Tom, Kimmy, And Shemeeka Part 3

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Tom, Kimmy, And Shemeeka Part 3
I put her in the doggy style position, she reaches back and spreads her cheeks, stretching her asshole. Smearing lube all over it and pushing a finger deep into her ass, she lets out a moan. I stand her back up and arrange a couple of pillows to raise her ass for a nice straight path into her, she kneels before me and starts sucking my cock hard again. I pull my cock out of her mouth and put some lube on it as she crawls on the bed and gets into position, reaching back she spreads her ass.

“Please go slow, please, please?”

Getting into position, I place the tip of my rock-hard cock, firmly against her asshole, and start to push. With a little gasp she tries to relax as I push it in deeper and deeper. I reposition a bit before I start to pump her. Pumping her slowly she takes my hand and starts to suck my thumb, I continue to pump her and pump her and pump her.

“Please, please, a little slower?

I back off just a little bit as I feel the pressure to cum build up, when I can no longer hold it, I empty both cum filled balls, filling her ass with hot, sticky cum. Still pumping her slowly, I lay down on her and start kissing and playing with her ear. I whisper to her, “will the Lady allow me to take her to dinner tonight?”

“Yes, M’Lord I will!”

Pulling out of her slowly, we go to the shower to clean up.

During dinner the conversation returns to Shemeeka. “Kimmy, what are your thoughts on a threesome with Shemeeka?” “I’m okay with it, after all I had fun with her there is no reason for you not to.” “Okay then send her a text and let’s see if she is serious.”

When we are in the car on the way home Kimmy asks me in a sexy voice “what are you going to do to me tonight?” Smiling to her, “well your ass is safe, I kaçak bahis used the last of the lube, so add some of that to your shopping list.” “How about this, you can sit on my face, rub your dripping wet pussy and ass all over it while you think of something kinky and fun.” She pulls out her phone and starts to text Shemeeka, “that sounds like fun. You my love, will be kissing some ass tonight!”

We get home and head for the bedroom. I put on some music as she is rubbing herself in front of me, slowly her clothes come off, turning around she spreads her ass and tells me, “you’re going to lick this bitch until I tell you to stop!” “Get your ass naked, I have to pee!” She turns away and starts to walk to the bathroom, “make sure you wipe that pussy dry!” “Ha, for that there will be no wiping tonight!”

I go over to the bed and lay down on my back with my head in the center of the mattress. With my cock hard and standing straight up, she comes out of the bathroom smiling. Walking over to me she climbs up onto the bed stroking my cock as she kisses me, she smiles and says, “enjoy!” Placing her pussy opening directly over my nose, she sits down gently and starts to move around on my face. She is so wet, her scent is intoxicating, constantly sitting and lifting her body as she rubs herself over my entire face my tongue constantly licking her. Lifting her ass off of my face, she looks into my eyes, “now it’s time for you to kiss my asshole!” She positions her asshole directly over my mouth, spreads her cheeks, “open your mouth and stick out your tongue.” Setting her asshole directly on my tongue she sits on it. Looking down at me, “rim all the way around it and then come down through the center and keep doing it until I tell you to stop.” I start tipobet güvenilir mi working her asshole over and over. Looking into my eyes she smiles, “I love you and this is what I want tonight. I want you to fuck me. Put me on my tummy, get inside me as deep as you can, fill me with your cum, and when you are spent, stay in me. When I tell you to roll off, lie on your back, I’ll get back on your face with my pussy hole right over your wide-open mouth and you can clean me up. Deal?” Lifting her ass off my face, I reply “deal.”

She gets off of me and we start to arrange the bed. “Let’s stack a couple of pillows up, I want you deep inside of me.” “Sounds good to me!” Getting everything arranged, she gets into position, legs apart, ass high with her pussy completely open. I move in behind her, giving her a nice long lick, I enter her with my rock-hard cock. Slowly I push, deeper and deeper. When I come up against her cervix, she grunts and wiggles to get comfortable, then closes her legs squeezing my cock in a tight grip. I start to move gently at first, leaning down I start licking and sucking her ear, whispering “I’m going to fuck you hard, girl!” Thrusting and grunting, I go faster and faster, with each thrust she grunts and gasps. On and on I pump her, groaning and gasping, she starts kicking her legs furiously! “Harder!” “Harder!” I pick up the pace until the bed starts jumping. Gasping, I can feel the pressure start to build higher and higher, still thrusting I continue to hold it. Finally, spent, with nothing else left, I explode in her, filling her with my hot, sticky, cum!

Spent, staying in her, she takes my hand and starts sucking my thumb, “good job stud!” As I’m resting comfortably inside her, “I’m wondering tipobet how I can get on top of you without all of your cum dripping out of me” she mused.

“That’s easy, when you’re ready, get your ass in in the air and arch your back, I’ll slide the pillows out from under you and take their place. As you start to lower yourself, I’ll position my mouth under your pussy. We can go slowly, and it will work.

Giggling, “you’re such a good sport!”

“Let’s finish this, go ahead and roll off of me.” Pushing her a little forward, I start to withdraw. She squeezes her legs even tighter and milks every drop of cum out of me. I watch it drip down into her pussy as I pull the pillows out of the way. Rolling over on my back I watch gaping wet pussy start to sit down. I continue to move my head, lining it up with her gaping hole. Slowly she sits into position, her gaping hole centered over my wide-open mouth. I push my tongue deep into and I can taste both of us. Giggling she starts to wiggle her ass. Still licking her, my cum starts to flow down onto my tongue and into my mouth. She keeps wiggling until it has all drained out of her, I swallow! Moving a little, I get her clit in my mouth and start to suck and lick it. Lifting off of me she starts kissing me again and again telling me what a good sport I am.

Holding each other, we lay together, spent. In a little while we get up to go the bathroom, where she pees, and I wash my face and cock. “Is there anything left in that,” she asks pointing at my cock. “Not tonight, but a morning blow job would be welcome.” Smiling at me, she says, “I love the taste of cum in the morning,” she says.

As we’re getting ready to go to sleep, her text notification goes off, it’s Shemeeka, she wants to do a threesome. Kimmy looks at me, “what a day! My stylist is Bi, and she eats my pussy, I come home and you spank me, fuck me in the ass, take me to dinner, I sit on your face, you fuck me, and then eat your come out of me. I have to be the luckiest girl alive!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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