First Time Online

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[This is my first story submission, so please bear with me and let me know what you think.]


Nearly five o’clock, thought Anne, sighing with weariness as she rolled her head on her neck, trying to rid herself of the perpetual ache of tension. She was looking forward to the end of the day at work and vowed to herself, and her dog who’d been left at home for the day, that she would leave promptly at the end of the work day rather than continuing on into the evening hours as she so often seemed to do.

Her efforts to keep up with the seemingly exponentially increasing responsibilities of her position in the small company were never quite enough. So, what the hell, she might as well leave at a reasonable hour. Besides, she had better get home to let the dog out before his legs got permanently crossed, or worse, he embarrassed himself by having an accident.

As she drove to her cozy home in the country, Anne decided that she needed to change some things in her life — namely, prioritizing doing some living for herself rather than always tending to the needs of everyone else first. Her overdeveloped sense of responsibility was having a serious, negative effect on her social life.

She had recently found herself alone in a home and a bed that had previously been shared with her long-time lover. He was a great guy, but the security and stability that had initially attracted her eventually grated on her as she realized that, with it, came a lack of creativity and ambition. As the years they’d spent together increased, her desire for a more fulfilling sex life combined with an overwhelming need to have some sort of plan for the future led to greater and greater frustration. After more than ten years, she’d realized she was becoming seriously depressed from the simple fact that she had nothing to look forward to and little hope of things changing. Eventually, she tore herself free of the dead-end rut her relationship seemed destined to dwell in and once again struck out on her own.

In her early thirties, she knew she was still relatively young but felt the stigma of middle-age fast approaching. While liberating, her newly single status was also quite a bit daunting, as it had been ages since she’d last dated. Come to think of it, she couldn’t really say that she had ever really dated. All of her former relationships had grown out of friendships. And, she’d only ever had relationships — not even a single fling, or one-night stand among them. Honestly, just the thought of having to go out into the meat market that seemed to be the current dating scene was enough to make her break out in a nervous sweat.

So far, she’d coped by reading romance novels — a lot of romance novels — the steamier, the better. Then, one evening, while searching for more fodder to satisfy her voracious appetite for books, she discovered Literotica and the site quickly became her guilty little pleasure. What could be better than free erotic stories?

She had eagerly devoured the myriad stories, exploring her sexuality vicariously through the characters; finding release and fuel for her own fantasies.


That evening, after arriving home and letting her dog out for some much needed relief and play time, Anne was relaxing with a glass of wine and browsing the new offerings posted on her favorite site for steamy stories when she received a titillating private message from another member.

“Where do you like to be bitten?” wrote Tom.

She shivered, surprised at how immediately turned on she was. “Omigod,” she muttered, “what I wouldn’t give to have someone nibbling and sucking and biting me right now.”

“Hmmmm,” she pondered aloud, “….why not?” Then, laughed when her dog lifted his head from his cushioned bed, looking at her expectantly. “No, I’m not talking to you, buddy.” Geez, pretty telling that she was sitting at home alone, talking to herself — now even her dog must think she’s losing it. Might as well do something crazy . . .

And so, with a mental shrug of her shoulders, she took the plunge — or at least, a first, tentative, flirtatious step – into the unknown.

“Do I have to pick just one place?” she saucily replied. Very orally-fixated herself, she liked to bite — and be bitten.

Just like that, it started – the back and forth, teasing, tantalizing, stimulating erotic banter.

She shyly parried his invitation to suggest a starting point, “Oh, well, um, I’d have to say … start with my neck, where it joins my shoulders . . .”

He was a quick study and followed her suggestion up with his own planned nibbling down to the underside of her breasts before asking, “Then, down your stomach, teasing, tickling some…?”

“Oh, yes, please!” she begged, starting to get caught up in the fantasy. “Stroke me all over … tease me.”

A man of detail and interested in fixing the scene in his own mind, Tom asked, “Are you on your back?”

“I wasn’t, but I can be,” she flirts with a smile.

Apparently tuzla ukraynalı escort satisfied that he has the right idea when it comes to seducing her body, he swoops right in.

“I bite your neck.”

Her body jumps at the phantom sensation caused by his words and Tom continues his erotic journey, discovering her body.

“I lick my way down your sides, tickling you gently, over your stomach, downward . . .” the words appear like an erotic present on her screen.

