Team Up

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My family is great! I lived with my parents; Vinny and Valerie. And my sister, Ally.

My sister is nineteen and I’m eighteen. My name is Mary.

My Uncle Ernie decided to take Ally and I to his house for the night because my parents wanted the house to themselves because they had a lot of work to do; which my sister and I both knew it meant they needed a fuck sesh.

“So, I miss you two!” My uncle said as we drove to his place.

“Miss you too!” I said as my sister was on the phone, not paying attention to her surroundings.

I leaned over her shoulder to see what she was texting, it was to her friend Carrie, I was shocked as I read the text;

“Carrie, I miss you!! It felt so good when you kissed me and made me orgasm!! We have to do it again!”

I quickly turned my head, I felt weird… I realized that my pussy got sort of wet… I was turned on by the fact that my sister was doing things with other girls.

My sister and I were so close when we were younger, but when I turned 16 Her boyfriend wanted me, and she’s hated me since.

We got to my uncles house and Ally didn’t say a thing as she got inside his house and went to the spare room.

I gave my uncle a weak smile as I headed into the living room and sat beside him on the couch.

I was very aware of him staring down my shirt at my 38 D cup breasts.

I felt naughty as I enjoyed it, made me feel sexy, at one point I purposely leaned across him to grab the remote and let my breast skim his dick.

It was getting late and I hugged him and let my breast press up against his chest.

I was passing by where my sister was asleep when I heard weird grunting noises; I think she was masturbating.

I opened the door about an inch and she had her hand down her pants and she was masturbating hard.

“Ally.” I whispered as I felt my cunt fill with juices.

“What?!” she demanded.

“You don’t hate me right?” I asked stepping into her room.

“Why would you think that?!”

“Ever since Peter… I just thought you hated me.” I replied sitting at the edge of her bed.

“Never, Mary. I’m just going through a lot right now. And it’s making me a bitch.”

“Like what’s going on with you and Carrie?”

“What?!” she demanded sitting up.

I moved closer to her, “I saw the text; you guys… Do stuff…”

“So what!!”

“No it’s okay! I think it’s… Hot… I mean I’ve thought of doing it myself… But I have no one to do it with, I mean I’m still a virgin….”

Ally laid her hand on my inner thigh, “It’s okay, it’ll happen.”

“By who?!” I asked.

She smiled at me lightly as her hand drew closer bursa escort to my sweet wet cunt.

Her fingers traced around my pussy and made me so wet and my warm pussy pulsed.

“That’s making me wet.” I said to my sister.

“What I’m doing is wrong… I’m your sister.”

“Please Ally, it feels so good!” I replied.

Ally slipped her fingers into my underwear and slid her fingers up and down my slit.

She pulled off my underwear suddenly and began to kiss me romantically.

She played with my clit and kissed me. I didn’t know what to do! This was new to me.

She took hold of my hand and directed me to her pussy, her underwear was off already. I shakily slid my finger into her pussy and felt the warmth of her pussy.

I slid my finger up and down.

“No, here.” she said and directed my finger to her clit, “Now roughly play with it.” she said and I started to rub and play with it.

“Lay down.” she said.

I did it right away, she laid on top of me and I felt her warm bare pussy against mine.

Our juices mixed as she slid her body back and forth against mine.

She took my shirt and bra off and began to suck on my nipples.

It felt so good I think I must’ve fell asleep for a few minutes because when I woke up I was strapped to the bed. And blindfolded.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“You fucking cock tease! You knew what you were doing to me! And you did it on purpose!” I heard my uncle say. I couldn’t see him but I knew.

“Ally?” I asked.

“I’m here.” she said.

“What’s happening.”

“Uncle heard what was going on, suggested we both have fun with you!”

“What?!” I demanded.

“Just enjoy the ride.” my uncle said.

Nothing happened for a few minutes, suddenly I felt a tongue circle my outer lips, going around and around, driving me wild. The tongue finally went in towards my inner lips and licked them lightly, purposely driving me crazy. I was scared but very turned on by the fact I was tied to the bed and didn’t know what would happen to me; but this was my sister and my uncle.

Whoever it was was hardcore licking my clit and shoved their tongue in my virgin hole.

Suddenly a finger was thrusted into my hole and I knew it was my sister, the finger was too small to be my uncles, his hands were big.

Suddenly I felt someone sucking on my nipples and I was moaning.

Something touched my lips, “Suck it!” My uncle growled.

My lips quivered as I took his thick dick in my mouth and sucked hard.

My sister continued to lick my clit and thrust her fingers in my hole.

Suddenly I felt her other fingers play with my anus. bursa escort bayan Around and around she played. I got worried. What were they doing to me?!

