Mountain Rendezvous

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Luckily Netta and I were able to take shelter from a nasty avalanche as we were using a mountain ski run. The weather was turning nasty and we were very cold after cuddling up together in a rock bluff. We had been forced to ski for our lives away from the avalanche and away off the ski run. I had gone through some trees and I had lost my compass as the lanyard was ripped from my neck almost garrotting me.

Netta and I had already talked about dying on the mountain, because we were hopelessly lost and visibility had deteriated badly with the heavy snowstorm which was drifting on the high wind. We had already perilously escaped with our lives as inertia had cleanly taken us both over a crevice at its narrowest point. If we hade been skiing a wee bit slower we would have been at the bottom of the earth split.

Netta was ahead of me on a run when she suddenly stopped and waved her arms excitedly at me. I skidded to a halt beside her and lifted my goggles to be immediately blinded with the snow.

She shouted at me and pointed over to our right.

‘Leonard! Over there look! Isn’t that a cabin. I think there is smoke coming from it. Can you see it?’

The wind grabbed her and threw her at me so we both landed in a heap. Me on top of her. She was warm and exciting to land upon. At least my cock thought so.

She laughed at me and shouted, ‘Leonard! I didn’t know you cared.’

It was even more dangerous now as we had to change into our snow shoes and carry the skis. The snow quickly built up and stuck to our shoes making it difficult for us to hobble along. It was a cabin with smoke from its metal pipe chimney blowing away and down to the mountain slope.

Netta fell again and was winded. I pulled her up and cuddled her to me until her cheeky grin came back. We had only known each other for hours. I had met her on the Ski Lift. We would probably not have looked at each other otherwise.

The roof of the cabin was dripping water off the roof which was freezing and building up into large icicles of varying shapes. Could have looked quite pretty in sunlight. Now night was closing in and they looked ominous.

I banged the door and opened it and pushed Netta in and she fell again, completely exhausted. Willing hands lifted and placed her on a bunk bed. I was helped in and I dropped to my knees gasping for breath. Netta had her eyes closed and was deathly white. We were both plastered with snow which was being scraped off us into buckets. We both had our jackets peeled off and then we were wrapped in blankets. I must have passed out.

I woke up feeling a lot warmer and shocked to find myself naked and a naked man inside the blankets with me. He was hugging me tightly to him and I could feel his hard penis in my buttock cleft. I looked round for Netta and she was on the bunk wrapped in blankets with another guy. Her eyes were closed and she had a serene look as if there was something pendik escort nice happening to her. It was then I noticed the movement. I was shocked to realise that they were fucking. One of her arms was out of the blankets and it was bare of clothing. She was naked too and being fucked and it was obvious she did not mind.

The guy was rubbing his cock against my ass and I tried to move, but we were bound together that tight, I could not. However, he was able to get his hand down between us and I felt his knob being placed against my rectum. I screamed out and tried desperately to move, but it helped him more than me. The agony of his penetration felt like I had been shot up my ass. I never thought it possible for a man to be fucked so easily. It slid all the way inside me until he was locked tight to me. I panicked that Netta could see this happening to me, I was so embarrassed! I looked round and she was smiling at me and it was obvious the guy was still fucking her. I could see movement where her tits should be and he must have been mauling her tits too. She sudddenly moaned and gasped that she was cumming. Then she screamed out, ‘ Go on! Do it! Fuck me harder!’

I was forced to close my eyes and give myself up to the feeling of the big cock moving in and out of my ass. I could feel my cock being stroked and was mortified to realise I was hard and he was wanking me. My hips were undulating of their own accord, meeting his fuck strokes. How could I be wanting this? I had grown quite attracted to Netta in the short time I had known her and now she was freely giving herself to another man, even more of a stranger than I was. I thought of her naked body and the penis inside her and so wanted it to be mine. The thoughts made my balls tighten up to my shaft and I knew I was ready to cum too. What was she thinking about me? That I was a homosexual! God! No! I am not that! What was I? Working my ass on and off another mans cock? Willing him to shoot his spunk in to me.

What were these guys thinking they were doing? Saving our miserable lives? Truth is, without the warmth of this cabin and maybe of these men we would both have been dead with hypothermia. There would not have been time to light a fire. We were too cold to heat each other. The fucking we were getting was saving our lives. Was I being ungrateful and narrow minded? My asshole and a strangers cock had just saved me from a miserable death. I saw two more men in the cabin, they looked like native Laplanders, they were wearing Eskimo furs and looking at each other and to us grinning through mouths of rotting teeth. One turned towards me and stroked the bulge in his trousers, then worked a finger in and out of his mouth suggestively. I moaned inwardly and felt the guy inside me ejaculating his sperm into my bowels.

Were the native guys going to fuck us too? I don’t think Netta and I were in any position to refuse their hospitality.

The tuzla escort guys cock withered inside me and it oozed out on its own accord. I was very tired and dropped off to sleep again.

