Vacation Pt. 04

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Michael had for a long time secretly harbored desires to suck cocks. He didn’t consider himself gay, only he wanted to suck cock. His wife Margo found out his desires (Finding his internet history) and decided to make his dreams a reality. She had been having an affair and together she and her lover hatched a plan to give Michael what he wanted on a luxury vacation.

The rest of the vacation was a complete blur of sucking cock and swallowing cum.

Luis and I were a team, sharing cocks whenever Margo and William found someone for us to suck off. Either one of us would simply drop to our knees and give the fortunate stranger a blowjob. We blew the poolside waiter, the gardener, the surf instructor, a few guests, even the Resort manager. And of course William and each other.

Margo and William couldn’t get enough of watching the two of us take on all cummers. I was completely uninhibited as I knew that I would never see any of these people again, so I was reveling in my new-found power to get a man to cum in my mouth and feel his cock explode down my throat or on my tongue. I became a connoisseur of cum. Every load had a different taste and texture. Some I loved (and would always try to go back for seconds) and some were disgusting.

A few guys wanted to fuck either or both of us, but I drew the line at just blowjobs. Besides, I was becoming addicted to sucking cock. I couldn’t get enough. Margo was so pleased with herself for “forcing” me to take the plunge and was enjoying her time with her lover William and their power over me and Luis.

The vacation had to end eventually and we bid goodbye to my suck buddy and wished him well in his new life and headed back to the real world.

Even though I had become obsessed with cock sucking, when I got on the plane to go home the realization of what my new desires would mean at home hit me like a ton of bricks.

Could I find cocks to suck at home?

Would Margo and William find them for me?

Could I keep my desires secret?

Did I want to?

What would I do if my friends found out?

What about co-workers?

What would happen to my marriage? Would Margo leave me for William?

Would he move in with us?

When we got back home William went his own way and Margo and I went home. When we got there I was quiet as I waiting to see if she was going to bring up the elephant in the room. Nothing. She just put on her nightgown and went to bed.

The next morning still nothing, so I just got ready and went in to work.

When I got to the office I could feel a buzz as soon as I walked in. I was greeted by a couple co-workers who just said “Have you heard anything?”

“No, I just got back from vacation, what’s going on?”

The CEO resigned abruptly under some shady circumstances and the board immediately brought in some guy from outside. We haven’t met him or even heard who he is”.

I work in the headquarters for medium sized public firm with a few hundred employees in the corporate offices. When I got o y desk and logged on to email, there was a broadcast message to all HQ employees to meet in the cafeteria for an announcement at 10:00. I looked at the clock and saw that it was five minutes from now. I joined the rest of the people heading to the cafeteria, all in a tizzy over who the new CEO might be.

As we gather together, the head of HR went to the podium and announced that we have a new CEO and then starting telling us all about the new guy. After what seemed an interminable time he ended with, “It I my pleasure to introduce our new CEO, William Landing.”

HOLY SHIT! I nearly fainted as my wife’s lover was announced as my new CEO!

My head is spinning and I can only hear buzzing in my head as I watch him take the podium and give his talk. I don’t hear a word of it as all sorts of thoughts are racing through my head.

“Michael, are you coming?”

Someone shakes me a little and I realize that William is finished and everyone is heading back to their desks. I follow like a lemming listening to everyone’s comments about the new boss.

“He looks so confidant, so sure of himself”

“What did you think he meant by changes are coming?”

“Expecting people to be willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead?”

“Why did he seem to hesitate when he looked in our direction?”

For the first couple weeks nothing changed, either in the office or at home. It was like nothing had ever happened. At work William and I were in a couple meetings together and at the first one as everyone was introducing themselves he didn’t acknowledge that he and I had ever met, which filled me with a real sense of relief. I was running a pretty important project and had to make an executive presentation to him and the senior leadership team. I was nervous as hell as I knew that he would be addressing me directly in that meeting. Instead of the worst that could have happened, he only asked a few tough questions for which I had ready answers and at the end singled canlı bahis me out for a real good job. Getting a compliment from him gave me a bigger sense of accomplishment than I had ever had at work before.

