A Night at the Cabin

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I guess the holidays could have been worse. I was trying to prove I didn’t need anyone’s help anymore and refused the offers of plane tickets my parents made. My old car had never been good on snow, and I had not expected a blizzard that started after I left work. I mean if my parents hadn’t insisted on us spending holidays up at their lake cabin, I would have been fine. I had driven through the small town they still lived in a good hour ago without any problems. That stupid dirt road to the lake though, that was just too much for my car. At least it wasn’t far to walk to the cabin. Of course, it was freaking cold, but hopefully my parents cooked or something.

I couldn’t feel my toes and my fingers had long been numb by the time I saw the cabin. I said a silent thank god as I saw the smoke coming from the chimney. I picked up the pace and soon was at the cabin. It was a nice log building, with two bedrooms and a large open room that was for everything except sleeping. Back when I was younger, we spent most of our summers up here. I opened the door and walked in.

I didn’t see mom or dad, just my little sister and her ‘friend’ Stephanie cuddled up under some blankets in front of the fireplace. I don’t know if dad really thought they were friends, I know my mom knew better. She had walked in on the two of them back in their senior year.

My sister Molly looked up, “Hey Brad, I didn’t hear you pull up.” Steph just giggled.

“Yeah yeah, where’s mom and dad?” I started pulling off my freezing wet shoes and jacket.

“They called from the airport, their flight is delayed, looks like they won’t make it until tomorrow.” Molly smiled, “They said they were sorry and maybe you had the right idea driving.”

I rolled my eyes and walked over to the stove. It was ice cold, far be it for Molly to cook anything. Mom and dad had been out visiting with his parents before Christmas and were supposed to have flown into the local airport this morning. I started the stove up to heat up some water for coffee. “Well driving my car was a stupid idea; I’m stuck in the ditch a few miles up the lake road.”

Steph sat up and looked over the back of the couch, “You had to walk?”

I shrugged, “Yeah.” She was cute, but then most Nineteen-year-old blondes were cute if you ask me.

“You poor thing,” She started to walk over towards me, “Your clothes are soaking wet.”

Molly just wrinkled her nose at Steph, flicking her brown hair back behind her shoulder, “I suppose you left everything back at the car.”

I rolled my eyes, I knew what she wanted, “Yeah I was such an ass I didn’t lug two cases of beer with me. You want it, you go get it, but get my stuff too or you can’t have any.”

Now both Steph and Molly had been on the cross-country ski team in high school, so either of them could get to the car in very little time. Me? Well let’s just say me on skis is not a pretty sight.

“I’ll dig through your dad’s stuff, Molly, and find something for him, why don’t you go get the stuff.”

Molly muttered something and started to grab her ski gear. Steph lead the way back to the bedroom that my parents always claimed when we were up here, “I think your dad has some stuff back here.”

The bed was littered with wrapping paper and boxes when I got to the room. Evidently, Molly and Steph had been exchanging gifts already. I glanced over the bed, “You better hide that stuff before my mom and dad get here.” There were lacy little bits of clothing everywhere, reds, blacks, and whites all surrounded by a sea of pink tissue paper.

Steph giggled, “Yeah we made a little mess. You’d better get out of those wet clothes before you catch a cold though.” She turned and leaned over to search the dresser for clothes. As she kneeled down, I could distinctly see the bright red lacy thong she was wearing. Now she had a nice ass. Muscular but not too muscular, still that nice feminine softness to it.

I pulled off the sweatshirt I was wearing and tossed it over in the corner of the room and sat down on the bed to pull off my wet socks. I got one sock off then when I moved to pull the other one off; something started making a noise on the bed like a pager or phone going off. I reached around to figure out whose it was when my hand found a very non-pager shaped item. Steph’s cheeks had turned beat red as the blonde looked at me. “Yeah we really need to hide that stuff.”

I held up the dark purple vibrator, “I didn’t think you two liked anything this shape.” I smiled at how uncomfortable Steph looked. Now she was three years younger than I was and had been late to develop so I had never really looked at her too much, except as my sister’s ever present girlfriend. When she licked her lips though, my idea of her as the innocent started to change.

She walked over to me, “Well I like things that shape just fine, and it’s your sister that could take it or leave it. Want to see what else she gave me?”

Without waiting for any reply from me, she pulled off anadolu yakası escort her sweater. She had a bright red bra on, the same color as the thong I had glimpsed earlier. “Isn’t it cute?” She ran her hands along the sides of her breasts as she turned around so I could get a good view of the font and back.

