The Farmer’s Son

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This was inspired by the old farmer’s daughter jokes, you know, like: “My car broke down.” “Well, I guess you can spend the night here, but you’ll have to sleep with my daughter…” This is a twist on that.

Kathy was a traveling saleswoman who sold pharmaceutical supplies to pharmacies and doctors in small towns across the state. She was traveling to the next town for her following day’s appointment when her car stopped running. After pulling off to the side of the lonely 2-lane road, she took a look under the hood. Just as she suspected, the serpentine belt had broken and the battery ran down. Remembering a little farmhouse off the last bend, she gathered up her purse and cell phone and set off to get help there because the phone was of little use out here between the mountains.

Approaching the house, she observed that it was a nicely kept, little white house with blue trim. She knocked on the door and the farmer answered. Kathy proceeded to tell the story of how her car broke down and she was stranded until she could get a belt put on.

The farmer said, “Old Joe can get ya one tomorrow but I’m sure we can’t get hold of him tonight. It’s startin’ to get dark and he’d be headin’ home already.”

“Oh, no, is he the only one who can fix it? Isn’t there another place? Can’t we call anyone?” asked Kathy.

“Nope, only ole’ Joe. This ain’t the city you know, and the next big town is a fer piece away.”

“What will I do? I have nowhere to go. I’m feeling a bit scared at being stranded out here.” Moaned Kathy, on the verge of tears.

“Ah, shucks. Come here girl.” Said the farmer, opening the screen door and putting a comforting arm around Kathy. “Now you come on in here and we’ll take care of ya. You don’t think we leave people stranded in these parts, do you? Come on in and sit down and I’ll git ya some sweet tea.”

The farmer came back with the tea and gave it to Kathy, who sipped it and marveled at its great homemade taste.

“Now don’t you fret little lady. We have a little home here but we’ll make room for you. You’ll have to sleep with my little boy, Joshua, but don’t worry, he won’t be no trouble.”

Kathy mulled over that comment. She’d slept with boys before, having had a couple of brothers around when she was a kid. And, besides, with a nice Christian name like that, she was sure it would be all right.

“OK, that sounds all right to me. I appreciate your offer to help me out. You are very kind.”

“Ah, shucks, ‘taint nuttin’. He oughter be in directly from the fields. He can run down and fetch your bag from your car later. I’ll fix us some supper. You must be hungry.” Said the farmer.

“Thanks, yes, I have a luggage bag that I need to get my night clothes, toiletries, and something for tomorrow, and I am starting to get hungry. Thank you so much for your hospitality. Do you need any help?”

“Why don’t you just go out onto the porch and sip your tea. It’s cool out there and the sunset is nice here some days. Don’t mind me. I can manage ok.”

So Kathy sat on the porch and sipped her iced tea, thinking over the events of her day, and mentally planning what she had to do the next day, like postponing some of her etimesgut escort appointments, getting her car fixed, etc. It was cooler out on the porch, and she was able to relax a little and start to feel fortunate to have broken down so close to this place. It’s no telling what might have happened elsewhere. In the distance, she heard a tractor and then saw it heading for the house from the fields. ‘Must be a worker,’ she thought.

The tractor came straight up and parked by the porch. She couldn’t take her eyes off the hunk that was driving it. He was about 6’2″ and 220 lbs with longish blond hair. He was wearing only jeans and boots, and his dark, tanned arms and chest glistened in the setting sunlight, highlighting his rippling muscles. ‘Yes, the setting sun does bring nice sights around these parts,’ she thought, and she found herself staring too long at him. As he climbed off and came up the stairs, the farmer came out.

“Joshua, come here and meet our guest.”

‘Did she say ‘Joshua’?’ a surprised Karen thought. ‘No, it can’t be.’

“This is my little boy, Joshua. Say hello to…uh…I didn’t catch your name little lady.”

Extending her hand for a shake, she said, “Hi, I’m Kathy. Nice to meet you, Joshua. My car broke down and I’m stranded here until I can get it fixed.”

“Nice to meet you too, Ms. Kathy.” Replied Joshua. “Just call me Josh”

“Why don’t you get her keys and go on down and fetch her bag from her car before it gets too dark to see. Then come on back and put it in your room. Y’all will have to share your bed tonight. I hope you don’t mind. Now, hurry up. Supper’s almost ready.”

They had a delicious meal of chicken and dumplings, then, after a lot of idle chatting where she found out little Josh was 19, attending the county community college, and didn’t have a girlfriend; they set off to prepare for bed.

There was only the one bathroom between the two bedrooms. He let her go first and waited outside like a gentleman. She showered and put on clean panties and a short blue nightie with lacy trim that barely covered her butt. Not having planned on sleeping with a stranger, it was the only kind she had with her. She checked herself out in the mirror. She was 33 years old, long wavy brown hair, about 5’5″, and was in great shape. As she wondered whether it would be necessary to wear a bra or not, she cupped her firm, perky breasts to see how they showed through the material and decided it would be ok to go to bed without it. Besides, they were only going to sleep and he wouldn’t even see them in the dark.

She climbed into the small bed and called for Josh to take his turn. He showered and dried himself off in the bathroom. She began to wonder about this arrangement. It may not be such a good idea after all. She turned and faced the wall in modesty when he returned wearing only a towel. But that brief glimpse of his strong legs and bare chest was burned into her mind like a photograph.

“Kathy, I don’t usually wear no clothes to sleep in. Is that OK with you?”

“Uh, yes, I guess so, if that’s what you normally wear, I mean don’t wear, then it’s OK with me.” She replied with some etimesgut escort bayan trepidation.

