(Take) a Walk on the Wild Side Ch. 03

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Following her outrageous behavior on Saturday night at the Magpie Club my wife remained in a very good; sexy mood for the rest of the week; but sadly I couldn’t keep up with her libido; so by Thursday, when I finally organized for Rose to babysit again on Saturday night, Connie was so ravenous at the prospect of another night of debauchery at the Club, abstaining went right out of the window. When we went to bed she walked into our bedroom dressed in black stockings, transparent black panties and a Basque that barely covered her nipples on the Friday night.

Just like the previous couple of night she took charge, rubbing her nylon covered legs against my cock, pushing her tits over my face until she nearly smothered me; and when she straddled my face her panties were already sucked up into her soaking hole. She gripped onto the brass headboard and fucked my face for nearly five minutes until she finally threw her had back and bounced on my nose and tongue as she had a fierce orgasm which made her gush fluid into my mouth for the first ever time.

A minute later she switched ends and began lovingly sucking my dick until it was bone hard; then with a mischievous smile she peeled her knickers off then rolled onto her hands and knees.

“Do my arse.” She whispered as she spread her legs exposing what looked like a spiders web dangling from her hairy hole. My stomach was in knots as I nervously knelt behind her and gently smeared her juices over her puckered hole before nudging my dick between her gorgeous arse cheeks until it pressed against her opening.

I must have been taking too long because Connie turned her head to look over her shoulder; “Go on…..stick it in….go on…..I want you to.”

Following the battering it had taken 6 days previously there was hardly any resistance as my 5 inches slid inside her anal cavity; but Connie still gasped “Oh dear God…..that feels good!” as she threw her head backwards.

I slowly pulled back like a nervous virgin then pushed it back in again; making her sigh. “Faster…….do it faster.” Connie began panting as she turned her head to the side. I took hold of her hips and fucked her arse as fast as I dared to without cumming too quickly. As I became more confident I suddenly realized that my wife was watching me fuck her arse, in the dressing table mirror. Within seconds there was a tightening in my balls and I couldn’t stop myself firing a stream of cum inside her bowels; just like Waqar and his friends had done the week before.

When I pulled my rapidly softening cock out of her arsehole I was shaking with excitement; especially when she flopped forward onto her chest but kept her arse in the air and my spunk dribbled out and down her thigh.

As I rolled back onto my heels to take in the sexy view before me, Connie began stroking her swollen pussy. I will never know why I did what I did; but without thinking I leaned forward and began licking her gaping arsehole, eating my own spunk.

“Oh Dear God;” Connie sighed as two fingers slid inside her hairy cunt; “that feels amazing.” Which made me pull her cheeks further apart and bury my face between them so I could get the tip of my tongue as far in as possible. The taste of salty cum, sweat and….well; you know what else was intoxicating as my tongue was soon a blur gliding along her sensitive perineum and spunky arsehole. It could only have been a couple of minutes but it felt like a lifetime but Connie nearly went into convulsions as she came with three fingers in her cunt and my tongue inside her arse.

As we lay cuddling in the spoons position; I kept whispering, “I love you,” into her ear. Eventually Connie moved away and with a gentle pat on my head went to bathroom to clean up.

Saturday was busy as usual; food shopping and taking our daughter to her dance class but after collecting Alice at six by six thirty we were driving out of the street; and when we pulled onto the motorway Connie opened her long coat to reveal that she was wearing the same basque as the previous evening with frilly French knickers and shiny black seamed stockings with Cuban heels.

Much to Connie’s disappointment there were only about a dozen people in the club when we arrived; but apart from Miss Sixty the hostess we didn’t recognise anyone. As we stood in the lounge having a drink a youngish couple came over to chat. He was called Rob and about the same height as me but a bit more ‘muscly’ and with a nose that suggested he’d come second in more than one fight and his arms and chest were heavily covered with exotic tattoos. His wife, Tiffany had long platinum blonde hair and was quite pretty but chubby; with very large natural tits that hadn’t started to sag yet and an arse you could rest ankara escort bayan your pint on.