“Uh yeah.” I wasn’t the most articulate person ever as my sister’s girlfriend did a little show for me.

She suddenly undid her low-rise jeans and stepped out of them, showing off the red thong I had glimpsed earlier. It was nearly as skimpy in the front as it had been in the back and I could clearly see that she shaved completely down there. “She bought me the matching set.” She hooked a finger under the side of the thong and pulled at it a little, as she modeled that as well for me.

Suddenly, she had her hands at my jeans and was unbuttoning and unzipping them. Before I could say anything, she had my pants down to my ankles and her tongue was licking my hard cock. “Hey, whoa, what would Molly say if she walked in?” I could not ruin Christmas by fucking my sister’s girlfriend.

She looked up at me, giving my cock one final lick with her tongue, “She likes to watch.” Steph sucked my cock into her mouth, working it with her lips. Her mouth was so wet and warm. Her hands gripped at my balls as she raised and lowered her head, taking more and more of my cock into her mouth.

I wrapped my fingers in her blonde hair, the shoulder length tresses kept brushing against me on her forward stroke. She knew what she was doing; this was no first time fumbling with a man. Her tongue pressed the bottom of my cock as her lips embraced it. Her hands keeping a firm pressure on my balls. I started to move forward as she brought her mouth down on my cock. Fucking her mouth almost made me forget what a bitch it had been getting here.

I held her head and brought myself in and out of her, nearly deep enough to gag her, but she kept sucking my. Her tongue was rough against my shaft, but her lips kept a tight grip. My car was stuck a good ways down the road, and Molly wouldn’t make too good of time with the cases of beer, so maybe I had some time to enjoy this.

I looked down at Steph, “I see you do like cocks don’t you.” I kept pushing into her mouth as she murmured a yes noise. The motion of her trying to say something even more intense against my cock. “Do you like being fucked by a cock?” Once again, she made the same affirmative noise.

I pulled out of her mouth and stepped out of the pile of jeans at my feet. She smiled at me and giggled, “Are you going to fuck me?”

I picked her up and tossed her on the bed. I reached towards her thong and pulled the thin piece of red fabric aside. With my other hand I rubbed between her lower lips, she was soaking wet already, way too wet to just be from sucking me. “I see that I interrupted something between you two when I walked in, didn’t I.”

She giggled and nodded, “Yeah, but you can more than make up for it.”

I kneeled between her legs and positioned the head of my cock over her slit, still holding the red fabric to the side; the skimpy thong wasn’t going to stop anything. Slowly I pushed myself in. She felt nice and tight. I grabbed her legs and hooked her ankles over my shoulders as I pressed as far in as I could go. She grunted as I pressed in farther.

She felt good, hot and wet as I penetrated her fully. I pulled out slowly, savoring every inch as it came out of her tight cunt. In again, this time harder and faster. Again, I withdrew and then pushed my way in faster. It felt incredible. I pulled out again and she started to beg me to take her harder. I started to slam my full length into her, still going slow as I pulled out but fast and hard on the penetration. She begged me to fuck her faster. I took her, hard and fast, slamming into her tight cunt as she moaned under me.

The springs of the bed were creaking and she was begging me for more and more as I kept fucking her faster, my entire length slamming into her tight cunt. Suddenly I heard my sister’s voice from the doorway, “She’s a great fuck, isn’t she?”

Even as good as Steph’s cunt felt, my sister’s voice stopped me in place. I saw Molly walking over to the bed and tried to explain, but all I managed was an incoherent “ahhhh.”

Molly walked over to the bed and leaned over to kiss Steph. As I saw my sister’s tongue enter Steph’s mouth I felt my cock throb. Their lips pressed against each other’s as tongues darted between the two girls. I couldn’t believe how hot it was. I slowly started fucking Steph again. My cock slowly pressing into her wet cut as I watched the girls making out.

Molly looked up at me, “Do you like the present I got her?” She traced her finger along the red lace of Steph’s bra.

I nodded, “Yeah.” I still couldn’t believe I had my cock in my sister’s girlfriend.

Molly smiled, “I’m glad you like it. I have a matching set.” With that, ataşehir escort she pulled off her sweater and tossed it onto the clothes pile. Now I already knew my sister was hot. As her older brother, it was my job to make sure all the guys in school knew that I would kick their asses if they touched her. But she looked better than I imagined in the lacy black bra. Her breasts were a little bigger than Steph’s, but she had the same athletic body.