Josh climbed into bed and immediately bumped into Kathy.

“Sorry. This bed is a little small for two people, I guess. I think I know a way that will work. What do they call it in the city, spooning? We could try that. It might be the only way we’ll fit.” Reasoned Josh.

“OK, I’ll turn to the wall and you get behind me.”

She felt his naked body slide in behind hers, his skin touching hers. But he seemed to leave a space at his hips, which she was grateful for.

“Yes, this works. Goodnight, Josh. See you in the morning.” She tried to make it sound very cavalier.

“Goodnight Kathy”

She couldn’t sleep, of course. She was in bed with a stranger, and a hunk at that, who was 14 years her junior. “Little boy!” RIGHT! She could feel his hot breath on her neck, his arm touching hers, his knee behind her knee. She was a little scared at first, but when he went to sleep quickly, her thoughts turned to arousal. It had been a while since she had had a man. Now, this wasn’t a man, but he was certainly a fine hunk, better than most she had dated.

After relaxing and dozing of for an undetermined time, Kathy awoke with a start. Josh’s right arm was over her hip and his big hand was firmly on her stomach, just below her breasts. She felt something pressing into her behind and wiggled to try and feel what it was.

‘OMG! It had to be his cock!’ she thought, with it pressing between her ass cheeks and legs.

She felt it on her panties, and bare skin on skin below them, where the short nightie had ridden up. Was he trying to rape her? She turned to look and saw that he was still asleep. ‘Must be dreaming or something.’ She reasoned.

She tried to relieve the pressure on her behind by moving and wiggling her butt, and raising her right leg so that the object pressing between them might move elsewhere. It moved all right, right between her legs. It startled her and she opened her legs more. His hard cock banged firmly up against her pussy, separated only by the thin panties.

‘OMG! What do I do now? I don’t want to wake him up. That would be so embarrassing.’

Before she could decide, his hand rose up and cupped her left breast. She looked down in shock to see what was happening, and it was like a dream, an out-of-body experience, seeing a stranger’s hand cupping her breast over her nightie, and further down, seeing his big, purple cock head resting against her clit in the dim light.

A shudder came over her and she lowered her leg, trapping Josh’s firm, long cock between her legs and tightly against her pussy. It felt good. She grasped her right breast and squeezed it hard, feeling her nipple pressing into her palm. Her hips rotated back, then forward, as if they had a mind of their own. She reached for her clit with her other hand, but all she got was a hand full of big cock head as it slid between her legs. Her panties were wet too. She pulled them aside to feel his cock better. ‘Yes, it was SOO good,’ She thought.

She was literally fucking him with her pussy lips now, taking longer and stronger escort etimesgut pelvic thrusts, while holding his hand to her breast. He squeezed and thrust back. She had a mini orgasm from the rubbing, but it wasn’t enough. While rotating her hips way back, she pressed his cock head against the opening in her wet, swollen pussy lips and pressed back, wanting to feel it inside her if there was any way. It worked. The big head popped into her pussy and half his shaft followed. She moaned out loud at the sensation.

She began thrusting back to bury that cock in her pussy, reveling at the way it stretched and filled her up and pressed against her “G” spot in this angle. This was no “little boy”! Then she felt his hand squeeze her breast, and he pumped his cock into her when she moved back. He must be awake. She looked again, and still, he seemed to be fast asleep.

‘What a dream he must be having.’

He pumped her steadily and without pause. She was close to cumming again, and this time it felt like it would be a “G”-gasm. Her butt shook, her legs quivered, and her pussy juiced all over his cock. Kathy moaned loud and often, and louder and louder. He did not stop, and she reached a higher peak, moaning more and shaking the whole bed. Still, he fucked her vibrating pussy relentlessly.

‘Oh, oh, he’s got to wake up soon and stop.’

But he didn’t, and she came again, and again, more than she ever had before, more than she had thought possible. She was in a continuous howl of moans and orgasmic sounds, not knowing how to stop it, being pinned to the wall almost, so she couldn’t escape, and not even being able to think of a way to escape, or even wonder if she wanted to. Then the door opened and she felt someone come up behind Joshua and her. She felt the big cock being extracted from her still-shaking vagina, then his body was rolled away from her.

It took a while for Kathy to recover enough to take note of what was happening. She heard slurping noises, and low moans. Their bodies were touching but he wasn’t fucking her any more. She managed to turn her body around and lay on her other side, facing Josh. What she saw shocked her. Josh was laying on his back, still asleep, one leg off the side of the bed with his foot on the floor. There was a naked blonde, about 40 years old, with a decent body, kneeling between Josh’s legs and sucking his cock. Not only was she sucking it, she was deep-throating it, while playing with his balls. The woman looked up to be sure Kathy was OK, she assumed, never stopping her ministrations on her son.

Yes, it was the farmer, Josh’s mom, Alice, giving him head like a pro. Kathy laid there in shock and awe, still recovering from her massive orgasms, watching the wondrous sight right before her eyes. After a while, Josh tensed and she could see the veins in his cock as he exploded into his mom’s waiting mouth as she stroked his dick. She set it free and he shot several loads into the air, some landing on his chest, some hitting Kathy in the face and chest.

Alice got a washcloth and cleaned them both up and said, “I heard you and figgerd you needed some help. You’ll be OK now. Sometimes he has these dreams and that’s the only way I’ve found to calm my little boy down. Try to get some sleep, ’cause you probably need it now. We got a busy day tomorrow.”

Did you vote? I hope you liked my little story. Please leave me a comment or suggestion about what you liked or didn’t. I strive to make my stories better each time. Cheers, HH.

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