Vacation Fun

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Dear Readers,

It has been a long time since I have put my work in the public’s eye. I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think in the comments as well as if you would like to see future chapters of this story.



After a long week at the office, all Megan wanted to do was have a long soak in her hot tub and drink a few glasses of wine. The endless meetings and task after task from her boss had taken its toll. “Thank God I am officially on vacation; two weeks of no work and nothing but fun in the woods.”

Walking through her front door, Megan kicked off her heels and started to strip while walking through her house: pulling her clip out of her hair, she shook it until her thick, wavy, mahogany locks fell in waves down her back and brushed against her thick, round ass. After she unbuttoned and removed her blouse, she unsnapped her lacy white bra that held up her 38C breasts, sighing with relief as she tossed her bra to the floor. Next, she unzipped her mid-thigh length pencil skirt from her waist and simply let it drop to the floor. All that stood between her and full nakedness was her white, lace boy shorts. Megan hooked her thumbs into the waistband, and slowly slid them off her long-tanned legs. Now standing completely naked in all her short 5’4″ glory, Megan ran her fingers through her hair, and headed for the kitchen.

Her bottle of pino grigio was calling her name. Thankfully, she had thought about it before she left for work and put it in the fridge to chill and had turned on the hot tub. Now, everything was waiting for her. It was late October, so the air was as crisp as her glass of wine as she stepped out into her backyard. A slight breeze rushed through her porch causing her to moan as the cool sensation hardened her nipples and raised goosebumps on her skin. Grabbing a thick towel from the rack next to the door, she sauntered over to the steaming, bubbling hot tub. Placing her wine glass on the edge and sinking her naked body into the hot water, Megan sighed with relief. Lifting her hair over the edge of the hot tub, she let herself melt into the built-in lounger and let the jets massage all the week’s troubles away.

John stood there with his mouth open as he watched his neighbor walk out of her house: naked as a newborn babe; her long brown hair softly swaying as she walked to her hot tub and climbed in. He had always thought she was gorgeous, but never could get himself to tell her. Now here he was, sitting in his back yard, wishing he was in that hot tub with her.

Working construction for a living, John stayed in excellent shape. He was 5’9″ and stayed muscular and lean. His skin was tanned, and the sun had bleached his already blonde hair. His eyes were Caribbean water blue. The type of blue that, he has been told several times, someone could get lost in. He was proud to say that at 45 years old, he had girls in their 20s chasing him. Smiling as he cracked another Yuengling, they were exactly that… girls…but this creature on the other side of the fence was a woman, a goddess. A woman whose aura oozed sex appeal. A woman who could satisfy him in ways that those teeny bopper girls could not.

His thoughts drifted off to ways that Megan could please him, and the vision of her warm mouth sucking his hard cock as she looked up at him, made John groan inward. He had spent too many recent nights jerking off thinking about the different positions he could put that mahogany-haired goddess in, and it was happening again. He knew if he didn’t get inside and jerk off soon, he was going to do it right there on his porch, and since he was loud when he orgasmed, she would hear him.

Megan heard the bottle cap pop off John’s beer next door, and knew he was on the porch. The thought of him out there, watching her sink into her hot tub naked, made her pussy ache. It had been almost a year since the last time she was pleasured by a man, and her body was begging for some attention. She had always secretly watched John while he did yard work or work around his half of the duplex. Images of his sweat soaked body racked her dreams and she would canlı bahis wake up with a throbbing, soaking wet pussy. Just thinking of him entering her made her groan and grab a handful of her breast while pinching her nipple. She desperately needed to feel his cock inside her, pounding her until she exploded all over it. Groaning again, Megan sat up in the hot tub and made a decision that would start her vacation off right.


John saw something move out of the corner of his eye and realized that Megan had sat up in her full naked glory and was waving him over. Gulping his beer, John walked over to the fence, “What’s up Megan?” he drawled unable to stop his eyes from drifting down to those gorgeous globes dripping with water. He licked his lips and forced his eyes to focus on her face. Her full, red lips were moving, but John wasn’t focusing on what she was saying. Rather, he was focused on how those lips would feel wrapped around his dick. Those gorgeous lips had stopped moving, and John pulled himself out of his daydream, shook his head, “I’m sorry, what did you say?” he said.

Grinning, Megan shook her head and repeated, “John, why don’t you join me this evening? I could use the company.”

Slowly nodding his head yes, John grabbed the rest of his beers and within a few minutes was in Megan’s backyard, trying to keep from acting like a high school kid getting his first lay. “This is going to be the best Friday night in a long time,” he thought to himself.

