Women and Wine: Pinot Grigio

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Madeline Waterhouse and Shawn Wettschreck sat in front of their computer screens, the brightness washing the color from their faces. They worked late, often until 8 or 9 at night, because of their workload. Their federal business never stopped, and the stacks of paperwork and assignments constantly grew higher.

Today all other assignments fell by the wayside. These two were looking deep into a potential spy’s history. They were hunting through data gathered from the security clearance records and past background checks that the Defense Department had conducted nearly a decade ago.

“Got anything yet?” Shawn asked.

“No. And I’m packing up for the night. I’m exhausted. Oh! And NCIS is on tonight.”

“Just DVR it and let’s get this check finished. I’ve got three conference calls tomorrow afternoon and a meeting with the boss at 9. The local attorneys association has a luncheon tomorrow too. The food is decent, and the speakers are kind of good. So I want to get this check over with tonight.”

“You’ll have a plate of overdone chicken and a room full of lawyers. I have popcorn, a glass of wine and Agent Gibbs.”

“Gibbs. You mean that gray-haired nitwit that’s got a bowl cut. Probably the same one he had in the third grade.” He laughed, leaning back from his computer’s screen. The shadows deepened across his face. “I can’t believe you like him of all people on that show.”

“He’s got a quality that I like. Debonair, really. Cool under pressure, always sure of himself. He’s not macho or self-indulged. He’s a man’s man that women want. ” She smiled and her eyelids twittered in a secret love affair. “And I actually like his haircut. For that matter, he could be bald for all I care.”

Wettschreck shook his head. “Ms. Waterhouse, he’s older than your dad. You get that, right? Seriously, I don’t get you. I just don’t. Agent Gibbs. That’s nuts!”

“Whatever.” She brushed off Wettschreck’s comment. “I’m sorry if he makes you question your manhood.”

Shawn quickly redirected the conversation back to leaving the office when they had so much to do.

“So you’re leaving for real?”

“I said I was. You think I’m just saying stuff to say stuff?”

“Hold on. Where’s this attitude coming from? You’re on edge all of a sudden. I just asked a question. No need to slam me.”

Her computer screen turned black, and she pushed back her desk chair and stood. “I wanted to be out of here an hour ago.”

She bent down to pick up her briefcase, and Shawn took a quick peek at her tightened skirt and long legs.

“Oh, I’ve got to stop by Giant for that wine.” Madeline reminded herself aloud, snapping her fingers. She turned, flinging her blond hair, and smiled at Shawn. “I don’t want to be late. It might upset Agent Gibbs.”

“Can’t do that now, can you?” Shawn teased the woman who was dead-set on getting out of the office quickly. “You need me to get the wine and you pop the popcorn?”

“What did you just say to me? I think I misheard you.”

“I can get the wine. What kind do you prefer?”

“You get the wine, and then come to my house? I think that stretches the boundaries of co-workers.”

“Hey, no offense,” Wettschreck raised his hands in innocence. “I was just offering you a chance to see Agent Gibbs on time.”

“I have DVR.”

Despite the outright denial, Madeline thought about the offer for a moment. The thought tempted her. But she realized Shawn would be at her place, which would change their relationship.

Stoic legal work in a federal office separated by cubical walls was fine, she thought. But letting him come over might be too much. He would see a new side of her. My personal side. She knew he would see her decorating style and pictures of family. He would sit where she had fallen asleep many nights.

What if my apartment didn’t smell in inviting? she worried. But I don’t want it that inviting. I’d have to clean up and make sure all my dirty laundry was put away. I’d have to make sure no panties and bras were left out.

She hadn’t had a man over to her apartment for about six months. It had been a lonely place. Agent Gibbs had been the only man there to wow her.

Still a bottle of wine, a man who knows me professionally and could respect that distance. Maybe it wouldn’t be terrible, although it could be trouble. I’d have to keep a distance between him and me.

“Fine. Don’t. I’m not offended. Just trying to be nice, to be a friend,” Wettschreck replied to her silence.

“We’re co-workers, Shawn, not friends.” She smiled again to lighten her hard blow to Shawn’s gut.

“You just used my first name. You’re starting to become friendly. Better watch out before you tell me your birthday.”

She gathered her things, notepads, laptop, her opened bottle of water. Then she paused and, without turning toward Shawn, she asked, “Are you buying the wine?”

Shawn was startled by the about-face, from an absolute no to a possible reconsideration.