A week later he called me into his office. My anxiety level was through the roof. I had no idea what he wanted or how I should act. When the appointed time came his secretary ushered me in and closed the door behind me.

“Well hi there Michael, sit down and relax. Let me get right to the point. I am about to make some significant changes around here and I want you to be part of them. I am offering you the position of my executive assistant, kind of my chief of staff. What do you think?”

My mouth must have dropped open in surprise and he said, “I guess that was not what you were expecting huh?”

“No, that wasn’t. Are you serious?”

“As a heart attack.”

He could tell that I had a hundred questions, but he just waved his hand and said “That’s it. You can start the new job on Monday. Dismissed.”

The announcement of my promotion went out later that morning. I was in a bathroom stall when a couple of my workmates came in and obviously didn’t know I was there.

“Can you believe Michael got the EA position? He must be blowing this guy.”

Little did they know.

So a few weeks go by and William and I are working closely together and he has never made any comments that in any way alluded to our shared experience on vacation. It has been all business.

Likewise at home as Margo and I picked up right where we left off with no mention of that trip or what happened. Here I was expecting my life to change completely and it’s like it was all a dream and none of it happened.

Then one day William came to me and told me that he wanted to make a tour of our other facilities and offices and could I make all the arrangements. We had a large number of locations so it was going to take us three weeks to see them all including weekends.

When I told Margo that I would be gone for that long she barely reacted. All she did was ask me if I could share the itinerary so she would know where I was. I gave her all the flights and hotels that we would be at during the trip. When she asked if there were any days off, I told her no William had wanted to do one after another and did not request any days off.

The first few days of our trip followed our itinerary exactly, meeting, meeting, flight, dinner, hotel each day. Until day four.

When we were finished for the day and heading to the hotel for the night William said that there was a change in plans. He directed me to a place he wanted to take me. Now the entire times since we had returned from vacation and the time I had been working as his assistant there had been no mention nor hint about anything that had transpired on our vacation, so I had no idea where he was taking me. When his directions took us into a seedy part of town I began to worry. Nothing was clearer when he told me to pull into a strip mall and told me to park over at the end of the lot. When we started to walk towards the building I realized that he was taking me to the adult bookstore. What, was he going to buy some sex toys?

As we walked around the store checking out the merchandise I noticed a hallway in the back with a bunch of doors. Viewing booths. William saw me checking them out and suggested that we walk back there. There were six doors, three on each side of the hallway. There were red lights on all but one, the middle one on the right. “Ah here, let’s check this one out”. There must have been eight or nine guys milling about in the hall and I wondered why there was still a booth open. When we both walked into the booth and I saw the holes on each side I realized (Of course I had suspected) that they were gloryholes.

“Michael, it’s time to satisfy your cocksucking desires again. Margo and I felt that it would be best if we just let you stew trying to figure out if we were going to make you do anything again. Well surprise my friend you have a night of cocksucking glory ahead of you. This place gets pretty busy and I know the owner and asked if he would get the word out that there was a willing cocksucker coming this evening. I’m not going to stick around, but I will stay for your first one, me.”

With that, I dropped immediately to my knees and undid his pants and pulled them down to his ankles. His lovely large cock popped up to greet me. I took it in my hand and just stared at it for a few seconds marveling in its beauty. His cock is larger than average, thick and perfectly straight. His balls are large and he is cleanly shaved. There was a small drop of pre-cum on the tip of his cock so I leaned in and licked it off. Boy did I miss this flavor!

I went down and licked and sucked on his balls holding his dick above my face. While I licked and sucked I stroked him to keep him hard. I licked up and down a few times and then took him gently in my mouth, feeling the spongy head on my tongue. “MMMMMMMM”. bahis siteleri I slide my mouth down his cock and bury my face in his crotch. He lets out a slight moan, “Oh Michael, you have learned so well.” He grabbed my head in his hands and began to control the tempo, pulling me up and down on his cock. The first time his cock pushes all the way in I gag a little bit since I haven’t had one in my mouth for a few months. It doesn’t take me more than a few strokes before I am able to let him pull my face right down to the root of his cock. He has complete control of my head and he alternates the pace and the depth of my sucking. I simply go where he leads me and I am loving it. Oh how I missed this.