His eagerness was entirely opposite to what she’d become accustomed to. Her former partner’s lackluster (more like, lack of) response whenever she’d tried to initiate sex had all but shattered her confidence. This was EXCITING! She got so wet just reading his words, imagining his touch. She’d yearned to be the object of a man’s sexual interest, to feel his attention centered on her, intent on her pleasure. And his words caused a shiver of excitement to race through her body, her pussy throbbing in anticipation. She’d never felt so sexy.

Anne sighed and moaned, struggling to convey how she was feeling, when a keyboard was her only means of communication. “Ahhh….mmmm…,” her fingers fumbled at the keyboard as the sensations raced across her body. Surprised at herself, eyes wide, she confessed “Omigosh, I REALLY like that.”

She wanted to touch herself so badly, but she wanted to see what he would do next, too. Hands on the keys, girl, she scolded herself. Let it build, let him take you on this adventure.

“Oh, yeah? Are your nipples hard for me?”

“Yes,” she admitted. Her nipples were so hard. She’d never noticed having this kind of response before, at least not without someone actually touching her. And her breasts were so sensitive, she loved having them stroked and teased. He must have read her mind because his next words had her writhing in pleasure and frustration.

“I’m not sure they’re quite ready yet. Let’s see if I can wake them up a bit more…”

“I bend over you, still stroking up and down your side and drawing random swirls across your tummy…” appeared on her screen.

Anne’s body tensed with anticipation.

“I nuzzle the underside of your right breast with my nose, lightly, just a tickle, and continue around it, taking in the smell of your skin…”

Her breath escaped in a whimper.

“Then, I taste you with my tongue, drawing circles around your breast, spiraling in, further and further…”

The delicious torment had Anne’s body trembling, drawn tight, wanting, needing that touch that he withheld.

“Omigod, it’s so good, I’m shaking like a leaf here,” she confessed, mentally pleading, please don’t stop.

“Ahhh, good, that’s the point,” Tom pointed out. “Shall I just continue drawing designs around all your lovely peaks and valleys with my tongue, or do you want more?”

Oh, geez! She’d never really been good about asking for what she wanted … she was so used to just taking what she got and hoping that her partner would figure it out. But, if she was ever going to start, now would be a good time. The anonymity was oddly freeing.

“Um, more??” she ventured.

“How much more?”

Boy, he was really gonna make her come right out and say it, wasn’t he? Okay, here goes, she thought.

“I want to get off. I want to cum. I want to see how good I can feel. I don’t want to be left with just this teasing, achy, tingly feeling,” she typed, her fingers flying and hitting send before she could chicken out.

“Oh, woman, you won’t be,” he promised.

With that, his sensual attack recommenced. Of course, she had just indicated what a willing participant she would be. She realized that he’d been considerate enough to give her an out if she wasn’t ready and thought more of him for it, relaxing and trusting herself to his care.

He returned to where he left off, gently easing her back into her arousal. “Just relax with me, enjoy the feeling of my fingers skimming lightly over your smooth skin.”

“My fingers caress your sides and down your legs, weave across your tummy, and circle your breasts.”

“My breathing is getting ragged,” she shared as she’s sucked further into the fantasy, “I need more.”

“I lift you up into my arms and kiss your neck, nibbling my way down, across your collar bone … to lick and nibble your breasts, bestowing tiny love bites then sucking hard.”

“Oh, my. Yes!” Anne moans as she allows her hands to follow his path along her body. “I can’t get close enough to you, that feels…so…ahhh…”

“Your nipples are so pretty, I can’t wait any longer to taste them,” he admits.

“I lick around one then the other then flick them with my tongue before pulling your right nipple into my mouth,” he continues, “sucking hard, as your back arches up to meet me.”

“Holy, shit! I’ve never spent this much time touching my breasts — this feels incredible.”

He sends her a devilish smile and a wink. “If you think that’s nice . . .”

“Are your panties tuzla rus escort still on?” he asks.

Oh, my. I think this is about to get real! Come on, time to channel some vixen, she thinks, giving herself a mental pep talk. Of course, it doesn’t take much, she’s already so hot for this guy to touch her — or anything to touch her — and see what happens next.

“Until you pull them off me,” Anne answers with a wink.

“I grab the sides – Do you lift up?” he obliges and she removes her black cotton, French maid-like bikinis.

“Yes,” she answers, because by now, heck yeah, she’s gonna help!