This was there first time at the club and Rob was noticeably attracted to my wife; as the bulge in his tight white boxers proved; but Gemma who was wearing a transparent white body stocking cum dress, matching panties and white hold-ups was giggly and chatty; but kept an arm across her ample chest as she held her drink.

As I chatted to Tiffany Connie and Rob began whispering and giggling; so I presumed it was only going to be a matter of time before they would want to go off to ‘play;’ but I sensed that Gemma was a bit nervous and was waiting for me to make ‘a move.’

Thankfully Sonny and Cheryl arrived and made a bee-line for us. As Cheryl and my wife embraced as if they’d not seen each other for months; Sonny winked as he shook my hand; “We were hoping you were going to be here tonight; well….” He chuckled and smiled at our new friends, “your wife at least!” Then he playfully slapped me on the arm before hugging my wife and caressing her arse.

More introductions were made and drinks were ordered. Rob joined in the chat; but gave me the impression that he’d rather be alone in one of the play rooms with my wife. Sonny; on the other hand quickly made friends with Tiffany flattering her on her outfit and telling her that ‘he couldn’t wait to get his hands on her fabulous tits’ which made her giggle, then jiggle them.

As the others chatted I stood to one side, watching my wife’s eyes twinkling and her nipples poking through the thin nylon on her basque as Sonny slid his arms around Tiffany and her waists then nonchalantly stroking and squeezing their arses; making both women squirm.

Rob still couldn’t take his eyes off Connie, even when the gloriously attired Cheryl pressed herself against him.

“Who fancies a bit of a cuddle?” Sonny laughed when his wife finished her drink. “I thought you’d never ask!” Connie chuckled as she placed her empty glass on a nearby table.

“And you two?” He winked at Rob while roughly squeezing his blonde wife’s voluptuous arse.

“Sounds good to me.” The younger man hoarsely responded, without consulting his wife. He then looked at me and waved his hand, “After you.” I smiled and shrugged my shoulders before leading the group up the stairs.

The first two rooms already had people in them so we plumped on the large Purple room.

Sonny jumped onto the huge bed and pulled his underpants off in one swift movement, then cackled; “Okay ladies; who wants to be first?” as he waved his cock from side to side. Without a glance in my direction Connie climbed next to him and with a look of disappointment on her face cupped his balls in one hand then tugged his semi-erect dick with the other as he scooped her tits out of the basque. I turned to see Cheryl whispering something to Tiff then gently pushed her towards the bed. The young woman looked at her husband who nodded back; and the pretty blonde was soon laying the other side of my well hung tattooed friend.

Seconds later Connie was greedily gobbling Sonny’s big dick as he suckled on Tiff’s massive mammories. After a minute or so I turned to see Rob pressed against a mirror with a delirious look on his face as Cheryl knelt before him sucking his long cock.

Sonny caught my eye and waved me towards the bed. As I moved next to my friend he gently nudged the buxom blonde in my direction. Looking a little nervous; but no stranger to a cock she pushed her long hair from her face and knelt over me rubbing my dick while spreading her legs. I soon began stroking her pussy and swinging boobs while she tried to get my cock harder. Sadly for her Cheryl and Rob had joined us on the bed and her husband was wrestling my wife as he tried to get his big dick in her cunt with no finesse whatsoever, much to Cheryl’s annoyance. She now moved to me and Tiff looked much happier sitting on Sonny’s lap; rubbing her hot box on his shaft as he mangled and sucked her tits.

I was too busy watching my wife and her randy suitor to get a real hard on; so began licking and fingering Cheryl; which soon had her panting and squirming. With hardly any effort I surprised myself by pushing all four fingers in as I licked and twiddled her clit; while keeping one eye on Connie who had given up the fight and had let Rob impale her on his cock. His face was soon like a beetroot as he fucked her like a Yorkshire Terrier.

As soon as Cheryl came; I made my excuses; saying I needed the toilet; leaving her to join in with the other four who were now writhing around the bed; hands and fingers going in and out of all kinds of holes.

I smiled at the Bacchanalian scene that was evolving and swiftly made my ankara bayan escort way out of the door and wandered along the corridor; poking my head into a couple of rooms; watching swingers of all ages, shapes and sizes having the time of their lives.