After a few minutes he begins to increase the pace to a steady, quick, deep pumping and then he tops moving my head and simply pulls it down so my throat is filled and my face is tightly mashed in his crotch. I can feel his cock thicken and feel the pulse as he shoots his load directly down my throat. He holds me there until he is spent so I never taste his sweet cum, but that’s ok. I feel so proud that he was able to use me as he wanted and I was able to give him the satisfaction. He pulls out slowly so I can suck his cock clean as he withdraws.

He pulls up his pants and puts his cock away. He pats me on the head. “You might as well stay on your knees Michael, I have a feeling you are going to be there for quite a while. I’ll be back at closing time to pick you up,” and he walks out the door.

Closing time??!! That wasn’t for hours. It was only six o’clock now. Did he expect me to be here on my knees sucking strangers for that long? Now of course I had loved sucking cocks back at the resort, but that had always been one or two at a time, okay sometimes three. But to be doing it for this long was something completely different. Since he had already left with the car I really had no choice but to stay and hope for the best. Since I was going to be here for a while and I know how messy blowjobs can get I figured I better get my clothes off so that They didn’t end up all cover in cum and spit.

Not two minutes after the door closed behind William, I saw light coming from the video that had started in the left booth. I peeked through the hole and all I saw was a cock with a hand wrapped around it stroking it to hardness. As I was staring at it there was voice from behind me “OK sweetheart, come over here and get started”. I turned around and watched as a long thin shiny cock pushed through the wall. It was gorgeous. I crawled over on my knees (thank god the floors were nicely padded) and reached up to grab this majestic dick. I felt it pulse in my hand as I just held it softly, admiring it. “Come on sweetheart, it ain’t going to suck itself”. Taking the hint, I started to lick it from his nuts to the tip, up and down. Once it was coated in my saliva, I took the head in my mouth and slid an inch or so past the glans. He was having none of that and he thrust himself as far as he could into my mouth. I was grateful that there was a wall between us. It allowed me nearly complete control. There would be no grabbing of my head forcing me to take more than I wanted, or to otherwise get too rough. Just sucking at whatever pace I wanted.

Since I was here not just for my pleasure but for the pleasure of the guys on the other side of the wall figured I would give what he wanted. I took his cock as deep as I could (about 2/3 of the way down) and then began a quicker pace, bobbing my head back and forth in a steady rhythm. I was doing this for a couple minutes when I heard a knock on the wall. I was hoping that I had locked the door and no one was trying to get into the booth with me when all of a sudden the cock in my mouth pushed as far into my mouth as he could and I felt my mouth flood with a sweet, thick load of cum. I held my mouth on his head as he finished oozing out his load and let his cock go with a loud pop as he withdrew. I savored the cum and swallowed.

So, I figured out that the knock wasn’t someone trying to get in (I checked the door anyway to make sure it was locked) but him telling me that he was cumming. Very courteous.

I turned around and saw an eye staring at me from the left hole. The first arriver must have watched the whole scene from his side. As he saw me turn towards him, the eye disappeared and was replaced by a fat, short cock. No words were necessary as I immediately tried to fit that thing into my mouth. The head fit nicely in my mouth, but as I tried to slide down his shaft I had to stretch my mouth wider than I thought possible so that my teeth wouldn’t scrape his dick. There was no way I could move up and down on this thing, so I just kept the head in my mouth and stroked him. Luckily he must have gotten excited watching my performance because in moments he knocked and pulsed out his cum. Since this is why I love sucking so much, I just stayed glued to the head of his fat cock until he pulled away as satisfied as I was.

Three cocks bahis şirketleri sucked and I hadn’t spilled a drop of precious cum. My night was starting out pretty good.