I couldn’t help fucking Steph a little faster as Molly pulled off her jeans, revealing her perfect ass that wasn’t hidden at all by the little black thong. Molly giggled, “You’re going to share her with your sister, aren’t you?”

I just nodded as Molly climbed onto the bed, leaning back against the pillows at the head of the bed. I pulled out of Steph, and let her reposition. She got onto her hands and knees and buried her face in my sister’s thong, sucking and probing with her tongue over the black fabric.

Steph’s ass was at the perfect height to take her. I positioned myself behind Steph, having a perfect view of her licking my sister’s thong. I pulled Steph’s red thong to one side again and slide back into her warm cunt.

Steph moved Molly’s thong to one side and slipped a finger into her cunt. As I fucked Steph, she matched my pace with the finger in Molly. She slipped another finger into my sister as I fucked Steph harder. I was soon matching Steph’s pace as she finger fucked my sister now with three fingers.

My sister was moaning for Steph to fuck her harder. When I heard harder, I couldn’t resist fucking Steph even harder. I was slamming into her cunt pushing her forward with each thrust. Steph had four fingers in my sister now and Molly was moaning as hard as Steph. Then I saw Steph’s thumb slip in. Her entire delicate hand was inside my sister. As I saw her fist my sister, I knew I was going to come. I could feel it burning in me. Then I heard my sister gasp as she came, screaming out with pleasure as even the muscles across her stomach spasmed as Steph fisted her cunt. That was all I could take and my cock throbbed in Steph’s cunt, filling her with cum as I slammed every bit of my length into her orgasming cunt. I filled her until cum was dribbling out of her and then I pulled out. I sat back on the bed, gasping for breath as I saw the red of Steph’s thong darkening as it soaked up her juices and my cum.

Steph pulled her hand out of Molly carefully. Her hand was covered in my sister’s juices. Then Molly did something unexpected. She moved behind Steph and pulled the thong down to Steph’s thighs. Then she started to eat out her girlfriend. Steph moaned as my sister sucked at her cunt, my cum covering her face. I could hear my sister slurping at Steph’s wet snatch, her tongue working between the girl’s lower lips. Then she gently pushed Steph down onto the bed, rolling her onto her back. She moved up to kiss the girl, but instead of kissing her, she opened her mouth and slowly a thick stream of my cum dribbled down from Molly’s mouth into Steph’s.

Steph caught the cum in her mouth, reaching out her tongue to lick my sister’s lips clean. The girls kept kissing, strands of cum keeping them connected whenever they drew apart. Steph guided Molly onto her back and scooted down to between her legs, gently she rubbed my sister’s slit, and then, holding the folds of her cunt apart, Steph opened her mouth above Molly’s recently fisted hole and let a long stream of cum and saliva gently trickle from her mouth into my sister’s sex.

Molly smiled up at Steph, ignoring me for the moment, “Want to try out the present you got me?”

Steph giggled, “You mean use it on you?” She rubbed my sister’s wet slit as she glanced over at me for a second before looking back at Molly. “Did watching your brother fuck me make you want a cock?”

Molly giggled, “Yeah. I don’t think he’ll mind a little show either.”

Steph reached into a box that still had some wrapping paper on it. She pulled off her red thong and handed it to me. The crotch was soaked. She pulled a weird looking bunch of leather straps from the box, As she started to fastened them to her waist I realized it was a dildo harness – specifically a double dildo harness. Steph put one thick purple dildo in the harness and then put an even larger blue one in the harness facing the other way. She turned to me, “So? Do you think your little sister should get purple or blue?”

I smiled, “Hmmm, blue. She said she was going to give me a show didn’t she?” Steph just nodded, trying to keep a straight face. She eased the thick purple dildo into her own cunt before tightening the straps causing the even larger blue dildo to be in perfect fucking position. It had to be a good 9 inches long, but it was also thick. Steph did something to the base of it, which caused it to start emitting a low humming noise. I smiled; I hadn’t realized it was a vibrator too.

Steph advanced on my sister, holding the head of the dildo right ümraniye escort over her pussy lips. She rubbed the head all over the cum and spit dripping from Molly. “Are you ready to take a cock up you?”

