The Burning for My Son-in-Law Ch. 02

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Summary from Chapter 1: My daughter married a tall and handsome hunk of a man. Though they had pre-marital sex, she never expected him to take her 2 to 3 times a day and due to the size of his cock, she was getting sore but loving it. She and I have a very close relationship and talk almost constantly. She told me all about their sexual adventures which just got me very horny as I don’t get the kind of attention I’d like from my husband. I teased my son-in-law until finally he fucked me long and hard. Similar to my daughter, I was sore, too!

Again, thanks to the woman who lived these stories and thought enough to write to me.

Chapter 2 – A trip to Aruba

I didn’t hear from my daughter for the rest of the week. It was quite unusual and I was really concerned. I left her 3 messages on her phone and several emails. I began to think that maybe her husband Mike had told her what he and I had done in that hotel room. I was beginning to panic and assumed the worst. I sat on my couch in my living room and began weeping with worry. The last thing I want to do is ruin the relationship with my daughter and I certainly didn’t want to ruin her relationship with her husband.

What had I been thinking? I began to regret being an idiot and going to bed with him. I thought the worst and sobbed. How did I get so engulfed in desire for him and his cock? True, it was her descriptions that drove me crazy with desire but I doubted that she would see it that way. I was getting scared. I wondered how this could be happening to me!

My husband Jim came in the room and kissed my forehead. “Why are you upset?” he asked.

I wasn’t quite sure what to say. I was upset that Jen hadn’t called me back. I felt confused and emotional. Something was similar about my emotional state but I couldn’t place it. I was just so weepy.

I continued to imagine the worst. I imagined her in tears and leaving the man she clearly loved and all because of me. I wondered if I should just get it over with and let Jim know that I had cheated on him. The truth was that I was also upset because I still wanted more of my son-in-law’s beautiful chiseled body and that long and thick cock. I wanted to feel it in my pussy as it pulsated. The plastic vibrators and the cucumbers provided physical stimulation but I needed mental stimulation, too. I need to really feel the skin of a big cock. It was driving me crazy.

My twin daughters walked through the living room and saved me from myself as I was seriously considering confessing to Jim right then and there! At 19 years old with sparkling light green eyes and dark brown hair and very pretty smiles, they could light up a room. I looked at them from my chair as they flew in the living room. “I remember when I looked like that” I thought.

Unlike most twins, they did not dress alike. They shared the same clothes but they did not wear the same things on the same days. Much like I was, they were top heavy sporting a 34DD bust while having a slim 22 inch waist and 32 inch hips. How do you buy clothes for that? They were going for a run and gave me a kiss and a concerned look while glancing at Jim.

“I’m ok, I’m just emotional and weepy today. I don’t know why. Go on your run! Go on!” and I swatted their asses.

They laughed and I watched their tiny butts shimmer in the skin tight spandex running pants as they ran out the front door.

Jim turned his head back to me. Quietly and slowly he looked into my eyes, “Really, tell me what’s wrong, sweetie?”

I felt bad. I had cheated on him. It wasn’t my first time but that was for different and good reasons. It was many years ago and I had promised myself I would never cheat again.

Even now as I looked back into his eyes, a part of me was remembering that big, thick cock with its veins bulging as I kissed and sucked it. I remembered the feeling as it pressed into me deeper and deeper. I remembered how naughty it felt that the same cock that was giving me orgasm after shattering orgasm had also done the same to my daughter.

“Well?” he asked sweetly again.

“Honey, when was the last time we made love?” I asked.

“Oh, I don’t know. A week or two, maybe?”

“No, it’s been at least 6 weeks. I’ve been horny the whole time.” It didn’t come out as a complaint just a fact.

He hugged me. “I just don’t have the sex drive that you do. I’ll try to be better.”

It was sweet of him to say.

I wondered how to tell him. I wondered if I should just blurt it out. It has always been my experience that if you hurt someone, you should be the one to tell them and also tell them you are sorry. Jim just didn’t know that he was hurt, yet. I guess the primary thing that bothered me was that he might find out from my daughter. I decided, if he was going to hear it, he was going to hear it from me.

“Honey, I’ve got something to tell you,” I started and then the phone rang. It was Jen calling my mobile phone and I picked it up immediately. Jim turned away, hands in the air and went into the kitchen.

“JEN! Where have you BEEN?” I waited to see what she had to say but my emotions canlı bahis were all over the place.