“Yeah, sure, I will. What do you bahçelievler escort like? Wait, don’t tell me. I can read you. Give me a sec. Let me see.” He tapped his chin as he analyzed her.

She faced him, her hands on her hips.

He looked at her blond hair and tall German stature. She may have a taste for sweet Riesling. Her great figure may be a hint for the full-bodied Chianti. Her skirt, tight and above the knee, may mean she wanted Merlot if she could get a nice steak with it. Her stoic personality is definitely Chardonnay. Her rough attitude is as sharp as Cabernet Sauvignon.

“You drink Pinot Grigio, no doubt. It’s what you wish you were. Fresh, crisp and refreshing. Am I right?”

Madeline didn’t answer. Pinot Grigio was her wine. But she got too angry at Wettschreck’s cut. Fresh, crisp, refreshing. Ha! Am I that easy to peg? She couldn’t admit it though.

“Nope, you’re wrong,” she lied. “Pinot Noir. A delicate red. Although, with age, it has more complex flavors.”

She picked up her briefcase and suit coat and headed straight for the door.

Wettschreck called to her. “You’re lying, but still, I would buy the Noir for tonight. You’d hate it though. It would only taste like soured pride.” He laughed and shook his head.

Madeline, on the other hand, didn’t think it was funny in the least. She let the office door slam behind her for emphasis.

Stuck in the office alone now with no one to tease, he packed up and headed out.

A half-hour later, he pulled his car into the local Giant grocery store nearest to the office. The doors slid open for him, and he scanned the banners above the aisles. The wine section was on the far side of the store. Rushing but not rushing too fast, he made it over to that section.

There she was. Her hair in a bun and a bottle of cool Pinot Grigio in her hand.

“I knew it.” Wettschreck walked up behind her. “Pinot Grigio. You can’t lie too well, you know, Waterhouse. You’re not red.”

“Wettschreck, I don’t like when strange men follow me.”

“Following you? That’s quite arrogant and suspicious thinking. This is a respectable store, and it has a great wine section, especially when you want a bottle of Pinot Grigio.”

“Get out of here, Shawn.”

“I owe you that bottle,” he said, becoming more gentlemanly. He had switched off his pestering mood and turned on a friendlier demeanor.

“No, you don’t. I’m not making popcorn for the both of us. Just for me. Gibbs isn’t getting any either.”

“Okay. As long as he isn’t getting any … popcorn,” Shawn said.

Madeline was stuck between rebuffing her co-worker and flirting back. These situations put two people’s worlds on different trajectories than they had been. By rebuffing Shawn, the opportunity for company, or more, was burned up and the future never known. But by flirting back, she could open up many good times, even that night. Tomorrow, things would be different either way. She asked herself why this guy had thrown her into such a mess. Just leave, she thought, and save us grief.

“I get it, Ms. Waterhouse. I will see you in the morning. I’m going to finish up as much work as possible. I’m busy tomorrow.”

He walked away, down the aisle and out of the wine section. She watched him move. She noticed he did have an Agent Gibbs style about him. Nowhere near Gibbs, of course, but he had something that reminded her of her man. Her skin on her arms and up to her shoulders tingled. She rubbed her arm with the dampness of the Pinot on her hand.

No man has made me tingle like that in a long time, she thought.

“Wait, Shawn. The wine is only $20. You can buy it if you want. I’ll get the popcorn.”

He nearly fell forward by the unexpectedness of her words.

He turned to her. “I like extra butter, movie theater-style.”

“Shawn, I have natural at home. You get what you get.”

“I’ll take what I can get.”

She jotted down her address and left ahead of him, speeding home. She had to quickly straighten up her place.

I think I tossed a pair of panties under the couch the other night.

He knocked softly on her unlocked door and pushed it open.

The door creaked, and Madeline felt electricity strike her chest, like lightning, and spread to her arms and as far as her fingertips.

He’s here. Why did I do this? Bad move. Bad move. Then she reconsidered. No, it isn’t. We’ll enjoy ourselves. I’ll enjoy myself. I’ll just keep a distance. Friends only.

Shawn heard the fast snaps of popcorn in the microwave and smelled the butter. “Smells good, like you’re an expert popcorn-popper.”

“I know my way around a microwave and Orville Redenbacher.”

He laughed at her comment. It was either a gaffe or she meant something more about the old man with the part down the middle of his hair.

