The Beginning Pt. 01

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My very first story. Please let me know what you think.

Ideas? Ways to improve?




Chapter 1.

Jay was 6′ 1″ tall. Broad shoulders, big hands, wore a size 13 shoe and although he never lifted weights, he was a pretty strong guy.

Jay was just like any other guy, he liked women, pussy, ass and especially tits!

He was always horny. He was mid forties, a little out of shape, but he had NO problem with his cock getting hard.

It was a normal thing for him to jerk off at least once a day, maybe more depending on his mood and level of horniness.

Usually while jerking off he watched porn but he always had a girl he knew in his mind while doing so!

Sometimes he’d jerk off in the shower, or in the bathroom or if he was alone when he went to bed.

Tits: he liked the ones that were hand fulls or mouth fulls. He has big hands so that meant they were usually pretty big tits.

He loved to suck, nibble, bite, twist, pull, and pinch on the nipples!

Pussy: he liked all pussy but there were 2 certain kinds that worked him up the most.

All Shaved or Very Hairy! He could eat and lick pussy for hours! Sometimes he could cum just by eating pussy and not even touch himself. He often fantasized about walking up to a complete stranger who caught his eye and made his dick twitch and just whispering in her ear “I don’t want anything in return, I would just love eat your pussy” just to see what would happen.

Women: He liked women of all shapes and sizes, if they were sexy and beautiful it didn’t matter what they weighed, how short or tall they were, if they aroused him, he wanted them sitting on his face, their mouth sucking his cock or his cock inside them!

Ass: he liked asses that had a little meat on them, he liked to have something to grab on to, he liked the way they jiggled.

He was shy so most of his fantasies never came about but if the woman was clean and sexually aroused him, there wasn’t anything he wouldn’t at least try once, for her, with her, to please her!

After all, he was a kinky person too and if it made the woman he was with happy, well he was down for whatever.

Jay wasn’t what you would necessarily call a bisexual but he did like like watching all different manners of porn which included gay, cross dressing, sissy, and cuckold amongst all others kinds of porn involving women. He had yet to come across a kind of porn he didn’t like, or that didn’t eryaman escort get him cumming.

Chapter 2:

Jay stood staring. Staring at the beautiful, gorgeous, sexy, perfectly curved, arousing, pretty woman before him.

The woman that was almost naked, her wrists and ankles each tied to a corner of the bed, her only clothing a lace bra and matching lace panties, Royal purple, with silver edging. (his favorite color of purple)

Lying on the silky sheets.

He stares at her with hunger, lust and love in his eyes. His eyes roaming all over her body.

She can feel the heat from his eyes all over her, here she is spread eagle and tied, immobile, blindfolded and at his mercy. The thought of the state of vulnerability that she is currently in has her pussy dripping wet and soaking her panties, her nipples hard, her heart pounding, her stomach a flutter.

Little beads of sweat forming all over her body in anticipation of not knowing what’s going to happen but eagerly wanting to find out, her clit swollen and begging for attention.

Jay continues to stare, he watches as her body wiggles every now and then, pulling against the restraints, she moans when she realizes just how helpless she is.

The room is warm, there is very little air movement, causing her to sweat.

The room is dark expect for for the candles Jay has placed around the room.

No other light penetrates into the room.

There is just enough air movement that you can’t feel it, but the flames of the candles flicker and dance because of it.

The light glistening off of the beads of sweat on her body.

Her body, mmmmm her body! Yearning to be touched, caressed, played with and for her bra and panties to be removed.

Chapter 3:

She can’t see anything, but she knows he’s there. Her hearing and smelling senses elevated to make up for the loss of sight.

She can smell the aroma of candles burning. Her body shivers but not from being cold. Her mind is racing, her body aching. She feels him sit on the bed, his touch, finally, on her toes.

Jay sits on the edge of the bed, he touches her toes and glides is fingertips up her foot, over her ankle, slowly, softly up her calf, over her knee, slowly. little beads of sweat all over her body, up her thigh, his fingernail lightly scraping her. Moans escaping her lips, her body trying to move and rise to reach his touch but unable to do so. He slides his fingers across the top of her soaking wet panties, and down the other leg to the toes, just as soft and slowly escort ankara as before.

Jay can smell her, smell her excitement.