Sinking back into the warm water, Megan couldn’t help but slightly trace her nails along the lips of her pussy. She hoped he would strip completely and allow her to see all of him. He was currently wearing a pair of jogging pants and no shirt. She hoped he didn’t have anything on underneath because even in the moon light, she could see the tent that his cock was forming. Licking her lips, Megan reached for her glass of wine, and gulped it in one swallow while never taking her eyes off John.

John offered to refill her glass, and Megan eagerly agreed. When he turned around, he heard a groan come from the hot tub. “Are you ok? John asked her.

“I’m good,” Megan said. The groan had escaped because she was slowly rubbing her swollen nub, and was already feeling an orgasm building. She needed release. She has never been this brazen before, and wondered what had come over her. She has never been this bad, especially over a guy that was several years older than her, plus one she barely knew.

John returned with her glass, and Megan nodded for him to put it on the edge of the hot tub, still dragging the tip of her fingers around her nub. Part of her hoped he would notice, the other part wasn’t sure if it was a good idea or not, but she knew he had already seen her breasts when she stood up. That part she wasn’t shy about, it was the fact she was on the edge of an orgasm with this extremely attractive man about to climb into her hot tub. The thought of it made her squirm, and while John’s back was turned, managed to stifle another groan as her body stiffened and she came hard.

Hearing the quick stifle behind him, John smiled. He had seen where her hands were at when he placed her wine glass on the side of the hot tub. She hadn’t realized that the jets were no longer running, and he could clearly see her rubbing her pussy. The thought that this woman was playing with herself, right in front of him, made his cock rock hard, and there was no hiding it. With his back turned to her, he asked, “Since it’s obvious that you are not wearing anything, do you mind if I do the same?”

Megan moaned out, “Not at all, John. I would actually prefer it if you don’t.”

Grinning to himself, John quickly stepped out of his jogging pants, turned toward Megan, and waited for her reaction to his cock. Unable to stop herself, Megan licked her lips at the sight of his long, thick cock standing at attention in front of her. As if under a spell, Megan stood up, and walked to the edge of the hot tub. All she could concentrate on was touching him. When she reached the edge, she realized that he wasn’t standing close enough. Megan bahis siteleri looked up at John’s face, and motioned for him to come closer.

John moved right against the edge of the tub, Megan got on her knees in the seat, and wrapped her hand around his hard cock. Not taking her eyes off his, she slowly started to jerk him off. He groaned, and let his head fall back. The feeling of her hand slowly sliding up and down him was almost too much. Fighting the urge to pick her up, place her on the edge of the hot tub, and slam his cock deep inside that soaking wet pussy, he tried to relax and just enjoy feeling her hand on him.

Unable to resist the urge to taste his dripping pre-cum any longer, Megan slowly traced the tip of him with her tongue. His pre-cum was sweet and salty. Moaning, she wrapped her mouth around him, and slowly started to slide her mouth down his cock. John looked down, and watched this green-eyed goddess enjoy the taste of him. Megan slowly slid her mouth up, while dragging her teeth along the underside. She heard John groan, and kept teasing him. One minute she sucked hard and fast, the next she was tracing the tip of her tongue up and down. The next time she worked up, her hand joined her mouth working up and down his cock. The feeling made John almost cum right then and there. Tangling his fingers into her hair, John felt her moan deep against his cock, and tightened his grip.

As Megan sucked harder and faster, she could feel John’s head start to swell. His grip on her hair got tighter and tighter, moaning, she heard John growl deep in this throat, as the first spurt of his cum hit the back of her throat. Groaning at the sweet, saltiness of his cum, Megan didn’t miss a beat and kept sucking until she drained him dry. As she slowed her pace, she sucked and squeezed his cock until she was sure every drop of his cum was drained.

“Are you gonna let me in now?” John asked.

Grinning, Megan, slid back in the water, and watched John step into the hot tub. Finally realizing the jets had turned off, she turned them back on, and moved back to her lounger.

The water felt warm against John’s body as he slid into the hot tub, but instead of claiming another seat, he walked over to the lounger that Megan was reclined in. Bending down, he easily picked up her 150-pound frame, sat her on the edge of the tub, and kissed those full lips. He traced his tongue around her lips, and felt them open with her tongue darting in his mouth to deepen the kiss. She tasted like raw honey on a hot summer day. Groaning, John wanted to devour her. Breaking off the kiss, and nipping at her bottom lip, he ran his hand down to her gorgeous breasts. They were heavy and full in his hands. Rolling the nipple of the right one between his fingers, he leaned down and sucked the left one in his mouth. John heard her moan as she pulled his head in tighter. Using his teeth and his tongue, he kept rolling both nipples as he felt her press her pussy against his abdomen and wrapped her legs around him.

