Beach Party Daze Ch. 03

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The sound of the shower woke me.

Jane had to open the Medical Centre before nine each Sunday so she was usually the earlier riser. I dragged myself out of bed and used our ensuite. I dressed for the bottle shop; upmarket sandals, nice shorts and the Bottle Shop uniform T Shirt. I had to be there by noon.

Downstairs Jane was sitting in front of a plate of bacon and eggs. There was another plate on the breakfast bench. I sat and poured two coffees. To a casual observer everything would have appeared normal. My mind was racing, we were on the verge of a new era of sexual expression, but, we needed to work out some ground rules, set some limits. What did Jane want?

As I dipped some toast into my egg, Jane took a breath and looked toward me.

“Bob, remember the fantasies we talked about, the group sex and the threesomes?”

I nodded.

“Do you want to make them reality?”

“I don’t want to stuff up what we have. We’re just having a couple of year’s holiday down here? I think we could do the group sex stuff here, then………yes, I want to fuck around, a little, for a while.” I was speaking truthfully.

“I do too, but how? You can’t ‘fuck around’ a little. We either do it or we don’t. When we return to Sydney…,we become, er, monogamous again? Do you think that could work?”

“We could try it here, now. Put a time limit on it, or just do it once, and see what it feels like.”

“Bob, please don’t be upset. I have tried it. It felt great. Until now.”

“It’s Ok Jane, ankara dansöz escortlar I know you were as wild as me before we met…….”

“No. I mean NOW. I haven’t told you anything.”

I tried to seem calm as I spread the butter on another slice of toast. The knife plunged straight to the bottom of the tub, piercing it. I put it down before I hurt myself.

“I actually accepted Jim’s invitation yesterday……..”

“Go on.” Jane had crossed the line that I had stopped at. My heart didn’t want to hear this, but my cock was starting to harden at the thought of it. I rationalized it away, I had mentally fucked some else at the beach yesterday. She pushed her empty plate away and leaned forward on the counter.

“When I saw Jim’s wife blowing those guys I started frigging myself through my shorts. Jim watched me for a while after his wife sucked him off. His cock was coming back to life as he walked across and invited me over. I did say ‘no’ and went to our bedroom, as I told you. What I didn’t tell you…… was that Jim hopped the fence and followed me.”

“I quickly lost my clothes and lay on the bed. His cock is smaller than yours, Bob, thinner and shorter. He was hard as soon as I spread my pussy for him. I was rubbing my clit as he put my legs on his shoulders. He pumped me for a few minutes then shot a small load into me. He pulled out and I used my dildo to get myself off. He left and I had a snooze. I woke up when I heard you arrived.”

My cock strained at my shorts. I was ankara saatlik veren escortlar pissed that Jane had jumped the gun but I would get over it. I knew that swapping would work, she had made me so horny with those few words………

Jane stopped talking and cleared the plates. She would have to leave soon. Too soon. We were silent for several minutes. She looked at me again.

“Bob, there’s more.”

“More? Do you have to go to work?”

“Yes. You’ll probably want me to go in a minute……..Bob, that wasn’t the first time. Jim’s been fucking me for weeks. Yesterday was just the first time I’d seen his wife in action.”

“When? When did you have time?” I was stunned. The swapping definitely would work, now I knew our romance was over.

“Saturday nights, before you came home from the Bottle Shop.”

“Is that why you were so hot for me? I thought you were jealous of the strippers.”

“I was, especially when Jim told me about their ‘private shows’. That was the first time I let him put his cock into me. We were talking over the back fence when he told me how much he liked watching our shows. He told me that I was hotter than those strippers. I was cleaning the BBQ. Before I knew it, I was bent across it. His erection was pushing between my lips. It started with a blow job.”

“And his wife?”

“Her sister’s one of the strippers.”

“So?” I didn’t get the relevance. “Was his wife part of the fucking?”

“Oh, no. She watched me swallow his jizz, ankara azeri escortlar once…….she fucks Hank when Jim is over here. Are you OK?”

“Yes, ummm, and……no.” I looked at the clock. Jane had to leave in five minutes and that was too long. “I’m shocked, I feel stupid, not noticing anything.”

“Jim and I always use condoms; I shower before you come home and you fuck me ASAP so there was no ‘evidence”

“Evidence”. I felt like a horny detective in a cheap forensic cop show. I was looking for evidence.

I walked Jane to the door. I hugged her, groping her butt in a reflex action. She kissed me deeply then drove off.

I returned to the kitchen. So, there we were, I had what I had wanted: The green light. I looked out the window at Jim’s house. And as I thought about it, I realized that we had established the limits for our “swapping”.

There weren’t any limits. Everything was Ok, now.

I looked across the yard, wondering if Jim was home. Now I knew why he had given me the “thumbs up” that day. I finished the dishes then rang the Bottle Shop. I wasn’t going in today.

Jane and I were going to a BBQ on Wednesday and I decided I needed a practice gang bang before then.

I changed into a plain white T-shirt. I looked at my phone and thought about ringing Bill. A quick romp with him and Nicky? Or should I just mope around. I know it was hypocritical of me, but I was disappointed about Jane screwing around behind my back. I wondered if she had told me everything?

I felt like a kid given the key to a lolly factory, then lectured about tooth decay.

The ring of the home phone ended my confusion. It was Jim. I saw his wife, Becky, waving through their curtains. I hung up and took off my sandals. I locked the front door and headed for the back fence.

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