The Pleasure of Claustrophobia

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Conners called that Saturday morning and gave me the news. The Intuit presentation would need some touch-up before the Monday meeting. Since it was my baby, that meant work on Saturday. I didn’t mind much; wife was out of town at her Sister’s and I don’t get paid by the hour. So I donned a pair of nylon running shorts and a tank tee shirt and was off to work. The company turned the A/C off during the weekend and I knew it could be un-godly hot there. My office was situated on the 55th floor in the City. I was able to get in at about 10:30 and finish in 30 minutes or so. Logging off, I headed for the elevator and a lonely weekend.

Our company occupied the top 6 floors of the building (57th to 51st). On the 52nd floor the elevator stopped and to my delight in walked a gorgeous blonde. She was dressed similarly and we both smiled at the un-said observation.

“Going down?” I smiled.

“Yes, parking level 4.” She smiled back.

We both turned to watch the level scale, although I took the opportunity to take in her lovely long legs and round delicious tush in her jogging shorts. She was a tall beauty, 5’10 or maybe 5’11. Her long blonde hair was up in a ponytail. She really filled out her tank tee with a large full bust and her body was trimmed from apparent exercise. I had never seen her in the building, but it was a big company.

I noticed she fidgeted nervously as the elevator door closed and the light started to tab its way down. Then with a jolt the elevator stopped and the lights flickered.

“Unnngh!! What’s going on?!” Looking back the woman searched my eyes frantically with the first signs of panic. “Are we TRAPPED?”

“I don’t know let’s find out.” I tried to reassure her. Reaching across her my forearm brushed her chest in the dimmed emergency lights as I picked up the phone. She was very busty, a 38C or D, I’d guess. After a short conversation with the guard downstairs, I confirmed her worst fears.

“I’m afraid that we’re going to be here for a couple of hours at least. The guard said that power is out to the whole building and it will take awhile since it’s the weekend.” My words had an increasingly terrifying effect on the blonde. Just as I reached out to re-assure her, she punched me hard in the stomach and turned toward the door.

“LET ME OUT! I CAN’T DO THIS!” She beat the doors frantically.


I knew not what to do, so I reached out and surrounded her with my arms, keeping her fists from punching me again and allowing me to speak soothingly to her. I was NOT going to spend hours in a stalled elevator with a psycho, beautiful or not. She struggled at first and then melted exhausted and sobbing into me as I calmed her. My words were nothing in particular and just repeated assurances that ‘all was being done’ and ‘it will be just a moment’. I slid to the floor and we sat, her cradled in my arms, weeping softly.

I don’t know how it happened, but the closeness and my güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri soothing voice repeating alms to her had an effect. Maybe she just wanted to latch onto anything to keep her mind off the predicament; maybe is was just the sense of isolation, but her head tilted back and mine tilted to the side. I unconsciously leaned in and our lips touched. It was just a brush at first, both unaware at how it happened that a minute before we were struggling and the next we were kissing. Our next kiss lingered longer. This was crazy, but I wanted her to calm and this was coming so naturally.

I could tell that she was trying hard to forget the situation we were in and my guess was that anonymous sex was better than freaking out and pounding the door. Not that our petting was not enjoyable to each, but this was so impossible and spontaneous. Our kisses grew from small lip caresses to deeper more insistent passion. My tongue tasting the edges of her lips and then dueling with her tongue. She lay back, cradled in my arms, her legs curled under her and her arms wrapped around my shoulders. My free hand drifted lightly up and down her athletic-wear-clad body. Her breasts felt round, luscious and heavy to my palm. I could feel her body tense as I pushed our envelope farther and farther.

“Surrender yourself to me…” I breathed. Her opiate eyes telling me that she already had.

My fingers lifted her top up and over her swelling chest. Her nylon sports bra holding her breasts tight as my hands massaged first the left and then the right. I kissed down her neck and jaw, my tongue teasing her ear and teeth nipping at her lobe. The half-light and heat of the stalled cocoon wrapping us in its embrace.

Pushing her up, I pulled her tank tee up and away. Her sports bra came next and fell in a clump in the corner. Our lips met once more as my hands roughly massaged her globes and fingers tugged at her elongated nipples. I swiftly knelt and pulled her tennis shoes off with a rip. Her nails dug into my bare shoulders as she knew what was coming. Looking up at her I could see she was fogged in a cloud of lust and her mind miles away from our predicament. The roundness of her large breasts and soft swell of her belly belying a deep femininity. The fact that at any moment we could be “rescued” added to the thrill of our incredible encounter.

My fingers hooked her yellow nylon shorts and slid them down her smooth toned legs. She wore a thong underneath and our wicked smiles met as I ran my fingers over the cranberry colored material. I moved my mouth over her pubis and breathed hotly. I pull her thong up tight to her mound, creasing the front into her vulva. My lips trailed over each bulging labium and I smelled her fragrance through the panty. She parted her legs and I moved my tongue up and down the crease. Her hands were pulling me into her.

I wrapped my arm around her legs and pulled her knees into my chest. She buckled and I laid her back onto the floor of the car. I peeled her panties off in a fluid movement as her ass lifted off the floor. She parted her güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri legs, exposing a clean shaved pussy. I growled in lust and passion as she parted her lips to expose her treasure.

“Ummm, that’s what I like. Wet, clean, hot pussy. I want some. Open yourself up for me. I want to see it all…” She pulled her legs up and apart with a wicked smile to my request.

