Take Me, Tom

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Thanks to everyone who has left feedback, good, bad or indifferent! I have taken your comments on board. I could of ( oops, I mean, could have) ignored some but would like to develop so… A special thanks to Anonymous who kindly offered to re-write the story.’ They’ have kept the flavour of the original but reworked the style. I think it flows better now.. I like it even more now and hope you will, too.


My sister Chrissie was meeting me at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport to welcome me back. It had been 2 years since I had been here and I wasn’t sure what to expect. The first time I was here was a personal visit. This was my first business trip. It was a long flight and I was somewhat happy to be back. More than anything, I looked forward to seeing Chrissie again.

Although Chrissie was 3 years older than me, we were very close and still were. We stayed in touch over the years through e-mail, webcam and phone calls. Our contacts always seemed to have sexual undertones. It was hard for me to say how the teasing and flirting started, but neither of us acted on it. On my part, I didn’t want her to misinterpret my actions. I mean, c’mon, would you really start going around feeling and touching up your sister? If it wasn’t reciprocated there would be hell to pay.

So I always kept my touches and looks in a brotherly fashion. Well, maybe not all the time. There were the electrifying surreptitious touches. I thought our contact was mutual, but I didn’t know for certain. Many nights I would take out my sexual frustrations and tensions by masturbating into her bras and panties. Jeez, if only she knew!

I spotted Chrissie right away after passing Passport Control. She was wearing an above-the-knee billowy and bright yellow floral dress. Chrissie was about 5’6 tall with brown hair that were perfectly cut. At 36 she still kept her beautiful figure after having two kids. Her ass was to die for. She always wore glasses that made her look sexy. I used to fantasize about taking her while she wore them. I’m surprised I hadn’t married a librarian!

Her breasts were just perfect to gaze upon – not large but by no means small. They were swelling all the time! And her plunging neckline accentuated the beautiful curve of her breasts. I caught a glimpse of her yellow lace push-up half-bra, which made her all the more desirable. What a sight that she presented! All my erotic memories of her came flooding back. She practically jumped into my arms, which took me aback for a moment.

“Oh, Tom… it’s so great to see you again,” she squealed, as she wrapped her arms around my neck, pulled me into her, and rubbed her breasts erotically against my chest.

At first I smelt rather than felt her… how I missed her smell! I couldn’t help but inhale the sweet aroma of her hair. My cock became erect immediately in response to her alluring smell and our close contact! I was certain she could feel my hardness against her groin. If on-lookers didn’t know any better they would have thought that we were reuniting lovers who were after a long separation.

She caught my enthusiastic sexual response and she responded by holding me even closer, if that was possible. She chastely kissed my cheek and lips and then she tenderly half-kissed my lips and half-kissed my cheek again. She clasped my hand in hers and we set off to collect my baggage. All we could do was smile to each other knowing that the years had not divided us.

Although my company was going to put me up in a great hotel downtown, Chrissie would have nothing to do with that arrangement. She had insisted to put me up while I was in town for a few weeks. She had plenty of room at the house. She had the house, the kids and alimony. Her divorce attorney had seen to that! Her ex-husband got the secretary!

A she us drove home, I couldn’t help but notice her firm and tanned legs and the way the fabric of her dress melted around her. The bottom buttons of her dress were undone to just about mid-thigh. The top three buttons of her dress were also undone, so I had a nice view of the tops of her bra and the sexy swell of breasts. The little yellow bow in the middle that held her bra together seemed to be begging to be untied.

I wanted so badly to envelop her right then and there. Instead I just run my fingers from her hair to her cheek and down to the turn in her neck. I wanted so desperately to touch her perky breasts but I didn’t. I must admit that I was treating her more as a lover than my sister. Chrissie just melted to the attention I was giving her and she accepted and reveled in it all.

“Jeez, I am not even in the country for 40 minutes and I’m already lusting after Chrissie again,” I thought, as I placed a hand on her thigh.

While I was looking at how confident, happy and sexier than ever she had become, my mind began to wander and asked myself, “Why didn’t I just once tell her how I felt? Even just once…”

I kept my hand on her leg and gently rubbed it, so she would know it was there in a brotherly way.

“All those nights and pendik escort mornings on the webcam and phone calls… she must know how I felt?” I mulled.