Shawn walked into the kitchen, and saw, pressing against the kitchen counter, the woman he never imagined he would see beyond the cubical. She was reaching balgat escort for a popcorn bowl on the top shelf of a cabinet. She was on her tip-toes. He took a moment to size up Madeline.

Damn. She hides herself so well at work. Find me a pillow or something when the show starts, he thought.

Her legs, her round ass, her sleeveless blouse with no suit coat as covering.

Madeline was still wearing her outfit from work. She had only taken off her heels as soon as she got home. She had thought of changing, but Shawn would be dressed from work, and she didn’t want to be too casual around him.

“Let me help you get that,” he said. He noticed more about her. She had deep cleavage.

She looked up and noticed his eyes dart away. Damn, she thought, I must be hanging out of my shirt.

Yet the thought of him snatching that peek made her body react with more electricity. A strong charge shot from her heart and further down, to her toes even.

She tried to move out of his way, but she bumped into him and felt something stiff. After a moment of confusion, she nearly melted.

“Oh, I’m sorry! Shawn, I didn’t mean to— I didn’t know it was— You were so—” She covered her mouth with her hand and leaned back against the counter, turning red. She hadn’t been this embarrassed about touching something since that party in junior high. It had been so long for her. Agent Gibbs had done a lot but definitely not enough.

Shawn tried to diffuse the awkwardness, but he saw her looking at his pants.

“It’s okay,” he mumbled and quickly backed up to the opposite side of the kitchen. “I think the popcorn’s done. Where’s the cork screw?”

“The cock screw is in the top drawer. Cork screw! The cork screw is in the top drawer. I apologize. This is so—”

The electricity that excited her earlier now was electrifying her. It had been so long since she felt a real one and this was completely unexpected.

Breaking the awkwardness and the stares, the NCIS theme song began playing on the TV.

Shawn chimed in. “We don’t want to miss anything.”

Madeline sat down on one side of her couch with the popcorn bowl as a buffer between she and Shawn. NCIS didn’t grab her interest like usual. She couldn’t get that one thing out of her mind. I made him get that stiff? I could even see the bulge in his pants, she thought.

Shawn came to the couch and handed Madeline a stemmed wined glass.

“Some wine for you. And some for me,” he said. Taking a seat, he said, “So this is your man,” when Agent Gibbs appeared on screen.

She grinned at him. “Few things are as good as Gibbs.”

“You know his name is actually Leroy Jethro. I feel sorry for him.”

“After you’ve gone through Marines boot camp and become a scout sniper, it doesn’t matter what your name is. And when you’re that handsome and poised, names are irrelevant. Moms often do not know who they’ve given birth to.”

“You have any secret names for Agent Gibbs?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know.”

Despite Madeline’s diverted wandering mind, the two sat quietly and watched NCIS. Very soon though, Madeline sipped the last bit of wine from her glass.

“Look,” she said, holding it up, “it’s empty.”

“I’ll get the bottle.” Shawn headed to the kitchen.

Madeline tried to peek when he stood. She wanted to see any possible bulges like before.

He returned, and Madeline stretched forward, holding out her glass. Shawn poured. “A little for you and a little for me.”

“I want more than a little. Fill my glass up. This is some good wine. Not as good as Pinot Noir, of course. But still good. I better watch myself tonight.”

“If you say so.” Shawn smiled and poured more.

She drank her wine, sipping it faster than usual. Two things made her drink faster. The awkwardness of the situation earlier that evening and the thing that may still have been stiff. By lifting the glass and sipping, she eased her self-consciousness. Otherwise, she’d be a statue and feeling like he thought she was so uncomfortable, even though that’s exactly what she was. She just didn’t want him to know it.

A little later in the show, she reached for the bottle and poured the last drops. “We’re gonna need another one. There’s one in the fridge. Can you get it? I don’t think I can pop the cork. I’m a little tipsy right now.”

“Sure, I’ll get it. You sit.”

He got up. Again, she didn’t see any odd lumps.

I need to do some more work, she thought. I want to make him know that I can make him hard whenever I want to.

She heard Shawn pop the cork, and she adjusted her blouse to show more cleavage. She adjusted her thin gold necklace, so it would fall into the depths. Honestly, she wanted a stiff cock staring her in the face while he poured.

Coming back, he said, “I knew you were a Pinot Grigio woman. You’ve got three more bottles chilling in there.”

