Urban Explorer

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Urban Explorer 1

I’m not an urban explorer; however, it was a sure thing that I’d go with Danny.

We’ve been neighbors three doors apart most all our lives. Most of the time I’m in my left brain being all analytical and matter of fact. Danny is a right brain creative and adventurous person.

We were on our way home from our Community College classes. I was driving.

“Hey Robbie, let’s go explore the old Playland Park. It’s going to get dozed next week.”

I loved it when Danny got excited about something. She was almost bouncing in the car seat and looking at me with a combination of expressions that all meant a pleading please and a little feminine flirting.

I hit the turn signal for a left.

“Oh, I love you Robbie.” Danny leaned across the console and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

Our eyes made momentary direct contact. Danny’s eyes were sparking, sparkling green with a slight blue halo surrounding the green.

I’m no expert at ESP, or mind reading, or telepathy though I know I felt one of her sparks.

I pursed my lips and blew a kiss in return.

Danny is five-foot nine-inches tall. Her hair is a very light brown that goes almost blond in the bright sun. I told you about her eyes. Her face is oval, cute nose above cute kissable lips. No, she is not a knock in the body area, and if you want to argue, no woman is the perfect one. Each is unique and individual and perfect on that basis. Her breasts are smaller than her frame might suggest. Her body does have a nice cut to the waist and swell over her hips.

I moved into the neighborhood when I was six. Danny was also six. Our birthdays were close so we started having our parties together. We were always together and in those 14 years since we were six, we never got close except as friends.

Throughout our middle and high school years we had our steadies. We didn’t travel far from home. College is a community college here in town. We both work at the outlet mall. Danny works at an intimate apparel shop and loves to tease me with stories. I work in the tool store. None of my stories have exciting endings as Danny’s.

The old Playland Park sign was just ahead. I was taking it in and Danny was trying to press her invisible accelerator.

“Please hurry up, Robbie. I can’t wait to get you in there.”

“Jezz, girl, slow down. Get me in there? You’re bouncing in the seat.”

What was left of the gate lay in the middle of the road but not a hazard. I drove over it. The front gate was just a couple of car lengths away so I stopped. Danny was out and around the car to my side trying to get the door open.

“Okay, let me get things locked up, I’m coming.”

“I know you will.” Those words should have registered just as “get you in there,” and the sparks in her eyes should have.

Often, when I’m not moving fast enough for her, Danny will take my hand in a full fist grasp to drag me along. That is what I was expecting today. Instead, I got fingers and thumbs intertwined.

“Danny,” I paused.

“What Robbie?”

I guided her to the back of the ticket booth, our entwined arms went around her waist, my free arm finished the trap. Danny set the bait and I took it. We kissed, timidly, then deeper, then into tonsil licking abandon.

Danny felt my raging hard-on and pressed her mound against it. “I knew it would feel good,” Danny breathlessly sighed when the kiss ended.

I sort of drooped against the ticket booth wall ankara iri göğüsleri olan escortlar and Danny just snuggled closer. Neither kept track of time during our stupor.

Finally, Danny rustled a bit, “Come on Robert. We have an URBEX to complete.”

“Robert, what do you mean by Robert?” I was only Robert when someone was angry.”

Danny’s fingers laced in mine tightened. “That was not a Robbie kiss you gave me. That was a full grown Robert, ah, kiss. I’m glad you finally figured it out.”

“What do you mean finally? I’ve always been there for you.” I understood what she intended though in the moment, I pretended to be unaware.

“Robert, you’re playing with me. I said I love you and you just blew me a kiss. Then the ticket booth kiss. That kiss is exactly what I knew it would be. If you had kissed me like that when we were younger…,” her sentence trailed off as we embraced and kissed like lovers in a photo booth.

We crossed that line, we erased that line. My right brain felt things it had only heard of. My left brain processed the data and only returned smiley faces.

“Danny,” she replied with an um. I whispered, “are you my playland park?”

I felt her stir lifting her head. I knew what was coming was going to be life changing.

