My Time With Dave

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I’m not sure of the exact date that we started talking, but I know it was sometime in February because Valentine’s Day was just around the corner. By this time, we had been talking almost every day. We told each other about our lives, about how we spent each day…just little things to get to know each other better. The more we talked on the computer, the more I found myself starting to have feelings for you. I’m not real good with dates so I could not tell you when the best thing in the world happened…you told me you loved me. I just remember sitting there talking to you and you told me you loved me.

At first I was not sure how to respond, because it had not been that long that we had been talking…but then I got to thinking about you and things we talked about…and I started to realize that I loved you too. So I told you that I did.

During the months that we have been talking, we have been talking about so many different things…from sports to sex.

We have talked about our favorite positions and about what we would like to do to each other if we were ever to meet. But personally, I think the best thing about the sex we have talked about are the fantasies about different places…like at the beach, on a deserted road in the middle of nowhere, in a barn, but my favorite place so far has been a cabin in the mountains.

I can’t remember the details perfectly, but I know that I wish that place existed for real. A place for us to go to get away from the world around us, a place where we could be in our own little world. A place that means so much to me, because you were there with me.

We drive to the cabin, which is nestled in the mountains, on a beautiful day. The sun is shining, there is not a cloud to be found, the birds are chirping, it’s just one of those perfect spring days. We arrive at the cabin fairly early in the afternoon, having gotten an early start to the drive.

As we enter the cabin, we take stock of the beauty of the interior. Rich, dark leather sofas with overstuffed pillows piled high on them, the fireplace in the corner of the room with a bearskin rug in front of it…but the one thing that sticks out the most is the large picture window looking out over a natural hot spring with the mountains in the background. The view from the window takes my breath away as I stand in front of the window…just looking at the beauty of it all. You come up behind me and wrap your arms around me. I lean backward into your chest and sigh. “I love this place, Dave, thank you so much for bringing me here.”

You nuzzle my neck, my most sensitive spot. “I love you Kelly, thank you for coming here with me.” We stand there for a few minutes, just admiring the view, your strong arms wrapped around my waist, my head on your shoulder.

You turn your head and start to kiss the side of my neck, as you know how much this excites me. I tilt my head to the side to give your lips better access. I feel your lips, tongue and teeth on my neck when I feel your arms close further around me, pulling me closer to you.

As I settle into your embrace, I feel your erection start to grow behind me. I love the feeling of being in your arms, of feeling your lips on my skin. I place my hands on yours and I pull them from my waist to cover my breasts. You feel as my nipples harden under your caress. You start to increase the pressure of your hands when you hear the moan that escapes from low in my throat.

All the while, you continue to kiss and nip at my neck, then moving to the other side, forcing me to move my head to your other shoulder.

Your hands continue to caress my breasts, pulling on the hardened peaks with your fingers. My back arches into you from the pleasure you are giving me.

However, after a few more minutes of feeling your lips and hands on me, I can’t take it and I start to turn in your embrace until I am facing you. I lean into you and you encircle me in your arms. I slide my hands up your chest to your shoulders and then further to slide them up and around your neck and pull you to me for a long slow deep kiss.

Our breathing starts to increase and become more labored the longer we kiss, the longer our tongues mate with each other. My body is as close as it can get to yours, I feel you from chest to hip. I can also feel how much you want me, as your erection has only grown from the prolonged contact of our bodies. We break our lips apart from each other only when breathing becomes a necessity.

While we are both trying to pull air into our lungs, we are simply looking into each other’s eyes. I can see all the love that you feel for me, as I hope you see the same when you look at me, shining in your eyes. But I also see the heat and desire you feel for me. I am in such a daze from looking in your eyes; I have barely noticed that you have moved us from in front of the window to stand in front of the fireplace.

You slowly begin to unbutton the blue silk blouse that I have worn, because I know the color brings out trabzon escort the blue of my eyes, which causes my breath to come out in short choppy breaths. I inhale sharply when I feel your hands slide on my skin as you unbutton my blouse further, skimming my breasts and tummy with the backs of your fingers.