When I arrived at the Glory Hole a youngish skinny woman with tiny tits was sucking a long thin cock and getting fingered by another woman who was fondling his balls. I stood transfixed.

“Hello sweetie.” A familiar voice greeted me. “Surprise, surprise; fancy finding you here.” Miss Sixty laughed and tickled my cock through my pants. “No wifey tonight?”

“Hi, she’s along there in the Purple Room…….with some….friends….so I thought……”

Still tickling my cock, he cut me short. “So you thought you’d let her have some fun while you found some of your own along here.” I blushed and looked away. “Oh sweetie, don’t worry you know your secrets are safe with me.”

We were soon squashed together in a shadowy alcove; and he quickly had his hand inside my pants and was stroking my rapidly hardening dick. The tall TV looked into my eyes as he pushed my pants to my knees, “Do you want me to suck you off?” He whispered. I shook my head. “Are you sure?” He asked again as both of his hands stroked my cock and balls.

“I am sure.” I uncertainly shook my head

He pouted then smiled, “later though?” I looked away; but nodded my head.

“Maybe you can reciprocate this time?” He chuckled as he took my hand and slid it up his dress until he pressed it against a big bulge. I kept me hand there for a few seconds then shrugged my head and whispered, “I don’t know.”

“I do.” He laughed as he tickled my stiff dick again. I blushed, pulled my underpants up and walked back along the corridor in a daze until I arrived at the Purple Room; I went to open the door but changed my mind and stepped into the adjoining room with the two way mirror instead.

Two much older couples were already there so I had to stand to one side to sneak a peek through the mirror; where I could see all five were on the bed with hands and lips moving in all directions. Much to my delight Rob was kneeling beside Connie’s face and she was eagerly sucking his long pole while Tiff was swallowing all of Sonny’s big fat cock, as Cheryl fingered both women’s pussies.

The two couples next to me were loving the show and fondling each other as they commented on the participants in the other room; especially the size of the cocks on show and the willingness of all three women to please the men. I was just as engrossed and was startled when one of the older women spoke to me.

“Sorry.” I mumbled, “What was that?”

She smiled as her partner cupped her flabby boobs; “You prefer to watch?” She smiled. It was less of a question than a statement of fact. “I saw you in the room before.” I nervously nodded.

“My husband is the same.” She laughed as she slid her hand behind her and fondled the man’s cock. “He will be downstairs I suppose, watching some Dolly Bird pole dancing.” The chubby woman smiled again, “while I am up here having fun. Each to their own sweetie.”

I smiled and nodded as we all turned to watch the shenanigans that where now going on in the room next door; which nearly took my breath away. Connie was on her hands and knees with Rob frantically fucking her doggy style as he slapped her arse, while Tiff was on her back with Sonny fucking her and Cheryl sitting on her face while both mauled the platinum blonde’s wobbly tits.

I was sure Rob couldn’t last long at the pace he was fucking my wife and I was correct; he suddenly puffed his cheeks out and nearly knocked her off the bed with his last three powerful thrusts. With a gasp his adrenalin sank to his toes as soon as he came deep inside her. With no finesse he pulled his long cock out of Connie’s twat before stumbling off the bed to watch his wife getting pumped off my tattooed friend.

When my wife regained her composure she looked up at the mirror and smiled before beckoning me into the room.

“I think she needs cleaning out.” The woman next to me giggled as she tweaked my arse; “Go on; be a good boy and lick her muff clean for the next man.” All four laughed as I shuffled out of the room, to do that very thing. I took a deep breath as I opened the door; then walked in with a thin smile on my face.

Connie held her arms out to greet me, as the other four lay around stroking each other’s genitals.

I lay beside my wife and went to speak; but she put her finger to my lips. “Where you watching?” She whispered. I nodded. “Excellent.” She giggled. “He was hung like a horse.” Connie beamed, “and he’s really filled me up. Here; feel.” My wife took my hand and ankara escort bayanlar placed it between her legs so I could feel Rob’s spunk oozing out of her stretched pussy.