Upon reaching the house I quickly got settled in my room, which was right next door her hers. I showered, while she fixed a light dinner.

We caught up with each other’s life, as we devoured our light dinner accompanied with lots of fine wine. We were laughing and drinking. While sitting on the couch and sipping my wine glass, I looked at her as she gazed at me. There it was… that sparkle in her eyes, the playfulness of its expression, and the teasing and flirting of her lips and body language. She used to do this to me as we were growing up and it always got me hard. I didn’t know if she knew that it always had the desired effect on me.

“I’m so glad you’re back here Tom, even if it is only for awhile. I’ve missed you so much,” she declared.

“Chrissie, you’ve always been with me. Not a day goes by when I don’t think of you,” I responded.

“You always know the right things to say,” she answered back.

And then she leaned over and gave me a sisterly kiss on the lips.

That did it for me. I leaned back and pulled her into me, inhaled and smelled deeply her hair and perfume.

“You like smelling me, don’t you?” she queried.

“There’s nothing better,” I said.

“You’ve always done that. Why?” she asked.

“To be closer to you,” I replied.

“What do I smell of?” she coyly asked.

“You smell of Chrissie. And your smell always brought back a lot of memories.”

After a brief pause, I said, “I really need to get some rest. The jet lag has got me beat. Let’s talk tomorrow?”

The look on her face was one of dejection.

“Well,” I thought,” if she can tease me so can I tease her back. Let’s see how far we can take this.”

I pulled her up standing and into me. I made certain she could feel my hardness against her. I ran my hands down her back, keeping it ‘brotherly’ even though I thought she wanted more.

“My eyes are up here, Tom,” she deftly added.

She kissed me goodnight and sucked my lip into her mouth and then gently bit my lower lip.

“See you in the morning, Tom,” she purred to me.

“Fuck,” I thought…” that was good.”

Screw my dilemma. Even I could not misinterpret that! Even I finally knew that Chrissie had the same feelings for me!

“Thanks again for putting me up, Sis. See you in the morning,” I said, as I went to my room with my head spinning.

“How do I handle this? How do I approach this?” I asked myself.

I fantasized how it would all play out and I took matters into my own hands in my bed. In no time I shot my cum. Later that night because of the jet lag I was up and I had to go to the bathroom.

Chrissie’s room was right next mine. As I passed her slightly open door I heard a moan… a noise coming from her room. I stopped outside her door and all I could make out was a rustling noise and low moaning.

“Do I dare go in,” I thought to myself?

My hand automatically went to my cock and softly stroked it.

“Take… me… Tom. Please… take me,” she moaned. “I… want… you… ohhhhhh yesss…”

“Oh, Jeez,” I thought, “she’s thinking of me!”

I heard her quicken her pace and a low moan emanated from her throat.

It would only take a stroke or two and I would cum again all over her door.

“Go in there, Tom. Why don’t you go in there and take her,” my thoughts told me.

Of course, I didn’t because I wanted to take her slowly and on my terms. I wanted to tease and seduce her to make it last and to make it special for both of us. I slowly crept back to my room after I made a point of flushing the toilet. I wanted her know I was up and perhaps was listening to what she was doing.

In the morning I went downstairs to a vision. Chrissie was wearing a pair of women’s high cut ‘boxers’ and a low cut T-shirt. She had forgone the bra this morning. Just looking at her, I was bloody hard already. I was determined to have Chrissie after all these years – one way or another. I approached her at the sink, put one hand gently on one ass cheek and lightly kissed her cheek. I inhaled deeply to catch the scent in her hair. I had a quick look at her beautiful and full breasts.

“Good morning, Sis. How’d you sleep?” I asked her.

She pushed back against my hand almost imperceptively and she retorted, “Oh, it took me awhile but it always does. You were probably out pretty quick yourself?”

“Yeah… for awhile but then the bloody jet lag kicked in and I was up for a bit. I heard some noises from your room. Was everything OK?”

Chrissie turned around and I saw her face blushed red and her nostrils flare! She didn’t say anything but I could see that I caught a reaction that she was hiding. Without saying anything, she turned around and made me a quick breakfast. When she came to the table, I was certain that she made a special effort to bend over just so I could get another look escort pendik at her breasts. There was a noticeable difference in their appearance. Her nipples were standing out, which were begging to be tweaked, sucked and adored. I slowly soaked in the vision in front of me and I was certain that she noticed.