He can see the panties are completely wet. He leans in closer and inhales deeply! The scent is amazing, it takes over his brain, it arouses him and makes him sooo hard, his cock is straining against his boxers. Begging to be released.

He reaches for the night stand and flips his knife open, he places the blade right against her bare hip, flat side down. He slides the blade along her hip under the waistband of her panties, he angles the blade up and starts to cut through the waistband, slowly, watching as each thread is cut and closer to exposing her.

He moves to the other side and repeats the same process.

He is driving her madly wild but she knows it’s a knife so she dare not move.

Her waistband now cut, the only thing covering her wet pussy is the front fabric flap of her panties.

Jay runs his fingers up the inside of her leg, up the inside of her thigh, so close to touching her but at the last second his fingers skip entirely over pussy and to her stomach. He runs his fingers up slowly.

His fingers coming to rest on the clasp between her tits and extremely hard nipples.

With one hand he un does the clasp.

Her bra pops open and her boobs spring forward no longer held back and free.

She gasps! She’s mad with desire and want and he just slowly tortures her, bringing forth more wetness.

Jay leans in and kisses her neck, his tongue licking everywhere his lips touch.

He moves his head lower as he slides his tongue down her chest and between her tits. He purposefully does not touch the nipples. He moves down further as his tongue continues to slide down over her stomach. She’s moaning and moaning and moaning. Breathing heavily! She wants his hands and mouth all over her body so badly, she’s begging him to touch and suck her.

His mouth reaches the cut waistband, he grabs it with his teeth and slowly peels the wet panties away from her bare, shaved pussy. The smell. Ohhhh god the smell! It takes all his will power to just not bury his face and tongue in her pussy right now.

She’s now completely exposed and very very horny.

Her lips glistening with her wetness, he wants to taste so bad but he must continue his plan, his way, on his terms.

Chapter 4:

Jay leans over her, she can smell him. She wants him, all of him, all over her and in her.

He whispers into her ear as he nibbles on it. “Now the fun sincan escort begins”. Her only reply is oh god yes! Please!

He kisses and licks all over her neck, he sucks on her neck. His mouth lowers, his tongue gliding along the top of her breasts, lower, his lips touch her hard nipple, she shudders and tingles, moans and holds her breath knowing what’s coming next.

He takes the nipple into is mouth, sucking madly while also nibbling on her lightly! He sucks as much of the tit he can into his mouth. Savoring, sucking, licking, biting, nibbling on the diamond hard nipple.

She’s whimpers when he removes his mouth but quickly stops as his mouth switches to the other tit and nipple, licking, sucking, savoring, nibbling, biting, teasing and enjoying!

She can feel his hardness against her thigh as he sucks on her breasts. She wants him inside her desperately! She wants his cock to fill her.

He lowers his head, sucking, licking and kissing her stomach, she wants to see everything that’s going on but she can’t because of the blindfold. She now has marks on her wrists and ankles as she shakes and shudders causing the rope to leave marks as she struggles to be free so she can attack him.

He moves lower, ohhhh she can feel his hot breath on her pussy, his mouth so close, his fingers on her wet lips, spreading her open, releasing more wetness. His thumb rub across her clit, she shakes violently begging him to make her cum, begging pleading!

He starts to move his mouth away, she again begs and whimpers as she can no longer feel his breath upon her pussy.

She screams PLEASE!

His mouth covers her pussy, he licks and sucks up all of her sweet, delicious, addictive nectar, his tongue fucking her,

Sucking, licking, sucking, licking up and down along the lips, he moves to the clit and begins to suck it and flick it with his tongue. She feels the orgasm building. She close! Oh god don’t stop!

He reaches up and removes the blindfold.

The first thing she sees is his eyes staring into her eyes, his face in her pussy. No words need spoken anymore, they can read each other’s eyes, thoughts.

His sucking intensifies, they keep staring at each other. His hands reach up and each grab a handful of tit! He’s sucking faster, licking faster. He gets each nipple between his thumb and finger.

He twists and pinches each nipple sending a jolt through her entire body, she moans and screams as her orgasm races through her entire body as she cums, flooding his mouth, she’s shaking and bucking wildly but he wraps his arms around her legs holding her in place as he continues to suck on her pussy through her entire orgasm. Exhausted, her body goes limp, she’s awake but physically unable to move.

Chapter 5:

To be continued! ??

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