As expected, there was another cock waiting in the right hole. Oh my! It was huge. It made William’s look small. It was perfectly straight, about 10-11″ (who brings a ruler with them?) with a nice big plum shaped head and hard as a rock. It was the perfect porn star cock and it was all mine for however long I needed for it to give me my reward. I eagerly crawled to it and took it in my hand. I leaned down and took one of his perfect balls in my mouth and sucked it. I tried to get them both in my mouth and almost succeeded, but just had to satisfy myself with alternating one to the other while I stroked him. I couldn’t get enough of his sweet nuts but I figured I better get started so I tore myself away and pulled his cock to my mouth and took it between my lips. I started to glide back and forth on him, taking it a little deeper each time. I thought to myself that I was able to deep throat William’s cock, and because this one was a little longer and a little thicker that I would try to take it all the way.

On one down-stroke he hit bottom. I held it there for a second or two and tried to relax to concentrate on ignoring the gag reflex. I took a breath through my nose and pushed down a little and thrilled when the mushroom head passed through my gullet and my nose buried into his pubes. “OH GOD!! No one has ever done that to me before.” I was so proud that I was able to give him this. “Please, hold it there, I’m going to blow. Please?” Before I could decide I felt the throb as his cock was pulsing out his cum directly down my throat. It is a feeling beyond compare, as even though you can’t taste it you know that he is giving you all that you need and you have given him an indescribable pleasure. I let him pulse three or four times before I backed off and held his head in my mouth to finish him off. When he finally withdrew, he put his face up to the hole and said, “Thank you. No one has ever been able to take me to the base and cumming with my cock buried in your throat was the best orgasm I ever had. I’ll be getting to the back of the line, so you can expect me back in a couple hours.”

A couple hours? How the fuck many guys are out there? What has William gotten me in to? I mean, I know that I love to suck cock, but this might be a little too much. Anyway, I had no choices available to me and I WAS doing something that I loved so I might as well go for it.

My fifth cock of the night was already poking through the left hole (with another one waiting in the right hole), so I got back to it. This one was little. So small that when I wrapped my hand around it my fist completely covered both the shaft and the head. I put it in my mouth and started playing with his balls. In about ten seconds he knocked and started to pump his seed in my mouth. The first shot nearly choked me as it shot right down my throat. I had to swallow quickly as the second spurt was as big as the first. He kept pumping and pumping and I had a tough time swallowing fast enough to keep up. It was the most cum any guy had deposited in me. I guess big things cum in small packages.

I kept going and going, from hole to hole as cock after cock unloaded their deposits in my willing mouth. I did my best to swallow everything that was offered, but I was still a mess of cum and spit. At one point a guy offered me a bottle of water saying, “I know you have a lot to ‘drink’ so far, but I thought you might be thirsty”. I was extremely grateful.

I stopped counting the guys that I sucked off, but they kept cumming and cumming. My jaw was aching from stretching around all those poles and my lips were numb. I kept belching up the taste of cum. I was in heaven.

At one point, the fourth cock, the one I challenged myself to deep throat, came back (I recognized such a magnificent cock right away). Before I started, I asked him if it had been a couple hours already. I was floored when he replied that he had left to get some dinner and when he came back and got in line he had been waiting for an additional three hours! I asked him if the line was almost ended and he said, “dude, it is literally SRO in the hall and in the store. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were guys waiting outside.” I was stunned and tried to figure out if I really wanted to continue, well I’ll make that decision after I take his wonderful stick at least.

My mind went blank as I got back to work. I have no idea how many men had made a deposit that night. I had sucked all kinds of cocks, every size, shape and color. Long ones, short ones fat, skinny, cut, uncut. Some were quick, some took forever to cum, the tastes were varied. I found in the beginning that I could taste the difference from guy to guy, but as the evening wore on and the cum sort of numbed my tongue I could no longer taste.

When the line finally ended I got up and struggled to stand as I had been on my knees the whole time. There was a knock on the door (I knew it wasn’t someone about to cum in my mouth) and when I asked who it was I heard “It’s me, Michael, it’s William. Are you ready to go?” Boy was I.

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