The Jackie Midlands Catalogue Ch. 01

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Big Tits

JM101 – Caitlin

[Author’s Note: Hey, Literotica. I’ve been writing for some years now, but I only recently turned eighteen a couple of months ago. I’ve always wanted to try writing erotic fiction, but I never managed to get it done until just recently. So as my first story, this won’t be too heavy. It will be an episodic, trope-heavy story with not too much in the way of plot, at least while I’m still getting into it. For now, I just hope that you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.]

When I arrived at the Jackie Midlands Hall of Residence, I could tell straight away that this was going to be an interesting year. I had spent all day on a train to get here, thanks to my parents’ un-cancellable business trip, and I had been forced to drag my two heavy suitcases uphill for about six hundred metres to arrive at the hall itself. I was probably red and slick with exertion by the time I reached reception, but the surprise that awaited me quickly chased all notion of fatigue from my mind.

I would have been lying to suggest that the first thing I noticed was her sweet, round face, her sharp hazel eyes or her dark red hair. I would even have been lying to suggest that my eyes were drawn to her long, slim legs or perfectly flared hips. No, my attention was immediately encapsulated by the unbelievable size of her breasts. They were quite simply enormous, especially on her small frame. They weren’t disgustingly big, like some of the porn stars I’d seen, but they were big enough to stretch the material of her purple ‘JMH’ t-shirt tightly across her chest, and they jiggled appealingly when she moved.

It took me a moment to realise that she was looking straight at me, and when I did, I immediately dragged my eyes away from her chest, worried that I would be caught staring. It was then that I noticed those clear hazel eyes, along with a slightly amused quirk of her tiny little mouth that told me she had at least noticed my gaze. Mercifully, though, she didn’t comment.

“Hi,” she said simply. “You must be Tim, right?”

I swallowed and hoped my voice would remain level, at least for as long as my eyes did not slip. “Yes, that’s me. How did you know that?” There were supposed to be at least a hundred and twenty first-years at the res hall.

She grinned mischievously. “You’re in my dorm, C block. I made sure to read up on all my freshers.”

“You’re an RA, then?” I asked uncertainly.

“That’s me!” she said, her smile widening. “My name’s Caitlin. You’re one of the first ones to arrive, so I’ll show you to your room myself.” Turning, she addressed one of the other students that stood around the reception area, all wearing matching purple shirts. “Jacob, you’ve got this while I’m away, right?”

Jacob, a tall young man with a shock of bleach-blond hair, shrugged. “Sure, Cait.”

“Good,” Caitlin said, turning back to me and grabbing one of my suitcases. “Come on, kiddo. You’re in C207, on the second floor.”

I followed her out a side door and through a winding maze of buildings and facilities. On the way, she pointed out various parts of the hall — the dining room, the music room, the lounge, the swimming pool, various blocks of differing shapes and sizes. I wasn’t really listening, though, as I was too busy noticing that Caitlin’s rear end was almost as attractive as her front. Her ass swayed tantalisingly as she walked, tight black jeans accentuating the curves. I tried to force myself to listen to what she was saying. I didn’t really want a boner, especially given the loose, thin shorts I was wearing.

“We’ll take the lift this time,” Caitlin said as she swiped a key card to open the door to C block, “but in future you’re encouraged to take the stairs unless you have something heavy with you, mmkay?”

“Fair enough,” I agreed as she led me down the hallway to the elevator.

The lift would have been classified as a large dumbwaiter anywhere else in the world, I decided. It was probably designed for one person to stand with a comfortable amount of space, but two people and two bulky suitcases almost filled the area. My nose was almost touching the lift door once it finally closed, and Caitlin was uncomfortably close at my left. As she shifted position, the side of her breast brushed against my arm so briefly that I was uncertain whether it had even happened at all. Thankfully, the ride was short, so I didn’t have to endure the closeness for long. It was far from unpleasant, but I could already feel my cock becoming firm in my pants — from the contact, the proximity, and her sweet perfume, which I hadn’t noticed before. Was it jasmine? The scent was strong in the confined space.

As the elevator dinged and the door slid open, I was glad to step quickly out into the fresh air, wheeling one of my suitcases along behind me.

