Unknown Pleasure

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” Oh God yes Ben! Oh fuck me! Ohhhh Fuck me harder baby! ” came the sound of Dana screaming as she bounced up and down furiously on Ben’s hard dick, he moaned louder and louder each time as he felt her pussy move over his dick, he grabbed her ass as she bounced harder, his green eyes watching her large breast bounce up and down, with her small pink erect nipples, Dana’s head was laying back as she arched her back cumming hard on his dick, but… he never came. His eyes tilted down and covered the evidence that just happened with him and his girlfriend, he faked a loud screaming moan. And she smiled not even noticing his hadn’t shout his juice in her, Dana layed down on the bed away from Ben, as he stood. Ben hated the fact his girlfriend couldn’t make him cum, or wouldn’t even lay in his arms, he sighed and went out for a walk, as Ben cruised the sides of Charleston, he saw a young woman, maybe younger than him, since he was 18, and the girl form this distance looked about his age, he just slowly walked across the street trying not to get hit, walked up to her and said ” Hi, How are you today? ” she smiled and giggled softly ” Hello, I’m okay so far, its just so damn hot out here, ” he laughed softly and noticing that sweat was trinkling from her neck, down the valley between her two ripe breast, then suddenly something happened, his dick got rock hard in his pants.

Ben gasped to himself and looked up at her face, which made him even more harder, and smiled at her, then she said ” Well, you might as well tell me your name, ” she smiled at him, he replied ” My name is Ben, and you are? ” her reponse was ” I’m Fi, ” she looked down as he short red hair fell over her shoulders, and she smiled up at him, he thought to himself ” Oh my god shes beautiful, I have to kiss her once, oh god I have to, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri ” they began to walk along sidewalk talking furiously about things they had in common laughing and joking, smiling, and just having fun. Fi said something that he wouldn’t have expected ” Ben, I would really, and I mean really would love to makelove to you, ” she blushed to the fullest and looked down, his eyes widened, he smiled wider, and said ” You can if you meet me here at 6 pm, where I will take you to a nice dinner, then to my bed for fun if you wanted to, ” she smiled at him ” Of course, ” she hugged him, kissed his cheek, she started to walk away when Ben grabbed her gently brought her to him, and kissed her lips passionatly, she returned it with a urgency unknown to herself, his tongue slowly moved around in her mouth, savoring the taste of her, as he slowly pulled away breathing hard, he watched her trying to steady her own, she bite her lip with a smile, then Fi walked away. Ben said to himself… “Dana is not mine anymore, ” he walked to house, and remembering Dana was still there, he went inside where she was naked on his couch, she smiled up at him seductively, he said to her as he grabbed her clothes from the chair ” We are over, Get out of my house, I have noticed you want nothing but sex from me, and you also have been screwing Thomas Willus, GET OUT! ” he yelled when she didn’t budge, she finally did and screamed ” YES I’M FUCKING HIM AND LOVE IT YOU SMALLED COCKED IMPT! ” she ran from the house naked and not a tear of crying. he smiled to himself, and was happy for the fact he had Fi’s phone number, he walked up to his room, then jumped on his bed, quickly grabbing the phone beside him, Ben dialed up her number, and the next voice he heard was hers saying ” Hello, ” he said güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri ” Hi, ” then heard a small giggle from her, and the Conversation went on as this ” Hey I didn’t think you would call me, ” Of course I was going to, “she smiled “Well what did you want to talk about, “

“I’m not not sure but anything is fine, ” she giggled ” Well lets be personal now okay, ” he said ” Okay, ” and smiled. She asked questions first ” Have you ever had sex? “

“Yes, “

“Have you ever masterbated?’, ” Yes, “” By any small chance do you find me sexy? “

“Damn right, ” he smiled wider, then heard silence, he spoke up though ” Fi, where are you? “

“In my room, “” Will you lay down for me? “

“Sure, ” he heard small sounds of a bed ” Okay I am, “

“Do you still have your clothes on? “

“Just a shirt and panties, ” He smiled at his erection, ” Fi if I tell you to do some stuff will you do it for me? “

“Okay sure, ” she said hesitantly ” Fi, take your hand that isn’t holding the phone, and gently rub your left nipple for me, ” he heard a sigh then a small whimper from Fi, and he smiled as he dick got bigger “Does that feel good Fi? ” he heard a small ” Yes, ” he moaned softly as he slid off his pants and began to run his hand up and down on his dick, feeling the viens popping out on his erection, ” Now Fi, slide your hand gently down your stomach, and slowly onto your pussy, start to just rub the clit not putting pressure on it, ” he heard a moan then her breathing heavy, he moaned at her has his hand moved faster on his dick, jiggling his balls, ” Does that feel good Fi? ” she moaned a ” Oh yes, “” Now spreaded your pussy lips, and gently rub your clit for me, ” she moaned loud gasping, he couldn’t take it anymore ” Fi, is anyone home güvenilir bahis şirketleri there? “

“No” she said softly, ” Fi, baby i’ll be there soon. ” Ben pulled his clothes on, and ran over to Fi’s house, with his hard dick straining in his pants, he knocked on her door, and she came to answer it, as she stoof there is breathed heavy, then swept her up in his arms, walking upstairs to the room that looked like hers, then layed her on the bed where she was smiling up at him, as he removed his coat then his pants, and shirt next, leaving him in his boxers, Ben slowly crawled onto the bed, and spreaded her legs as he layed between them, he softly said as he slid his hands on her arms, putting them behind her head ” Kiss me Fi, please I want to feel your lips, ” she gasped softly as she lost control and began to kiss his lips passionately, running her fingers into his short brown hair licking slowly aroudn his mouth as they softly moaned in the kiss, he slowly removed her shirt as he took one creamed colored nipple between his lips and began to suckle it as he hear Fi’s moans loud, and gasping, he gently eased a finger down past her panties and gently onto her clit, rubbing it back and forther hearing her moan louder trying buck up againest his finger, he kept her down, so he could lick her sweet nipples, he finger moved away, and his dick come out of his boxers, he pushed them off, she moaned, as Ben took her panties off, her moan got way loud when the tip of his dick rubbing up and down againest her clit, Fi’s back arched high, his dick slide all the way in her, Fi’s pussywalls squeezed his dick and he nearly lost himself, as he began to thrust in and out of her quickly, her hands gripped his shoulders as he pushed faster, and harder the thrusts amazing, as he felt his dick begin to build with cum, he smiled and began to kiss Fi passionately as he erupted inside her his breathing harsh and rough againest her mouth, his eyes closing quickly as he felt Fi cum wildly, on his dick. He moaned softly as he wrapped his arms around her pulling her close to him, and they both drifted to a sleep of escasty.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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