“The park has not had an opening day yet.” The sparks returned shooting bolts through my eyes into my mind and hundreds bursting in my chest making my heart race.

“Is that an invitation to the ribbon cutting?”

“You’ll be the only witness and the ribbon cutter.”

We began to stroll aimlessly taking in everything happening. The house of mirrors was a mass of shattered glass. The arcade was empty of pinball machines and games. Pieces of the tilt-a-whirl and the rocket lay scattered. The fun house came into view and I could see it was trashed.

“Shall we check the fun house, Robert? It looks a little sketchy doesn’t it?”

I laughed, “After our revelations, fun house has a different meaning now.”

“I know. Knowing how you react to me doesn’t help either. But not now.”

We walked into the fun house. None of the fun house gags were left. Graffiti was everywhere as if it was dueling spray cans.

Danny’s phone rang. “Hi, mom. … I’m with Robert. … Yes, that’s right, Robert. … Playland Park urban exploring. … Yes, me and Robert. … I’ll be home for dinner or I’ll call you. … Jeez us, mom. … The fun house. … With Robert and it’s fun. … By, mom.”

I chuckled, “Mom wants to make sure you’re safe and not doing it?” I smiled and waited for Danny’s reply.

“Come here,” Danny commanded. I obeyed.

We became wrapped in another embrace. Her hands crept lower down my back to cup my ass cheeks.

“She’s terrified, Robert.”

Some place by the old arcade we kissed again and added our temperature to global warming.

“Don’t keep me waiting too long. The thrill of you give me…”

I didn’t finish the sentence. Danny did as she pressed her mound into me again, “… the thrill you give me.”

Everything from the left turn and the “I love you Robbie” to this moment were predestined. It was going to happen.

All restrictions were now gone, I cupped my palm over her shorts on her pubic bone. My fingers extended to the center of her being and massaged. Danny whimpered and slumped against me.

“I think I orgasmed, Robert.” Danny was weak and leaned herself against me, “I knew it would be good.”

“I elvankent götü büyük escortlar wonder how many girls walked out the gate knowing they weren’t going to be virgins much longer?” I drew Danny closer, “How much longer, Danny?”

“We’ll know when, soon.”

Our pace picked up with knowledge of a new sense of urgency.

Usually, I park on the street or in the driveway where Danny waves and heads off toward her home. It was much different this afternoon; I walked her home and we stood at the front door like teens on a first date.

“Is this where we kiss good night before mom flashes the porch light?” It was late afternoon and still plenty of sun, of course. However, the moment had that intense desire to linger even until the door opened.

“Do you have a lot of studying to do tonight?” Danny was standing next to me so sweetly with an arm around my waist.

“Nothing that has a deadline. Why?”

“See me after dinner, Robert.”

The kiss left no doubt in my mind that I’d knock on her door before I could swallow my last bite.

I whispered a faint, “I love you, Danny,” then turned to head home.

My mom can hear a feather hit the ground at 50 paces. It didn’t surprise me that she called out first.

“You’re later than usual.” That’s her canned statement when expecting a detailed response.

“Danny asked me to go on an urban explore with her. It was fun.” One hundred percent the truth although some details were eliminated.

“That doesn’t explain your car in the driveway for 30 minutes before you come.”

“We had a nice couple hours to explore after classes and I decided it would be nice to walk her home once.” Again all true.

“I think you are withholding something. Never mind, get yourself cleaned up and try to dress a little neatly.” There was that tone in her voice that made it clear something was in the wind.

Danny starts calling me Robert after a kiss. She used Robert on the phone with her mother. Now, it comes from my mom. “Robert, I think you are withholding something.

“What can I be withholding?”

I sent a text to Danny: “After dinner at 7?”

Her reply sent shivers, “I have dessert and breakfast.”

To Danny: “People will think we like each other.”

To me: “Or maybe even love each other?”

To Danny: “Head over heels rapidly approaching deeply!”

I took extra time primping for an evening that will change the lives of two people nad two families.

