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Despite the heat, Jennifer’s nipples started poking through her lace cami. The light, soft dark blue fabric happened to shift against her otherwise bare breasts. It was her favorite in that she could show off as the lace was nearly see through while along her taught torso the fabric was tight enough to show off her toned, taut abs with the slightest hint of her belly button ring showing through it.

The sensation against her skin as she shifted made her shudder with a subtle twitch in her tummy, with a lingering tingle between her legs.

Summer in Denver isn’t unbearable, but it can be hot. The air conditioner for Jen’s house had been struggling unexpectedly, even though it was a new system. A part in the condenser ended up failing, leading to the inside of the house being warmer than the outside. The part was on back order, so the only way was to open the windows and just bear through it. Jen’s fiancé Andrew had moved with her to Jacksonville a few years before after they left Colorado College when her job took her down there. After moving back to Denver, he’d had to travel for work for a few weeks.

Normally that wasn’t a problem for them. They had an open relationship, but both had been busy enough with work and unpacking from the move to not really have any fun during that time. He had been home for a two days and with the heat along with being worn out from jet lag, neither had the energy to focus on reconnecting in any way even though they had wanted it.

With an ozone alert on a hot Sunday in August, going out for anything wasn’t a good idea.

Drew was dozing on their L-shaped couch with his head in the corner, Jen’s feet hiding under the pillow his head was resting on with her back against the arm rest on the other side. He was laying there in just his boxer briefs; her in a pair of white cotton panties and her camisole as they “binged” watched some series on Netflix. Otherwise, it was an uneventful afternoon just trying to relax in the heat.

Looking up from her phone, she smiled at the sensation from the fabric and seeing his short brown hair frame his lean face. Visually working her way back, she admired the long, chiseled legs. Going from her ankles along her toned calves, she noticed her smooth creamy white skin that led to perfectly shaped knees and firm, muscular thighs. She stopped to admire where her legs met her pussy lips and hips. It made the tingle intensify a little more.

Her own soft red hair not only framed her face, but rested freely down along her exposed chest and covered up her perky B cup breasts, hanging down nearly to her belly button and mid-back as she sat there. Even in the warm room, it was relaxing seeing how much her yoga and running plan was paying off. The thought of her body made her nipples stiffen even further as she caught something out of the corner of her eye.

As Drew rolled onto his side in his sleep, she noticed his cock beginning to grow slightly.

Suddenly, she realized how surprisingly horny she was. Unexpected, but unconsciously she was using the ambient heat of the air to drive her passion. She needed to feel the heat in a different way.

Smiling, she texted her friend Michelle who still lived in the area a picture of the two of them laid out. Jen and Michelle had been roommates three of their four years in college. They met their freshman year and became best friends, sharing everything. It even went to the point where they needed to share a room for a while during sophomore year. During that time, each discovered that the other was bi-curious and they decided to explore together. Michelle had met Andrew at a party and brought him back. After dating for a couple of months, she realized that he was better for Jennifer and recommended to them that they start dating.

Even though Jennifer and Andrew became a couple, all three remained friends and lovers.

When Jen got her job offer in Florida, the three of them couldn’t spend as much time together. It was a healthy way to help Jennifer and Andrew get closer as a couple. However, Michelle did visit the area to spend time on the beach and with them. It wasn’t unusual for some sexy texts, pictures, or videos when the urge struck.

Jen’s mischievous smile betrayed what she sent to her bestie. Pictures of her legs, panties, and Drew’s cock.

Michelle responded with a thumbs up and “wish I could join you” text followed by a naughty wink. Jennifer’s phone vibrated again with a text, “Sorry, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri I’m travelling out of state until next week.” That made sense with the “wish I could join” earlier. It vibrated again, but this time it was a picture of Michelle.

Unlike Jennifer’s strawberry straight hair, Michelle had a deep auburn with sensual curls that hung down to just above her collar bone. It framed a tanned face, but Jen loved the fact that Michelle was only 5′ 1″, with tight A cup tits, a fit but soft tummy, a well kept bush that looked like a landing strip of the same auburn hair that led to the sweetest pussy she’d ever tasted.

In this picture, Michelle had taken a selfie in her hotel room with nothing on but a see-through g-string and a dog collar that they used in play.

Seeing her best friend like that made the tingle become electric while making her wet. She responded with a text, “Thanks for the help sweetie. Now I’m going to go satisfy the urge ;)”. Michelle responded with, “Have fun love!” followed by a picture of her pussy spread wide.

Jennifer suddenly felt the cool drops of sweat that had formed across her skin.

She shuddered again, this time from the internal heat of passion. She knew one way or another, she needed to feel fulfilled sexually. The only thing that could help with that was Drew’s cock. In that moment, there could be nothing else but passion. Taking one more look at the pictures of her girlfriend, she decided how she wanted to get that gorgeous dick inside of her.

