Baby-girl , Daddy Ch. 03

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Part three–Baby-girl finally is alone with daddy in his hotel room. They experience a few hour of erotic pleasures.

Baby-girl closed and locked her bedroom door. Then put her arms around daddy’s neck, as he pulled her close, kissing him hard. She felt her knees go weak–oh, she wanted him with every part of her body. Nevertheless, she hesitated placing her hand on his shoulder and uttered softly, “I think we’d better stop and go someplace discrete. It is too risky here and that bitch might catch us.”

Daddy looked and nodded in agreement. Then asked where the bathroom was and quietly left the room. He calmly peeked around the corner making sure her mother-in-law was still sleeping on the couch. He did not want to run into her and try to explain, why he just came out of Baby-girl’s room.

Baby-girl closed the bedroom door then grabbed the small brown overnight bag from under the bed. Then giggled and whispered, “Oh Daddy your going to love this.” Inside the suitcase, a short leather skirt, sheer white blouse, and white lace panties with matching garter belt, nylons and heel. Baby-girl could not wait to wear it for daddy.

She was writing something on a piece of paper when daddy walked into the living room. She glanced up at him then pointed to the door, then stood up taped the note to the TV screen and grabbed her bag.

Once they were out of earshot she told daddy, “I left her a note saying I was going out to dinner with a friend and wouldn’t be back till around 11 pm. Now, do not look so worry daddy we will be safe and besides hubby doesn’t get home till after midnight.”

Daddy glanced at his watch, 4 pm then thought to himself, “Oooh–six hours for hot sexy fun with Baby-girl–hell how cares about eating.” He put the suitcase in the back seat and opened the car door for her. Then winked at her went around and got in behind the wheel.

He started the car then glanced at her saying,

“Dam, never in my wildest dreams would believe I would actually meet my Baby-girl. Honey, has daddy told you how beautiful and sexy you are?”

She laid her hand on his shoulder and replied,

“Neither did I daddy. I had no idea my wish would ever come true and we‘d met. Then glanced at daddy’s face, oh daddy you’re so handsome.”

He drove to an out of the way restaurant, perfect for talking unnoticeably. He was careful when they got out of the car and walked into the diner, he did not want to do anything suspicious. The casino siteleri waiter directed then to a hidden corner and handed them both a menu.

Daddy touched her hand and asked, “Are you really hungry? “I’m have an appetite, sweetie, but it’s not for food. Oh Baby-girl, lets go somewhere more private, I want to make love you.”

She looked at him and smiled saying, “I’m not hungry at all daddy–all I want right now is you!”

Daddy left the waiter a tip, then stood walking close to her hoping no one would notice the tent in his pants.

She barely got into the room when Daddy pulled he close and kissed her hard, sliding his hand up under her blouse. “Oh God–I want you–Baby-girl! I want to kiss you from your hot lips to the center of your pussy. I want to feel your juices filling my mouth as my tongue works its magic on your clit. Oh my sweet baby–lets fuck!”

She kissed his cheek then stepped back and stated,

“Slow down daddy, let me change into something sexy for daddy, then I am all yours.” She grabbed the bag and hurried into the bathroom. She quickly donned the outfit and stood looking at herself in the mirror. Her bra-less nipples strained the sheer white blouse, then turned around and gasp at her sexy body. She could see a hint of her garter belt, smirked then ran her hand down her smooth sexy legs. She blew herself a kiss whispering, “Baby-girl you’re a sexy slut–oooh I like it.”

She walked into the room put her finger in her mouth childishly and said, “Ready for some fun daddy.”

Daddy was sitting naked on the bed when she came into sight. He smiled his eyes widened and he almost feels off the bed. Then exclaimed, “Hot-dam Baby-girl I love you sexy outfit. Turn around honey show me what you have for your sweet daddy.”

She turned slowly then bent over running her finger down her legs and cooed, “Mmmm.” Then stood up and squeezed her hard nipples thru the translucent fabric. Baby-girl licked her lips when she saw daddy’s cock stick out in front of him and squealed, “Oh daddy, for an older guy you’re so fucking sexy! I can‘t wait to fuck my sweet daddy.”

Daddy could hardly speak and uttered, “Strip for daddy, but leave on your garter-belt and heels. He gasps when she removed her blouse and licked his lips–dam she really did have big breasts–he could not wait to fondle them. When she stood before him he eyed her slowly, when he seen her shaved cunt–he nearly came. He stroked his canlı casino cock a few times and yelled, “Ooooooh fuck baby-girl you’re making my cock drool–come over here and suck daddy’s rod.”