We talked about our plans for the day. As I had a lot of business matters to attend to, I told her that maybe we should catch up later. There was that disappointment in her eyes again that I noticed the night before.

To alleviate the tension, I told her, “I’d really like to take you out to dinner tonight to thank you for letting me stay.”

“That’s a great idea… thanks,” she responded. The she quickly added with a twinkle in her eyes, “It’s a date.”

She looked at me with baited breathe and I saw her bite her bottom lip as if she was hoping for an enthusiastic response from me. She was leaning against the sink with her hands behind her back and her long tanned legs and breasts jutting out. Her poise made me think that she was teasing me, again. I momentarily thought about going over to her and burying my head between her sultry legs.

“It’s a date,” I eagerly replied instead.

My simple response broke the tension in the air. I saw her smile and nod her head in assent. I thought that this was going to be a long and interesting day!

During my day-long meetings, Chrissie was always in my mind. I felt distracted but I managed to get my work done, but in the back of my mind, I was always wondering what the evening would bring.

When I returned to Chrissie’s home, we greeted each other with enthusiasm — a peck on the cheeks, a hug and a lasting embrace that were quickly followed with each one urging the other to get our date started. I went to my room as she did. I put on a nice casual suit with no tie – I wanted to appear informal but special for her. I finished dressing first and I waited for her downstairs.

A few seconds later, I drank the vision of Chrissie descending down the stairs. I almost choked. She was wearing a silky blue dress that clung to her gorgeous body. The dress was cut low enough to accentuate her beautiful cleavage and her push-up bra showed half her breasts. There were buttons from her cleavage to the bottom. The bottom four were undone, just like the yellow dress of yesterday.A full stocking encased her tall and long legs and the nice pair of high heeled shoes added to her sexual allure. She looked at me, as she descended the stairs to gauge my reaction to her outfit. Her eyes sparkled through her glasses.

That instant I fell in love with her all over again. I knew that it was going to be an interesting night.

“You look absolutely gorgeous tonight, Chrissie,” I remarked when she was in front of me.

I engulfed her in my arms and gave her a long and slow embrace

” What, just tonight? I want to make myself tempting for my date,” she cheekily added and she pushed herself into me to make the point..

I steered her towards the door and we headed out in my rental car. The drive to the restaurant was fraught with sexual tension, as we talked about our date. We could almost feel it. Nothing was overtly said but I was certain that the thought was on both our minds. During one of my business breaks, I reserved in advance a private table in the restaurant that Chrissie wanted to dine in. I specified a couch table with lots of privacy. I was not disappointed when we were escorted to our table. We were seated next to each other.

The waitress was accommodating but not in an overbearing way. Chrissie and I had the privacy we both desired. Chrissie looked at me with more adoration than I had ever imagined was possible. We ordered some wine and when it arrived, we drank to calm our nerves. The light salad only accentuated the wonderful taste.

While we talked, we found ourselves touching each other. Our fingers fiddled with each other’s, while we reminisced about our lives over the last couple of years since she divorced. Chrissie had married years ago and shared custody with her ex-husband for their two wonderful kids (who were with their father for two weeks).

“I’ll tell you Chrissie. Jack was crazy for letting you go. If I were him I would have held on to you at all cost. You were a wonderful wife,” I said to her.

“Thanks dear brother. I guess Carol wasn’t thinking right when she left you. Anyone on the horizon?” she retorted.

“I am actually too busy to date. Beside that I was thinking of someone else I couldn’t date until now. Maybe you and I should have married each other,” I said nonchalantly.

She replied with aplomb, “I’ve often thought about that too. If we married, we’d probably be in jail by now.”

I looked askance at her… how I loved her voice – especially that infectious and sexy laugh.

Chrissie suddenly upped the tone and asked, “Why do you always smell my hair whenever you embrace me? You never told me last night.”

“I never thought you would notice actually,” I replied pendik escort bayan while looking into her blue-green eyes.

“I always noticed and… I love it,” she said.

“I just love the way you smell. I can’t help it. It’s you,” I stated confidently.

“I’m glad you can’t help it,” Chrissie said as she caressed my hand even more.

