A pleasure monster.

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Molly was 18 and a normal young lady with wants and needs. Her parents kept her close, not letting her get into any relationship which could lead to sex. Her only relief was masturbation. It started when she was younger but now it had become a nightly thing. But no matter what she did it didn’t extinguish the lust she felt as she caressed her naked body and had multiple orgasms. She dreamed of being with a man, stroking his cock until he was hard and then giving herself to him. It didn’t matter who as she just had this imaginary guy in her dream. Just a faceless person who could satisfy her wonton need.

It had become more difficult to find a place to satisfy herself. She had been almost discovered several times. She locked her bedroom door but her father demanded to know why it was locked. In the shower her mother told her to hurry up and not waste water. Her frustration grew and grew. She had to find another way to get relief without being interrupted. She convinced her parents that she wanted to take up running. There was a forest area close by. Her father wasn’t that happy with the idea and so he accompanied her the first two times she ran. Satisfied that she was indeed running, and not secretly meeting someone, he allowed her run by herself. Of course he knew exactly how long the run would take and told Molly he would be checking her time. Of course he said it was so he could clock her improvement.

Now running alone she knew how long she could take. She had even located a spot off the path where she could be alone. She set off, checking her watch as she went. Reaching the spot she had picked she left the path and laid down beside a large tree. Slipping off her shorts and panties she began to rub herself. It had been several days since she had had an orgasm and so she came quickly. Continuing to rub herself she was working on a second orgasm when she heard a noise. Looking to her left she saw a woman watching her. She squealed with fright. “Don’t be afraid” the woman said “don’t let me stop you enjoying yourself”. Molly hurriedly put her panties and shorts back on. “I am sorry sweetheart” the woman said “I know how good it feels when you cum”.

Molly stood unsure what to say. “Why here?” asked the woman. For some reason Molly canlı bahis şirketaleri opened up and explained why she was there, the problem finding privacy at home and her need to cum. “Oh I understand honey” said the woman “I used to find that just masturbating didn’t really satisfy me but I found the answer”. Molly asked what she meant. Did she have a husband or a boyfriend? “Oh much better than that” replied the woman “I would show you if you had the time”. Molly checked her watch. “I have to get back” she said “my father is timing me”. “Ok” said the woman “but if you want to experience something far better than your fingers I live in the cottage over there”. Molly got back on the track and headed home. “Same time as yesterday” her father said. Molly sat on her bed and thought about the woman. “What did she mean, something far better” she wondered.

The next day Molly set off to find answers. What was “something far better”? She ran quickly to get to the area where she had seen the woman. First there was no sign of her but just when Molly had given up hope she appeared. “Back again my dear” she said. Molly hesitated. How to ask the question? Her mood was broken when the woman said “so you are wondering what I meant yesterday” she said. Molly wondered how she knew but it really wasn’t difficult. “Why don’t we go to my cottage and you will get your answer” said the woman and turned and started to walk away. Molly checked her watch. Still plenty of time. She followed the woman until they entered a clearing and a small cottage tucked away. It seemed like it had been there for decades. “Come inside my dear” the woman said. Molly took a few deep breaths and stepped inside.

The interior looked normal. A kitchen and dining area and a lounge area to one side. “There are two bedrooms honey” said the woman “one for me and one for my pet”. “You have a dog?” Molly asked. The woman smiled “not exactly dear. Something much better” she said “would you like to satisfy those wants and needs you told me about. I have the answer for you beyond that door”. Molly stared at the closed door. Just what was this thing the woman talked about? How could anything satisfy her wants, her needs? It sounded so strange but alluring. “I want to see” stammered canlı kaçak iddaa Molly.

The woman smiled again. “Why don’t you get undressed honey?” she said “get ready for the experience of your short life”. As strange as it seemed Molly did as she was told. “You are so beautiful darling” said the woman “my pet is going to love you”. Molly walked towards the door, each step heightened her anxiety. “Go on dear. Go on and open the door” the woman said. Molly slowly turned the door knob and opened the door. The room was dark as she stepped inside. It took several seconds for her eyes to adjust to the darkness. She heard rustling and felt something wrap around her waist. She squealed and struggled to escape but she was held fast. She was drawn further into the room and she felt what seemed to be a slippery cord holding her.

Molly struggled as another rope like thing wrapped around her shoulders. “What are you” she shouted “please help me” she called out but got no response. More of these slippery ropes wrapped around each leg and each arm. She was helpless. She stared into the darkness to see what appeared to be a large blob and these rope-like things came from it. Then this rope came towards her and latched on her left breast and started to suck it. Then another one latched on to her right breast. “No” she shouted “stop” but to no avail. Then another started to slide up and down her thighs and the ones holding her ankles pulled apart. She looked down and saw what looked like the penis she had seen in a medical book. It moved up her thighs getting ever closed to her crotch.

“Oh God no” she screamed as it pushed against her pussy. Whatever this slimy thing was it seemed intent on penetrating her. She struggled again but it was no use. She felt the penis-shaped tentacle enter her and moved back and forth. Her scream changed to moans as her body surrenders to the intrusion. “Oh yes” she moaned “yes, oh yes”. Another penis shape appeared and waved in front of her face. She went to speak and it plunged into her mouth. Instinct took over as she began to suck it as the object in her pussy pushed deeper. She lost all control, making gurgling noises as she sucked deeply. Again she felt another easing up her thighs and pressed again her canlı kaçak bahis back passage. She shook her head wildly, the penis-shape still in her mouth. She tried to scream again but too late. The thing began to enter her anal cannel. She gave a groan as she was being defiled. She groaned even louder as first her pussy was filled with cum, then her mouth and finally her bum.

Now released Molly staggered out of the room. Her smile showed that she enjoyed her initiation into the world of pleasure. “Have a shower honey” said the woman “you are a mess”. She was right as Molly was covered in the slime that had been sprayed over and inside her body. Having washed herself thoroughly she came back and dressed. Just as she was about to leave the front door flew open. Standing there was Molly’s mother. “Well hello Willow” said the woman “long time no see”. “What have you done” Willow screamed. Molly stood speechless. “Nothing that you haven’t done Willow my dear” said the woman “like mother, like daughter”. Willow looked at Molly and could see her daughter had, in fact, experienced what she herself had enjoyed many times. “Why not get undressed and re-introduce yourself to my pet” the woman said.

Willow hesitated and then remembered how good it felt. “You evil bitch” she said “you know how I love it” and quickly undressed. Molly was shocked as her mother opened the door, stepped into the room and closed the door behind her. A scream came from the room and then moaning as Molly’s mum gave herself to the monster. It was a good 30 minutes before she re-emerged, covered in slime and smiling from ear to ear. “Was it still as good as ever?” the woman asked, but the question was rhetorical. The smile said it all. Willow showered as she had often in the past. “Come Molly, we have to get home” Willow said “your father will be worried. “Come again anytime” the woman said as they left.

Back home Willow’s husband was indeed worried. “Where have you been?” he demanded. “Well I was concerned for Molly” Willow replied “so I went to look for her. That forest can be dangerous”. “Yes I know” he answered “I worry about Molly going there”. “Well fear no” replied Willow “I will accompany Molly in future to make sure nothing untoward happens”. “Good idea” was the response. Molly saw her mother give her a wink. There was no doubt that going into the forest in future would be a lot more fun. Her pussy quivered as she thought about the pleasures to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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