Drew was definitely asleep and dreaming.

Slipping off the couch, she was on her knees as she slid the coffee table a little further away to give herself room. She flipped over to the Pornhub Roku channel on their TV and found a sexy threesome video with two men and a woman that was over an hour long to give herself enough time while fantasizing about something she was still looking for an opportunity to experience. Drew had promised it, but the chance just hadn’t come up yet.

Letting the straps of her cami slide down her shoulders, she popped out of her tits and pinched the nipple as hard as she could. It made her sigh contentedly while making her even hornier.

Walking on her knees the couple of steps, she pulled down Drew’s underwear to uncover his expanding, throbbing cock. It grew as he heard the video in the background to her delight. She gave it a long lick from shaft to tip before taking the head of his cock into her mouth. In listening to the early kissing and sighs of the video, it made her hum while her tongue explored the crown of his head. The beautiful taste of his precum started to dance on her tastebuds. Her left hand lightly grasped his shaft while her right disappeared between her legs to massage her lips through her panties.

The sensual experience was building into a need for something intense and raw.

Even though she knew that her mound was cleanly shaven and perfectly soft, it still excited her.

It was almost as thrilling as the taste of his cock in her mouth. As her tongue caressed her prize, it twitched for her. Something about it was magnetic for her. While Jennifer loved the smell and sensual experience of making love with another woman, there was just something about cock…and Drew’s cock in particular…made her mouth water, knees feel weak, and a fire burn inside of her body like none other. It wasn’t that he was overly massive, quite normal at six and a half inches with about a two inch diameter. But he had a gentle curve to it that would always hit her g-spot no matter what position they were in.

As she massaged his cock with her lips and tongue, she thought about her favorite positions with him. No one else’s body melded with hers the way he did.

She had come to love the prone position, laying entirely flat while he came in from behind. But her favorite, in the bedroom at least, was for them to sit facing each other in bed, when she would wrap her legs around him and pull his cock deep into her while they kissed. Using her hips to slid up and down, it was the way to get him so deep into herself for his cock to bottom out. When the moment was right, they would lay back opposite of the other, still moving back and forth. The view and feeling for both of them was so incredible that they often came together. They would sit back up and usually be able to go for another round. Neither was a one shot wonder when it came to orgasms.

Thinking güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri about it made her even wetter. She loved it, but it wasn’t what she needed today.

Letting his cock slip out from her lips, she reveled in the stickiness of the precum that was now on her tongue and lips. The sweet saltiness of it made her shudder in the heat again. Today needed to be rough and she wanted to really enjoy it even more.

Being back in Colorado had its benefits. They both felt healthier and sexier in the fresh air of the front range. But in this moment, she decided to have an edible to enhance the experience; they’d finally been able to try it together and found that sex a couple of days before was unlike anything else. She didn’t want much, so just a couple small cookies with chocolate chips and some sprinkles did the trick.

Going back to the couch to let the effects kick in, she slid her tits out with both straps around her arms. While she watched the threesome on the screen, she spread her legs out to let her left hand slide to massage her pussy lips through her panties. With her right hand, she pulled her right breast to her mouth. It was a bit of a stretch, but she was just flexible enough to get her nipple there. The sensation pulsed through her…a fleeting thought shot through her mind as the cookies started to take effect that with her yoga flexibility might let her even lick her own pussy. Something she would have to work on another time.

Enjoying her nipple and her finger strumming her clit through the fabric, her head slipped back.

Unintentionally she let out a moan that caused Drew to begin to wake up.

Looking up, the first thing he saw was Jennifer returning her nipple to her mouth, unaware he was watching now. He realized his cock was rock hard, still wet, and his underwear partially off. He knew exactly what she needed; and now what he needed to do with her. Keeping quiet, his hand wrapped around his cock and used what was left of her spit to begin working himself as he watched her.

It only took a moment until she realized what he was doing. Without waiting he said, “Thanks for getting this started. Now it’s my turn.”

Dropping to his knees in front of her, he began kissing along the small top seam of her panties and the bottom seam of her cami. His kissed trailed to her hips, where he paused to really make her squirm with his thumbs and lips, tracing onward along the v of her body to begin toying with her through the fabric.

He pushed it aside while her hands went back to her breasts. Drew’s tongue didn’t waste time, it dove straight into her waiting, warm, velvet cunt while his nose moved against her clit. The smell of sweat mixed with her cum and just a slight hint of pee made him push in as deep as he could to get his tongue to her g-spot. A small orgasm hit her hard as she pinched her nipples hard and screamed in passionate satisfaction. Head between her legs worshiping her sex, he looked up straight into her eyes. They were wild, just the way he loved. He also noticed the slight redness from the pot, knowing that she was going full out with this.

Sliding up her to kiss her mouth, his semi-bare cock rested on her fold.