When my sister nodded, Steph slowly eased the huge vibrating dildo into Molly. The head on the thing was huge and it took a bit of work to get it finally to pop in. My sister was being stretched. She moaned when the head popped in. I started to stroke myself, watching the two of them was getting me hard again.

Steph got more of the huge dildo in, stroking it in and out, but never pulling the head of it out. I got up on my hands and knees and placed a hand on Steph’s ass. I started urging her to go into my sister deeper. Molly was moaning, begging for more. Steph kept giving more and more of the vibrator to her.

Now I wasn’t ready to go for round two yet, but Steph’s ass just looked too good to not play with it. I sucked on one of my fingers and then slipped it between her ass cheeks. The dildo harness left her ass exposed and I carefully pushed my finger up her extremely tight ass, finger fucking her butt as she fucked my sister. Then I saw a box on the floor, evidently the girls had done a lot of unwrapping before I had gotten there. I pulled my finger out of Steph’s ass and grabbed the box. There was a shiny black butt plug and a tube of lube in it.

As I pulled out everything, I realized it was even a vibrating butt plug, damn these girls were kinky. I got it turned on, lubed up, and then started to spread lube on Steph’s ass as she kept fucking Molly harder with the strap on. Steph was really getting into fucking Molly; she was taking her with most of the dildo’s length now. The girls were breathing hard, but Molly kept asking for more.

I placed the butt plug at Steph’s ass and slowly pushed it in until it was in far enough to fuck her with it. I slowly drew it in and out, as she kept taking my sister. Then with one firm motion, I pushed it in up to the holder in the rim. Steph’s ass kept bucking as the vibrating fully hit her. She started to cum again, her rhythm breaking down as she gasped and her legs started trembling.

Molly rolled Steph over onto her back so Molly was straddling her. She had the entire dildo in her now and was bouncing up and down on it, fucking herself on it as hard and deep as she could. Then she looked back at me, “Please, please?”

I stood there, looking at my sister impaling herself on this huge dildo. Each time she pulled it out before slamming it back in, I could see how covered it was in her juices. To hear her begging me “Please, I need more, take me, give me more.” It was more than I could take.

My cock was rock hard in my hand as I moved up behind her. I smeared her ass with lube and then slipped a finger into my sister’s butt. I could feel the huge dildo just on the other side of the thin barrier of skin and muscle. The vibrations were very strong. I slide my finger up her, fucking her with my finger, but she kept begging for more. I slid a second finger, it got her moaning louder but she still wanted more.

I pulled out my fingers and grabbed my cock, placing the tip against her ass, “Hold still for a second, I don’t want to hurt you.” She held mostly still, the huge dildo fully penetrating her cunt. I slowly eased the head of my cock into her ass. It was tight. The vibrations from the dildo made this harder. Finally, I got the head all the way into my sister. I paused for a moment, letting her ass get used to a cock up it.

She was gasping, “Oh god it’s huge. Please I need it. I need to be fucked.” Her hips wiggled as she tried to press back into me a little.

I smiled, “Merry Christmas.” I slowly slide my cock into her. She was so tight, but she moaned as I pushed into her. The dildo that filled her cunt, making her ass seem even tighter, was pressing my cock. One I got my cock all the way in, I pulled it most of the way out and started to fuck her. She fucked the huge vibrator at the same pace I set.

It was the most intense thing I had ever felt. The powerful vibrator was causing everything to pulsate. The sheer size of it as she fucked it kept her ass gripping me almost to the point of not being able to fuck her. I knew I wasn’t going to last for long in her like this, so I fucked her with everything I had. I took her fast and hard, plunging my cock deep into her ass before withdrawing it to slam it back in again. Shoving her down onto the dildo as I gripped her hips I kept fucking her.

Steph was bucking under her in another orgasm as suddenly I felt Molly cum. Her ass tightened down on me so hard I couldn’t move as wave after wave passed through her cunt. It was too much for me and I unloaded into my sister’s ass, filling her with hot cum. She bucked as gasped as she came, it seemed to last forever. Finally, she collapsed onto Steph, her muscles relaxing to the point I could pull out.

My cum dripped from her ass, covering the dildo’s and their harness. Both girls were exhausted, but they managed to disentangle themselves. As we all got into the very warm bed, I kissed Molly, “Anytime you two need help unwrapping your presents just say the word.” With that, the three of us snuggled into the warm blankets hoping for a little fun before the rest of the family showed up tomorrow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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