” – and tickle below your belly button,” he tantalizes then asks, “Are you shaved?”

Hmmm, how to answer that one? What do guys want, she wonders. Oh, well, might as well be me.

“Natural but neat,” she responds flippantly, noting that it must be time for him to visualize the next stage of their “play.”

His next query appears, “Wondering if you’re wet…”

“As soon as I saw your first message,” she replies honestly.

“Good. Slide a finger in your pussy, then let me lick it,” he directs.

Holy crap, really? Well, at least now you can touch yourself, she thinks.

Sliding her fingers down her body, Anne takes a few seconds to play in her curls, swirling her fingers through them, teasing, testing her sensitivity. Then, she slides a finger down her center until she feels the moisture from her arousal fairly leaking out.

Goodness, she’s never been this wet before! Her pussy feels swollen and throbbing. She swirls a finger in her wetness, rubbing it over her nether lips and circling around her engorged clit. “Oh. My. God. How did I get this aroused?” she wonders in amazement and delight.

“Did you dip one in?” he prompts.

Oops, caught playing, she decides to do as he requests.


“Lick it for me, since I’m not there.”

What?! Initially repulsed by the idea, she decides that if she’s gonna play the game, she might as well play fair. She brings her hand up to her face, sniffing, investigating her aroma. She’s met with a very faint, clean, slightly sweet aroma. Figuring that it can’t be that bad, she touches the tip of her tongue to her finger. Hmmm…nothing to it, she thinks, noting that she tastes very faintly sweet with a hint of salt.

“OK,” she types one-handed, confirming that she did as he asked.

“Nice…” comes the nearly immediate encouraging reply, she can almost hear him drawing out the word on an exhaled sigh.

“I’m standing near the bed…” Tom explains, painting the picture for her.

“Wish you were,” she whines, so turned on that she knows that if he walked in just then, she’d give him anything.

“…and pinch your nipples, watching you pleasure yourself,” he continues, having learned how much she likes her nipples played with. “Show me where you rub. Tell me how it makes you feel.”

She tells him, as well as she can, reticent to take her hand away from its ministrations. “Rubbing up and down the center of my pussy and circling my clit — clockwise.”

“Trouble typing with one hand — feels so good,” she admits. “Gonna get up.”

Curious, he replies, “Yes, why?”

“I want to feel you against me,” she explains. “I’m leaning my knees against the bed…”

“And rubbing?” Tom asks, trying to get a sense of the changing situation.

All Anne can do is moan, literally, electronically, whatever … “Ahhh,” she types as she leans into her knees, bracing herself with them as her fingers play her pussy, strumming her clit.

“Mmmm,” Tom jumps in after clearly having gotten the idea, “I push up behind you, teasing you with my cock”

“Oh, yes,” Anne types (one-handed and awkwardly), “my knees nearly buckle.” She is so far gone, desperately aroused, excited, amazed.

“Do you have any toys?” he asks.

Geez, no beating around the bush with this one! As if that’s just something that comes up in conversation … of course, this isn’t exactly your average conversation! Anne thinks of the oversize, curvy, pink dildo she’s had hidden away since her ex- found a bottle of toy cleaner and asked about it in his oh, so disapproving voice.

“Umm, yeah…” Anne answers eventually, thinking of how good it would feel to be filled.

“Well, what are our choices?” he prompts.

“Ummm, a vibe or a dildo?” she answers, embarrassed to be discussing what had for years remained her guilty little secret. Silly, given the situation, but true nonetheless.

“Get the dildo,” he decides, the dominance of the order causing her to shake with anticipation as it appears on her screen.

“Okay…gimme a minute,” she writes, taking a deep breath before delving into her hiding place to retrieve her partner in guilty pleasure.

Anne is enjoying giving up her normally reserved, controlled persona so much, she invites further direction from her cyber lover with a flirty “okay, and where do you want it?”

“I’ll take that, thank you,” escort bayan appears the response she hoped for. “Feel me rub across the front of your hip lightly,” he continues, “I caress the inside of your thigh with the head of my cock, teasing you as I come near your damp heat.”

Following his direction, eyes closed to immerse herself in the role playing, Anne caresses her skin with her hot pink dildo. “Oh, you’re killing me here,” Anne moans as she types, her breath coming in surprised gasps.