She suddenly thrusted two fingers in my ass hole, I screamed around my uncles dick. But it felt so good I instantly began having a large orgasm.

My uncle started thrusting harder into my mouth, his dick began to quiver as he squirted warm fluid into my mouth.

“Please stop.” I breathed, swallowing the salty fluid.

“Not yet.” My uncle said.

My sister pulled away and walked away, I thought it may be over, when someone laid down in front of my face.

“Lick me, bitch!” my sister growled.

“Please don’t make me.” I begged.

“Don’t make me hurt you!”

I believed she would.

I stuck out my tongue and I felt her pussy pushed against my face and I began to lick.

I felt my Uncle get on the bed and put his legs on either side of me.

I felt something pressed against my wet pussy.

I realized it was my uncles dick.

He slid it up and down my slit, and it felt amazing! I hated to admit it.

He kept doing it over and over and it drove me crazy! I just wished he’d stick it in!

I sucked on my sister clit as she thrusted her pussy on my face.

Suddenly my uncles dick aimed at my anus, not my vagina.

I tried shaking my head but I couldn’t, my sisters cunt was pushed so hard against my face.

He pushed in a couple inches. Then a couple more, and a couple more, he must have a huge cock, at least ten inches.

Finally I felt his balls hit against my pussy.

He pulled out slowly and thrusted in hard.

I screamed against my sisters pussy.

He did it a few times then pulled out and placed the tip of his dick at my vagina.

“She’s a virgin right?” I heard my uncle ask my sister.

“Mmmmmhhmmmm” she moaned.

“I’ll go easy then.”

“No don’t! She took my Boyfriend now I’ll take her innocence!” so this was about Peter!

“Sounds good.” My uncle said.

The tip of his dick sat at my hole a few more seconds before he pushed inside a bit until he reached my virginal barrier. He pulled out and in till he hit the barrier again, he pulled out once more then thrusted inside and took my virginity.

I screamed and began to cry as I stopped licking my sisters vagina.

“Don’t stop!” she demanded and I started licking again.

My uncle thrusted in and out very hard, his dick was hitting my womb with so much force I began to moan.

My sisters pussy began quivering as she orgasmed and I licked her pussy clean.

My uncle pulled out and started to kiss my pussy.

“Untie escort bursa me, I won’t try and run.” I whispered.

“Should we?” My uncle asked an I realized my sister was really in control.

“Fine.” my sister said.

He untied me, “And my blindfold?” I asked.

“Leave it on.” she said and I nodded.

I suddenly felt soft lips kissing me; my sister. I kissed her back and put my hand on the back of her head.

“You have to know I never loved Peter,” I said between kisses, “I liked him, he asked me out, I declined.”

“You did?” my sister asked pulling away.

“Yeah, your my sister, I’d never hurt you.”

“Oh my god… I’m so sorry about this… If I knew I would’ve never–“

“It’s okay, I like it…. Don’t stop!” I pleaded.

I knew she was smiling, I could feel it. She pressed her lips to mine and ended up on top of me as I fell back on the bed, I didn’t know what my uncle was doing.

My sister rubbed her wet pussy against mine hard and I moaned against her mouth.

She moved down and sucked on my nipples.

I suddenly felt something hard against my pussy as it rubbed against my sisters; my uncle was trying to involve himself.

My sister pulled my blindfold of and she was smiling at me romantically and I smiled back. I really loved her… Maybe more then sisters.

My sister pulled away with a smile and my uncle replaced her position, he started licking up my leg and lightly kissed my outer lips when he reached my pussy. It made me so wet again. He kept lightly kissing my pussy as one of his fingers slipped through my slit and right into my vagina hole. One of his fingers felt like two of my sisters. So when he entered two of his fingers it was a lot and I moaned loadly.

His tongue slipped through the slit and he sucked on my clit.

I looked down and realized my sister was sucking on my uncles dick.

I was moaning loudly.

“Don’t come until I say.” my uncle demanded, I tried to hold it back, but it was too hard.

“Please let me cum!” I moaned.

He then thruster three fingers into my hole and bit on my clit, I came hard and started gyrating my hips against his face.

“Fuck me!” I growled.

“Happy too.” he replied.

He flipped me so I was on my hands and knees then mounted me. He pushed his dick in and started to fuck me hard.

My sister laid in front of me and I leaned my head down and started licking her pussy.

“I’m going to cum!” My uncle yelled out.

“Do it!” I said as I felt my own orgasm approach.

I went harder on my sister and I felt my uncle begin to release his load, then I started to orgasm, and my sister followed. Then we all collapsed together and fell asleep.

When I woke up, I realized I was being eaten out, I looked down and saw my sister.

She was hungry for more. Then my uncle woke up and we were all ready for more!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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