She held out her glass and squeezed her arms against her breasts to make them round and the ankara escort cleavage deep and dark, a place no man could resist going. As she knew, his eyes were lost in it, because he almost missed her glass. She lightly touched his hand, so he wouldn’t miss the glass or her hidden message.

“You were right about the Pinot. Pegged me too easily.” She giggled. “I hate to admit it. But know this, I do like a Merlot, if I can get a big steak with it.” She glanced with a sly smile to his midsection. “A thick steak.”

She leaned back into the corner of the couch and slowly crossed her legs with her skirt rising up, offering a better view of her thighs. What she didn’t realize was her phone had slipped between the cushion and she hit her emergency code to Tara, her girlfriend.

Tara was jogging in her apartment when her phone jingled.

“Damn, that girl’s got into trouble again and make me go out to help? I’m gonna miss the rest of NCIS.”

Tara glanced at Madeline’s location. The blank text message from that number was a call for help and getaways. It was their protection due to past situations. Some were strange men that had latched onto them at a club. Other times she needed an escape from work. Tara knew of a guy at Madeline’s office who worked late with her and could flirt a lot.

Tara got off the treadmill. Her phone showed Madeline at home this time. She was unsure what was going on, because Madeline never had men over at her place. She assumed it had to be something else.

She dialed Madeline’s phone but only got her voicemail. Madeline, who was getting comfortable at home, had silenced her phone.

Her next choice was going over there. Before slipping into her sweat pants and a sweat shirt, Tara pulled off her drenched panties and sports bra. Then she headed to the car.

Meanwhile, Madeline moved the empty popcorn bowl to the coffee table. She put her feet on the couch and leaned against its arm. Then she began running her fingers up and down her legs, nonchalantly.

Shawn tried to keep his attention on the TV. Nevertheless, this woman was relaxing, so much so she seemed to have forgotten he was there in her place.

She shifted her feet to the center of the couch. Shawn took a chance. He put a hand on her foot and started to massage it.

“Oh my, that feels so good.” She exhaled and shook out her hair, running her hands through it and bouncing a little so her breasts might move, despite being held firmly by her bra.

“I’ll give you my other foot, if you want it,” she said.

“Put it up here.”

Madeline shifted so she sat facing him. She had her legs parted slightly, although her skirt didn’t allow them to fall wide open. Yet, everything else—the first and second bottles of wine, her six months of loneliness, her new-found power to make Shawn’s body react—urged her to spread wider. And these urges won out in the end.

“Let me adjust my skirt so I get more comfortable.” She grabbed the hem and slid it up, swishing her body side to side to help. Her legs spread a little more. “There. Now back to the massage.” She leaned her head back and allowed her tense body to relax and heat up naturally.

Shawn was astounded by Madeline’s change of attitude. A couple hours earlier, she was upset at him. She wanted to get out of the office and home alone. Now, she didn’t even care about her Agent Gibbs.

Shawn studied the weak body lying limp before him. The toes were painted and pedicured. Toned calf muscles. Narrow, feminine knees. Thick, tanned thighs that disappeared into the skirt.

He squeezed her feet harder. She slid down further on the couch and, unexpectedly, appeared a pair of light blue panties, a tiny wet spot in the center. He decided to move his hands toward it.

He moved his hands to her calves, rubbing and kneading. He leaned forward, and her foot started to search for something. When it found what it sought, the foot began to press against it and moved up and down, outlining all of it. Shawn basked in this pressing and the attention he was getting.

Madeline was lavishing in Shawn’s strong hands and his willingness to explore her ever higher. She made her first moan in pleasure as did he. They were enjoying themselves. The evening was turning out well.

Soon, Shawn was arched above her, his hands rubbing her upper thighs and fingers at the elastic band of her panties. And her hands, no longer her feet, had begun to touch him.

Outside Madeline’s front door, Tara was about to knock when she heard a loud moan. She put her ear to the door. The talking was muffled, but her friend didn’t seem in trouble, as she feared following that blank text. Tara was intrigued though. It was a man’s voice speaking with Madeline. This hadn’t happened to Madeline for a long, long time. Tara decided not to knock but peak in through a window on the back porch.

She looked through the window and saw no one, an empty living room. That’s when she heard a man say, “And now my buzz is really back.” A moment later, Madeline walked into view.

She wore a short leopard-print nightie and a wide smile and held a half-empty glass of wine.

She then leaned over, straight-legged, fully revealing her naked ass. She looked back at Shawn to make sure he was seeing every little thing.

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