“MOM! You would not believe it! Mike had an emergency at work and he got to ride in the corporate jet to his customer in Aruba and I got to go with him. I’m sooooooo sorry that I didn’t call you but it was all a whirlwind event and my phone didn’t work down there. We stayed at a fantastic hotel in a suite on the 12th floor overlooking a beautiful bay!”

“Ohhhh honey, I’m so happy you are safe! You couldn’t have sent me an email or used a public phone?”

“Yeah, you’re right. I’m sorry! I was just so caught up in the trip that I forgot to call. Forgive me?”

“Yes, of course but don’t scare me like that again, ok?”

“Yes, mooooom!” she said it like she was 12 again. “Can you talk? I mean, are you alone? I need a little help.”

I looked toward the kitchen and Jim was using his laptop with the headphones plugged into his ears. I felt a sense of relief that Mike didn’t tell Jen and that I hadn’t told Jim! Even so, I still felt a bit confused. Something inside me wanted me to confess to Jim.

“Go ahead sweetie. I can talk. Tell me the details!”

“Ha! You want the details again!” she laughed. “You ARE getting off on this, aren’t you! Don’t deny it, I can tell!”

Little did she know that I could feel myself gushing just as the word “details” came out of her mouth!

“Ok, so I’m not dead yet. I admit it. The ‘details’ get me excited.”

She giggled, “Me too! So, this rich guy has his money in banks all over the world and he is having trouble with some of his accounts in Aruba. He demands that Mike fly down immediately and go through the accounts with him personally. Mom, this guy has millions and millions so, Mike’s boss tells him to take the corporate jet and that there is already a room awaiting his arrival. Mike thinks quick and tells him that he has a special evening planned for me and asks if I can go along!! Isn’t he clever??”

“Yes, baby, he is very clever but what happened.”

“Oh mom, I bet you can guess. First, we were 34 thousand feet over the Atlantic ocean and Mike starts kissing me and I can tell, y’know, I can tell what he wants.”

“You didn’t!” I exclaimed.

She giggled. “We did! I was so nervous that one of the pilots would come out! I mean, it’s not like a commercial plane at all. There are seats but they are much bigger and they recline all the way back. So, I tried to stop him but he kept pushing and pushing. I kept saying that the pilots might come out but he didn’t care. He unbuttoned my blouse and so I took off my bra. I insisted that I leave my blouse on and he could play with my titties. Do you know what he said?”

“What?” I asked in a bit of a dream state. My fingers were rubbing my nipples.

“The bastard asked what size bra you wore and if I was as big as you! I think he has a thing for your breasts, Mom.”

“Maybe he does,” I whispered without really thinking.


“I mean, maybe he does have a thing for breasts. He is probably just a breast man, y’know. Not my specific breasts but y’know I … ” I was blabbing but she interrupted me.

“C’mon Mom, I’m not a prude. I have no problem with him looking at you or your tits. I mean he already stares at them whenever we’re together! They’re so big and full … but he was serious, he wanted to know your bra size. I straddled his lap and fed my tits to him as he leaned back. I could feel his lump right up into my crotch and he asked again. I think you turn him on, Mom. So, what is it?”

“What is what, honey?” I asked.

“What is your bra size? He was insistent that I find out and I don’t know anymore.”

“That’s too funny. Ok darlin’ I’m a 38DD. But what happened on the plane?”

“Oh, yeah, you would want to know that! So, I was straddling his hips, had my white blouse open and my bra on my seat next to us. I rode his lump through his dress pants and honestly, I was getting just as worked up as he was. It was riding right along my lips and driving me crazy.”

I could feel the heat between my legs rising up. I waived to Jim and then covered the mouth piece to the phone. “JIM!” he nodded to me from the kitchen table. “Can you take a cucumber from the refrigerator? Put it on the counter, please!”

He shrugged his shoulders and did as I asked.

Meanwhile Jen continued. “… so just like that, my panties were off and his pants and shorts were around his ankles! It didn’t take long to get him in me but I was still sore from when we fucked … oh, sorry Mom … when we made love earlier in the day.”

“Oh honey, you can use that word with me. It is fine. I kind of like it as it is raw and true, you know?”

“Oh, ok Mom. I’m just trying to be respectful. I know we’ve talked about these things before but these conversations are weird to begin with so …”

“Oh just treat me like one of your girlfriends!” I responded.

“Mom, you ARE just like one of my girlfriends! I think you’ve become my best friend. It’s like you understand what I’m going through!”

“Yes,” I said softly and remembered how bahis siteleri his cock had entered me and that thickness had stretched me. I had a lot more understanding than she realized.

