Awakening to lingerie

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Awakening to lingerie
My lingerie fetish went full blown when I was 12 but the origins of my perversion were much earlier in my c***dhood.

I believe due to the environment I grew up in, I had very little privacy and any time I had alone was a treasure. When I was about 5 to 6 I discovered that squeezing my stuffed toy dog between my legs felt really good and it would reach a point where my mind would go blank. I would spend the entire afternoon at my grandparents place just squeezing my precious dog. Sometimes my little cock would harden and I would not be able to squeeze it which frustrates me. One day I was caught by my uncle and he treated it as an ignorant act performed by an innocent c***d. He firmly told me not to do it again. This was a major turning point in my life as this made me realise that even though this act felt really good, I could not do it in front of anyone or I would be punished. Keep this fact in mind for the rest of my story.

Moving on to when I was 7. I started spending less time at my grandparents and more time at home, my mom and brother was home most of the time and I shared the room with him. I was in the presence of someone almost 24/7 which resulted in a sort of disorder: I wanted to be alone, I desired solitude and a space for myself. I could only find solace when my mom brought my brother out for tuition. Those short periods of time was my new treasure, even today when I find myself at home alone my heart beats faster and I truly felt bliss. These were the moments where I could break out my trusty dog and started squeezing away.

At 7 years old I started wearing briefs. I went commando all the way (don’t ask, my parents only taught me about underwear when I started kaçak bahis primary school at 7). Maybe is was my ignorance to underwear but I felt really naughty and embarrassed when I was just in my underpants. I could not look into the mirror else I get excited. This was the second turning point in my life. School ended at 5 and I would come home before dinner. As stated my mom was a stay-home mom and she would prepare dinner while I showered. In the spacious bathroom I would strip down to my underwear and since I could not bring my stuffed toy into the bathroom, I would just squeeze my cock by cupping my hands, placing them between my legs, crossing my legs and squeezing. The pressure would build up and I would reach climax.
(In fact, even today I would sometimes masturbate in this manner like a sissy to relive my c***dhood. Dear reader, you could also try out this method and let me know how it felt in the comments.)
Thus began my moments of solitude in underwear. A c***d’s mind is easily influenced at that age and I began to relate solitude and underwear and pleasure.

When I was 10 my sexual awakening started. I felt different and uncomfortable looking at girls in underwear or swimwear. When I went on a vacation with my family and saw my mom in a swimsuit I wanted to hug her so much, to bury my face in her and squeeze her, I could not explain why and I made me really frustrated at myself, the shame in my thoughts also shaped the person I am today. An added routine started during my time alone at home. I would boot up the ancient computer and search for: women stripping, naked women etc. After viewing these images I would think about random things to calm my hardened dick down. When tipobet I was finally soft I would strip and lie on my parent’s bed and started squeezing my cock while thinking about the risque images I googled before. I had to be quick because time was limited and mom could come home at any time. This added a new layer to my excitement, would my mom come home and find me in a compromising position? How would I explain what I was doing? The nervousness and shame would build up along with the pressure I was placing on my dick.

At 11 I was exposed to porn. My friends would go to “” during computer lessons in school and it would re-direct to adultfriendfinder. We would all have a laugh at those naked grannies looking for company but I would squeeze my cock at home to those sagging breasts and wrinkled pussies at home. I was the first naked women I saw and that would stay with me for life.

Finally the conclusion of my story. From all my experience the final routine would be made and you could see some of these in my videos or albums. At 12 years old, and idea took root in my mind and grew into an obsession. During a lazy afternoon alone my urges finally pushed me over the edge as I went to my mom’s cabinet and I started exploring. I took the first bra and panties i saw and put them on with shaking hands. I will never forget the sensation within me. The shame, the fear, the excitement. I could not think straight as I looked at myself in the mirror turning round and round, checking out my form. I was hard as stone and no matter how much I tried to calm down, my dick refused to cooperate. I tried to force it down between my legs but it hurt so bad. I was getting frustrated, tipobet giriş was I unable to reach climax? I gave up on trying to clear my head and instead pushed down on my stubborn cock while thinking of all the girls i liked, my crushes, the attractive teachers, my mother, it was a whirlwind inside of my head and I never wanted this feeling to stop. I was face down on my parents bed, my face planted in my mom’s pillow as I huffed her sweet scent. My hands between my legs tried to contain my raging hard on as I stuck my ass in the air.
The amalgam of emotions along with me pressing down on my cock finally caused me to cum. For the first time in my life, I finally felt complete. It was so mortifying and exhilarating at the same time, I lay on my back, exhausted and covered in cold sweat. I could feel the material of the panties sticking to my body, the bra straps hanging loose on my small frame. I looked down on my softening cock and it was slimy. This was the first time that I experienced this phenomenon so I was rather scared. The fluid was bubbly and transparent, almost like soap. It was like a layer between my penis and foreskin. Being the curious c***d I took a sniff and it was almost like crab or fish paste. The period after that intense session was like a dream, I tried to fold the moist bra and panties as best I could and replace them in position.

From then on I would experiment even further, the lingerie from my mom when she was younger, her stockings, her dresses, even the swimsuit I saw her in that was tucked in some dark corner of her wardrobe was not spared. I wore them all like the sissy I was. I finally progressed to her laundry basked and the odor from it sent me to heaven.

There you have it, the experiences that made me the panty sniffing, cross-dressing, sissy you see today. I still love women and am into cuckolding/humilitation but masturbating in women’s clothes holds a special place in my heart.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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