I reach up to undo the buttons on your shirt, but you quickly grab hold of my wrists, stopping my hands midair. My eyes are looking at you with unrestrained longing and also questioning why you stopped me. “I want to see you baby,” I tell you.

“I know you do, and you will, but let me undress you first my love,” you reply. You let go of my wrists and my hands fall to my sides as you continue to slowly drive me crazy with the heat I see in your eyes and the heat of my skin with the anticipation of your touch.

After you have undone all the buttons of my blouse, you slide your hands back up my tummy, dragging your fingers along my skin, causing goose bumps to form. The higher your hands go, the more goose bumps appear on me. My nipples grow harder with the anticipation of your hands on them.

But, being the little devil that you are, you bypass my nipples and slide your hands past my breasts to my shoulders and then grab the fabric of my blouse and begin to slide it down my shoulders and arms, effectively trapping my arms to the sides of my body.

As I realize that my arms are unable to move, I look into your beautiful eyes and see the mischief in them and I whimper because I want to be able to touch you as you are touching me. You gently place a kiss on my forehead. “Wait a little longer, my sexy one, you will have your chance also,” you whisper against my skin. You feel the slight nod of my head as I give in to you once more.

After you finally remove my blouse from my body, you start to slide your hands up my arms again and around to my back to unhook the black lace bra that I have worn especially for you. You slide the straps slowly off my shoulders and down my arms, as your eyes never leave mine, until my breasts are bared to your feasting gaze.

The hunger I see in your arms startles me and I start to raise my arms to cover myself, but once again you stop me by gently grabbing hold of my wrists, stopping my action. “No Baby, you are beautiful. I want to look at you,” you whisper huskily as you try to find your voice. The look in your eyes as you look at me has made my knees weak and unable to hold me any longer, so you help me slowly sink onto the bearskin that we have been standing on.

I shiver slightly from the absence of the heat from your body, so I pull my legs to my chest and wrap my arms around them. You seem to notice the shivers coursing through me, because you ask, “Would you like me to start a fire darling?” I look up at you, as you are still standing in front of me; I nod my head and whisper, “Yes baby, that would be wonderful.”

You turn away from me and start to add wood and kindling to the fireplace.

I watch as the muscles in your back and arms stretch and bunch with your every move. You hear my slight sigh and turn to look at me from over your shoulder and give me the sexiest grin I have ever send, which brings a smile to my face. You turn back around to finish starting the fire.

When the fire is up and going, you turn back toward me, I look up at you with such heat and hunger in my eyes, that you decide not to wait any longer.

As you start to unbutton your shirt, your movements captivate me and I can’t do anything but sit there and watch as you uncover yourself for me. By the time all the buttons are undone, you are standing in front of me. As I look up at you, you slide your shirt off your shoulders and off your body. Then you start to reach to undo your pants, but I get to my knees and stop you.

Looking up at you, I shake my head and say, “Oh, no baby, it’s my turn now.” You just smile at the eagerness on my face and nod your head. Your take your hands away and let me unbutton your pants. Your hands move to my shoulders as I slide the zipper down.

I am still looking up at you when I begin to pull your pants down your hips. I lick my lips slightly as your pants clear your hips and slide further down your legs until they are completely down and you step out of them. You are standing before me in only the silk boxers you decided to wear for me. I slip my thumbs in the waistband and tug them down too.

And then finally, you are standing before me gloriously naked. As you stand in front of me, my eyes start to travel down your body until I am looking at the most wonderful sight…your beautifully hard cock.

It is standing straight and proud in front of me. I look back up into your eyes and you see the desire I have for you, but you also see the question in my eyes. You smile at me and nod and tell me, “Go ahead baby, I know what you want.” I start to slide my hand up your leg, then slide it around the back of your leg, until I have a hold of your trabzon escort bayan ass.

With my other hand, I gently stroke your hard cock. I pull you to me with the hand that is on your ass. My head moves closer to you and I start to kiss your belly, traveling further down until I reach your hard length. I slide my tongue from the tip of your cock to the base and then back up again. As I reach the tip of your hardness, I look up at you, your eyes are closed and you have a tiny smile on your face.

At my hesitation, you open your eyes and look down at me. “I want you to watch me love you Dave. I want you to watch as I take all of you.”

