A Finger in a Mother’s Pie

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This was a short event in my life, but very memorable never-the-less. It revolved around my then girlfriend’s mom, which – I hear all the cries – is not an advisable choice for a quick conquest normally. However, this one just happened, and I had too much fun to even consider thinking badly of myself or my actions. Anyway, this was not the reason for our break-up, so who cares?

My girlfriend’s mom is a bitch. A woman with a hide thicker than a rhino’s, and that’s no exaggeration. You get those people in life, the ones who just don’t see anyone else besides themselves. Her name is Tarryn, and physically she’s quite good looking, if one doesn’t mind a well-fleshed, curvy, middle-aged lady. I love them. Not too fat, but, well, well-rounded. The thing that got me going was Tarryn’s tendency to sit on a chair with one foot on the ground, the other on the chair, knee pointing upwards. She often used to do this while wearing a dress and watching tv. I guess that I was not seen as a guy to be careful around because I was going out with her daughter, so the fact that her skirt lifted up did not concern Tarryn, if she even noticed. I didn’t say anything either, because I was having a great conversation with Tarryn whilst ogling her white cotton panties, pubic hair sprouting round the edges.

The skirt had lifted to leave me with a glorious view of crotch. Creamy white flesh ran down her inside thigh, cut off at the apex of her legs by soft, well-worn looking, white brooks. It was a real cock stirring position I was in, and I made the most of my conversation with her to prolong the view.

I don’t know if it’s a trait of Tarryn’s family, but I remember getting an eyeful of her other, younger daughter’s white panties when I was swimming in their pool once. She came over to the edge to show me a picture. I stayed in the pool, while she squatted on the side. The thing though, was that she was wearing a short, denim skirt. So when she squatted I was left with my eyes not 20 centimetres from her cunt. I had to tear my eyes away so as not to give the game away. She didn’t notice it; oblivious! Who knows, growing up like mom?

Anyway, I was talking to Tarryn ’cause my girlfriend wasn’t in (delayed at work) and Tarryn was the only one home. By now I had a raging hard-on, and the canlı bahis bulge in my jeans said it all. Tarryn blushed when I caught her eyes, guilty as sin. I neglected to tell her of my own transgression, let her suffer I thought. But then when she said nothing I thought that I might rev things up a bit and tease the old hag. So I got up to clear away the tea cups and purposely lent across her to get her cup. My cock must have almost brushed her nose! I took the tea stuff away and returned to a rather flustered lady. But still no complaint. The bitch was loving it. I went for more, too bent on getting her back for all the grief she had caused me over the last year or so.

I got up and went to the guest bathroom, just off the entrance hall, near the lounge where we were sitting. I made sure that I peed hard into the toilet bowl, but only after battling to get things going, what with an erection and all. Tarryn couldn’t help but hear. I went back with my fly undone, underpants peeking out. I sat down with my legs apart to give Tarryn a good look. “I don’t know when Sarah is going to get back, so do you mind if I shower and get ready for tonight?” I asked. “That’s fine, you can use the shower in my room.” There was only that one, lucky me. I got up, went through, took off my clothes, fiddled with the taps (fancy variable temperature/speed types) and then put a towel loosely around me, and went back to the lounge. “I can’t seem to get the taps to work,” I said… lame I know. “Oh, um, I’ll show you.” We went back to the bathroom, and Tarryn reached into the shower to turn the water on. I looked over her shoulder and made sure to bump her at just the right moment. In she stumbled, and got instantly drenched. In the struggle to turn off the water and get her out, I lost my towel. I played that I didn’t notice, and helped Tarryn to get another towel from the rack to dry herself with. I then “realised” my predicament and grabbed my fallen towel, giving Tarryn a open view of my arse. “God, sorry… um, let me help you with those clothes… I’m so sorry.”