The doorbell chimed. Danny must have been waiting because the door opened less than a moment later. The sight before me was Danny in her radiance. Her hair was neatly pulled back in a ponytail. Her face showed a carefully placed but not overdone makeup that pulled the green of her eyes right into the room. The fabric of her blouse did nothing to conceal the lacy bra underneath. My eyes burst from my head at seeing her satin skin tight slacks. Naked couldn’t be any more revealing.

“Who… Wha… WOW!” A long drawn out wow. “Can I touch this beautiful statue?

“I think she expects you to.”

The inches between us evaporated into a hug and kiss making our bodies mesh into one fabric. Danny made little sighs as I raked my fingers up and down her back. Each stroke drifted closer to the satan fabric of her pants.

My fingertips raked over the satan fabric, over the crest of her butt where my palms opened to pull her against me.

Danny was whimpering etimesgut çıtır escortlar louder and thrust herself againat against me. I held her, pulled her tighter with thrust. I encouraged her softly, “Cum Danny.”

Danny convulsed hard and again, finally quizering, shaking, and moaning as she rode out an orgasm. I wondered what it would be like when Danny is ready.

“Hold me Robert. Oh, please hold me.” Danny was having the last waves of orgasm wash over her. “Will I cum like this when we make love?”

“We are making love, Danny.”

“This morning it dawned and I felt something special.”

“I don’t think you finished your thought.”

The total contentment on Danny’s face was pleasing to look at. She looked relaxed and at ease.

“I didn’t, I will.”

“Danny, we’re alone?” We had to be. The display we just put on was ripe for softcore porn.

“The whole house is ours.” Danny’s breathing was returning to normal but she was having problems with her legs. “Robert, why did you give me our first kiss like that this afternoon?”

“I heard your hints and clues. I was sure when you twined your fingers in mine. You always grab my wrist and drag me along. The cool shade in the shadow of the ticket booth was the place and time.”

Danny wilted a bit more. “Robert, it was special.”

The feeling of her breath on my neck, sensing her nipples through the fabric of our clothes, the globes of her butt still being touched by my palms, the feeling of her in my arms, I couldn’t hold out.

“I’m going to cum,” I was gritting my teeth, “You sweet darling, I’m cumming!” I wet myself thoroughly.

“That’s astonishing! I feel it pulsing. Oh my gawd Robert! It’s beautiful!”

Now I was feeling a little weak-kneed. “Will you greet me at the door like this forever?”

There was that distinct aroma of sex in the air. We both inhaled and exhaled deeply, regaining our composure.

I had a mess in my pants and didn’t know how to tell Danny about the discomfort.

“Ah, Robert,” Danny tentatively started.


“Do you need the bathroom as badly as me?” She twined her fingers in mine and led me to her bedroom.

Danny was supposed to have a brother or sister and the family made matching bedrooms connected by a Jack they fell to our knees. We did that funny dance everyone does who is trying to get naked in a hurry. It was a tumble onto the mattress and a grabbing at the last barriers of our clothing.

The full scent of our previous door greeting was in the air. “It’s time. Don’t waste it Robert.”

Danny made clear with her posture she wanted me on top in missionary position. Danny was neatly trimmed and labia glistened. The tip of my cock touched her lightly causing Danny to lurch from the pleasure of the touch.

The moan from the light touch turned into a scream as Danny filled with cock. There wasn’t resistance like I believed there would be.

“It’s true, Robert,” Danny moaned and panted for breath. “It hurts so good.”

After having a moment to realize that she had a cock filling her and adjusting to it, I began to feel her pelvis gyrating slightly under me. I found her rhythm and countered. The depth and height of her gyrations grew as her excitement built.

Danny was almost incoherent, “I like it,” in a gasp. “No hurt,” in a pant.

The final scream was too much. I felt something wet soaking us. “Ca aah ahh om om om ing!”

“Oh, Danny! Me too.” The nano-moment that our two essential life juices mingled a shock wave blasted over us, a new wave of orgasm rapture to ride out.

I was wilting and slipped away from my warm nest. Danny and I could only gaze into our eyes. I don’t know what Danny read in my eyes, I saw her total surrender of love and felt the aura warm us.

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