Megan had never had a man graze her nipples with his teeth before, and it was throwing her body into a state of euphoria. She couldn’t get enough. Her entire body was buzzing, and she needed more. She started to rock her pussy against his six pack, hoping for some sort of release, but John realized what she was doing and pulled back. Considering her lust filled eyes, John told Megan, “Be patient my sex goddess. I am going to make you cum like you never have before.”

Smiling, Megan released her legs from around him, and relaxed. “I hope you make me cum soon. I’m throbbing so hard I can barely stand it.”, she told him.

Grinning, John moved back between her legs, and started to kiss and lick his way down her body. He stopped again at her breasts, and dragging his nails along the inner side of her thigh at the same time stopping just short of her pussy. She squirmed, and he grinned. He knew the effect he was having on her, and knew the more he teased and played this woman, the harder and more she would cum. She already had her back arched and was almost meowing like a cat. Wrapping his fingers through her bahis şirketleri hair, he pulled her in for a deep kiss and traced the swollen lips of her pussy with his other hand.

Groaning against his lips, Megan begged, “John, please. I need to be fucked now!”

Moving to her earlobe, John whispered, “Not yet baby. I have wanted this since you moved in, and I’m going to savor every second. I have had fantasies of doing this and other things to you while jerking off, and I want to make some of them come true.” As John uttered the last words, he slowly slid his finger deep inside her pussy. She was tight, and soaking wet. Curling his finger up, he easily found her g-spot, and just put a little pressure on it and nipped at her neck at the same time. Megan moaned loudly, “Harder, John, bite me harder.” He eagerly obliged by biting her like a hungry vampire, pressed harder on her g-spot, and felt her pussy clamp down around his finger. He knew she was getting ready to cum right then. He pulled his finger out, and started rolling her nipples between his fingers again. She was moaning, begging him for release, but John was not ready to give it to her. Not yet.

Once Megan had backed away from the orgasmic edge she was on, John slowly traced his tongue to her pussy. The sweet, musky sent coming from her filled his senses as he spread her legs wider. Putting his mouth close enough that she could feel his breath on her engorged nub, John felt her hips try to move closer. He held her down and suddenly bit the inside of her thigh, causing Megan to groan in response. John bit her again, a little closer to her dripping wet pussy, and she groaned again while trying to slide herself closer to John’s mouth. He grinned, because he knew exactly what she wanted. John knew his resolve was melting quickly, but he had to taste this sexual goddess spread out in front of him. He knew if he didn’t dive into her muff soon, it would be his cock pounding her instead. Diving down, John immediately started to devour her.

Megan gasped as she suddenly felt John’s hot mouth envelop her folds. His tongue was expertly sliding up and down, teasing her nub and her hole. She felt John start to slowly slide two fingers into her dripping pussy, and she gasped in response. His two fingers filled her full, and it felt amazing. She desperately needed to cum, and started to meet his thrusts with her hips. His fingers played her like a finely tuned violin. Fast then slow, then fast again. She was building quickly. Suddenly, her back arched, she threw her head back, and screamed as she squirted all over John’s hands and face. John continued to slam his fingers in and out of her and continued to suck and lick her clit, keeping her riding her orgasm for as long as he possibly could. Thinking she would get a minute to catch her breath, Megan started to close her legs as John moved away, but he had other ideas.

John was beyond ready to feel that orgasm again, but this time on his cock. He knew if he let her come down from her orgasm, it would take longer than he could last to build her back up. He immediately slammed his dick into her now sopping wet pussy. She was very tight, and he saw her eyes widen as soon as he bottomed out. The walls of her pussy gripped his cock so hard, he knew it wouldn’t be long and he would cum deep inside her. He wanted her to get one more before he did though, and fucked her hard. She was moaning, begging for more. Within minutes, John felt her pussy clamp down on his cock, and she gushed cum all over him. That was all it took, his back stiffened up, he practically growled, and came harder than he had in a long time. Megan was just starting to come down off the last orgasm, and the shot of his cum, sent her over again, screaming.

Megan felt John’s body relax, and he sank into the water, with her still on his cock. She relaxed against his chest and tried to catch her breath. “That…was…fucking…amazing…” she managed to breathe out.

John nodded his head in agreement, “I have not had sex that phenomenal in a very long time, and I have never been with a woman who cums as hard as you do.”

Feeling his dick start to soften, and slide out of her, Megan slid off John’s lap and reached for her glass of wine and his beer. Grinning seductively while handing him is beer, Megan said, “I propose a toast: to a new friendship.”

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