“So, I’m riding him and trying to get him deeper and deeper. After a short while I was wet enough that I could get onto it fully. Mom, he’s just so big. I kept riding and started climaxing. I don’t know if I was yelling or screaming or what but the door to the cockpit opened up and the co-pilot stood there in the doorway. I turned and looked at him while Mike just kept pounding his hips up at me.”

“What did you do??” I looked over at Jim at the table and rubbed my legs together and pinched my nipples.

“I waved!” She laughed through the phone and I could picture her pretty face as it laughed.

“You waved?”

“Sure! Then I kept riding on Mike’s cock. What else could I do? The guy stood there watching. I’m sure he got a hard on. Then I started climaxing and that co-pilot was the last thing on my mind. I mean, when Mike’s cock makes you cum, you cum hard, y’know?”

“Yes,” I whispered. I did know.

“What?” she asked.

“I said yes, that I did know how that felt.”

“From DAD?”

“Let’s not go there right now. What happened next?”

“Well, I think the co-pilot watched for a little while and that made Mike REALLY excited. He shot a huge load and it made a mess. So, we cleaned it up as best possible. Got dressed and I fell asleep for the rest of the trip. When we got off the plane, the co-pilot winked at us!”

I laughed into the phone and she laughed with me.

“Mom, there’s more to tell you but I’m not sure I how to tell you.”

“Honey, you can tell me anything. Just come out and say it,” I could feel that my pussy was surging and soaked. I had to do something to satisfy my urges. When I asked Jim to take out the cucumber, I had thoughts of sneaking it into the bathroom but my thoughts were whirling and suddenly I had other ideas.

She was silent for a moment, “Well, I have an errand to run anyway. We’ll talk later, ok?”

I could sense that she was hesitant to tell me something and considering how open she was about sex with my son-in-law, it had to be bad. Was it drugs? Did she do something she regretted in Aruba? What could it be?

Gripping the cucumber, I looked at Jim. “Come with me, Jim. I’ve got to show you something.”

He looked up and adjusted his glasses, “Are we going to finish our conversation? You were telling me something when Jen called.”

I thought back. Yes, I was telling him something. I was about to confess that I fucked my son-in-law but now no confession was going to come forth. “What were we talking about?”

He looked down a moment and curled his lip. “Uh, you were weeping and there was something you wanted to tell me. You asked uhh when the last time we had sex was.”

“Yes, and you said you would try to do better.”

“That I did,” I looked at my watch. My nipples were jutting out of my blouse and I was so horny, I thought I would explode. “The girls will be back from their run in 30 minutes. Come with me.”

We entered our bedroom. The queen sized bed was against the wall between two nightstands. The shades were drawn and I dimmed the overhead light.

“Sit there, honey,” and I pointed to the chair next to the bed. “We haven’t had sex in a long time but I have desires that need to be fulfilled.”

“I know but I …”

I interrupted him with a finger to his lips and he sat back in the chair. I walked over to the bed and unbuttoned my blouse. As I did, I thought of Mike and Jen and how she straddled his waist with her blouse unbuttoned.

“Watch …” I whispered as I squeezed my slender ass.

I slipped off my shorts and thong and he eyed my bra-filled tits. Big and full as they are, they used to fit but now they overflowed the top of the bra. I reached around my back and the bra fell to the floor. He started to get up. “I’ll tell you when to get up, Jim.”

Laying back on the bed, I spread my legs for him and played with my clit. Slowly, my finger circled my bud and it grew. I was already wet and my fingers flicked my pussy lips getting them even wetter and soaking my clit. He was getting a great show and I could feel my climax coming on as I looked at him with half shut eyes.

“Like it?” I asked and he nodded readily.

“You’re gonna love what I do next. Take off your clothes and pull the chair closer.”

I found the cuke on the bed and smiled at him. “This is what I have resorted to since you have not been paying attention to me.”

I placed the head of the cuke on my pussy and rubbed it back and forth watching his excited reaction. His dick was rock hard and he was stroking it as he watched the cuke rub up and down my pussy lips. I could tell what he was thinking … that big cuke couldn’t possible fit in my little vagina. I spread wider and could sense my lips swelling and separating. The cuke pointed directly down at my entrance. My pussy lips were eagerly wrapping around its shiny surface awaiting its invasion.

“Should I Jim? Should bahis şirketleri I? Do you want me to fuck this cuke? Do you?”

Still mute, he just nodded.

“Say it, Jim. Say you want me to fuck this big cuke. Actually,” I paused as my pussy was quivering. I kept moving the end of it in and out. Jim was quivering also. “… actually, I want you to say that you want me to fuck this big cock. This big fat cock. Say it, honey.”