“Room 207 is this way,” Caitlin said brightly, dragging my other suitcase behind her as she led me down the hallway. Stopping at a door marked, canlı bahis unsurprisingly, 207, she pulled another swipe card from her back pocket — drawing my gaze to her tight little ass once again as she did so — and slid it through the lock. The door popped open, and she handed the card to me with a smile. “Welcome to your new home!”

The room was surprisingly large. Sure, it was barely half the size of my room at home, if that; even so, there was room for a wardrobe, a desk and chair, and a single bed. There was a single window between the bed and the desk, directly opposite the door.

“The rooms aren’t huge, but there’s space to do whatever you need to do in here. You probably won’t be in here much this year, between lectures and study. While you can study in here if you want to, it’s not recommended.”

“Really?” I asked, frowning. “But there’s a desk and all, and it’s private, so wouldn’t it be ideal?”

“You’d think,” Caitlin chuckled, “but it’s a psychological thing. Your brain associates your bedroom with sleeping and… other leisure activities, so it’s hard to activate your learning centres. Try and study near your bed and you’ll just find yourself getting sleepy.”

Did I imagine the look in her eyes when she mentioned ‘other lecture activities’? It was an almost hungry expression, but it was so fleeting that I wouldn’t have noticed it but for the accompanying pause. “Good… good to know,” I managed to say.

An entirely unfamiliar expression crossed Caitlin’s face then: a serious one, much in contrast to her previous bubbly self. “Listen…” she said slowly, closing the door behind her and locking it. She leaned back against it, blocking any escape I may have had. “I don’t know how much you’ve heard about this res hall, but it’s different from normal ones.”

“I read about that on the website,” I said, frowning. “It was only opened to male students last year, right?”

“Yes, but even now it’s still far predominantly female. Something like an 80-20 split,” she said, biting her lower lip uncomfortably.

“Those sound like good odds,” I said cheerily, attempting to make a crack to lighten up the mood. Caitlin’s abrupt about-face bothered me. I’d only known her for five minutes, but already this seemed out of character.

“Be careful, Tim,” she said seriously, looking me straight in the eyes. “Even I’m not certain how, but this hall is strange in more ways than just the gender split.”

“What are you talking about?”

“For example . . . the wardens have a very liberal attitude towards sex. It almost seems like this place was designed for it, if you ask me. The walls are thick, there are plenty of nooks and crannies where you can escape undetected. I could show you some of them later if you like.”

I felt my eyes widen slightly at her frankness, especially at the boldness of her last offer. Was she hitting on me, or was I just reading too much into her suggestion? I didn’t want to fuck anything up, so I just nodded.

Caitlin took a step towards me, her boobs bouncing slightly at the sudden movement. Shit, I thought, willing myself not to get hard. “I’m telling you this because I have to trust that you’re a mature adult, Tim,” she said. “You’re living away from home for the first time, probably. We’re here to look after you, but you’re still expected to be a bit more independent. That means growing up and making your own choices. Do you understand?”

The whole time she had been speaking, Caitlin had been slowly approaching me step by step, her hazel eyes never leaving mine. There was an intensity in her gaze that simultaneously surprised me and — oddly — turned me on. I was starting to get seriously worried about getting a hard-on right in front of her, as my dick had been semi-hard for the last five minutes. I didn’t think I would be able to live it down if I popped a boner in front of my RA on the first day of residence. Infuriatingly, the thought of embarrassing myself like that just made me even harder.

With a shock, I realised she was waiting for an answer. “Uh… yes! Yes, I understand.” I didn’t, really. I didn’t know why she was telling me these things. I was at university now. Wasn’t it to be expected that people would be having sex? It’s not like I grew up in a cave.

“Good!” Suddenly Caitlin was all smiles again, but she didn’t step back from me. Her face was just inches from my own, though she was forced to look up to hold my gaze. I could feel her warm breath on my neck, and I tried to suppress a shiver. Jesus fucking Christ, she was hot. From almost directly above, her boobs looked even more enormous. How did she carry those things around?

Fuck, I was hard. I had always been quick to stand at attention, and it seemed my efforts had been in vain. Now I was faced with quite a paradoxical conundrum. If she stepped back again, she would see the quite obvious tent in my loose pants. I could feel my cock straining against the material of my boxers, yearning bahis siteleri to spring free. Yet as long as she stayed this close to me, I knew my erection would not subside. I wanted her to move away, but I really didn’t want her to move away. What was I supposed to do?