“Yes, Kelly, show me.” I feel as one of your hands leaves my shoulder to caress my hair. I keep looking up at you as I take the tip of your hard cock into my mouth. You watch as your hard cock starts to disappear into my mouth.

I moan with the knowledge that you are watching me, and how perfectly you fit in my mouth. I hear you moan also, but it’s from the feeling of my tongue and lips on your hardness. As I pick up the speed of sucking and licking you, you thread your fingers trough my hair and you slowly start to move your hips until you feel yourself at the back of my throat. “MMMMM, yes baby, suck my hard cock.” I moan as you tell me what you want.

I increase the speed of my sucking the more I hear you moan. My one hand is still on your ass, while the other moves to rub your balls in the palm of my hand. I love feeling their weight. You start to increase the pressure of your hand in my hair the faster I go. I am using my tongue to swirl around your cock as I suck it. As you are on the brink of orgasm, I slide a finger, two knuckles deep into your ass. This causes you to groan low in your throat. “Oh my God, Baby, yes you are my little cocksucker. You suck my cock so good baby.”

My hand moves from your balls to wrap around your hard length, stroking you as my mouth sucks you. All the while, I continue to fuck your ass with my finger, at the same speed as I am sucking you. I look up to watch your face; your eyes are closed and your head is thrown back. “Oh, yessss, baby, I am going to cum in your mouth my sexy little slut. I want you to take it all.”

Just hearing you call me your slut makes me moan and I take all of you in my mouth until I feel your cock in the back of my throat. When you are entirely engulfed by my mouth, I feel you shoot load after load of hot cum down my thoat.

“Ahhhhhh, yes baby, take all my cum.” I swallow as much of your hot seed as possible, but some has trickled down my chin.

After I suck you dry, I open my eyes and look up at you at the same time you look down at me. Our eyes meet and you smile. You caress my hair and say, “You are wonderful Kelly. I love you so much baby.” Your legs are a little shaky as you feel my grip on you lessen and my slides from your cock.

You sink to your knees in front of me and you pull me into your arms. You gently stroke my hair with one hand and my back with the other as you place your lips on mine. You can taste yourself on my lips when we kiss.

As we begin to deepen the kiss, your hands are sliding down my back. When you reach my waist, you stop kissing me. I pull back and look at you with questioning eyes. “You still have clothes on baby. What are we going to do about that?”

I start to blush a little bit and smile shyly, “Well, baby, I don’t know…what are you going to do about that?” You smile at me at the same time I feel a little slap on my ass.

“Going to be a smart ass are you?” I blush even further, “Oh no, sweetie, not me. I would not do that.”

You just continue to smile at me, as your hands slide to the front of my body. You start to undo my slacks and slide them off my hips. “Stand up for me baby,” you tell me.

I do as you ask and I stand up. You pull my slacks from my hips and slide them down my legs, leaving me in the black lace panties that match the bra that you took off of me earlier. You hook your thumbs in the waistband of my panties and tug them down my legs.

The blush that started in my face has spread to my entire body because of the desire I see in your eyes. I step out of my slacks and panties, and look down at you as you stare at my freshly shaven pussy. I am already wet, both from the look in your eyes and from remembering how you tasted. You slide your hands up the backs of my legs until you reach my ass and you slowly pull me towards you.

Then you start to recreate the same thing I just did to you. You start to kiss my tummy, which makes me giggle a little bit. You look up at me with this look in your eyes that tells me I better explain quickly. “I am sorry sweetie, but that tickles when you do that.”

Just to prove a point, you slide your tongue around my belly button, which makes me inhale quickly. You continue to drag your tongue down my stomach until you reach my pubic bone. My legs are starting to quiver slightly, my knees threatening escort trabzon to give out. You sense this and take my hand to help to down to the rug.

When I am kneeling in front of you, you move out of the way and lay me down on my back. Just when I think that you are about to stand up again, you surprise me and kneel in between my legs. Taking my knees in your hands, you raise my legs to your shoulders, which places my hot wet pussy directly in your line of vision.