“Baby, I want you to do it.”

“Say it!”

“I want you to fuck that big fat cock! Yes, fuck it!”

I pushed the cuke in and my pussy welcomed it as chills went up my spine. My nipples were rock hard and with my free hand, I pinched them and pulled them. Jim watched mesmerized and stroked his cock. My ears seemed to be turned off but after a few minutes of sliding the cuke in and out and imagining Mike fucking me, I could here Jim’s encouragement.

“Yeah, fuck that big fat cock, baby. You are so hot … oh fuck it hard!”

I was pounding my pussy and my juices were flowing down my ass.

“You like watching, don’t you!” I whispered as the cuke now easily slipped passed my stretched pussy lips.

“Yes,” his voice was hesitant and soft as he stared in wonder as I took something so big.

“Wish it were you, baby?”

“Yes,” again a whisper, “and you like me watching, don’t you.” His voice grew. “It excites you that I’m watching and I bet …”

“What Jim, what?”

“I bet you’re imagining another man fucking you while I watch.”

“If it excites you,” I smiled and my tits bounced as I shoved the phallus deep inside me, “I am.”

He took over the cuke from my hand and pushed it deeper than I could reach and I gasped. I reached down and grabbed his throbbing prick. He jumped up as I started stroking him. While he stood, I leaned my head over the bed and took him down my throat. In seconds, he was cumming and filling my belly. It tasted good and reminded me of Mike. Somehow, I imagined Mike pounding my pussy and fucking my throat at the same time.

I didn’t let Jim go. I kept sucking and surprisingly, he did something he had never done before in our long married life. He stayed hard. I kept sucking that oh-so-normal cock of his and kept him hard. He was sweating beside me as he kept pounding my pussy with the cuke and fucking my throat with his cock. Joy was all over his face. He was loving it. I could sense that he wished the cuke was him but he also loved watching me about to have an enormous climax.

My climax was building and scorching my pussy. It felt like I was thrown over a cliff. Wham! and I was jerking all over the bed grabbing the sheets, pillows and anything nearby. I grabbed his hand holding the cuke and kept on shoving it deep. The next couple of climaxes had me screaming at the top of my voice as wave after wave swept my body. I was panting like a dog in heat. Wild-eyed, I looked at Jim. I needed it. I need warm flesh in me. I took out the cuke.

“Get in me and get in me now!” I commanded and he obeyed.

Kneeling between my sweaty thighs, he smiled and slipped into me. I was still stretched out from the cucumber but the heat of his cock slamming into me excited me. Placing his hands on my heaving tits, Jim kept pounding his cock into my tired cunt.


He kept pumping and I knew that he wouldn’t last long. His face began to get screwed up.

“Gotta pull out soon baby!” he cried out as his hips slammed in and out.

“No!” I grabbed his hips, “Don’t pull out. It feels too good! Take a fucking chance,” I smiled. “Do it, your sperm count is low, we both know that! Fuck me and fuck me hard! I’m sick of those condoms! Do it!”

He laughed. He looked freer than he had in years as he pounded my pussy. Not big enough to make me raw but he didn’t know that. He kept pounding and it was good to feel his balls slap my ass.

“Ohhh Baby, here it comes!! Are you sure?? Are you really sure??” Jim’s face was screwed up trying to hold back.

I saw something move in the hallway and glanced up to see the twins. They were peeking around the edge of the door. The twins and I also had good talks about sex and as I grabbed my husband’s hips and pulled him tight I smiled at the show they were getting.

“Yes! Fill me with your seed! Do it! Take a risk! It wouldn’t be so bad to have a little baby, would it?”

“No! ohhh shiiit! I’m cumming baby!”

I saw a smirk from one of the twins as she reached around her sister and gently squeezed her breast.

He squirted in me and I felt his cock pulsing as I arched my back to get more in me and squeezed my canal down on him. I smiled at him as his face grimaced. “Yes, Baby, you fill me up!” and I meant it. I may not have cum again but he did and he loaded my pussy with his cream.

Hours later I looked at him as he lay sleeping at my side. He was a good man who provided well for his family. Little did he know that the girls weren’t of his seed but he raised them and that made them his family. I loved him right then and there but there is a difference between love and good sex. I wondered what he would think if he knew that I still craved my son-in-law’s cock. The way he reacted to the cucumber made me think that he might be more open than I originally thought. Maybe I didn’t know my husband all that well!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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