Visiting Sis Ch. 06

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Shannin and Stacy buy new swimsuits and model them for me. Shannin shows me her wax job. The day is just starting to heat up with these two amazing women.

Since there was no one else home I jumped into the pool wearing only my nylon running shorts. After swimming a few laps, I looked up to see Shannin and Stacy standing at the edge of the pool. They smiled at me as I swam up to meet them. They were both wearing denim mini skirts and I figured the view from my lower position would be quite exciting. As we talked, I desperately tried to look them in the face but it was difficult. Stacy was wearing white see-through nylon panties and Shannin had gone commando. She has a beautiful pussy and it was really difficult to keep my mind on topic.

Apparently they both ended up buying a bikini and couldn’t wait to model them for me. Stacy excused herself and turned to go into the house to change. I quickly glanced up at her as she turned around and I was pleased to get a great view of her beautiful round ass. Shannin stayed behind. She knelt down in front of me and bent over to give me a kiss. I contemplated pulling her into the pool but decided otherwise. She gave me a quick peck on the lips and then backed away. She looked into my eyes and asked, “So, did you have fun last night?” She paused for only a second or two, not giving me a chance to answer when I heard her say a little quieter, “After I fell asleep?” With a smirk on her face, she continued, “For some reason I woke up this morning with dried cum all over the front of my legs and pussy.”

I was busted and she knew it. She smiled and said, “When I woke up this morning and figured out what you did to me, I got so hot and horny that I couldn’t resist fingering my dripping wet pussy. I got myself off pressing my ass into your cock while you slept. Apparently I’m not the only one who is a deep sleeper.” She bent forward and gave me another kiss. I was in shock to hear what she had done. My shock turned to excitement when she said, “I know that I’m a fairly sound sleeper. I can’t wait to see what other creative things you can do to me while I’m asleep.”

As we continued to talk I glanced down and seen that her pussy looked a little different. Shannin noticed that I seemed distracted and asked what was wrong. I was a little bit embarrassed but threw caution to the wind. I looked up canlı bahis at her and boldly said, “Your pussy looks different.”

Shannin’s face brightened up as she spread her legs a little more and sweetly asked, “Do you like it? Since my new swimsuit is a little more revealing, I got waxed. It’s so hot and feels so smooth that I just can’t keep my fingers off of my pussy.” As she was saying this she moved her hand down and gently stroked her outer lips. By now I was drooling. I leaned forward to get a better look when Shannin opened her legs even further. I pressed my face in between her legs and softly kissed her sweet pink pussy lips. She smelled and felt wonderful.

I stuck out my tongue and pressed it against her slit. As soon as I touched her with my tongue, her pussy opened up and her body shivered. I felt her hand on the back of my wet head pressed my tongue deep into her hot body. I reached under her skirt and grabbed her bare ass with my wet hands as I devoured her delicious pussy. Her lips were smooth as I tenderly kissed them. I flicked my tongue deep into her and then back up to her clit. I only had to do this a few times when I felt her body tense up. My mouth was flooded with her sweet juice. I pressed my lips against her pussy and opened my mouth taking it all in as she bucked and thrashed against me.

I kept licking her until I felt her hand against my forehead, pushing me away. She bent over, gave me a kiss, stood up and then walked into the house. I sat there in the warm water for a moment when I realized that my condition was no different than when I first got into the pool. I had hoped that a nice swim would take my mind off things and my obvious excitement would decrease a little bit but my recent conversation and extra activities with Shannin had left me extremely hard. I tried to swim a few more laps but it didn’t help my condition. I thought that I could get out of the pool and onto a lounge chair before the girls returned to the pool area, but I was wrong.

As I stepped out of the pool, I looked up just in time to see Stacy step out onto the patio. Her new swimsuit was even smaller than the black one she wore the day before. It was all white with dark blue trim. I nearly tripped over the lawn chair as I quickly walked up to the table to get a towel to hide my excited condition which was clearly visible bahis siteleri through the thin wet nylon shorts. I reached for the towel when Stacy reached out, putting her hand on the towel, holding it down. I probably could have yanked it from her hands, instead I just held onto the other end of the towel.