“Do you remember what that guy did last Saturday and……what you did to me last night?” Connie smiled as she pressed my hand harder against her quim until I slid a finger inside. “When you licked…my……pussy after you’d cum inside me?”

I blushed and tried to look away.

“I want you to do it now.” She giggled again; as she rolled onto her back and raised her knees. “Please.”

Unsure I wanted to do what she wanted; but desperate to please my darling wife I looked around the room to see the others looking puzzled.

“Please.” She asked again and raised her arse off the bed.

I sighed then closed my eyes as I rolled around until my head was between her legs. I hesitated then slowly kissed my way down her nylon covered thigh from her knee to her pungent cunt which was still oozing lumpy spunk.

“Fucking Hell!” Tiff gasped, as I tentatively flicked my tongue at Connie’s swollen labia; “the dirty fucker’s going to lick your spunk out of her!”

Connie placed a hand on my head and ran her fingers through my hair. Her recently fucked twat looked and smelled amazing as I got closer and began running my tongue along her slit.

“We don’t judge here.” Sonny quietly admonished the young woman; “just watch and enjoy.”

Soon I was lapping at my wife’s cunt like a puppy dog; sliding my tongue inside and sucking on her engorged labia making Connie sigh and pant until she raised her legs higher so I could flick my tongue along her perineum and arse hole.

My dick felt as hard as it ever had; but the women didn’t come near, contenting themselves with goading me on and wanking Sonny and Rob.

With Connie’s now leg over my shoulder and my tongue zipping across her clit I slid my middle finger deep inside her lubricated arse, making her whimper until Rob leant across her chest and slid his cock into her mouth. This tipped her over the edge and as he forced his seven inches down her throat I curled my finger inside her arsehole until she began a shuddering orgasm. Rob knew he had to withdraw but kept tapping his dick across her face as she gasped and panted with excitement; forcing even more spunk out of her slit for me to gleefully lap up.

A minute or so later when she’d got her breath back she smiled at Rob and moved her head towards his cock and began sucking him properly, as she waved me up the bed. I did as she requested and knelt beside her; for her to take hold of my stiff dick. It didn’t take long before I was shooting a string of cum onto her tits inches away from her mouth which was full of another man’s hard dick. Shattered, I crumpled beside my insatiable wife.

“Time to go.” Sonny told Rob as he put his hand on the young man’s shoulder; “I think we should give these two lovers a minute on their own.”

With a look of disappointment on his face Rob turned to Sonny; who didn’t look as if he would take no for an answer.

The group left us alone and we curled into a ball for a moment or two with Connie kissing me on the forehead.

We left the room holding hands and went to clean ourselves up before agreeing to meet in the lounge. When I made my way to the bar I felt everyone’s eyes were on me; but thankfully the others; including Ralph and Lauren were already there and welcomed me like some kind of victorious hero; without mentioning what they’d just seen me do.

Half an hour later Ralph, Sonny and Rob along with two other men were back in the Purple Room ravaging my wife from all ends and in all holes, as I watched through the mirror; it didn’t take them long to discover her new love of anal sex and each man took at least one turn fucking her shithole and by the end of the session they were like a conveyor belt taking it in turns to fuck her arse, pussy and mouth at the same time.

I was in my own sexual Heaven watching her and them; but couldn’t get another stiffie; much to Miss Sixty’s disappointment when he tried to suck it. But as soon as the room emptied I fell to my knees, kissed and sucked his hard cock just like I’d seen my wife do to six or seven men in the last half hour, then wanked him off letting him cum on my face. I was still cleaning his junk off me when he called time on my wife’s gang-bang in the adjoining room.

Connie was far less drunk than previously; so was absolutely radiating on the journey home and all of the following day; disappearing into the bathroom at least twice for a naughty fiddle.

We visited the club the next three weekends; with Connie becoming more and more degenerate and popular at the same time; plus Connie began demanding that I lick her clean at the end of every session; which I began to enjoy a lot more than I should; but my relationship with Miss Sixty and the other maid, Dotty P also took another turn of its own accord which I will tell you about in my next story.

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