I had her wet shirt and long skirt off in seconds. Her brown, hardened nipples were clearly visible through the thin material of her cotton bra, and her brown pubic hair was likewise visible. I didn’t pause long enough to allow Tarryn bahis siteleri to recover her blasted wits or sense of propriety. I was was at her with the towel, jabbering away. She was totally not in control. I turned her around, and removed her bra, towelling off her back. Then it was down with her panties – a slight protest there as some deep-set , instinctive programming kicked in – but I had her naked none-the-less. “Oh man, you’re so wet,” I anguished, “I’m so sorry.” “Uh, um, oh,” was all I got back.

I took extra care to dry her lovely, droopy C-cup boobs, making sure I kept her nipples stiff. By now she was way past the point of no return. I too, was having a ball. My cock was thick, and ram-rod stiff, gearing up for a good fucking. With no further delay, I kissed Tarryn full on the lips. She hesitated only milliseconds, before she went over the edge, and clasped me to her ample chest, tongue twisting into my mouth. I lent hard against her, pushing the shaft of my dick against her pelvis. Tarryn sat down backwards on top of the loo seat, and I stradled her, legs around her waist. We kissed madly like that for a good few minutes before I got up and pulled Tarryn into the shower, turning on the taps. It took me a second to get the water to the right temperature by which time Tarryn was well acquainted with my cock, which now sported lipstick marks.

I turned around and got Tarryn to lift her left leg and position her foot on the basin just outside of the shower door. I now had acces to her pussy. I dropped to the floor and kissed both her lips, before sucking hard on her labia. The water coursed down our bodies, mingling with sweat to create a super-slick sensation. It was fantastic. I got Tarryn grunting like a pig, with fingers in her vagina and my tongue sloshing around her clitoris. I stood up then, and positioned my cock at the entrance to her cunt, before thrusting deep into her vagina. She cried out a moan so load I had a momentary heart attack thinking that the neighbours were sure to hear.

I pumped away at Tarryn, talking dirty all the time. She just grunted and groaned, saying only, “Fuck me Michael, FUCK ME!!!” at regular intervals. And so that is just what I did. I jack-hammered my penis into her lubricated love canal, while also keeping time on her clit bahis şirketleri with my middle finger. When that finger tired, I switched hands and made for her arse-hole. Oh, did she love that, “Oh God yes! Shove it up my shitter, do it, do it!” Did I tell you that she was a bitch? Demanding to the last. Poor old husband, must be almost dead by now what with the pecking he must cop. I pushed my wet middle finger into her anus, wiggling it for added effect. I couldn’t do much more, because the angle was killing my hand, but it was enough. Tarryn went through the roof, howling like a dog as she shuddered through a huge series of killer climaxes. I for my part did the same, only I got to come only once. But ever game, I only stopped thrusting when Tarryn told me I could!

I turned off the water and reached for the towels where they lay on the floor, expecting to get dry and dressed, but Tarryn had one last surprise. As I bent over she dropped to her knees and sucker her mouth to my arse, tongue tip burrowing into my hole. I grabbed the basin at my side to steady myself, and let waves of pleasure flow through me. After a minute, Tarryn turned me around and said, “Now I’m going to suck your lovely, young cock. You can cum on my face.” Gee, thanks bitch, but not out loud.

I let her experienced lips, mouth and tongue take me to the edge. At one point I pictured the situation. My girlfriend’s mom on her knees in front of me, her cunt still dripping my semen from the shower fuck we had had. Me on me feet, my cock halfway down her throat, hands behind her head, writhing with ecstasy while she gave me a first-class blow-job. Magnificent! I held back for as long as possible, but Tarryn never complained once – full of surprises I thought to myself. Eventually though, I couldn’t hold on any more, and with a deep grunt of satisfaction, I spewed cum all over Tarryn’s face. Given that I had just fucked her pussy, I didn’t have all that much to spew, but it was enough to cover an eye, and get her in the mouth. She licked up all that she could, and make me clean up the rest. I used a tissue.

A quick shower, with much fingering of pussy, dick, anus and breasts, and we got dressed and returned to the lounge. Half an hour later Sarah arrived, and we had a great evening out, with her none the wiser. Her mom never said a word to anyone else – another good side that I had never seen before. As a result I had sex with her on another two occasions before I broke up with her daughter, and never set eyes on her again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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