Stacy smirked as she looked me over from head to toe. She stepped up to me so that her body was just inches from mine. My cock pointed straight out and was barely grazing the soft tan skin of her stomach. Without taking her eyes from mine, she said, “I see that you got the sheets changed. Judging by the way the bed was squeaking last night, you and Shannin must have made a real mess.” I just smiled thinking that she didn’t know about the real cause of the stained sheets when she surprised me by saying, “Or was it from earlier this morning when you fucked Shannin in her sleep?”

Stacy knew that she too had busted me and I needed to save myself. I continued to look at her when I calmly said, “Maybe I should have changed the sheets on your bed, judging from the moaning and groaning that you were doing last evening.” There was a glint of enlightenment in her eyes when she realized that sound traveled both ways through the thin walls. Stacy just smiled, put her hands against my chest and pushed me aside as she walked over to the lounge chairs and sat down.

I grabbed the towel and started to dry myself off when Shannin stepped out onto the patio. Shannin’s bikini was the same style as Stacy’s except that it was white with black trim. Shannin walked up to me and stopped. She seemed a little self conscious about exposing so much of her skin, outside of the house but it quickly faded when I smiled at her and told her that she had an amazingly beautiful body. She put her hands up to the back of her head and struck a pose like a model. She arched her back a little bit and thrust her hip out towards me. Her nipples quickly hardened as the bikini top tightened against her chest. I enjoyed the show as she slowly turned around.

My cock nearly jumped out of my shorts when I saw that she was wearing a thong. The thin black strip of material parted her cheeks perfectly. I continued to stare at her ass as she turned some more. When her fabulous cheeks disappeared from my view I looked a little bit North to see her bountiful breasts held bahis şirketleri back with two thin black straps tied behind her neck. Once she had completed a full revolution, she stepped up onto her tip toes, leaned forward and wrapped her arms around my neck, pressing her nearly naked body against mine. Shannin pressed her lip to mine and slipped her tongue into my mouth. There was no way to hide my excitement for her as she pressed her hips against mine.

After a moment, Shannin broke off the kiss and handed me a bottle of sun screen tanning lotion. She explained that since the suit she wore the day before was not as revealing as this one. She said that she had some pale white skin exposed and needed help protecting the delicate areas that would burn easily. As she said this, Shannin grabbed my hand and led me to the lounge chair.

As we stepped over to the lounge chairs, I suddenly remembered that Stacy’s bikini was similar to Shannin’s. My thought was confirmed when I saw Stacy lying on the lounge chair, on her stomach. Her soft round ass cheeks were exposed to the full sunlight. There was a thin dark blue strip of material tucked deep between her ass and down between her legs.

Like Stacy, Shannin lay down on her stomach and relaxed. I was shaking the bottle of tanning lotion when Stacy spoke to Shannin saying, “Are you going to let this poor man strut around the pool all day in those flimsy thin shorts or are you going to tell him about our surprise?”

Shannin perked up saying, “Oh yea! I got distracted.” She turned over slightly and looked up at me then proceeded to say, “Sweetie. You do look absolutely delicious in those sexy little running shorts that leave absolutely nothing to the imagination, but we also bought you a new swimsuit. It’s up on the bed. You can rub me with lotion after you change into the suite we bought for you.”

I was somewhat relieved to learn that they were going to allow me to cover up but I was also disappointed. I was becoming comfortable exposing myself to Stacy and apparently Shannin didn’t seem to mind. Without saying anything another word, I walked away and went into the house. As I passed through the kitchen I looked out the window that faced the patio. There, lying on the lounge chairs were two of the most beautiful, exotic and exciting women I had ever met. My cock was hard and my balls were aching. I contemplated jacking off right there while spying on these two beauties but decided that good things come to those who wait.

My day brightens as the sisters want me to put lotion on their lovely bodies.

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