She craved their bodies coming together. Her entire body from the tips of her toes and fingers to the base of her neck ached with anticipation of the passion.

The desperation came through in her kiss to him. He grabbed her camisole in his fist and pulled up, driving her lips into his as well as his beautiful throbbing cock even harder against her pussy lips. Heat from it made her lips tingle even more. Breaking the kiss, while still holding her shirt, he admired the gentle wrinkles that formed around the tips of her nipples. The large, sweet pink areolas around them were framed by her creamy skin while her gentle freckles seemed to play on her skin towards her well-rounded shoulders.

Moving to the corner seat, he dropped his boxer briefs to the floor, leaving him exposed to her.

As she moved around to face him, he smacked her ass hard. It sent a small, pleasant jolt through her making it even more intense. Smiling mischievously, he said, “No, I want you reverse cowgirl.”

Her panties fell to the floor as she gave into his lust. Nothing made Jennifer hotter than having him be so decisive when it came to sex. They were definitely equals, but sometimes she just enjoyed him doing exactly what he was güvenilir bahis şirketleri today. Somehow he intuitively knew what she wanted. She complied as she lowered herself onto him, legs almost kneeling but backwards as he felt her up from behind. It helped that the porno she’d turned on was so long; the bisexual MFM threesome was helping to generate her focus on Drew’s cock as it slid entirely into her on the first thrust.

While she wanted it that way, it was still a sudden change inside of her. A delicious raw sense that she knew would result in a solid fucking. Jennifer desperately needed it.

Drew could tell as she bounced up and down with a fury on his cock. She was so horny that he noticed her cum already dripping down his balls, which made them feel even warmer. He realized at this point he hadn’t been able to even jerk off in the better part of a month, let alone have sex to relieve the pressure. Her pussy clamping down hard on him told him it wouldn’t take much to explode.

Beads of sweat slowly rolled over Jennifer’s skin, starting at her neck and finding their way down between her luscious breasts. From there, it clung to the goose pimples along her tummy under her now soaking camisole, finding it’s way to her pelvis…draining down onto her already soaking pussy. She loved every bit of feeling with it until he pushed on her back. While he was laying back some, she steadied herself against the coffee table (thank goodness they had bought the stronger model!) to impale herself against his hot dick. She wanted every inch possible that he could give her. She felt his hands exploring her butt cheeks and finding nerves that made her tingle in another amazing way.

Drew always admired her clean shaven pussy and butt. There was nothing he could find wrong with the beautiful woman he loved so much. Not that they didn’t have fun in other ways, but he rejoiced at being able to be with such a wonderful and adorable woman who looked like a masterpiece of art.

Suddenly she stopped after something caught her eye in the porno. “Take me in the ass. Right now. You’re already wet enough from my pussy, but I want it like she’s getting it right now.”

Unquestioningly, Drew slid out of her as Jennifer crawled fully onto the table.

Standing behind her, his cock wasted no time. Her ass was tight, but after what he had already been doing with his thumb around the rim, it opened to accept him immediately. Both felt an immediate satisfaction as the tightness enveloped him. It was raw, hot, and sweaty for both of them but it was the most intense form of satisfaction they could imagine experiencing together.

Her body, pussy, and butt all spasmed together from a massive orgasm that just engulfed every part of her in electric waves.

In return, Drew’s cock erupted into Jennifer’s ass again and again. He kept thrusting as his orgasm was so strong that he couldn’t stop the motion. Not that he wanted to from how incredible her body was, both her pussy and ass felt like velvet to him. As the third round pumped into her, she had an even more explosive orgasm that caused her to rock back against him even harder making him orgasm again even deeper. Her pussy was dripping all over the table and his balls as, for one of the few times in her life, she hit a point that let her squirt. The flood of his cum deep inside her created a contentment.

Sliding his cock out, he was still hard and kept jerking off. Rope after rope continued spilling out onto her ass and back as he came for the first time in weeks. Jennifer felt it soak through her camisole and spill out of her ass.

He pulled her up off the table and stood her there. His hands firmly on her hips with thumbs massaging another small orgasm out of her body, he pulled her against him to kiss her deeply.

Their tongues danced as they locked lips and continued to satisfy their urge for each other.

She silently pulled back and took his hand, leading him up the stairs.

No matter the mess, that was what they had needed. Without a word, they showered together in the warm water. His fingers explored her pussy and teased her clit, then helped massage her butt while he helped her clean up. In return she let her hand massage his slowly softening cock. Under the water, they kissed and held each other.

Stepping out, they dried each other off and went to lay down in bed with the covers off. They were letting their bodies air dry while they cuddled. Fingers stroked lovingly. The occasional lick or pinch reminded them that they were really in that moment after such a wonderous experience. Small kisses were exchanged from time to time as they sweetly drifted in and out of sleep holding hands.

Maybe a hot day was just what they needed to stop the sweltering.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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