“Feel me rubbing up your slit, gathering and spreading your dew,” the erotic suggestion he gifts her with causing her cunt to weep with pleasure.

“I tease your clit, rubbing against it, withdrawing, then returning to circle around it,” describing in detail, his intimate assault.

Just as she’s sure she can’t take any more teasing, already having coated her dildo in her copious juices, Tom asks, “Can I push it in a little?”

Oh, thank God. Finally, she thinks, releasing the breath she had been holding. “Just a little,” she agrees,prolonging the delicious torment, and allows only the tip of the dildo with its prominent head to enter her.

And, just like that, their banter degenerates as they both get more aroused and entranced by the images in their minds and the feel of their bodies.

“Mmm, feel the tip…” he virtually growls.

“I’m so wet!”

“I tease you with the head of my cock, stroking just barely into your warm sheath.”


“What are you doing now?” he asks.

“Pushing a pink dildo into my pussy, rocking onto it.”

“Mmm, let me do it.”

“Good, then I can play with my clit,” she agrees with a wink.

“Can you cum?”

“Not yet. Want to feel that fullness…”

“Push your toy in deep.”

“Ahhh, that’s so good,” she moans.

“Tighten onto it,” he suggests, showing his experience.

“OK” is all she manages to type as her body trembles and writhes from the combined mental and physical stimulation, her pussy walls clamping down on the dildo as it caresses them.

“Pull it out slowly now,” he directs. “Lick it like it’s my cock, taste your pussy.”

Her inhibitions demolished by her body’s demand for satisfaction, she doesn’t hesitate. “Ahhhh…mmmm….” she communicates one handed, “licking and sucking you like my favorite lollipop!” “Mmmm, nice,” he purrs. “But I can’t wait to get back inside you.”

“Oh, yeah. Please.”

“Take me in your hand,” he coaxes. “Hold your pussy open and use my cock to pleasure yourself. Rub me up and down your hot pussy then round and round your clit.” “Oooh, you feel sooo good,” she croons as she follows his titillating instructions, feeling the telltale tingles of her threatening climax from the friction against her now engorged clit.

“I push in halfway – tighten onto me – and pull out,” Tom writes as she plunges the toy back into her hungry pussy.

“My cock’s wet from your juices. Do you want it again?” He asks. “Tell me to fuck your pussy.”

“Oh, please Tom. Fuck me!” She begged.

“Okay, I push in deep.” She reads as she revels in the feel of his imagined cock gliding in to fill her once again.

“Rub your clit as I do, honey, tighten on me,” he coaches.

All she can do is tap out a simple “mmmmm,” acknowledging their combined actions and the pleasure coursing through her body.

He seemed to be right there with her, passion giving way to his clipped, rapid-fire comments.

“I feel your pussy, tighter — mmmm, yes…” “Sliding in and out — so wet.” “Thrust your hips on me.” “Push up, yes, harder, yes…fuck me harder.”

His words only served to fan the flames of her passion as she worked her large pink dildo in her pussy, imagining his cock filling her while furiously rubbing her clit. Her body burned, pulled taut as she strained toward her release.

“Cum on me,” he demanded. “Tell me you’re cumming!”

So lost that she could merely agree with an “umm hmm,” Anne warred with herself – wanting to prolong the pleasure but desperate to throw herself over the massive peak he’d built her up to.

His next words had her body convulsing from the raw eroticism. “Gonna cum inside you, biting your nipples … biting your neck.”

“Mmmm, I feel it!”

“Cum for me!”

“YES!!! OHHHH!! AAAHHHH!” didn’t come close to expressing the shattering climax that claimed her body and mind.

Tom’s soothing affirmation, “Good girl, so nice…” just sent more tremors racing through her breathless body.

“Oh, wow,” she finally managed to tap out, then feeling shy, but curious, added “Did you? Cum?” His reply had her smiling and oddly proud of herself. “Oh, yes, baby. Mmmm, so good.”

“That’s good, yes, wow, so good,” she replied, feeling considerably flustered.

Holy cow, she thought. Who would’ve thought that the most satisfying sexual experience of her life would come from a virtual stranger who never even touched her?

“Wanna chat later?” He asked with a wink.

“You bet!” She swiftly replied. “As soon as my heart returns to my chest and I can feel my legs again. That was … amazing.”

And so began Anne’s journey into sexual self discovery as she found that opening this first door led to a very pleasurable destination.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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