She tells him to lie down then started kissing him. She gave his forehead a soft wet descending to his cheeks then firmly on his lips. She felt her body respond–her nipples hardened and moisture dripped from her pussy mound. She ran the fingers of her free hand thru her labia then brought them to daddy’s lips and watched him lick them clean.

Baby-girl then leaned over and encircled his nipples with her tongue, then bit it gently and felt daddy quiver. She continued descending with kisses until her lips were touching the tip of daddy’s firm cock. She flicked her tongue thru the precum savoring its aromatic flavor and purred, “Yummy, you taste so good,” She keep on lapping at his cock and balls, teasing them with her lips and tongue. The slid her hot warm lips around daddy’s member and sucked him slowly and deep until his pubic hairs tickled her lips.

Daddy yelled, “Dam, girl you sure know how to give great head! Oh–now slow down–not so fast sweety–I don‘t want to cum in your mouth. Oh honey, changes place with me, I want to eat you and bury my tongue deep in your pussy.”

Baby-girl lies on the bed and spread her legs wide for daddy purring, “Come on daddy dinner’s ready! Suck my clit–oooh–yes–harder–oh god, bite my clit gently and finger fuck me hard. Wow daddy, you sure know how to eat pussypie. Daddy, make your baby-girl cum!”

Daddy paused; he wanted to feel his cock deep inside her when she came. He stopped eating and instructed her to get on top of him saying,

“Straddle my cock honey. I want to watch my dick slide in and out of your hot little cunt as I rub your swollen clit. Oh baby-girl rides me hard–fuck me!”

Baby-girl slid her wanting pussy down hard on daddy’s cock. Then she reached down and pinched her nipples hard, rolling then between her fingers and begin talking dirty–just the way daddy liked it. Saying, “Oh daddy fuck your little whore–oooooh do it–ram your cock deep in my hot cunt. Oh, you hot fucker–watch me suck my hot swollen nipple and bite them hard. Oh-my ahhh–daddy–yes–oooh don’t stop–fuck your slut–deeper–harder!” She began moving in rhythm with his thrust then reached down and squeezed his cum filled balls.

Daddy grabbed her hips with both hands slamming her down hard on to his kaçak casino throbbing member. He could barley speak he licked his lips and said,

“That’s it my little cunt–keep going–fuck your daddy!” The sight of her sucking her own nipples and smooth pussy descending onto his cock was more then he could take him screamed, “Oh shit–I’m cumming!”

Baby-girl began to shake hard as his hot jism exploded against the walls of her vagina. She felt wave of climax rippling thru her body,

“Oooooh daddy, pinch my clit–ahhhhhh–yess–oh fuck–I’m there,” she exclaimed.

After the event, they lay nestled in each other’s arms. She snuggled closer to him then looked up into Daddy’s face and uttered, “I love you daddy–I’m your Baby-girl forever!”

Daddy kissed her lips softly and winked, saying, “I love you, Baby-girl.” Then looked at his watch and said, “Its time honey, you’d better get dressed so I can take you home.”

They drove home in silence with her head against daddy’s shoulder. All the sudden she sat up and yelled, “Oh dam, I hope that bitch was too drunk to remember what happened–or too embarrassed to talk–or we are both in heap of trouble.”

Daddy looked at her and grinned, “Let’s playing deaf and dumb on this one baby. That way she will think it was a dream. I’ll bet you ten bucks, she will call before she comes to visit next time!”

Baby-girl got our of the vehicle and blew daddy a kiss saying,“Good-bye daddy email me when you get home, I had a great time! “

Baby-girl walked nervously toward the house. She opened the door and walked into the living room her mother-in-law was awake reading the newspaper. Baby-girl gulped and wished her fears were not too apparent then mumbled, “Oh-oh here she comes–she going to give it to me with both barrels loaded.”

Her mother-in-law greeted her with a big smile. Then looked at baby-girl with her normal intimidating gaze and asked, “Well, did you have a good time with your friend, honey, I didn’t realize you were gone till I read your note I must of fell asleep on the sofa again. Oh I‘m stiff, I think I will head off to bed, am comes early these days. By the way I will be leaving the day after tomorrow, I want to spend some time with my older sister while I‘m here, Good-night.”

Baby-girl had to bite her tongue to keep from busting out laughing; this was too good to be true. “Good-night mom, see you in the morning.”

She pinched her arm and uttered, “Ouch–well at least I am not dreaming.” She glanced around the room–for an empty beer bottle, then chuckled and whispered, “That woman must still be drunk–or delirious. But I’m not letting my guard down till I see her pulling out of our driveway.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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