As it turned out, Caitlin would take that choice away from me. Peering over the top of her massive rack, she glanced down at my pants. “Oho,” she said in little more than a whisper, looking up at me through coquettishly lowered eyelashes. “Looks like somebody got a little carried away.”

I felt myself turning red, and quickly sat down on the bed, leaning forward to hide my boner. “I’m so sorry!” I said hurriedly, squeezing my eyes shut so I didn’t have to meet her gaze.

“Don’t be,” Caitlin said. “Is that for me?”

I cracked an eye open uncertainly. She was standing straight in front of me, looking down at me with a cheeky smile on her face.

“Y-yes?” I croaked, shamefaced. I couldn’t meet her eyes, but the only other option was to look at her tits, which were right at my eye level. God, they were huge. For a brief, wild moment, a fantasy of sliding my hard cock between them filled my mind, her cute little mouth open wide in anticipation. I dispelled the image immediately, but it was too late. My cock throbbed painfully, begging for release.

“I’m flattered,” Caitlin said, and her voice was thick and unsteady. She shifted uncomfortably where she stood, her legs pressed together. “I think it’s time I handled your initiation,” she grinned.

“Wha-?” My protest was cut off as she swiftly leant down and clamped her lips onto mine. My eyes widened as she kissed me with a fire that belied our status as near-strangers. Her lips were soft and sweet, but her kiss was hard. Her lips parted, and I felt the warm wetness of her tongue against my lips. Her breasts pressed against me as I opened my own mouth to allow her access.

In a sudden, quick movement, she pushed me back onto the bed so I lay full-length, then climbed up to straddle me and continued to kiss me, her tongue probing and exploring my mouth. My head was whirling with a million questions — foremost being ‘What the fuck is going on?’ — but the slippery dance of our combined tongues foiled my half-hearted attempts to ask them.

Unbearably, her crotch was pressed right up against mine. My cock was harder than it had ever been in my life, feeling the hot pressure of her groin against it. Somewhere there, separated by just a few thin layers of material, was her pussy. As if noticing my shift in focus, she pushed herself closer against me, rubbing back and forth across the tent in my shorts. Her breasts weighed heavily on my chest, and they were just as heavenly soft as I could have imagined. I wanted to touch her directly, but right now I was too much in shock to do anything significant.

“Mmm…” Her lips vibrated against mine, creating a newly unique sensation as her tongue ran along the back of my front teeth. She finally broke the lip lock and pulled back with a smile, licking her lips with the gorgeous tongue that had until recently been exploring behind my lips.

“Caitlin…” I said after taking a couple of huge gulps of air. “What the hell are you doing?”

“Don’t you like it?” she purred, bringing her lips close to my ear.

“I guess, but-“

“Gooooood.” She drew the word out seductively, letting her body settle against mine as she did so. Her full weight rested on me now, but she wasn’t heavy. I was intoxicated with the feeling of her body against mine, closer than I had ever held a woman before.

I was just glad the door was locked.

Rather than return to kiss me again, Caitlin put her lips to my ear, nibbling softly and continuing to whisper as she did so. “Welcome to Jackie Midlands, Tim. I’m so very glad you’re here. I think you and I are going to get along just fine. I may be a little forward right now, but let me tell you . . . the summer has been long, and I have been dying to touch someone new.” Her voice, low and sultry, sent shivers down my spine, which made her giggle. She left my ear alone and worked her way down my jawline, planting kisses as she went. The movement made her body shift against mine, and I couldn’t resist a little grunt as my hard cock was caught between her thighs.

“Mmm…” Caitlin growled again as she noticed the contact, clenching her thighs tighter and moving her hips up and down to stimulate my cock. I was close to bursting, and I just about lost it when I felt the wet heat of her tongue against my neck. She ran her tongue up in a vertical line from my collarbone, over my Adam’s apple and up to my chin. Then she kissed her way back down again, her lips like fire against my skin.

“Jesus Christ, Caitlin,” I groaned. “That is so fucking hot.”

At that, Caitlin drew back, sitting up to her full height while keeping herself pressed firmly against my cock. I opened my mouth to complain, but I realised what she was bahis şirketleri doing as she reached down for the hem of her shirt.

“Fuck,” I said simply as she pulled it over her head and let her glorious breasts bounce free. Clad in a lacy white bra, they were even more enormous than I had imagined, perfectly round and looking silky smooth. With a cheeky grin, Caitlin leaned back down to whisper in my ear again.