You turn your head to the side and start to kiss the inside of my ankle, trailing your lips further up my leg. You kiss your way up my leg until you get to my knee. When I think that you are going to kiss me there also, you surprise me and you nibble on the sensitive skin just behind my knee. I gasp at the pleasure this brings me. I can feel you smile into my skin and you look into my eyes. I am in awe of the look you give me. I see such heat, desire, pure wickedness and I also see love when I look into your eyes.

You continue your path further up my leg until you reach my inner thigh and take another nip of my skin, but this time I don’t gasp or inhale quickly, I moan because I love the feel of your lips and teeth on me. When you nip my skin, I can feel the tingle go straight to my clit. “Oh God Dave, I love what you do to me.”

“Mmm Hmm Baby…I know you do.” You then kiss the place where my leg meets my hip, as you know I am very sensitive there.

Then you continue your journey until you reach the place that has been waiting for you. I am so wet for you and you slide your tongue down one side my pussy lips until you reach my ass. Then you come back up the other side of my pussy until you reach my clit.

My hips are moving, trying to get you to lick my pussy in just the right spot. You grab hold of them to keep them from moving as you continue to tease me. Just when you know that I can’t take too much more, you slide your tongue down the center of my slit, tasting my juices, and then back up again. “Please Dave, take my pussy baby. I need to feel your tongue in me.”

You look up at me with just your eyes, never taking your mouth from me, and then you wink at me, just as your tongue slides home. “Ahhh, yes baby. Oh, you feel so good.” I love the feeling of your tongue in my hot pussy hole. You lick and suck my pussy so good.

Then your hands grab my ass and pull my cheeks apart. You take one hand and slide your fingers down to my pussy and you put one in me as you start to suck on my clit. My hips are moving with the rhythm of your finger when you put another finger in my hot wetness. “Mmmm, yes baby. I love what you do to me Dave.”

You continue to slide your fingers in and out of my wet pussy as you suck on my clit. Then you take your fingers from my pussy and slide them down to my ass, where you slide first one, then the other into my tight hole…stretching it as nothing ever has before. “Ahhh, oh God Dave, yes…fuck my ass baby.”

You continue your assault on my ass as you suck harder on my slit and my wet pussy lips, sliding your tongue deep into my wet hole. Just when you can start to feel my pussy start to tremble with the beginning of my orgasm, you pull your fingers from my ass and you take your tongue out of my pussy…only to be replaced my your once again hard cock, slamming it into my hot wet pussy hole.

I try to take my legs from your shoulders to wrap them around you, but you grab my hips and hold me in place as you pound my soaking wetness. I can feel you so deep in me. I feel as your balls slap against me with your every hard thrust. “Yes, Dave, fuck me…fuck me harder baby.”

“Yes, Kelly, my horny little slut, I’m going to fuck you so hard.” You pound your hard cock into my wet pussy, going faster and faster with each thrust. You let go of my hips and I immediately wrap my legs around you, taking you even deeper into me. “Ahhh, yes, Dave, you feel so good. I want you to cum with me baby…I’m so close.”

“Yes, Kelly, I can feel how close you are.” My hips are meeting you thrust for hard thrust. Just as a hard orgasm starts to rip through my body, you pull out of my soaking pussy and slam your hard cock into my ass. “Yessss, Dave, fuck my ass.”

You pound my ass hard and fast and just as my orgasm rips through me, I can feel you shoot another hot load of cum in my ass. “Yesssssssss, Kelly, I’m cumminnggggggggg.” “Daveeeeeeeee, oh God, I’m cumingggggggggggg.”

As we come back down to earth from the sky, and our breathing returns to normal, you pull your softening cock from my ass and my legs fall from around your waist, I wrap my arms around you and hold you to me. You prop yourself up onto one elbow, looking down at me, and you kiss me. Long, slow deep kisses. Our tongues swirling around and around each other.

When you life your face from mine, you look into my eyes and tell me everything that is in your heart. “I love you so much Kelly. I am so happy that you are here with me.”

I look at you with my heart shining in my eyes and tell you, “I love you too Dave, with all my heart, body and soul. I am so glad that you love me as I love you.” You slide off of me and onto your side and pull me to you, spooning, holding me close, and making me feel so safe in your arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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