Slippery Valentine

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It’s Valentine’s Day and you know I want to celebrate. We go to Laguna Beach and have a nice dinner and I make sure that I’m shaved perfectly smooth and wearing the sexiest lace thong I can find with a matching bra. You haven’t seen me undressed yet, so you don’t know that I’m wearing these along with a garter belt holding up patterned tights under my tight, dark red dress. I’m wearing matching lipstick and black stilettos to top it off and while we are at a bar after dinner enjoying a few drinks and some live music you can’t stop thinking about how delicious I look and the surprise waiting for me in the hotel room we rented on the beach. We make our way back to the hotel and you stay behind me so you can watch my hips swing as I walk, up the elevator to the 10th floor where we open the sliding glass door to the patio and listen to the sea. We lean against the railing watching the sea from the patio, but I can’t resist you; you look amazing in your black v-neck and Fossil jeans. I start running my hands along your arms, down your back, slipping my hand into your jeans to squeeze your ass. I move behind you so we can both watch the sea as I wrap my arms around you, feeling from your strong shoulders, down your hard chest, to your sexy abs and finally let my hands rest on your belt, unhooking it slowly and teasingly.

I get it unhooked along with your buttons and I let your pants drop, nobody erotik film izle can see us, but I still love the thrill of being outside. I turn you around and drop to my knees being careful not to tear my tights. I pull your cock out of your underwear and suck it into my mouth slowly and gently, teasing and licking until you’re as hard as rock. I stand up and you can see my red lipstick around the base of your cock. I take of my dress, slowly, turning around so you can see me from behind as it slides smoothly down over my shoulders, to my waist and off my hips to expose my perfect ass barely covered by the lace thong and garter belt. I bend completely forward to take my dress away from my heels and you get a full view of my smooth, clean pussy. Your cock twitches with excitement, but I’m drawing this out as long as possible.

You lead me inside to the bed and take off your shirt as you lay down on the bed, pulling me on top of you. You pull my bra down enough to suck on each nipple until they’re hard and aching for more; you can feel my cunt getting hot and wet, anxious for you inside me. It’s time for your surprise so you tell me to take everything off and lay face down on the bed. I feel the hot oil sliding down my back and as you add more and more it slips between my ass cheeks and down to my cunt, it drips over my shoulders and down my legs, I’m completely covered in warm oil when you start film izle massaging my arms, my legs, up to my neck, shoulders, back and slowly, sliding, covered in oil run your hand between my butt cheeks, holding them open, watching the oil dripping down my shaved asshole into my cunt. It’s shiny and wet and inviting and you run your fingers all the way down until you’re fingering my clit, spreading the oil all over until you can easily slip in and out of my cunt.

I start wiggling so the oil gets everywhere and pull you to me to cover your body in it also. I roll on top of you and grab the bottle, spilling it all over you until we’re both covered in warm, vanilla, body oil. I lean down to kiss your lips, your shoulders, your abs, all the way to the tip of your cock. I flick my tongue around your sensitive tip until it starts twitching again, hard as stone. I slide my body easily back up your and try to lower my pussy onto your dick, but you have other plans. Turning my over again and pushing me to a doggy style position you rub my back, down to my hips, stopping to grab and rub my hip bones because you know how it turns me on. You position your cock into my cunt hole, teasing and pushing in only a few centimeters, controlling me by my hips, but not letting me have you despite my begging.

You pull back and stoke my ass slowly and gently down to my asshole, you slip one finger in easily seks filmi izle from all the oil and immediately start working on getting another one in. You massage and work two, then three fingers into my asshole until I’m bucking wildly moaning for your cock inside me. You can’t tease me any longer and give me what I want. You push your dick gently and effortlessly into my ass and I gasp from the simultaneous pain and pleasure of your big cock stretching my asshole. You move faster and harder, thrusting until we find our rhythm; our orgasms are building, but after all that teasing I needed more. You keep pounding my ass until I move into a new position folding myself over with my knees on the bed beside my ears. From here you can keep fucking my ass, while I lick your thighs and balls. We go on for a while and just when I think you’re going to burst I get up and tell you to lay on the bed. I sit reverse cowgirl, straddling you with my back turning to you. I slide my ass back down onto your cock and you watch and I swivel my hips slowly on you, you watch your cock slide slowly in and out and I lean forward and touch my clit. I feel my orgasm coming and I start bouncing on you faster and faster until I’m screaming from my orgasm. Hearing me yell, watching my ass jiggle and feeling my orgasm squeeze your cock send you over the edge grunting as your cum explodes into me. Your orgasm sets me off and I have another hard climax until we both collapse with exhaustion in a slippery mess of cum and oil, drifting happily to sleep.

This is my first story- constructive criticism and compliments welcome!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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