I swiftly pulled my tank top off and kicked my sock-less shoes off. I knelt down and pulled her foot to my bulge, straining against my shorts. She moved her foot up and down my hardness, eliciting a deep moan from me.

“Mmmm, I want to see you too. Strip those shorts off and let me see that cock…” I quickly followed her request and my penis bounced out of its enclosure, waving lewdly.

I slid back and mouthed her toes, sucking each as I watched her finger her moist pussy. My lips and tongue trailing up one then the other calf and knee and thigh. I tasted her ever nook on her long luxurious legs. I finally nosed up and over her proffered mound and drank deeply her natural perfume. The musky smell drove me into a rut. My tongue lapped along each crease of her leg and mound, teasing the sides of her labia. I opened her flower and slid my wet tongue slowly from her sopping well, up over her rubbery inner lips, around her urethra, and alongside her pebble-hard clitoris. Her wavering moan telling me to go further. I explored every fold and crease of her blossom. I probed her gasping hole with my stiff tongue, fucking her as I lapped at her juices. I reveled in the taste and feel of her pussy and she pulled me deeper into herself as I ate her.

I could feel her coming near and as she arched her back once more, I eased two fingers into her wetness. My lips formed a small “O” and closed over her engorged clitty, my tongue quickly stroking the sides and my mouth sucking her rhythmically. My finger probed her deeply and my thumb stroked her rosette. She gasped once, twice and then bathed my eager face as she released herself onto me. Her orgasm released all her pent up anxiety and flooding my tongue with her slick juices. I kissed her thighs gently as she collapsed back onto the wall.

I was in a stupor of lust. I leaned back and stroked my hard curved sword as she caught her breath. I rocked forward and stood over her, my hands slapping the walls above her, my waving cock not inches from her silky lips.

“Suck it… Lick my cock and balls…” She needed no further prompting and she lurched upright. Her fingers sliding up and down my thighs and ass as her fluttering tongue battled against my bobbing hard-on. She slurped my ball sack gently into her wet warm mouth and then slithered her tongue up the undersides of my cock. I looked down at this blonde angel she proceeded to tease and entice my cock with her open mouth. She would almost take me in and then pull away coquettishly. She did this three times and then with a swift motion, closed her eyes and swallowed my cock into her mouth. It was heaven. She gripped my ass cheeks and one hand fingered and scratched my balls güvenilir bahis şirketleri from behind as her head bobbed up and down over my penis. She was a master at this and my knees grew weak as her satin tongue lathered my glans and shaft. Her lips wrapped tightly around my cock as she pistoned up and down over me.

With much regret, I pushed her off me as she almost brought me to the edge of orgasm. I wanted to fuck her deep and hard and I didn’t want to waste myself by pumping her mouth full of my seed. I knelt down on my hindquarters and kissed her once more. I could taste myself on her lips as my pre-cum mixed with her saliva.

“Sit on my cock, I want to fuck you, sweetheart. I want to feel your insides as I fill your pussy.”

She acceded with a soft groan and positioned herself backward over my cock. Her full ass pushed down my belly and she fed my hard cock into her moist pussy. We both groaned with lust and relief as we finally coupled. She arched back and slid up and down my thighs. I gripped and massaged her sweaty tits, the heat of our confined cage and our exertion making us both slick. She reached back and held my neck as she bounced up and down on my cock. Her wet snatch swallowed it, time and time again.

We alternated pumping and riding as we beat our bodies together in a lusty engagement. I reached around and my wet fingers found her hard clitoris and gently fondled it as we rocked together. Her mews of passion were mixing with my grunts of lust. I speared her tight wet hole harder and harder. She bounced up and down with glee, milking my cock with her expert muscled cunt.

“That’s it, fuck me you slut! Fuck me hard!”

“Oh GOD! YEAH, YEAH…harder, harder. Don’t stop, oh yessss deeper…ohhhhhh!,” I felt her slippery pussy walls bleat and ripple as the first wave of orgasm built inside of her. I kept my thighs lifting into her as the intensity of the feeling built.

“AHHHH!!” I pinched her hardened nipple as I lanced up into her lifting her up off the floor. She fell back atop me as I pumped jet after hot molten jet of white sticky cum deep into her quavering pussy. Our bodies shuddered with ecstasy as we came one after the other. I pulled her back and slid to the floor, our bodies still coupled. She twisted around and my softening cock plopped out of her oily pussy with an audible “plop.” We kissed open-mouthed as our breathing was still ragged and deep. We held each other close and cuddled in the warmth of mutual relief and solace, ignoring our predicament.

As if on cue, the car lights dimmed and then came up and the care began to move! We hurriedly dressed and cleaned up as the car slid past floor after floor. I was jamming my last shoe on and she pulling her wet hair back as the elevator came to rest. We smiled sheepishly and breathed a sigh of relief as the cool air of freedom came pouring in. We grabbed our things and beat a hasty retreat to the battery of questions from the workers and guard.

“Sorry, we both gotta go…” We almost ran out to the garage entrance. Peeling into a gale of laughter after the doors closed.

“Here is my card” She offered, “Maybe we can do lunch sometime?”

“My pleasure, uhh, Lisa…” I scanned her card. “I’m Don. I hope I kept you mind off things…”

“Yes, yes you did, Don. I thank you for, uh, everything.” Her firm handshake and sincere eyes told me that it was the right thing for the time.

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