“It’s such a pain to get these bras unhooked,” she hissed. “Can you reach behind and do it for me?”

Though it pains me to admit it, I had no idea how to unhook a bra. Still, I wasn’t about to deny her request. Tentatively, I reached my hands around behind her to search for a clasp. To make it easier for me, she shuffled up my body until she was straddling my midriff, which meant her boobs were hanging directly over my face.

“Can you reach?” she asked in concern. “Maybe I should make it easier.” With that, she bore down on my until her bra-covered tits mashed against my face. It was quite simply the best experience of my life, feeling the soft, silky flesh of her breasts and the rough lace of her bra against my face. I was having a little difficulty breathing, but I honestly didn’t care. I could have died quite happily right there.

I forced myself to concentrate on what I was doing, though. I traced her bra strap to the middle of her back with both hands, finding something that felt like it could be a clasp. I struggled with it valiantly, blindly, until eventually something gave and the straps fell away.

I felt the pressure of Caitlin’s boobs lift from my face, but the bra remained there, blocking my view. Tentatively, I pulled it away . . . and my jaw dropped. I saw in front of me the most perfect pair of tits I had ever laid eyes on. They gave porn stars a run for their money in sheer size, but their natural shape and appeal was unparalleled. Perfect little pink areolae with nipples jutting proudly forth. Caitlin squeezed them between her upper arms, shaking them from side to side a little bit, clearly delighting in my reaction. “You like?” she asked teasingly.

“Holy shit, I like. Those are fucking amazing. Best pair I’ve ever seen, hands down.”

“Oh, stop,” she said, but I could tell she wasn’t serious by the slight reddening of her cheeks. After a slight pause, she added: “You are allowed to touch them, you know.”

I don’t know if it was possible for my eyes to widen any further than they already had, but I think they must have. Caitlin was willing to let me go that far? Me, someone who she’d only just met ten minutes previously. Slowly, tremulously, I lifted my hands towards her chest. Suddenly very uncertain as to what I was supposed to do, I sort of poked her left boob with two fingers. It was softer than I’d expected, and pleasantly springy.

“Oh, just get in there,” Caitlin said with a hint of frustration. She grabbed my wrists and pushed my hands onto her chest, one around each boob. It was the most incredible feeling: soft and pliant, deliciously responsive. Still unsure, I squeezed them a little, massaging them up and down.

“Ahh…” Caitlin moaned aloud, her eyes closing and her back arching into my hands. She resumed rubbing her crotch against me. “Yes, that’s good.”

I was taken aback by the strength of her reaction. Her breasts must have been ridiculously sensitive. Emboldened by this knowledge, I moved my fingers to her nipples, tweaking them between thumb and forefinger. I pulled on them gently, kneaded them between my fingers and pressed them back into her breasts.

“Ohhhh fuck,” Caitlin breathed, throwing her head back and bringing one hand down to the crotch of her jeans while she used the other one to balance. She quickly undid the button and zipper, showing a flash of white underwear, then shoved her hand into her fly and started moving it around doing something I couldn’t see, though I could guess.

“You’re so fucking hot,” I told her, and it was true. Topless, head thrown back and back arched, fingering herself with one hand and with my hands exciting her nipples, she was the most erotic sight I had ever seen. Add to that the sensory overload — her sweet scent, sweat and jasmine; the sound of her moans that continued to grow in frequency and volume; the lingering taste of her lips on mine; and the way she rubbed herself against me, combined with the soft pillows of her tits in my hands — and I was just about ready to blow. In fact, I was surprised I hadn’t cum in my pants already.

Caitlin seemed to realise this as her head snapped back down to look at me, her hazel eyes cloudy with lust. “God, I would fuck you so hard right now if I could,” she growled, her voice low and needy. Her hand was still busy inside the crotch of her jeans.

“Um . . . can’t you?” I didn’t want to sound entitled, but right then I really wanted her. I renewed my assault on her nipples, clearly a highly erogenous zone.

“Mmm! Unfortunately, the dorm rules- ah! They say that second-years, mmmh, and first-years can’t get it on. Oh, God, don’t stop that!” she moaned as I twisted her nipples harder than before. “I can, unnh, do this much, but PIV is… a no-no.” She smiled ruefully.

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