It was morning when I awoke. There was a warm body behind me. We were still wrapped tightly together. It slowly dawned on me the person behind me didn’t have a dick.

‘Leonard, are you awake? Its alright the men have gone.’

‘I am glad you are behind me because I do not know how I can face you after what happened last night. Although its lovely feeling you in bed with me like this. I can’t be sorry about being naked with you.’

‘You mean you don’t mind me being a girl, a female, you mean you are not gay?’ She was giggling into my back and flicking her tongue against my spine which tickled. I felt her finger caressing my anus. ‘If it helps you, that guy had his dick in my bum too. I think I was lucky though because I woke up already impaled fully on his cock. He was holding me dead tight with his cock right up me to the hilt. I couldn’t believe he had it up my ass.’

‘You looked as if you were enjoying it, Netta.’

‘I was! Enjoying waking up alive. I thought I would wake up dead. That wasn’t the first time I had taken a cock up my ass, Leonard. My husband likes to do me that way, although I had to beg him to do it to me at first.’

‘Where is he just now? Was he on the mountain with you? You never said!’

‘He’s at home working away, earning me the cash to go on expensive skiing holidays. He hates skiing. I love it and the young men I can pick up for a bit of fun.’

‘Was I one of your pick ups for a bit of fun?’

‘Yes, Leonard. I did intend to have breakfast with you, but I must admit I had imagined different circumstances. I haven’t got a cock to put up you, do you think you can manage to turn round if we both get our arms out? Then if I turn round too you will then have the choice of two of my holes to get your cock in to. I am always randy when I wake up in the morning, are you?

I didn’t answer I was too busy wriggling my arms out. When we both had our arms out there was a lot more room to move. I turned and she immediately grabbed my cock and stroked it quickly into a hard cock.

‘Lovely, you are very well built, Leonard. Why don’t you start in my pussy and finish up my bum, I love it that way. You still have spunk coming out of your bum by the way! It turned me on knowing you were getting it. I would love to see my husband fucked. I am kinky that way. How would you like to come home with me and do it to him? Now that you have had it once, I promise you, you will want it again and again. You won’t be able to fight it, it’s just human nature. I hated it when it first happened to me even when I begged to have it done to me. Two or three days later I found I was hating it less and less. Until I begged my husband to do it again, then we were doing it every other time and then kartal escort we were doing more bum sex than what is considered to be normal sex. The night before my holiday we did bum sex three times throughout the night. I was so tired I slept on the plane.’ She laughed and wriggled herself round, giving my cock a lot of bum action as she did it. I had already slipped my right arm back in so my stinky finger greeted her slimy asshole as soon as she was in position.

‘Oh! Gosh! That feels lovely. Oh! Leonard I do want your big cock in me. Fuck me, Darling!’

I was enjoying fingering her ass, delighted at the fact that I was feeling another guys spunk up her ass. That there was a load of another guys spunk still up my ass. I was only just admitting to myself that I had enjoyed it. That I would willingly do it again. That I would bend over and take a hard cock up me. That I would ram my arsehole back onto that cock and love every inch of it shagging my bowels. I was shocked how crude my mind had become.

Netta’s ass was wriggling impatiently until I placed my cock-head to her little brown back-door. Her educated arsehole opened to give my cock admittance. I slid in and as usual I halted when I had four inches or so buried.

‘Give it all to me! Fuck me!’

She moved her ass hard back until my groin slapped her cherubic ass cheeks.

I had it in her ass before I remembered she wanted it in her pussy first, not to worry, she seemed to be enjoying what I was doing. I was fully up her when she continued, ‘Yes! Darling Leonard, yes! I have never had one so big! It’s lovely. Let me feel it! Fuck it to me!’

It was like putting my cock into a tight tube with the walls smeared with very warm butter. I felt my testicles tightening and a spasm contracting my own anal sphincter. I hadn’t had such a delicious fuck for ages. I ploughed in and out, sometimes my knob teetering on the brim of her ass and then plunging home, my cock stretching, reaching into the dark depths of her bowels. She was shaking and I could feel her hand down between her legs, she was raking her own pussy.

‘Go on! Faster! Fuck me deeper! Hurt me. I want to feel the pain of fucking! I’m going to cum! I have never felt so hot! Oh! Fuck me! Fuck me! oh! yes! Ram it up me! I’m cummmmmmmming! Yes! Shag me! Kill me with your fantastic cock! Oh! I’m still cumming!’

I locked her tightly to me, my hips pumping my seed into her involuntarily. She was draining my balls dry as her anal muscles gripped my shaft sucking me into her so even my groin was hurting with the power of her need for my pistoning cock.

We lay there enshrouded with the blankets, cocooned in the closeness of spent desire. I was in heaven, breathing in our mutual body odours which were intoxicating until she farted which made us giggle our way out looking for fresh air and our clothes. We found them still airing in front of the oil heater.

We were starving and dressed quickly and got underway as soon as we had squared up the cabin and turned off the facilities. In a way we were both sad to leave. Because I think we both found ourselves when we thought we were lost.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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