I got embolden by the double entendres of our words and actions and so I decided to go for broke and said, “I’d love to smell you… all of you.”

I could tell I caught her by surprise and she was silent, but her eyes opened wide and sparkled. A small moan escaped her lips.

“You are an incredibly beautiful woman and if you weren’t my sister…” I haltingly said and did not even finish my thought.

At the same time while I gathered my thought, my cock was getting hard and my heart was beating fast. I didn’t know if my declaration had overstepped that fine boundary between a brother and sister.

“Maybe because I am your sister that I know what you’re feeling – what would you do to keep me?” Chrissie responded, while she looked demurely at me as a prospective boyfriend.

“I’d lick your eyes to start with… slowly and gently. You have the most incredible eyes,” I deliberately said.

“Ohhhh,” she moaned emotionally.

I could tell she was responding to my words in a sexual way. I didn’t know how or why but I just knew it. With those thoughts, I could feel my precum seeping out of my cock. The atmosphere was charged.

“I would gently lick your neck… and your throat. Yes, I’d lick and nibble your neck, almost biting but not quite,” I sexily added.

“Ohhhhh Tom,” she said as she moved uncomfortably around in her seat.

Her breasts were heaving and I could easily see her nipples sticking through the fabric of her bra and dress.

“Yes,” I said, “I’d love to start there and work my way around you. But do you know what I’d really like to do?” I playfully asked.

“No, what… please… tell me,” she said, as she breathed heavily.

One of her hands went to her lap.

I could tell she was stroking herself… her leg… her thigh… or maybe her clit? I slowly placed my hand on her leg and felt her silk stockings. I gradually let my fingers wander up her leg, while I rubbed it softly. She edged up closer to me.

Our fingers met at the heat of her cunt. My fingers gently glided over her wet silk encased pussy..

I didn’t invade that precious space, but only teased it awhile.

“I’d love to lick, lap, and taste this,” I said as I touched her.

“Ohhhh god,” she whimpered.

With that she let go of my hand, got up, and huskily said, “I need to go to the bathroom.”

I looked her in the eye and with a gentle and teasing smile across my face, I said, “Don’t you dare touch – not yet.”

She knew what meant — that I didn’t want her going to the bathroom to get herself off before I could do it for her.

“I won’t, I promise,” she replied.

I believed her. As for me, it wouldn’t take more than a touch or two to get me off! I waited patiently for Chrissie to return. We both knew that the charade of all these years was up. But I was still going to tease her. I caught her walking across the room with a smirk on her face. God, I could have taken her then and there!

She came to the table, leaned over revealing again her light blue lace bra, dropped her dainty laced blue panties in my hand and she said, “If you want to taste me, here you go.”

She made no effort to hide them!

“Jeez,” I thought, “this is too good to be true!”

I stealthily lifted the panties to my nose and inhaled deeply. God they were so wet. She must have wiped herself with them just for me. I could have cum right then!

“Thank you,” I said. “They smell beautiful. I could never imagine you smell so tempting. They are so wet. I wish I could rub them all over my face!”

But I had to settle for a couple of surreptitious sucks. After that sweet interlude the tension just melted away. We both knew for certain what would happen soon… I would finally have my Chrissie tonight. I fondled her panties again, never taking my eyes from hers.

“I wish I could taste you too,” Chrissie said in a low voice. “I’ve dreamt so often of what you would taste like. Boy, what are we like?” she laughingly said.

“I’ve wanted you for years, but…” my voice and explanation trailed off.

“I know,” Chrissie helpfully said.

I excused myself to go to the bathroom.

“Don’t you dare,” Chrissie returned my admonition with a playful laughter in her voice.

“I wouldn’t deprive you — ever,” I said. “I promise I won’t.”

I made my way to the bathroom and found a stall. I unbuttoned my trousers and let my cock get some bloody fresh air! God, there was so much pre-cum my silk underwear that it was soaked at the top. I slowly took her panties out of my pocket and wiped my cock dry. It would have been so easy to take a few extra strokes and flood her panties but I did promise, didn’t I?

I returned to the room and caught a glimpse of Chrissie sitting there. Her hair was loosely tousled. Her dress was hanging just off her shoulders… she was alluring and very beautiful. I approached the table.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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