriately, noticed her firm body clad in the very tight workout clothes. Shelli, like I, was in sales and often had an odd schedule.

“Nope. Just got back from the gym, bahis siteleri as you can no doubt tell. You?”

“Yep, I have a client lunch in a couple of hours.” Now I noticed her eyes wandering over my body which was still clad in only a towel. She was directly in my path to Wendy’s room. “I need to get hustling.” I took a step in her direction, expecting her to move. She didn’t.

“I heard you two last night by the way. You know we discussed the whole sex thing and being discreet.” The words were meant to seem scolding but the tone and expression they were delivered in was anything but.

I lowered my head a second. “Yeah, listen Shell, I apologize. Honestly we didn’t expect you to be home otherwise…”

“From the sound of things you were doing my sister pretty good.” Shelli had cut me off now and taken a small step closer to me.

I was shocked and a little embarrassed, “Uhmm, yeah, uhmm sure.”

Shelli laughed. “Sorry to make you uncomfortable Dave. Does talking about fucking Wendy to her sister make you nervous? I am, after all her big sister and I want to make sure she is treated right.” Now she was less than an arm length away from me.

I could smell her perfume, and her shampoo and a hint of sweat from her earlier workout. That was topped by the fact I was naked, in a towel and Shelli was hot. Shelli was 5’3″ to Wendy’s 5’8″; she had green eyes, Wendy hazel brown. Shelli had dark brown hair to Wendy’s blonde. If Wendy was an 8 Shelli was a 9.5. I felt my heart skip a beat. Was what I thought happening really happening?

Shelli reached out and I could feel her warm skin against the skin of my stomach as she gripped the top of my towel. “So, come on Dave let me see if you have what Wendy needs to be treated right.”

She pulled the towel and let it fall to the floor. I was frozen in place. It was so against my nature to not take the lead in a sexual situation. Something was holding me back. Maybe it was the fact that this was my girlfriend’s older sister, whom was also 5 years older than me. Either way, I was not moving at all. I followed Shelli’s gaze to my semi hard cock.

“Oh my.” She reached out and let her small hand heft my cock. “Very nice Dave. It get’s to be what, eight or nine inches when fully hard?”

I nodded in agreement. bahis şirketleri

“That would definitely be something that would treat my sister right. Can I see it fully erect?”

I nodded again.

She smiled and stroked my cock, then went to a kneeling position, holding my cock right before her face. I could feel her warm breath on it. Then she parted her lips and took me into her hot mouth, her tongue swirling over the tip. I groaned loudly. She held my cock there and stroked it with her hand then released it. “Does Wendy suck this monster?”

Again I nodded.

“Does she suck it like this?” Shelli moved her mouth back onto my cock, her tongue swirling over the shaft, deeper into her mouth, farther back into her mouth. I gasped from the sensation. Then she deep throated me, something Wendy had never been able to do. I nearly came. My cock was iron hard, throbbing. Shelli pulled her mouth back off leaving my shaft coated in her saliva and my precum. She took a deep breath. I finally took control.

I reached down and pulled Shelli to her feet. Our mouths smashed together in a hard kiss, tongues dancing against each other. I started to pull her clothes off as I backed her into Wendy’s room. She broke the kiss. “Are you going to fuck me on my sister’s bed?”

I didn’t answer her, just pushed her onto the bed, yanking at her tight gym shorts and pulling them free. Shelli had a nicely trimmed pussy that glistened from her arousal. I stood against the bed, over her, her legs spread an on either side of me. I grasped my cock in my hand and moved my knees onto the bed, her knees falling back, opening herself even more for me. My cock head touched the wet heat of her pussy and I smoothly entered her.

“OOOhhhhhh fuck yes Dave! Fuck me. Fuck me with that big cock.”

I fucked Shelli for the next hour in many different positions. I came twice and she had, what she claimed, dozens of orgasms.

I made it to my client meeting and landed the account.

Wendy moved out of Shelli’s house two months later and into mine. Shelli got engaged to her boyfriend at the time, a very rich real estate speculator, and sold her house. They married the next year. Shelli and I never fucked again, nor did we speak of that morning. We shared a few knowing glances and that was all. The next year Shelli gave birth to a son and Wendy and I became engaged. The following summer, three years after the events of this morning, Shelli and I would cross sexual paths again. But that’s the next chapter.

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